Chapter 1 -

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I picked up the phone, wondering whether I should call it: a sex slave service company, how could there be such a company, it must be a fake advertisement made by some hackers, but I looked at the upper body stewardess on the computer desktop in front of me Clothing, the lower body is barely opening her legs to the camera, breaking her pussy and smiling beauty, my heart is very itchy again, I thought, forget it, let's make a phone call, it's a big deal to lose some phone bills. So I pressed the phone nervously, and after a while, there was a sweet female voice over the phone: "Hello, sex slave service company, do you have any needs?"

Wow, There really is such a company, so I said excitedly: "You...Hello, I need a'partner', okay?"

The waiter on the phone smiled slightly and said "Of course you can. Is this your first visit to our company?"

I quickly said: "Ah, yes...yes."

"I need to introduce you What is the scope of our company’s business?"

"Ah, okay, let's talk about it."

"Okay, our company is currently the world’s largest sex service organization. With the richest service experience in Fengyue industry and the strongest sex service team, our company has beautiful girls from all over the world for you to choose and use. Our service range is also very wide, from ordinary sex to sm, anytime... …"

"Okay, okay, I don’t want to hear this, let me know how your business is going."

I said impatiently, these words are on TV I hear it often, so I don’t want to hear it anymore.

The waiter on the phone seemed to have noticed my impatience, so he said politely, "Well, that's it. Our service is charged according to the time and service specifications. We will send you a username. After you log in with your username, you will see a picture of our internal sex service staff. You can choose the girl you like, and then follow the address and time you want to meet with her according to the picture of the girl Send the email below, and this girl will come to you and serve you within the time and place you specify."

When I heard that, it was okay, so I said, "Okay, then Please report your username."

So when she reported her username, I hung up the phone, turned on the computer and entered it.

As soon as I logged in, a regional business card immediately appeared on the computer screen. Germany, France, Japan, China, and the United States were obviously a search bar. I was still more traditional, so I clicked on China, and then A selection bar appeared, it was age selection, from fourteen to forty. I was also quite ordinary, and I chose a middle age, twenty.

I chose a little bit, and the page was immediately full of photos of all kinds of beautiful girls. They are not only more beautiful than one, but also more slutty.

I saw a girl wearing an open-chested sailor suit, holding her breasts, sitting on a robotic penis in the lower yin and looking at the camera with a smile, and another wearing a nurse The lady in the suit, kneeling on the ground, licked the semen that fell on the ground, and made a victory gesture to the camera. There is also a lady in a nurse's costume, sitting on the ground with her hands apart her snow-white thighs, and putting a small red flag on her pink pussy, with four big characters written in gold on it: Welcome.

I swallowed my saliva, and I felt my blood boiled as I watched it.

So I gently took the mouse and clicked on a picture of a girl wearing black glasses and black police uniform, smiling while peeing at the camera.

One click, the girl’s resume immediately appeared:

Ji Fanglan, female, 20 years old, from the armed police women’s special team, had 30 sexual experiences, five of them This time is a gang rape experience. The nipples and pussy are pink, the skin is fair, and the body is healthy. Once worked as a military prostitute in a certain army, he is good at various positions, likes to take the initiative, can meet the various requirements of customers, has no sexual restrictions, and can accept anything. Sex games.

Climax state: a small amount of tidal spray can be seen.

Sm acceptance: light injury and micro blood.

Humiliation tolerance: excellent.

Seeing such a detailed introduction, I was really eager, and hurriedly sent my address and the agreed time to the mailbox under her picture. After a while, I received a receipt in my station mailbox, saying that the entrustment has been accepted and the server will arrive on time.

Hearing this news, I really feel like I am awake. Hastily started to tidy up the house and waited for the arrival of his partner.

At eight o'clock, the doorbell of my house rang on time. I quickly got up and ran to the door. As soon as I opened the door, I was fascinated by the beauty in front of me.

I saw that beauty just now was wearing sunglasses and that police uniform, standing tall and tall in front of me, with a bag in her hand. The charming man looked at me while smiling.

She looked so cold and glamorous, my eyes moved downward, and I saw her breasts stand proudly, seeming to be coming out in ragged clothes, her lower body did not look like the policewoman now Long trousers, but wearing a black tight-fitting miniskirt, tightly nesting her snow-white slender legs and legs, looking at the root of this fat-like thigh, I suddenly remembered the scene when she was urinating on the photo just now. , I swallowed again.

When she saw my salivating appearance, she smiled slightly, and said, full of magnetism: "Sir, did you ask me to serve you? If so, can I go in?"< /p>

As soon as I heard it, I woke up and quickly opened the door and asked her to come in, so she smiled slightly and walked into the door of my house with her breasts and legs spread out, sitting on the sofa, and then turning her head to observe the surroundings environment of.

