Chapter 29 - Side Story Fanglan's Diary (Part 2)

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When I came out of Shen Aofang's office, I walked to the marketing department unsurely.

Because when a client wants to hire a sex worker to provide services, they will call the marketing department first, and then they will notify us to go to the door for service.

I went to the marketing department to find the customer data manager Shen Qing and asked her if she had made an appointment for my service today.

She flipped through the information, then raised her head and said, "Well, Sister Fanglan, it seems not. Your old customers have already asked you to serve you again this week. Alas, you are really amazing. , The customer’s feedback of service satisfaction is 100%. Sister Fanglan seems to be you again this month’s performance champion. Do you have any secrets? If so, tell my sister so that my sister can also earn more money. "

I smiled when I heard the words, and said modestly: "It's nothing, you remember to serve our guests with all your heart, let them vent their desires on us, so that their satisfaction is natural It's 100%. As long as you keep this mentality, there will be more guests."

When Shen Qing heard this, she said, "Cut, Sister Fanglan is really stingy and doesn't tell me the truth." "

When I heard her say that, I could only shook my head with a wry smile, because sex waiters like us each have their own characteristics, and each has the secret of fascinating guests. These things are beyond words.

For example, Shan Yuhuan’s nobleness, Shen Aofang’s glamour, Ye Yun’s enthusiasm and my meekness are all unspeakable professional skills. Using these technologies we can firmly lock some of our customers. Let them fascinate us.

So, a qualified sex waiter must have a beautiful appearance, skilled sexual skills and the spirit of insulting guests, the most important thing is to have his own sex style, otherwise it will be difficult In the early days.

For new sex waiters like Shen Qing, they have very little experience and haven't developed their own sex style, so there are few repeat customers, which is nothing.

Shen Qing saw my expression very embarrassed, so she sighed and said: "Okay, Sister Fanglan, I know you all have your own secrets. I can't learn this, but I I swear that I will develop my own style. By then I will be the gold medal service worker of the whole company, huh!"

I smiled when I heard the words, and then suddenly an idea came up, so I told her "Xiao Qing, since there are no guests to make an appointment for me today, can I take a half-day off, I have something to do." He looked up and said to me: "Well, the company did not arrange any special events today, but someone from the propaganda department said just now that we need to refresh the promotional photos on our company's website, and let us sex workers go to the studio one by one to take a few groups of sex again. I've already been to the photo. You can take the photo first. After the photo is finished, you can go to work. I'll talk to Manager Shen."

I happily kissed Shen Qing after hearing this. Said: "Okay, then thank you sister Qing, I will go now."

After that, I walked to the locker room impatiently, changed into a police uniform, and then walked to the studio.

To tell you the truth, I don’t have anything particularly important. I’m just worried about Zhang Shiyi, who was sent to the adulteress prison to study. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to hold on to the sluts, so I want to check it out. He, as for why I care about him so much, I don't know myself.

The studio is in the innermost part of the company and belongs to the Propaganda Department. It is used to take publicity photos for sex workers like us. My previous photo in police uniform peeing in front of the camera was taken here. of.


When I went into the studio and found Ye Yun was taking pictures, I saw that she was wearing a tight cheerleading uniform , Sitting on a robotic penis, pulling on the shoulder strap of her team uniform, Ye Yan looked at the camera abnormally and smiled. Seeing me coming, she winked at me playfully.

"Okay——, Xiao Yun, you can raise your skirt a little bit to expose your vagina so that the audience can see how the robotic penis thrusts you, so that they can... …Yes! Yes! That’s it, breasts, I want to see your breasts, you lower the shoulder straps to expose the breasts, by the way-Xiao Yun is really smart."

The one who is talking is our photographer, whose surname is Zhao. We all call him Segaso. He is a genius of erotic photography. He can always seduce the deepest desires of men through photos, and our body is his show Talented tool.

When he saw me coming in, he waved to me, and then said: "Fanglan, you are here, great, I'm about to take a set of lesbian photos, fast! fast! fast! ! I used to pose for sex with Xiao Yun to show me."

