Chapter 1 - Adventures at the Wife Swap

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My wife Shanshan and I met during our trip in Paris.

Shanshan is a blonde foreign girl, passionate, good figure, and beautiful, she sparks when she touches me. When I asked her to drink a glass of beer, she narrated the foot-cloth-length sexual history again, which meant to suggest to me that she was a very casual woman. You can go to me when you have time!

I swollen face and bragged, and made up some stories to exaggerate how sexual skills I was. I didn’t think it was really easy to take her back to the hotel. At first I planned to only engage in a one-night stand with her. Who knew that she would stay by my side and reluctant to leave. In the end, she returned to Hong Kong with me and said that she wanted to marry me as a wife. Is there such a good thing?

It is not easy to marry a foreigner, and I feel so prosperous by nature. She asked me if I wanted to pretend I didn't know, and let her go out to steal and have sex, or do I want both of them to have an advantage? I asked what she wanted to do? She said that it is better to join the "wife swap meeting" so that everyone can try fresh flavors one or two nights a week.

It turns out that there is really a "wife-swapping club". It is not easy to join the club. It has to be introduced by acquaintances and the membership fee is also very expensive. It's worth it. In fact, I am very sad about myself, playing with other people's wives, no problem! But giving away my wife to others to play with is equivalent to just putting a green hat on my head... However, after playing a few times and enjoying a few good items, Yan Shouhuanfei feels good again and takes his time. Accepted this adult game.

The activities of the wife swap are varied and sometimes held by members’ private villas and yachts. It is said that sometimes there are so many people that they will be dispatched to the mail ship, and a group of people will have a big carnival party at sea. This time, it was the first time I played on the "Star Gemini". Our wife-swapping meeting had covered the entire cabin of this ship, and I was so excited. Who knew that when I boarded the ship, I saw my father and mother also come. I was shocked, wouldn't it? Such a coincidence? Ha, it's really such a coincidence.

I took my dad aside and asked him why he got on the boat? He said: "My son, I'm not afraid to tell you about the family affairs of the two fathers and sons. Your father wants to save the country." I asked, "What do you want to save?" Dad said that the red light was on for marriage, and my mother always complained about him. Faintly, divorce him. They have seen a sex therapist, and the instructor introduced them to try this thing. That is to say, could it be that the two elders boarded the ship to participate in a wife swap? Dad said, "Should you come to see the money? If you want to see it, you won't bring your mother with you!"

That's okay?

I looked over to my mother, she was so profane, she was completely transparent as her father, and she shook her head when she saw a man. I don't believe my mother is such a lewd woman, so I told Shanshan right away, who knows that this stinky lady will say excellent when she hears it, which means it's great! It's best to change your father-in-law for a night when you are swapping partners, to see if he is dead in the spring. She also said there is a way to bring Dad's waste gun back to life.

Isn’t it incest to have sex with my father? Hey, I really beat her.

When eating, I don’t want to sit at the same table with my parents. Who knows, the chairman said to me: "You are Chinese, so why don't you sit with this new member? You speak Mandarin. You can tell us about our conference affairs." Of course, the president doesn't know what the relationship between us is. My mother's English is very bad, and talking to Shanshan is completely awkward, and a few more sentences are even more digressive; Shanshan has learned a few words of Cantonese, which are not salty and not indifferent, and listening to her makes you dying. .

I finally couldn't help but ask my mother, do you know what to do on the ship? I hope she thinks it through carefully, and when she quit at the last minute, I let go of my heart. Who knows she said: "I will do what you come here!" Shanshan interrupted: "Of course the mother-in-law knows, come and play!" My mother said: "Yes! Yes!"

My dad said he didn't know that our husband and wife were members, otherwise, there would be no need to ask Shangzheng to find someone to introduce to the meeting. He asked me how long I became a member? I said that I joined the club as soon as I came back to Hong Kong. He asked me if I think my wife is older than me, come out to find something tenderer? I said: "On the contrary, my wife wants to change the taste from time to time, and I will be crazy with her."

After dinner, the president announced that the theme of tonight is to play with mandarin ducks and draw lots to choose opponents. The woman went back to the room, stripped naked, and waited. The man handed over the key and put it in a small box, and took turns to draw lots. In which room the woman was drawn, the woman in it was yours.

Don’t say you’re not nervous, playing so many wives swaps, this trip is the most worrying, because my father and mother are both here, and if one is not careful, it is bothersome for us, father and son, to win each other’s wives. I don’t think my mother is too old. I’ve played against a lot of older women. I can come out to play, and I won’t lose much in bed. It’s ecstasy to have sex with them, but if I happen to be so lucky, When it comes to sleeping with your mother, isn't it ridiculous? How can you do it?