I poured her a glass of water, and then sat down beside her, she said thank you, then took off her glasses, picked up the cup and drank, I found out at this time It turns out that her eyes are also very beautiful and charming.

I swallowed, I don’t know what to say. After thinking about it, I said, "Miss Ji, I... how do we start?"

She listened When I talked, I smiled, put down the water glass, twisted my waist and took out a form from my bag, put it in front of me, and said: "This is our service price list. I can do all the services listed above. You As long as you put a tick after the service you want, I will serve you according to the above items, and billing will be unified after completion."

I took a look at the form above. Listed a lot of activities related to sex: tongue kiss, oral sex, breast sex, anal sex, foot sex, SM training, slave figure, drinking urine... There are always dozens of kinds, basically all-encompassing, and every kind of service There are corresponding prices at the back, I took a look and it was basically acceptable.

So I took this form and asked her in surprise: "Why, can you really do all of the above items?"

Ji Fanglan smiled and said respectfully : "Yes, sir, our company's service tenet is to make every effort to satisfy our customers. As long as you sign a contract, then my body is yours, and you can use it whatever you want."

He looked at her graceful figure in uniform again, swallowed and spit, then picked up the pen impatiently, and started to tick the watch. After a while, I finished writing, handed it to her, and then filled with my heart. Looking at her expectantly.

She looked at it carefully with beautiful eyes, then smiled and said to me: "Sir, I don’t think you have chosen anal sex project. I can tell you with confidence that I My anus has been specially trained by experts. It is very flexible and suitable for insertion. When I was a military prostitute in the army, the soldiers liked to use my anus very much. They used my anus every day. , You didn't choose, it was your loss."

When I heard it, my blood was boiled and I quickly grabbed the form and checked the column for anal sex, and then handed it to her.

She took it over and looked at it again, then smiled and said: "Sir, you have selected three normal sex projects, three training projects, and two humiliation projects. There are eight projects in total. A total of 10,000 yuan, please pay first, and then I can serve you."

When I heard that, I quickly took out the money I had prepared from my pocket and handed it to her. After she took the money, Carefully put it in the bag, then twisted my waist and looked at me with a smile, and said, "I can start serving you now, sir, which one do you want to start with?"

I want After thinking about it, she said to her: "Let’s start with oral sex first, I want to get excited first." I gently moved away, then stretched out a pair of jade arms, unfastened my belt, and then pulled them back together with my underwear.

Because I couldn't bear it for a long time, the moment the panties retired, the penis jumped straight in front of his eyes, and there was a stench, which is bad! I haven't had time to take a shower after cleaning up the house.

Thinking of this, I lowered my head in shame. She seemed to smell it, but she didn’t seem to mind. Zhu’s lips smiled slightly, stretched out my jade arm, and gently opened my thigh. I closed my jade legs, pressed my body shape down, and knelt under my crotch, stretched out my jade hand, grabbed my penis and smacked it lightly, then smiled, and took out a wet tissue from my pocket to wipe it. The dirt on the penis, while comforting me, said, "Sir, don’t be shy. It’s normal for men to have a sense of taste. When I was in the army, soldiers often pushed me into the ditch when they came back from the battlefield. Me.

They often don’t take a bath for several days and nights. Every time I am gang-raped by them, my mouth and vagina are covered with semen and dirt. Mind, and very happy, but for the sake of your health, I still want to clean it for you.

As soon as I heard this, my penis became stronger in her hands. She saw it, it will Xin smiled slightly, threw away the wet tissues in her hand, opened her vermilion lips, contained my penis, and wiggled back and forth with her head gently.

Her ventriloquism is very good, oral The temperature is also moderate, I can even feel her Zhu Tongue fiddle with my horse's eyes back and forth in it, I look down, and she knows how to suck my penis while looking at me glamorously. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction.

After sucking for a while, she took the penis out of her mouth, a trace of crystal saliva connected to my penis and her vermilion lips, she slightly With a smile, I broke the connection, and then I held my penis with my jade hand and flicked it back and forth, while my lips opened to cover my spring bag, and carefully licked the folds on it. At this time, my whole body seemed to be overcharged. Generally, full of pleasure. I can't help but stand up, and press her lower body desperately against her jade face.

She keeps on doing her best. Seeing me straighten up, she kisses downwards, and then violently With one click, she kissed my anus. While not disgustingly nasty, she stretched out her tongue and licked my anus carefully, while dragging my ass with her left hand, while her right hand quickly moved my penis with exposed veins.

