Chapter 1 -

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If a girl suddenly asks you "what kind of girl do you like" one day, how would you answer as a boy?

I don't know how other men will answer, but I was in the toilet that day and gave the girl an answer that I wanted to hit the wall to end my life after I finished talking.

"I like girls who don’t wear clothes."

I want to hit the wall and commit suicide, of course, because I like this girl.

──The school girl directly under my class──Ye Yuting.

My name is Wu Ziyu, I am 20 years old this year, and I am a sophomore.

For the information department with many boys and girls, the freshmen of women's college who report to the department every year are the beauty in the eyes of our boys. No, it should be said that they are treasures.

Because there are fewer congee and more monks, if this new girl happens to be your direct school girl, and you happen to be single without a girlfriend, then you have the advantage of being close to the water.

If I’m okay, I’ll talk to her about her learning situation, and sometimes I will be cold and warm to her... Wait for the tenderness offensive, if she happens to live in school or rent a house outside, then you There is a chance to embrace the beauty. Unexpectedly, the good impression that I had tried to leave in the mind of the school girl was ruined because of this brain-dead answer!

I forgot what I ate that day, and ended up eating up my stomach. Then I happened to encounter Ye Yuting coming to my dormitory and borrowing a first-grade handout from me.

Forcibly enduring physical discomfort, in the corner of the pile of resource recycling and processing stations, after finally digging out the handouts that the school girl wanted, the tightly locked chrysanthemum finally reached the edge of the bank, so Regardless of being a polite gentleman, I hurriedly talked to the school girl and rushed into the toilet at a speed of 100 meters.

Unexpectedly, I was starting a tug-of-war with "Mr. Gold", and I began to feel a little stupefied. When I heard the sudden question outside the door, I answered her mentally retarded answer without thinking...< /p>

Out of the toilet in regret, I saw that the small room was already empty. I scanned the room at random, only to find that an old text titled "Jia Ling's Secret" was displayed on the unclosed computer screen...


If I knew that bitch named Jiarong, I would cut him a thousand times!

If it wasn't for the school girl to come, I happened to be reading this color text, how could I subconsciously say that nonsense?

What's more embarrassing is that this color text was actually seen by a school girl...

At the moment, I feel that my life has become black and white.

Since that day, Ye Yuting never contacted me again, and I, with a guilty conscience, naturally did not dare to take the initiative to look for her.

Sometimes I met by chance on the road. She just nodded greet me plainly, and then chatted with her classmates and dangled in front of my eyes, leaving behind the exquisite back figure and the elegant air in the air. aroma.


For freshmen who have just entered university, everything is full of freshness, and the Christmas ball held at the end of each year, It is the activity that freshmen most want to participate in.

I didn't want to go that day, but after my roommates kept talking and urging, I had no choice but to accompany them to the prom to hunt for beauty.

I came to the gymnasium serving as the ball venue, a slightly dim venue, colorful laser lights, strong rhythms of electronic dance music... it really feels like a nightclub.

I spent half an hour in the gym with my roommates, and found that more than half of the dance floor were men looking for the target, and those college girls who were dressed up and dressed up, if they were not accompanied by boys, It's just a group of girls, forming a circle of their own small group, feeling very boring, so I told my roommate and left the gymnasium, planning to go back to the dormitory to play video games.

As soon as I walked out of the gymnasium, I suddenly saw a group of girls approaching. Among them was a hotly dressed beauty, which made my eyes bright.

Ye Yuting!

"Hey, senior, are you coming to the prom, too?" I didn't expect that she would take the initiative to say hello to me.

"Yeah." I scratched my head uneasily.

"Waiting for my girlfriend here?"

"No...I don't have a girlfriend." I expected Ai Ai, "Senior girl, go in and play, I'll go first Now."

"Senior, since they are all here, let’s go in and play together. In case you meet a man who doesn’t have long eyes, you can still be our flower protector."

"Um..." Faced with the joking and expectant gazes of the school girls, I thought about it for a few seconds before saying: "Okay."

I promised to be so happy. On the one hand, I feel that there is a group of crushes company, this time the dance will not be boring, on the other hand, Ye Yuting's clothes completely attracted my attention.

The temperature in December is a bit cold, but Ye Yuting seems to be unafraid of the cold. Although he wore a knee-length black windbreaker, he only wore a red flat waistcoat inside. Most of the snow-white "southern hemisphere", the lower body is cut-out ultra-short denim hot pants, and on the sides of the pants, there are cross straps that open to the trousers. I can't help wondering whether she wears it or not. Panties?

This sexy and hot outfit is definitely a standard combat uniform for attracting bees and butterflies at nightclubs. Male animals rush to strike up a conversation, not to mention the pure and simple campus of this innocent otaku.

So when our group entered the gymnasium, I immediately felt a wave of ugly eyes that shot at Ye Yuting next to me.

"Hey, Ayu, you're so uninterested, you hide such a beautiful sister!?"

"Hehe, senior Zhenhui, I am Ye Yuting."

"Ah! No way?! Unexpectedly, you are not ordinary and upright in your dress. You can be called the goddess-level department of our information department. No, it is already the school flower of our school."


"Why, Yan Ling and the others are also big beauties."

Looking at the roommate whose saliva was about to drain, I couldn't help but step forward to block his squinting and wretched gaze, and said: "Ahui, where are Guava and the others?"

"They were there, no, they were chatting with schoolgirls."

"Hehe, the seniors are good or bad, they turned back I say bad things about my friends."

"Hey, what do friends do? They are sold out."

"Hahaha, senior Zhenhui, you are so funny. "

Looking at my roommate doing everything I can to make the school girls happy, I quickly interrupted him: "Ahui, let's meet Guava and the others before seeing you play treasure."


"Hey! Am I in a hot atmosphere! What kind of trick... Do you treat me as an undeveloped orangutan?" After saying this, he deliberately pretended to look like a monkey and jumped up and down. After watching, the school girls all smiled and bent over.

I sighed helplessly, looked around the gym, and when I saw Guava and the others, I didn’t care about it--the wretched roommate who kept playing tricks all the time, walked over to those people. . (See the wonderful adult novel:

After a few steps towards the destination, the voice of "Senior wait for me" came from behind. After stopping and not turning his head back, a soft touch came from the back of his elbow, and then he felt his arm being held by someone.

I turned my head in surprise: "School girl?"

"Senior, let me find other seniors with you."

"Then... Yanling and the others "

"They will be taken care of by senior Zhenhui. Hehe..." Ye Yuting suddenly leaned in my ear and whispered, "I secretly told you that Yan Ling seemed to have an interest in senior Zhenhui. Good impression."

"So that's it." Smelling the familiar and elegant scent, I raised my eyebrows, and then looked at her little hand holding me, "Then do you have a good impression on me? "

After Ye Yuting heard this, he suddenly slapped me on the arm, and said with a smile: "You like nude girls, you really think too much."


"Hehe, senior, don't worry, I will not casually disclose your special mate selection criteria to others."

The more she says this, the more let it go I feel embarrassed.