The president announced the rules of the game, all the monarchs must obey the general assembly arrangements, draw lots for their destiny, whichever is drawn, and cannot be exchanged with others unless their own wife is drawn. The president also said humorously, remember that it is forbidden to exchange keys with others, even if you get your own mother, you must accept your fate. The whole audience laughed, but I couldn't laugh. Looking at my father, he laughed when people laughed. I wonder if he understands what the president is talking about? Has he ever thought about what to do if his son wins his wife?

I was trembling, holding a key to compare the room number, chanting the Buddha constantly in my mouth, asking the Bodhisattva to bless me, don’t let me cause an incident of incest, if I open the door and see the inside If a woman is her own mother, it would be embarrassing to die, because there is no coincidence in this world, and everything can happen.

You guess I opened the door with a trembling hand, and saw a woman sitting on the bed naked, what was thinking in my mind? Don't be good or ugly, I won't be able to eat it and I will go around. However, the worst thing is... the naked girl's face turned aside, the lights in the room were all turned off, and she couldn't see her true face, but she saw that her ass was plump, and she vaguely saw the towering mountains on her chest.

The first time I played a wife swap, I didn’t feel so nervous this time. How to do it well? What is your last name, Miss? Did you go to bed after verifying your body? Sorry, there is no such rule for a wife swap. The most fascinating exchange is the sense of mystery. It is very impolite to know that there is a naked woman in the room waiting for you.

I said to myself, it’s not such a coincidence, is it? With so many women, they won’t just change their mothers, and win the lottery without me. I was sweating profusely, but the second child below stood up uncontrollably, stiffly as thick as a big cedar. I can’t leave. I’m very shameless when I retreat. I will definitely be used as a laughing stock in the future, and letting people off violates the rules of the club, and I will be expelled from the club. My wife will definitely divorce me. I just stiffened my scalp and stepped into the room, bolted the door, approached my sex partner tonight, and said hello to her...

I lowered my voice, as if I was afraid to be recognized by others. So, she called her "Hello" twice in a low voice, the naked woman on the bed lowered her head and said nothing. I wonder what she was doing? Is she really shy? Or is she really my mother, scared me? What should I do if it is really her? My heart is like fifteen buckets for fetching water—several times, when she doesn't make a sound, I feel more helpless.

However, I have seen some women who act cool and can’t pry open their mouths, and still remain silent after love; some are nagging women with long tongues, which is worse, and Don’t talk to her for a lifetime, right? But he insisted that you befriend her. Ugh! I'm afraid of those who talk a lot, and those who look dumb don't know what is thinking in her heart? Comparing the two, I would rather she keep silent.

Well, I patted my chest and approached her, trying to get a clear look at her first. However, the room was dark, and the people looked like fog and flowers. Of course, they couldn’t see clearly. They just saw a back as white as snow. Is it slippery? I will tell you after touching it.

To be more realistic, this woman's figure is also quite punctual. The advantage is that she sees a curve in her back, which means her figure is not bad. At a glance, although it is not a gourd figure, the butt is big and round enough. At this time, my eyes gradually adapted to the darkness. Even her deep groin can be seen, and a small amount of pubic hair is seen. The gap between the legs was exposed.

Intentionally or unintentionally, she pulled her hair down, flicked her head left and right, and then turned half of her body to my side, so that I could see her two tits jumping up and down on her chest. It's not too small, but if you have enough elasticity, you have to grasp it before you know it. In short, she deliberately showed off her strength, so that you can see that she has a city in her chest. It is a high-rise mansion, not a cottage area, not an airport.

Also, her hair was not rolled into a bun, but loosely draped over her shoulders, appearing to be both charming and dissipated. Ever since, my heart settled down a little bit, because my mother and her old man are in her forties in her fifties. How could she have such a good body, and how could her breasts be so strong?

I’m so sorry, I’ve been in someone’s room for so long, just looking at people’s flesh, I even forgot to take off my clothes. I hurriedly stripped off my clothes, leaving only my underwear. I didn’t need to be so anxious to take off my pants.

Wow, the closer I get to her, the faster my heart beats. I climbed onto the bed and sat beside her. She was like a bomb. I didn’t dare to touch or hold it. The turtle has nowhere to start. Who knows, if she doesn’t sing, she’s a blockbuster, and suddenly she put her head over and buried my chest, her soft hair and hot face pressed against my chest, and the two fleshy bodies were close together, stimulating my blood. . As soon as she took the initiative to open this dull game, the lust atmosphere on the scene immediately escalated.

