Chapter 1 -

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I was born in a family of three. My father worked in a pharmaceutical company. My mother was a housewife, but she was unwilling to be at home and wanted to work outside.

Mother is very beautiful. She has big eyes, melon seeds, and white skin. Her slightly plump figure exudes the charm of a mature woman, shawl hair, plump breasts, and slightly raised belly , And slightly curled buttocks, plump thighs, I like to hug her waist when acting like a baby, and turn my head around her chest. Her soft plump breasts make me so comfortable! People have an unspeakable impulse.

The year before I went to elementary school, my father was transferred to work abroad, and my mother had to take care of me alone. The story began just before I enrolled in elementary school.

There are a few elementary schools where we are, but they are not very good. My mother hopes that I can lay a good foundation at the beginning and send me to a better school, but It's farther away.

But the entrance to the school is very strict. My mother went to the school’s admissions office many times for this matter, but to no avail. My mother took me to the principal’s office on a Saturday PM. The head of the university.

Mom’s job is to do insurance business. The weather is really hot this day. Mother wore a white short skirt, a creamy white shirt, a white garter belt with glittery white lotus stockings, and white high heels mixed with buckles on her slender feet. The fragrance on her body was scented and her hair curled up. , It seems very noble and generous.

Several pairs of people were already there when we entered, and they entered the principal’s office in batches, wanting to come for the same purpose as ours.

When it was our turn, it was time to get off work. Mom knocked on the door and someone inside said "Please come in."

Principal Li said to his mother: "Mrs. Li , Come in and sit down, you are welcome."

"Xiao Ming, say hello to the principal." Mom said to me.

"Hello principal." I said to the principal timidly.

The principal said: "Well..."

My mother and I were sitting on the sofa, and the principal was sitting in front of me.

At this time, my mother began to talk to the principal about my entering school. No matter what my mother said, the principal said that I couldn't get in, and said that I did not meet the rules for a while, and that there were too many people.

At this time, I found the principal’s eyes fell on mother’s thighs wearing white stockings from time to time. At this moment, my mother discovered this as I did. My mother looked at the ground and thought for a while, then let out a long sigh of relief. The tightly swaying leg that was originally clamped leaned against me a little bit, and the leg opened a little bit. The principal immediately flicked his glasses with his hands and looked into the depths of my mother's skirt. At this time, my mother put her arms around me and let my head rest on my chest, and deliberately pushed the breasts forward, white lace bra. Vaguely attached to the white shirt. At this time, the headmaster's eyes were even sharper.

At this moment, I suddenly wanted to defecate. I said to my mother: "Mom, I want to have a bowel movement." The principal asked my mother to take me to the toilet. My mother now has something to discuss, so she left me alone in the toilet and left with my mother.

I hear some sounds that I don't know. I looked in from the keyhole of the toilet, and I was startled.

The principal sits next to my mother, with her head on her cheek, one arm around her waist, and the other touching her knee. The hand kept sticking into mother's skirt and kept scratching, but mother just blushed and hummed in her nose, as if she didn't mean to take that hand out.

"Principal, my son is still inside. Are we going to..."

The principal then got up and walked to the toilet, locked the door, and lifted his mother. , Unbuttoned a few of my mother's clothes, sniffed her on her chest, rubbed her tongue against the lace of her bra, held the breast on the other side with one hand, and touched her up and down with the other. At the same time, one foot is inserted between mother's legs.

Principal Gao raised his head, put his tongue into his mother's mouth, and sucked enthusiastically with her mother's tongue. The principal took off his pants in front of his mother’s face and inserted the meat stick into her mother’s mouth. The elegant, gentle, beautiful and dignified mother held the principal’s bare buttocks in both hands, held the principal’s penis in her mouth, and sucked vigorously. The principal crossed both hands. Waist down, slam a big ass back and forth vigorously, and poke the big dick into the mother's mouth.

At this time, my mother's eyes flashed a sad look in her eyes.

Principal Gao lifted his mother's skirt a bit. Looked from a distance. The mother's clothes not only set off her noble temperament; it also shows her exquisite figure; it seems that at least 35D beautiful breasts are even more pitiful.