Suddenly I felt a rush of heat rising, and I felt like I was about to shoot. I quickly grabbed her hair and pushed it out, trying to slow it down.

She also saw my desire , So I put my butt gently on the sofa, then let go and sit up straight, looking at me with a smile.

I took a breath and wanted to ejaculate. Desire was suppressed, and then looking at Ji Fanglan in front of her, she was also panting, spring looking at me, Zhu’s lips were full of dirty yellow dirt, which was obviously caused by licking my anus. These dirts are related to her. The white face formed a sharp contrast, forming an extremely sensual picture.

She found my expression, so she smiled slightly, took out a tissue to wipe the dirt off her mouth, and picked it up again The cup rinsed his mouth, and then smiled on my knees and respectfully said: "Sir, where do you want to shoot the first semen on me?" "

I swallowed, and said, "Can...Can you shoot it in your face?" "

She heard the words, smiled slightly, and said: "Of course, sir, I can make semen containers anywhere on my body. I have already said that, then, now do you want to try deep throat? "

When I heard this, I was stunned, and said uneasily: "Deep throat? What's the meaning? "

When she heard it, she smiled and explained: "I put my head flat on the sofa. You can treat my mouth as an unconscious sex toy and use your penis in it at any speed. , Any force thrust, without worrying about my feelings. "

When I heard it, I was immediately very interested, so I nodded.

She smiled when she saw that I agreed, stood up and stretched out her hand to pull me up. , And then she lay flat on the ground, and then pressed Qianshou against the edge of the sofa, and then smiled and said: "Sir, you can come over, remember to kneel on the sofa with your thighs, and then put the penis in my mouth. , In this way, you are not only relaxed, but also able to use your strength. "

When I heard that, I hurriedly walked to her, and followed her words, knelt on the sofa with one leg, and then held her black hair with my left hand, fixed her head, and squeezed her right hand. The penis pointed at her cherry lips and said, "I'm coming. "

She smiled slightly, opened her lips, ready to welcome my conquest.

When I saw it, my head became hot, and my lower limbs jerked, sending my penis into this Taoyuan again. Wonderland.

As for her, when she saw that I had been inserted into her mouth, she opened her mouth as much as possible to welcome my invasion, and she stretched her hand across her crotch and patted my ass to encourage me.< /p>

At first I didn't dare to thrust too hard, I was afraid that she could not bear it, but she didn't seem to care at all, and she patted my ass and encouraged me to thrust faster and harder. (Watch wonderful Adult novel:

I looked down at the jade face under my crotch, and then carefully said: "I really tried my best. Can you really bear it? ? "

She has eyes in her mouth, her charming eyes narrowed into a slit, and she blinked, beckoning me to let me try hard, she's okay.

Get her With her acquiescence, I took a deep breath, grabbed her hair fiercely with my left hand, and slammed her hip downward. The whole thick penis was immediately inserted into her mouth. It's too deep, I even felt my penis hit a small tube, I believe it was her esophagus.

When I thrust it so hard, her beautiful eyes immediately turned white under the impact. Now, the hand on my butt injury also grabbed my buttocks, but she still kept her mouth open as much as possible, ready to meet my next shock.

I secretly praised my professionalism, so I used my penis to penetrate her mouth even harder. Every time I went deep into the throat, as she said, treating her mouth as a lifeless sex toy.

More and more intense, her beautiful jade body lying on the ground also jittered with constant convulsions, tears and snot flowed across the jade surface, and the costumes on her face were hung up, and I could even see her mouth surging. A puddle of lumpy liquid came out. Whenever I pulled it away, it would be taken out of the mouth and spilled on her cheeks. I believe this was the gastric juice that came out when she was sick.

Hundreds of thrusts, I finally reached the time to explode, but I didn’t want to shoot her in the face at this time, so at the moment of ejaculation, I grabbed her hair and slammed my penis towards her. Her mouth swelled, and then a thick semen shot into the depths of her throat.

She was shot by me like this, and when she rolled her eyes, the semen came from her. The delicate nostrils sprayed out, sprinkled on her face and mixed with other dirt.

I took a sigh of relief and pulled out the penis from her mouth. There is a lot of dirt, my semen, and her gastric juice.

She has rolled her eyes and leaned on the sofa and lost her senses. I also sat down on the floor with exhaustion. At this moment, I suddenly smelled There was a commotion, so I took a closer look. There was a pool of urine on the ground, and the urine came out of her skirt. She was actually incontinent by me! I looked at the slowness that followed her thighs. I smiled with the slowly flowing urine, because I know that when she wakes up, the game will continue.