I smiled bitterly when I heard the words, he is like this, he always makes temporary intentions to let us sex waiters do unexpected things. But we dare not disobey him, because he represents our face, we offend him equal to offend customers.

So I smiled slightly and walked over to Ye Yun, and when Ye Yun saw me coming, she pulled her body from the electric penis, and then lay flat on the ground, facing the camera. Legs, while rubbing his pink labia, licking his tongue licentiously, waiting for me to cooperate.

I walked up to her, stretched my long legs across the sides of her body, and supported the ground with my jade arms. Placed in front of him.

"Oh!-That's it!-I'm having sex!" After speaking, he suddenly took off his work pants, pressing his erect penis while pressing the shutter. We took a few photos.

I know this is his habit. Every time he finds inspiration, he will masturbate and take pictures of us with sex until he ejaculates and his work is completed, and he took pictures like this Photos are often the most tempting photos, which can bring us huge income.

So Ye Yun and I were also very happy to see him like this, so we entangled in a few more sexy poses, and he was stimulated to push his penis faster and press it down Own shutter.

After a while he suddenly stopped, and then shouted to me: "Okay, normal photos are enough, let's take a few more heavy-tasting photos, Fang Lan! You straddle your legs On Xiao Yun's head, pee into her face."

I smiled when I heard that, stood up from Xiao Yun, and then reached out to untie my police uniform belt.

But at this moment he stopped me: "Fanglan! Do not untie your pants, just pee directly on her face. The appearance of her face full of urine is certainly very irritating, but you are like this. The look of a beauty peeing in her pants is also very charming, just do it. Hurry!"

When I heard this, I shook my head and smiled bitterly. These are my new police pants. In ten minutes, he had to change it again, but his order still had to be executed.

So I had to put my two long legs across Ye Yun's head in police pants, and let my urethra point at her beautiful face through the pants.

And she also smiled slightly and raised her face to prepare for the baptism of my holy water.

I saw that she was ready, so as soon as the urethra was loosened, I immediately felt a rush of heat pouring on the crotch. When I looked down, the crotch of my pants was immediately wet. The large piece of blue cloth was urine turned dark black, and then the urine passed through the pants and landed little by little on Ye Yun's pretty face, and she stuck out her tongue and tasted it obsessively.

"Ah-my God! It's the best-!" He exclaimed excitedly when he saw my wet pants, and then pressed the shutter a few more times, moving his penis as fast as he could. It's faster.

Seeing him excited like this, I feel very fulfilled. In order to stimulate him again, I put my hand into my wet crotch and used my fingers to pick up the urine from the urethral opening and put it out. He held it in his mouth, and then looked at him idiotically.

"His grandma! I can't take it anymore!" After saying this, he suddenly put down the camera, and then ran towards me quickly, pushing me to the ground, bye. I stretched my thighs on my shoulders, squeezed my penis into the middle of my crotch, rubbed my labia desperately through the wet pants, and then began to untie my belts.

As soon as I saw it, I quickly held down his hand and said, "Master Zhao! What are you doing! Are you still working?" Desperately kissed my neck with my mouth on my body and pleaded: "Fanglan! Good girl, I know that you are the most docile person in the whole company. You untie your pants and let me do it once, just I can’t help it once, okay, I’ll take a picture of you when I’m done."

I smiled bitterly when I heard the words, knowing that I had seduced him this time. It seems that he has to have sex with me now. To be honest, it is not that I am unwilling to accept his mating, but that I have other concerns.

So I pushed his body and pleaded: "Master Zhao, it’s not that I don’t accept you. I beg you, can you help me take a picture and fuck me, otherwise you will not be inspired when you ejaculate. Yes, finish the photo and finish the photo. After the photo is finished, I can do whatever you want. You can pee in my vagina, okay?"

But he doesn’t listen to me at all, he doesn’t see me. I cooperated, I gave up untying my trousers, grabbed the cloth on my crotch and tore it to the left and right, tearing my crotch open with a bang, and my pink vagina was immediately exposed in front of him. , And then he held his penis and rubbed it on my labia twice. The last time he stood up, he slammed the penis into my vagina.