Up to now, I have put aside all my scruples, as soon as I close my eyes, no matter who she is, go and go, anyway, don't do it for nothing! I took the opportunity to hug her waist and kiss Xiangze. This intimate contact made me feel full of Wenxiang Nephrite, her waist is very slender, and she has the fat belly of a middle-aged woman. Without saying anything, the other grabbing hand immediately held her breasts and rubbed left and right. Wow, great! It turned out to have a good feel and elasticity. Her skin was smoother than my wife Shanshan. She was really a sexy stunner.

Fuck her, she seems to have not been fucked by a man in a long time, she is more anxious than me, no matter if I have never met with her, she will just get up and down. I held my neck, raised my head and raised my face to ask me to kiss her. As soon as I covered my lips, she sucked my tongue and slurped, even sucking saliva into her mouth. I was already familiar with this French wet kiss. As soon as I was accompanied by Feng, although I didn't know her details, I was already riding a tiger at this time.

After a short kiss, she put her jade hand into my underwear and teased my little brother. The erect flesh pillar was swollen by her a few times. Rough, beating like a truncheon in her pants, she still didn't want to finish, she simply took out her dick and had fun outside.

Of course, I will not admit defeat. The cock is held in the hand and manipulated at will. If I don't capture a few places on her, how can I look like a dignified man? As soon as you did the first day of the first year and I did the fifteenth, I also stretched out my hand to eat tofu on her body. After sweeping the back, touching her thighs, I also dig my pussy through the crevices of her back legs. , Even poke a few fingers in the asshole. When I heard her smirking, she looked like a sorrowful sorrow that led the monarch into the urn, and I understood that she was pretending to be innocent when she didn't say anything, but in fact she was a lewd slut in her bones.

I and her kissed each other while caressing each other. After a while, she lay on her back on the bed, spreading her whole body in a big shape, her legs wide open and her pussy facing me. What does this mean?

It's time to shoot!

I tried to chase the poor. I turned around and pressed her under my body, making her immobile. I lay on it and put her two papaya-like nipples into my mouth, like a child eating candy. Sucking and sucking, wow match! It's really superb, her nipples are harder than glass marbles. I took a mouthful of breasts and nipples. I sucked and had a great time. I touched her thighs by the way, dug her cunt holes, and didn’t need to lick her with my tongue. It's such a shameless sorrow to get rid of the water!

After being molested by me for a while, she blushed and became hot, tossing and turning, and yelling, "babble, babble, yeah," that made me stunned. I couldn’t help it anymore. When I took off my underwear and adjusted the gun position and was about to go straight to Longtan, she suddenly played spears with me again, pushing me away, pressing me under her body like a wrestling, until she splayed away. When my legs brought my pussy to my mouth, I realized that I wanted to play 69 poses? Of course I would be happy to accompany you!

She cocked her ass, leaned on me, grabbed my dick with her mouth, like the "Danfankou Big Cigar" sung in a Cantonese pop song, and slurped on the glans for a while , And sucking on the penis for a while. Needless to say, my cock was cooked like this by her, so it's no wonder if I don't become a spear!

Also, at the time, she was like a puppy chewing bones, sucking and licking my dick. She was so excited that she twisted her butt, and I could hardly hold it because she had her thighs Zhang and he joined together. Not only did the fresh and delicious abalone show me clearly, but also the juice dripped from there.

I stretched out my three-inch tongue and wanted to lick it, but her ass kept moving up and down, the abalone sometimes lowered and sometimes raised, and I was so tired that my tongue was stretched out, but why? The same can't be done. Unexpectedly, after she understood what I wanted, she automatically delivered it to the door, and she moved her fat buttocks to the tip of my nose, so I craned my neck...haha, I licked it, and tasted the "oyster sauce". Thick, swallow her whole abalone together with pubic hair in one bite. Just think about it, of course you can’t eat it in your stomach!

I stretched my tongue as much as possible, and arbitrarily pushed it between the two lips of the abalone, and the smell of the fishy scent between her thighs continued to flow into my nostrils. Abalone juice tastes quite fishy when you eat it in your mouth. Why does the proverb say "Your mother is a stinky cunt"? This means that people’s abalone will be thirsty when you eat it. Who tells you to "fuck your mother's cunt", don't think it smells bad.

