Chapter 6 -

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I settled down with my girlfriend, took time off for her, and rejected all CASE. After that, except for classes, I stayed with my girlfriend, took her to the doctor, supervised her to take medicine, and prepared medicinal baths until the old Chinese doctor announced After not having to go to the doctor, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Because my girlfriend said using condoms would cause allergies, when she had sex with me, she always took the contraceptives formulated by the old Chinese doctor according to her physique on time, so I can inject as much as possible without a condom. During her recuperation, I was afraid that there would be drug conflicts, so I could only hold back. After my girlfriend discovered this situation, she took the initiative to vent my lust through oral sex, which made me feel more pity and love this knowing and interesting girlfriend.

"Husband, I haven't been in love for a long time, and now I am in good health. Come and fuck me."

"Puff! Wife, will you be too lustful Is it?"

"Oh, after boys and girls fall in love, it is normal to have sexual relations. As long as they are humans, there are a lot of erotic desires, I just dare to say it. Besides, people The lustful character is not trained by you."

"Do you really like sex so much?"

"Yes, it’s really comfortable to have sex with you, especially you When ejaculation, the warm semen poured into other people's acupuncture points, I feel so satisfied."

"Then... today I want to have something different."

< p>"What do you want to play? Let's talk about it first. Don't play with the temptation of uniforms. You can't beat and bind, or you will be allergic to your body."

"What about black silk high heels?"

"As long as you don't wear clothes, everyone can cooperate."

"Then... only female dogs are left for training."

"Well... this seems to be fine, but , You can help someone put a little more lotion on the neck first, otherwise I am afraid that the material of the collar is not good, and it will be very disappointing if I accidentally get sick in the middle of the game."

So, I put on my girlfriend's neck I applied a layer of lotion containing anti-allergic ingredients, and then I also applied a layer on the inside of the red collar that I bought online, and then put it on my girlfriend’s neck, hung a rope, and pulled the naked girlfriend. Red canvas shoes walked out of the apartment.

I pulled the rope nervously, and carefully led my girlfriend downstairs, and my girlfriend followed me step by step until I reached the gate on the first floor. I watched the door for a long time. Only then led his girlfriend to walk towards the locomotive slowly and quickly.

"Husband, I suddenly felt that playing like this was exciting, and finally I felt ashamed of being abused by you."

"Yes." I stood in front of the locomotive and thought for a long time. , Then asked his girlfriend: "What do we do now? How are we going to ride out?"

"Is there any problem?"

"Are you not afraid of being caught by a cup?"

"Yeah, I was so nervous that I forgot that I didn't wear clothes."


I stood speechlessly After thinking about it for a long time in front of the locomotive, he said: "Wife, or else you will go upstairs to get my big windbreaker, and you will sit in front of me later, and then I will wear the windbreaker to help you cover your body, what do you think?" /p>

"Okay, give me the key."

I gave her the key, and after unlocking the hook on the collar, I signaled her to go upstairs quickly, but she pointed Pointing to the neck: "husband, collar."

"Hehe, bitches with an owner will wear collars. If you remove the collar, you will become a stray dog. Go ahead."


"Roar! I hate it! It's so ugly."

My girlfriend complained, but still took the key, so she ran upstairs smoothly, holding black in a short time The coat ran out.

"Here! Perverted husband. By the way, I was seen by my neighbor when I went upstairs just now."

"Yes, are they scared by you?"


"Yes, but fortunately, I reacted quickly enough to tell them that you forgot to take the key when you bought me a midnight snack, so I forgot to put on the clothes when I was anxious to get the key for you."

"Damn, that's okay."

"No matter what, they also know my identity as a nude model. If you believe it or not, just do them."

"Let's go."

So I got on the locomotive first, and then asked my girlfriend to sit in front of me, and then I put my coat back on her, and after passing through the two sleeves, the car was like this. , Slowly rode out of the alley.

"Hehe, husband, it’s the first time I’m walking on the road without clothes. It’s fun and exciting."

"Then learn how to bark and listen to it. "

"Wow! Wow!"

"You, are you so happy?"

"It's very comfortable without clothes. It's a pity that Dump monitor, otherwise I really want to try walking naked."

"My wife, don't challenge my heart's tolerance anymore."

"Really Why do I seem to feel that your little brother is already hard?" The girlfriend said, and deliberately pushed back a few times with his butt.

"Because it is very exciting. Who would believe that you dare to go to the streets without wearing clothes."

"That's because you like women who don’t wear clothes. Husband, you It’s nice to me."

When I heard this, I wanted to cry again.

Riding a motorcycle on the road with fear and fear, always pay attention to the intersection ahead, whether the police set up temporary roadblocks. After riding for more than half an hour, we finally arrived at Dajia Riverside Park.

After stopping the locomotive and putting my girlfriend down carefully, I carried my overcoat in one hand and the rope in the other hand, holding my naked girlfriend, walking and chatting with her on the dark grass.

While chatting, I found that although my girlfriend looked calm, her steps were not as calm as usual, so I asked her: "Wife, what's the matter with you? Are you feeling well?"

"Husband...people...I want to go to the toilet."

"Isn't it just once before going out?"

"Because...because I'm so nervous now. "

"Huh? Why?"

"Because they are like this, they feel ashamed of being abused by you."

"Yes...then ......" I looked around, then stepped forward and whispered in her ear: "If you want to go to the toilet, just solve it here."