On the feet are a pair of white high-heeled shoes with buckle loops. White shirt. The bright red nails, the half-lifted skirt reveals the snow-white pink buttocks (wow! Snow-white lace and empty panties). The white garter belt suspends the transparent fleshy white long glass stockings to make the already plump thighs even more plump when the mother squats down.

Mom stood up at this moment and smiled on her face, untied her jacket, revealing the half cup of the snow-white lace bra, and pulled the bra down a bit, just to hold her breasts and increase it. The plump, pink nipples appeared, and the skirt was pulled up to the waist, and the snow-white lace and empty panties were also taken off.

Headmaster Gao smiled and patted his mother's white round butt twice and spoke.

Mom was sitting on the desk in the principal's office. Because my mother was sitting in the direction facing the window, the secret pussy made us see clearly. Put your feet on the edge of the table with the toes of high-heeled shoes. (See the wonderful adult novel:

I saw my mother's vulva slightly red, the thick pubic hair turned into an inverted triangle, and the pink vagina inside was faintly seen. The head of the college took a mother's thigh in one hand, squatted down and put his mouth on his mother's pussy, sticking out his tongue and licking on his mother's pussy.

At the beginning, my mother was only passively letting Principal Gao engage in it, but after a while, she couldn’t help raising her head happily, her shawl and long hair hanging on the desk like a satin, humming in her mouth from time to time. Lift your butt up so that Principal Gao's tongue licks deeper.

Headmaster Gao licked his middle finger into his mother's vagina and poked back and forth. After a while, his mother must be excited. He sat up from the desk and hugged Headmaster Gao’s hair like crazy Kissing wildly, Principal Gao raised his head to respond to his mother's wild kiss, but he kept stabbing in the hole faster.

Principal Gao is holding a large penis in one hand and rubbing it on his mother's acupuncture point, and using his thumb and index finger in the other hand to separate the two labia majora of his mother. Mom supported the desk with two elbows, raised her head and watched Principal Gao’s big dick rubbing on her own acupuncture point. Mother’s mouth moved. Principal Gao’s waist was straightened, and the thick cock was all right at once. Fucked into mother's hole.

As soon as his mother grinned, Principal Gao shook his butt, holding his mother's two plump big breasts in both hands and pumping them back and forth. Mother's feet held Principal Gao's waist pole, her feet lifted upwards. Mother squinted her eyes slightly, shaking her head like a rattle, and from time to time she stretched out her small tongue to lick her lips, looking lustfully intoxicated. At this time, Principal Gao put his arms around his mother's small waist, looked down at the mate of the two, and galloped a big dick vigorously into his mother's fat hole, while his mother squinted and held Principal Gao's hand with both hands.

The two of them fucked for a while, and the mother's two nipples were erected high in purple because of stimulation. The head of the college said something, and took the cock out of mom's cock. Mom got down from the desk, twisted, squatted on the desk, poked up her big ass, and Principal Gao fucked her penis from behind. In the hole, it worked. The head of the college pulled her mother's white shirt onto his arm, and a pair of plump breasts flickered on the bra. The head of the college held mother's breasts with one hand and pinched, but his lower body kept fucking mother's acupuncture points. The head of the college drilled under his mother's armpit, put one of his mother's breasts in the mouth, and bit her. His mother groaned. Principal Gao bit his right after he finished his left bit.

I kissed mother's white pink neck again, and sucked her mother's earlobe. My mother's curled hair fell away a little bit.

After Principal Gao fucked his mother's back for an unknown number of times, he suddenly increased his speed, pulling his mother back and pushing forward. After dozens of fucking, his cock It seemed that there was some water dripping on it. It turned out that my mother had an orgasm at the same time. He shot his semen into her mother's womb at the same time. The two of them lay on the desk and rested for a while before letting me out, mother. Then go in and clean up for a while before finishing.

At the time, I didn't know it was sex, but my little cock also stood up.

One week later, I entered this elementary school.