Being engaged in such a way by her, it quickly became a hot topic. Although the abalone is delicious, it's not as good as putting a dick into it. The idiot also knew what to do at this time. I took her abalone and sipped it hard, soaking up all the juice in it. She became weak on the spot and collapsed on my belly. This is exactly what I want, even if I pose specially, I can't put it in such an appropriate position!

I got up anxiously, supported her slender waist from behind her, raised her butt a bit, corrected my gun position, and then pointed the glans at the vaginal opening and poke in. With no roots, a hole in one shot.

It’s not difficult to play doggy style with her at all, it’s better than doing it with Shanshan. I held her two tits, rubbed her tits violently, and pressed my lower body tightly against her ass, thrusting in and out, until her body trembled, and the ass twisted to the left and right, greeted her back and forth in accordance with my rhythm, watching her This kind of wave, I must be numb to bothering me.

Her butt is like a sucker close to my lower abdomen, lest my dick accidentally slips out during the frenzy, this way of doing it is as cool as it is cool! Hey, she opened her mouth and started yelling: "Help..." Her cries were so loud and irritating.

We hugged each other, only the lower body kept colliding with each other, her ass swayed, lustful water, sweet sweat, our four thighs were glued together like paint, pulling Can't pull it apart.

I can’t remember how long I have been fucking with her like this. I only remember that before my feet were soft (kneeling on the bed and doing doggy style for so long, it’s really exhausting) Boom After shooting into the sky, the strength of this gun is just so proud of me. It can be said that it is my masterpiece in history. Just listening to the woman's almost hoarse voice, I believe you can do it without me describing it any more. Imagine it.

Thinking to feed this woman, she feels soft all over, lying next to me, clinging to me tightly, her four thighs are soaked in filth, like a paste We are stuck together. Changing wives in exchange for this stunner is indeed worth the fare. What makes me worry the most is that she was like a shy bitter woman at first, but under the frenzied work of my dick, she turned into a very lustful baby.

She was still interested, and obsessively brought her little mouth together, asking me to kiss her again, I took the opportunity to pull away the hair that was covering her face, and take a look at what she looked like. This woman is passionate when she shoots, but she doesn't know if she looks beautiful or not? There is no need to look like a closed moon and a shameful flower, anyway, I'm satisfied if it's not a dinosaur.

At this moment, the day is already dawn, after pulling away the cloud temples, my eyes are bright, when I see who the pretty girl who has been lingering with me all night is clear, my eyes popped out on the spot...

< p>It is simply a theater scene of family ethics and great compassion made in Cantonese fragments. This shop was indeed taken in by me and bought a big deal. She is indeed my biological mother! Where would I dare to kiss her? Wish to disappear in front of her immediately!

I hurriedly took my panties and put them on to hide my ugliness. I stuttered and asked: "Mom! Why are you?" In fact, this question is unnecessary. I can see through everything on her body. Yes, and now lying on the bed naked and uncovered, the answer is right in front of my eyes.

My mother's two tits trembled slightly, blushing, her hands covered her breasts, her head hung down and she did not dare to look at me, and said with shame and regret: "Yaoshou! Son! Why did you choose to go to bed with your mother? You will be condemned by God!" Before she finished her words, tears flowed out like a bank, making me feel at a loss and don’t know what to say. Go and solve her.

We, mother and son, did this big mess, not to mention the aftermath, there was no place to hide, the little brother underneath didn’t know how to avoid taboos, and at this time he rose up again. Poke his head from the edge of his underwear. My mother was still defenseless, all parts of her body were exposed in front of my eyes, she was able to cover her breasts and I saw her pussy, she cried bitterly at me, and made me upset. Thousands of things shouldn't be, I blame my wife shouldn't take me to play a wife swap, tired I finally played a misfortune.

Now that the uncooked rice has been cooked, I have to think of a way to appease my mother! She is a woman, and she wants to be romantic for a night but makes her own son cheap. At least I have to say "I'm sorry", so I leaned to my mother's ear and tried to persuade her tactfully: "Why don't you wear your clothes before you talk." Yes I was really embarrassed when I said this sentence, and I got stuck in my throat and couldn't say it.

My mother brought the rain to the pear blossoms, burying her head on my chest pitifully, the more she cried, the sadder she became. I'm going to hug her, neither, nor if I don't. Finally, I have to show a gentlemanly demeanor. I can't shrink back, and move my shoulders to let her lean against.

"Son, I don’t have any ideas anymore. What do you think I should do?"