"Ah-so cool, your girl's vagina is really tight? The laozi in the penis is numb."

As he shouted, I immediately I felt a hot meat stick inserted into my vagina. With this feeling, I sighed and knew it was over. This kind of fiery piercing sensation from one's own yin is very familiar to us sexual services.

Because almost every day we are tossed by this feeling several times, once we have this feeling, we know that things are irreversible, more intense punctures will follow, and our genitals It will be turned in and out, our vagina will secrete love fluid due to friction, and our body will convulse like an overcharge. All this will not end until a hot fluid is sprayed into our vagina.

Sure enough, Master Zhao’s attack on my vagina has officially begun. He divided my thighs and sprinted the meat stick back and forth in my vagina desperately.

His penis seems to be charged. Every time I pierce my vagina, it will leave some electric current in it, making a piece of the flesh in my vagina numb, and then I will secrete it A little mucus stuck to his penis, and his penis grew bigger and bigger, so that I could even feel the shape of his horse's eye through the flesh.

"Haha—girl! How do I feel that your vagina is trembling? Did my brother make you comfortable?"

Like such insulting words I can hear it almost every time I accompany guests. This seems to be a common interest of men, and I must answer-because this is also my profession.

So I endured the bursts of pleasure from the thrusting of my lower body and said to him with a flushed face: "Well, yes, Master Zhao, I do feel very comfortable. My vagina is already numb. , But if you can go faster, it will be better."

I'm motivating him so that he can end soon. And he was also fooled.

"Haha, okay, I will let you see what a real man is, Xiao Yun, go to the back and help me lick my anus, then I will be more excited."

Ye Yun, who was next to her, smiled and turned around and ran behind him to hug his ass.


With his yelling, I immediately felt the penis in my vagina doubled, and I didn’t know Ye Yun did it to him Something went wrong, but his thrusting became more violent.

After a while, I felt his penis tremble. I knew he was going to ejaculate. At this moment, he pulled out the penis abruptly, then grabbed my hair and inserted the penis into my mouth. Inside, thrusting back and forth.

I feel the liquid on his penis has a sweet smell. I know that it’s not semen but my obscene water, and his semen will rush out immediately, because I feel his penis is shaking very much. Great.

"Ah-my brother is going to shoot -"

With his shout, I suddenly felt a hot liquid spray into my throat, this It feels very familiar to me. I drink this slightly fishy liquid once a day, so of course I know how to deal with it.

I lifted my head back slightly so that I wouldn’t let the semen spray into my throat and cause vomiting, then stick my tongue out between the horse’s eyes and my throat, because I know men When you ejaculate, you will not only shoot one strand, but pulsate multiple strands.

Blocking with the tongue can effectively prevent the subsequent impact of semen on the throat, one is to prevent nausea, and the other is to roll the semen to let him see clearly after he takes the penis out of my mouth.

Master Zhao pulled out the penis from my mouth panting, and then slumped on the ground.

I opened my mouth and curled the semen on my tongue for him to take a closer look. When he saw it, he smiled slightly and gave me a thumbs up, expressing his admiration for the superb skills of my business.

I narrowed my eyes, swallowed the semen in my mouth, and then smiled and said, "Guru, Master Zhao, I have enough of my body, you have played with it, and I swallowed your semen. Isn’t it time to do business now?"

When he heard this, he patted his head, stood up, pushed Ye Yun away from the back, picked up the camera and said: "Start, start, Fanglan, you Go there and lie down, then spread your thighs and face the vagina to the camera. I will take some super beautiful pictures for you."

I looked down and found that the clothes on my body were just when he was ravaged by him. It was crumpled, and the vagina in the open crotch between the thighs was also messed up by lewd water and urine, so he asked him: "Master Zhao, do I need to change my clothes first and then take pictures?"

When he heard his head shaking like a rattle, he said, "No, you look the most charming after being ravaged by others. It's called broken beauty, you know? Quickly, do as I say."