Looking at my girlfriend's flustered and bashful expression, I suddenly felt very excited: "Hey, don't dogs always urinate and urinate anywhere? You are a lustful bitch now, of course you have to urinate and urinate everywhere to be like a bitch. Come on."

" are you..."

Looking at his girlfriend Hyunran slowly squatting to the ground, opened his thighs, then closed his eyes and waited When the catharsis, I immediately took out my phone, switched to the video mode, and recorded the whole process of my girlfriend releasing the golden holy water.

"Uuuuu...husband, don't record it, it's embarrassing."

"But I'm very excited. Wife, I finally feel like humiliating you."

"Bad husband, stinky husband, you will not be allowed to play with female dogs in the future."

"My wife, don't be like this. Didn't you always want me to insult you? It's rare to find it A game that gives you a sense of humiliation, just to satisfy my husband and my desire to conquer."

"Okay, get the toilet paper to others."

Will your girlfriend be cleaned up. After finishing my lower body, I stepped forward and hugged her, soothing and comforting for a while before she broke my tears and punched my chest lightly.

When she really calmed down, she snuggled into my arms and said: "My husband, I finally know what it is like to be abused. It's the same as the first time I was naked at home. I am embarrassed and want to cry..."

"Yes. I thought you were born with physique, so you still have shame."

"Ouch, Lu Jiu Get used to it. You want me to wear clothes at home now, but I feel awkward and uncomfortable..."

"Well...Do you want to continue playing?"

"Can you play again next time? Let me get used to it?"

"Did you just say that you will not play anymore?"

"I was really embarrassed just now , But now that I think about it, I feel so exciting and excited... Husband, do I have the potential for development as a dog slave?"

"You really want to be a beautiful dog."


"Hehe, so you have a sense of accomplishment in training, don't you?"

"I...Forget it, you pose for a dog slave, let me take a few photos Remember to go home. Wait until you come on a whim and play again."

"Then I will let you blow your mouth later, and I will let you dry up when I go home, as compensation for your not having fun today. Feeling lost."

"This is what you said."

"Well, husband, hurry up and take pictures."

So I took several pictures My girlfriend’s "nude dog pose", and then asked her to wear a collar to help me perform oral sex, and I recorded her lewdness as a canine slave with my mobile phone, and finally I exploded in her mouth contentedly, and then swallowed it after recording the oral blow. After completing the complete process, she led her back to the locomotive parking place, as before, covered her body with a coat and rode home on the locomotive.

When I was about to get home, my girlfriend suddenly turned his head and said to me: "Husband, this last part of the road, let me ride home, okay?"

"Damn! You are serious Yes?"

"Well...I have been observing for a long time, there is no monitor on this road. Husband, please."

"Damn! I was defeated by you."

"Yeah, yeah, my husband is the best, I love you."

I reluctantly parked the car on the side of the road, and then looked around no one before taking off my coat and relieved I opened the hook on my girlfriend’s collar, put away the rope, and then he supported his girlfriend’s soft waist and said, "Let’s go."

So, it’s a short distance of five hundred meters from where you live. It became a thrilling experience for his girlfriend to ride naked.

"Hehe, it's so fun. Husband, next time we look for rain to ride naked, okay?"

"Damn, are you afraid of catching a cold in the rain?"

"I will wear a raincoat. Um...the 30 yuan transparent raincoat sold in convenience stores."


** *******

After having this naked riding experience, my girlfriend really found a rainy day. She wore a transparent raincoat sold at a convenience store naked and rode a motorcycle alone. Wandering around on the road, she didn't go home until she satisfied her physique, and joyfully shared her feelings about naked riding with me.

In this way, my girlfriend became more and more afraid of being naked with strangers under my connivance, and under her subtle training, I calmly accepted her special sexual addiction.

Time flies, my girlfriend and I both graduated from college in a blink of an eye. After I graduated and returned as a soldier, I found a job in an IT company. In addition to continuing to work as a nude model, my girlfriend actually wrote novels at home and became an online writer for women, so that she can have both income and keep it. The freedom to not wear clothes. In this regard, I also let her go.

After working for more than a year, we finally stepped into the wedding hall and became the beautiful lady whom I am married to.

"Huh? Sister Ting, are you back?"

"Wow, Xiaoying, you have grown up like this." (See wonderful adult novel: http://

"Well, I will be promoted to the first country next year. By the way, Sister Ting, is your disease still good?"

"Yes, my disease is genetic In terms of diseases, the current medicine has no cures, so... By the way, this is my husband. You saw it when you were a child, don’t know if you have any impressions?"

"I know the big brother , Elder brother is good."

"Little Ying, okay, elder brother, can you please eat sweets?"

"Hehe, people have grown up, don’t eat sweets. Um. , Sister Ting, I’m going to help my mother buy things. I’m leaving now. Goodbye."

"Bye bye Xiaoying."

After the little girl came downstairs, I hugged me The wife of the clothes lightly tapped the tip of her nose and said, "You, you won't be allergic to wearing clothes, so I even made up such a bad reason to deceive people."

"Hush~~ Be quiet. Wait. I am old and yellow, and my body is out of shape, so I will naturally wear clothes to hide my ugliness. As for now, let me keep the freedom to live my life naked."

I smiled helplessly: "My wife, don't you? I like to wear clothes, but it’s really no cure."

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