My whole chest is full of tears from my mother, but the second child in my crotch is I expressed the wrong feeling again, and got into a hard erection again, and pushed up a big bag in front of my underwear. I was in a dilemma, embarrassed and ashamed. Being stuck by my mother's soft flesh, two tits pressed tightly on my chest, where can I come up with an idea? All flew away! Only sweeping and stroking mother's slippery back, comforted her with kind words.

"Mom, thousands of mistakes are my fault! I really didn’t know it was you. If I knew it, I wouldn’t have sex with you. I’m the one who tired you, I’m not a human being. Beasts are not as good as you beat me and scold me!" I said, and beat my chest until I made a sound of "bang Bang".

When my mother saw that I beat myself, I beat myself so hard, and it was easy to beat me internally. Of course, I felt distressed. She grabbed my hand and didn’t let me beat herself. She said to me, "My son, Actually, I can’t blame you all. In the final analysis, it’s your non-advanced dad. He spends his entire day just twirling the flowers and making the grass outside, leaving me alone to guard the emptiness, and he is only willing to return when he is old and disadvantaged. Home, this ugly thing will happen. Alas! God’s will, God’s will."

"Mom, it’s God’s will. I can’t get so many women, so I just got you. But Did you really recognize me last night?"

"The light was turned off in the room last night, and you tried to plug in behind the house, and you plugged your mother until you turned around. How can you see clearly? Looks! Plus you play mystery, your voice is different from usual. What about you? There's no reason why you don’t even recognize your mother."

I said that she was not allowed to be angry before she dared to say it. She said yes, but just don't ask her for a bargain, so I trembled all my thoughts about her figure. After listening to her, she said: "So you think so too. I know that my image is not attractive to men. The whole appearance of Obasan, otherwise I won't spend hundreds of thousands to do slimming. Face skin, don't you think?"

Mom raised her head, pulled her hair away, and turned her face to show me the scar behind her ear. It's no wonder that the makeup on her face this morning was completely removed after the battle last night, and she still looks so bright and beautiful. It turns out that she had undergone plastic surgery. She said that she went to Japan to do it, and she had spent hundreds of thousands of them.

People say, "Men spend money on women, and women spend money on themselves." That's what they mean.

"But you are..." I dared not speak to my mother's tits, but she stopped crying anymore, looking at me, seeing my wide-eyed eyes, looking at me with doubts On her chest, she immediately said unconvincedly: "You grew up drinking mother's milk, don't you know if this is true? I definitely did not falsify. Didn't you hold your mother's breasts and squeeze them hard last night? You After touching it, have you touched anything wrong? I don’t believe you can’t tell the truth from the fake. The fake thing is noticeable when you touch it. A chemical substance is planted in it, and it feels different when you touch it! Yes, if it’s a pretense, there will be a scar under my armpit, do you see if I have it here?"

I still don’t believe it. My mother saw me appear suspicious and grabbed me. Put your hand on her chest, asking me to verify the body. I actually don't have the courage to look directly at her breasts, let alone touch her. My mother thought it was inconvenient for me to touch her, so she immediately spread out and lay down on the bed. She was still undressed, with a bold female attitude, and didn't mind showing her son the whole picture in broad daylight. What's wrong with mom? Did she make a fuss and become a nympho?

I really don’t have the guts to stare at my naked mother, but she doesn’t shy away from it, so it’s okay for me to look at it. At most, she will have eye sores after seeing it!

I saw my mother, her complexion was pale to dazzling, and wrinkles were absent. Looking at her from the front, every part of her body is quite well-proportioned, and she is full of looks. Although lying down, a pair of tits are still squarish, without a figure chest, they still look very firm, unlike some women, when they lie down on the bed, their breasts become flat fried eggs; the waist is still maintained. Very slender, the belly is not discounted, and the belly button is clean.

As for the pubic hair of the lower body, it is not thick, but it is very organized, and must have been carefully trimmed; the two thighs are not close together, and they are specially opened to let me see all the spring light. The abalone looks very good and looks good. Fresh and full, I can't help but remind me of its sorrow and the feeling of penetrating it. Unfortunately, the past can only be reminiscent and cannot be revisited. There is still liquid in the flesh leaking slowly, flowing all the way to the groin. These are the results of our overnight romance last night. I can't help but shudder when I see it. I feel very sorry for my mother.

Mom raised two jade arms and placed them on the back of her head. In addition to squeezing a pair of breasts, this posture also meant to open the door, suggesting that I could go and fiddle with her two breast. Isn't it? How can I go and touch my mother regardless of esteem and inferiority! My heart jumped again, and my second child was at the same time rattling, rising harder than last night, and even the liquid secreted from the front of the underwear wet a large pool. This kind of reaction to my own mother made me unnatural.