To be honest, I have not been able to understand the sex of a man, is it not good for a girl with a clean body? Why do you have to make women full of semen or urine to stimulate their sexual desire? Is this the so-called gender difference? .

But I was still obedient. I followed the arrangement of Master Zhao and put in a few attractive poses all over the body, and he was very satisfied. Finally he asked me to pee while standing with hands on hips.

I was a little embarrassed when I heard this, so I told him: "Master Zhao, I can stand up, but I can't pee because I just peeed on Xiao Yun's face." < /p>

When Master Zhao heard it, it was right, so he held his chin and thought about it, then he clapped his hands and came up with an idea, only to see him walk up to me, holding his penis and saying, "Fanglan, In this way, let's have a scenario replacement."

I was taken aback when I heard the words and asked: "What is a scenario replacement?"

Master Zhao smiled when he heard it, and then said: " It's very simple. I will insert my penis into your vagina, and then pee in your vagina. After the sprinkling, you will cover the vagina with your hands so that my urine will not flow out, then stand up and posture before letting go. Isn’t it the equivalent of you peeing?"

When I heard it, I felt dumbfounded, so I said strangely: "Can this work? Can’t you wear it?"

The master nodded and said confidently: "Don't worry, it's absolutely okay, I will take a snapshot, come, you lie down."

After speaking, he grabbed my shoulder and pressed me. On the ground, I separated my thighs and rubbed his penis on my vagina again.

I smiled bitterly, now there is nothing else to do, so I can only lie on the ground and spread my legs and let him do it.

But it’s strange that he rubbed my labia with a penis for a long time. I rubbed my vagina with straight hair, but I didn’t get in, so he frowned and turned his head and said to him: "Master Zhao Please don't play with my vagina anymore, just get in and pee, I'll be okay later."

Master Zhao flushed with embarrassment when he heard my urging, and then embarrassed. Said to me: "Fanglan, I'm sorry, can you pull the labia with your hands, I just finished ejaculation, the penis and masculinity are a bit weak and can’t be inserted."

Almost laughed out loud, but finally resisted it. I know I can't laugh.

So he pursed his lips, reached out to his own genitals, gently pulled the labia to separate the vagina a bit, and then said with a smile: "Heh, let's go now, come in and pee Okay. Otherwise, after a while, you won’t even have urine." (See the wonderful adult novel:

He saw that I was holding back a laugh, so he awkwardly pointed the penis toward him. I got stuffed in my vagina.

Well, his penis has really become very small, it feels like a lipstick tube, no! It's more like a toothpick. Compared with the majestic look of a steel rod when I turned my vagina in and out when I was harassed just now, it was completely different from the sky.

This man's penis is really amazing.

He saw me pursing his lips, as if he knew what I was thinking, so he became angry, held my thigh and slammed my waist to my yin, and the sound started to hit me Urinate in her vagina.

As soon as the wall of my vagina was rushed by this heat, it immediately shrank instinctively. I stopped laughing and started to breathe deeply. Know how much he will pee in.

After a while, I felt the heat flow stopped spraying, but fortunately, I was able to accommodate it all.

So he pulled the penis out of my vagina, and then hurriedly ran to the camera and said to me: "Fanglan, hurry, cover the vagina, and then stand up slowly. I'm going to shoot."

I hurriedly covered my vagina after hearing the words, then slowly stood up with my hands on the ground, and finally pinched my waist at the moment I let go, and assumed a predetermined posture. Suddenly, the puddle of urine slowly flowed out of my vagina and flowed down my snow-white thighs to the ground. At this moment, he seized the opportunity to press the shutter.

The photo was finally taken, but unfortunately, this photo was not adopted by the Propaganda Department in the end. The reason is very simple, that is, Master Zhao’s urine is too yellow, and it doesn’t look like a woman urinating at all. When it came out, I had no choice but to retake another photo of masturbating and squirting in a police uniform.

In the end, I still didn't have time to pick up Zhang Shiyi, alas.