Chapter 15 - End

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Today, the last day of this month, October 31st. More than twenty days after I bumped into my mother and Uncle Hua.

Now, I have forgotten how my mother and I went home, but the rest of the matter is deeply in my mind.

My mother and I went home and didn’t say a word during dinner. I slept in bed after taking a shower. In the past, I didn’t feel like today when I was peeking at my mother being raped, but I think The reaction this time was completely different. Although everyone knew what might have happened before, it was the first time to face-to-face, plus the incident involved Dad. At this time, I didn't care about anything, and bravely opened the door of my mother's room.

"Mom, what the hell is going on." Mom was wearing a pink pajamas, just as charming as this afternoon.

At this time, my mother pulled me over, held my head, and told me what happened back then.

My father and Pan Jianying are in the same unit, and my father is a small boss. The two have a lot of contact at work, and they have become a gangster, but they were discovered by Uncle Hua.

Uncle Hua did not go to find both of them, but asked my mother out on a night when both of them were on a business trip at the same time. He and my mother found out about the matter and wanted to have a relationship with my mother, my mother. Not obeyed. At this time, he will also tell my mother what happened to my mother by the principal when she enrolled for me. He threatened his mother, saying that he would go to the school and the work unit to talk about the principal and my mother, and tell his father. It turned out that I was not only a bystander, but also him.

My mother had to agree to her for the sake of the family.

At this moment, I also remembered that on a stormy night, my mother came home drenched and her stockings were torn. She said she slipped and fell on the ground, but she didn’t Scars. It's just that the bath is longer than usual.

I lie down holding my mother. I sat next to her and said to her.

"Mom, I know everything you have done for me. For me, you were fucked by those people. I will listen to you from now on and I will not do those things anymore." Novel:

Mom did not speak, but looked at the ceiling for a long time.

"Son, everything that mom does is for you, as long as you understand. Go to sleep." Mom said to me.

"Mom, I won't leave, I will sleep here tonight." I said to my mother.

"Well then." Mom didn't force it.

At this time, I felt an unspeakable feeling. I just wanted to numb myself. I turned around and took a glass of wine. My mother and I drank glass by glass, and my mother didn’t say anything. Don't let me drink, even she herself doesn't drink. Don't know how much we drank, we are all drunk. That's how we both fell asleep.

That night, I had a strange dream. My mother and I slept on the sofa in the living room, and my father was sitting in front of us watching TV, but I didn’t care about anything. I was on the sofa with my mother. Had sex.

The next day, I woke up, I was pressed on my mother, and my mother woke up too. Only then did they discover that both of them were naked, and that should be reality rather than dream.

Now, I don’t think anything is important anymore. I don’t care who my mother slept with, and who I will engage with now and in the future.

The most important thing is the relationship between me and my mother. Needless to say, everyone will understand.

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