I remembered that when I played with my mother’s tits last night, I thought she was the second person to eat, don’t waste it, and had a great time. But now it's different, embarrassing, it doesn't seem to give her face if she doesn't touch it, but her two hands don't listen to her, they tremble constantly, and she can't get her hands off.

My mother asked me: "Why haven't you come yet?" I said to her: "You watched this way, how dare I move?" She closed her eyes immediately after hearing what I said. , I really had the courage to be stronger again, so I dared to catch it. First of all, pinch her two nipples, hard, giving me a very real and explosive feeling. Then I touched her two tits again, I squeezed left and rubbed the right, the two balls of meat were slippery and full of elasticity. I squeeze harder, the two tits flicked in my hand, let me rub them round and flatten them, and I didn't feel that there was anything inside.

My mother let me feel for a while, and then I can’t wait to ask: "What, do you believe it?"

"If you don’t believe it, it’s really original. Genuine. What about your ass? Sorry, I'm a bit presumptuous, but by the way, is it also original?"

"I yuck! Apart from shemales, how can a woman pretend to be a fake ass?"

" Let me tell you the truth, the inside story is that I think my ass is too fat. I did gymnastics with a fitness trainer for half a year to get rid of the excess fat on my belly and ass. Well, do you think it looks good?"

My mother said that it was too late and that time soon, and immediately turned her body and butt up to show me. Her butt is as fair as the skin of her back, and her buttocks are plump and round. Look at a woman's butt, it's big enough to be sexy. My mother taught me that if you want a big butt to marry a wife, you must be good to live. My mother is a model herself. Walking on the street often attracts a lot of admiring eyes from the buttocks.

I couldn’t help but slapped my mother’s ass twice. There was no slack in my muscles, but I still had plenty of elasticity. I spent so much time on fitness. To achieve such a continuation, what does the husband want? I have nothing to say, receive the goods!

Anyway, my mother is showing her body now, I can't help but look twice. If I don't look at it now, I'm afraid there will be no chance in the future. I'm too filial to take advantage of my mom like this! My mother's skin is slippery and doesn't leave her hands, but the tits are the size of her hands, and the buttocks are fleshy and elastic, which is better than Shanshan. Not only is the shape beautiful, but the quality is also slightly higher.

When foreign girls were young, their skin was white and red. Chinese girls could not compare with them, but Chinese girls age at a much slower rate. I was deceived by Shanshan’s sharp eyes, thinking that anyone with blond hair and blue eyes must be a beautiful woman. Before I saw it clearly, I was fascinated by her. I didn’t know the truth until I got married. My skin was rough, and my face was covered with old people. spot. Although my mother's congenital conditions are not as rich as Shanshan, Shanshan is far behind in terms of maintenance.

Speaking of artillery skills, Shanshan is a great expert, knows how to play with you in any tricks, but unfortunately she is not specific and is too promiscuous, so that you are shrouded in green horror day and night. . But my mother is not a rookie. Although I claimed to be my masterpiece for the fierce battle last night, half of the credit should be given to my mother, because shooting a cannon is not a one-leg show. When a woman doesn’t bite the string, she has no singing. Only by shooting and making a good show.

I have surpassed Chang Lun by commenting on my mother in this way, but the good memories must be kept. I began to call my mother an idol, admiring her charming flesh, and her bed style.

While drooling and stroking my mother’s thighs, I said to myself: "Mom, you are such a great figure, you killed me!" Who knows that my mother heard such a low voice, she Turning around, he said fiercely, "Am I not the victim? You stinky men, you only think about how to play with women outside, and completely leave the wife at home behind. Isn't the wife a human? She doesn't need it. Huh?"

"Mom, I’m sorry, it’s not that you’re wrong, I’m saying that I don’t have enough concentration and can’t stand the temptation of your devil figure. We are all victims, and the times have changed. It’s not only men who like prostitution, women are also fashionable to try it out. I’m too playful and show mercy everywhere. When I get a foreign girl, I think I’ve picked up a treasure. It turns out that she is more erotic than me. I was forced to accompany my wife. Retribution! Swap wives and moms, and messed up, I somehow explain to my dad."

"Why do you want to explain to him? You don't have to worry, it's not. That’s fine! I won’t bother to deal with that old man anymore. His whole body has been hollowed out by a woman. He has eaten and used all three-whip wine, Viagra, and Indian oil, but nothing happens. I figured it out. He picked up his mood and divorced him. He was just unwilling. He was afraid that he would be teased by the public when he was divorced at the age of several decades. I frankly said that if you didn't laugh at my grandmother, I made a fuss until I almost followed my wife to Shenzhen to recruit male prostitutes. Yeah! Last night, it was the first time in my life that someone treated me so well and made me want to die. I didn’t know it was you. If you want me to run away with you, I will immediately agree."

Speaking of this, my mother seemed to be hurt, lying on the bed and crying again. When she cried, I was frantic again, trying to tell my mother to stop crying. I cried until I was so mad, I don't know what to do.

My mother said to me: "You are a man, you should know how to do it."

I asked: "What do you know?"

She said: "Who knows what you want to do?"

I don't know what I mean, she cried even louder. I found the bra and briefs that my mother took off last night and used them to put them on. I thought I could make her happy, but she didn't appreciate it, so she threw them underground and refused to wear them. She didn't want to wear the clothes back, and I didn't know how to wear them. Should I put them on first and ignore her?

Finally, I pretended to be careful and said in her ear: "Mom, don't cry anymore. I did something wrong last night. Don't help you, don't worry about me. Okay?"

I don’t know if my ears have mishearded me, my mother said in a bitter voice, "I didn’t say that I was annoying you. Mom has been watched and touched by you, and you are still like a lump. It’s like wood, I don’t understand what people mean."

"You mean..."

"If you want to bend a bit, it will be clear."


I have no reason to be unsure, but in front of my mother, I don’t dare to think about it. I said to my mother: "Then you don't blame me?" She nodded.

I hit a snake with a stick, and asked her: "That's to say, you also want to..." I dare not say the second half, it's so wretched.

It was her turn to ask me: "Speak, what do you want?" I said I didn't have the guts to go on. She said: "You are bullying! Hesitating, you bullying your mother is ignorant, don't you?"

I said: "How dare, mother can't bully, if you do this, you will be struck by lightning!" : "Mom, you are on time, I want to kiss you, okay?" I said this very softly close to her ear.

My mother said: "Just now you said that they were fakes?" I immediately comforted her: "Mom, don't cry, it turns out that you blamed me for not knowing the goods!" This made her amused. Crumbled into laughter.

She was lying on the bed. I patted her ass and asked her where I wanted to kiss her. She turned her body upside down and said to me shyly like a girl with a new love: "Where are we, mother and son? There are so many accountants, so you can kiss wherever you want!" After speaking, he closed his eyes and stretched out his hands to hug me, and heard her say: "You said kiss me again, why don't you come? Huh? No one hurts my mother, so you have to hurt me more!"

When my mother said this, I took her by the waist and held her in my arms, ready to kiss Enough for this. She said: "You are so comfortable with you. We warmed up before we got back on our clothes. It's better to..." At this point, my mother pouted and waited for me to kiss her.

I heard it right, what did my mother say? What does she want to do? My heart was almost scared and jumped out of my mouth. She reminded me that from last night to this morning, the two of us have stayed on the bed naked, touching breasts and picking points, my mother will let me do anything wrong, not afraid of taking advantage of me, why I am so scared at this moment ? Just because she is my mother?

If you are a stranger, you have nothing to do without blood relationship, but I am still a little uncomfortable with having sex with my mother. Seeing my mother so coquettish, spreading out on the bed like a spring, waiting for someone to kiss her, just because she is my mother, should I retreat?

不管那么多了,老妈说过,她也是人,是有感情的。难道我又不是人,没感觉的么?试问,昨晚的事情又如何解释?除了她是我妈妈之外,其实与别的女人并没有什么分别,就因为这个理由而令我不能亲她么? Are you okay?没事就上啦!大不了当她是第二个女人就没顾虑了。色从胆边生,我一于闭起双眼,亲了再算,又不是未交过手,现在就算打雷都劈不开我们了!

As soon as she lay down on my mother, her breasts pressed against each other, she hugged me tightly and sent her small mouth automatically. You kiss me and I kiss you, like a Siamese baby. . At first, she gently swept my back with her hand, and soon became more anxious than I was, and she took the initiative to reach into my underwear for my anti-aircraft gun. Wow! She knew from the moment of her tentacle that she had found the treasure, because the muzzle was raised to the sky and she was in a state of preparation.

She helped me remove the underpants that were in the way, and immediately used her gentle jade hand to hold my gun body and stroke it. To be honest, my mother’s dick is now as hard as an iron rod, blue veins, anger, and noise. The arrow is already on the string and I have to send it. If she suddenly retreats and refuses to shoot a gun with me, it makes me want to stop, fuck me Your mother, if you can't find a woman, even if you see a sow, you have to treat it as a wife.

My mother bit my earlobe, and whispered and whispered to me: "Let me play with your little dick, OK?"

Just At this moment, we were about to score twice. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and shouted: "My wife, it's me! Are you in the room?" That must be my father! Everyone played all night, and they all belonged to everyone. Only he returned to the room but couldn't enter. The "Do Not Harassment" sign hanging on the door had not been removed.

I looked at my mother, winked at her, and asked her what to do now? Just now I was holding my mother tossing on the bed, and the two of them were already very sexual. Moreover, the cannon under me had been inserted into my mother's abalone, and I was pressing on the palm, making me very happy. I stuck it desperately, until my mother shook her head and shook her head, calling the bed so loudly... the old man stood at the door, even a deaf person could hear it!

When my mother saw that I didn't dare to move anymore, she immediately used her two feet to pinch me behind my ass, locking me up, panicking that I would pull out the dick at this time. The old mother refuses to let go, how can I withdraw?

My mother contracted my vagina and clamped my dick tightly, telling me to continue doing it, ignore my dad, let him wait at the door for a while. I said, "Daddy stood at the door and slapped the door, it's hard for me to do it!" So my mother responded impatiently, telling him to walk outside for a while before coming back. She was firing a cannon, waiting for her to finish. Would you let him in? I really convinced my mother, these words can be spoken to my husband!

My mother said: "What about my husband? Even if he is the emperor, there is no discussion!" Do other men remember their husbands when they shoot guns?

Do you guess my dad knows which man is fighting his wife in his room? He is not old enough to have Alzheimer's disease, he must know it, saying that he doesn't know is just pretending to be stupid! I searched the whole ship, but I only found Shanshan, but couldn't find me. Where can I go?

Looking back, the whole thing is like this: Dad didn’t get the key to my room so coincidentally last night, but he really looked for me before going back to his room to take pictures, and found Shanshan. , Dad has no sex partners, so the two of them also...

Alas! The teeth fell and swallowed in the belly. I knew who my wife was. Since I came out to play, I had already prepared for it, and there was nothing I could do if I felt uncomfortable. The two father and son fucked their acupoints, and when he fucked my wife, I also fucked his wife. I don't know how he fucked, so I just got to the boat to berth, and my mother would let me go after I got off the boat. I couldn't find the partner I had brought back in time, and only exchanged each other when I got ashore. Seeing Dad's appearance, it seems that there is no expression.

Shanshan once said in a big tone that even if her father-in-law is a salted fish, she has the ability to get him to change into seafood. Waiting for me to explore her taste and see how they turn out? Shanshan shook her head, confessing that she couldn't bring her back to life. According to Shanshan, Dad may not be able to pass her own psychological barrier. She has used all secret tricks, and still can't turn her father-in-law's dead snake into a dragon. (See the wonderful adult novel:

People are better than people, better than dead people. We, mother and son, can be blasted with gunfire, and the boats are moored to the pier. To the idiot and bitter woman who meets and hate late, one shot will be done and another shot will be made. My mother was also greedy for Shanshan. She squeezed me until there was no dripping water. She sucked and licked the cock before letting go. It made me sore back and soft feet. She almost needed Shanshan's support when I walked.

Mother, she was even more miserable. She covered her abalone and said that it was so swollen and painful to be fucked by me. It was almost painful to call for help so exaggerated. On the one hand, I have never tried to play so good with cannons, even if it hurts to death, I am willing.

What was the truth about Dad last night? He doesn't say that nobody really knows. The convention rules do not allow male guests to sing everywhere afterwards. Just brag about you and say that you are good at it, but you are not allowed to say which woman is punctual or which is not upright, nor is it allowed for female guests to reveal which guest brother is doing well in bed. Wife-swapping is a relationship between fog and water. Dad can't get oily water when he fishes in troubled waters? It is his color number. After playing for one night, I will see you again the next day and I will be friends. These are the basic social etiquettes of the wife swap meeting.

After a few months in the blink of an eye, Shanshan saw that her mother was wearing a wide skirt with a thick waist, and she told me that she seemed to be pregnant with her body. Isn't it? I even joked with my mother and asked her if she didn't do gymnastics anymore recently? She said: "Fuck you dead head! I'm the kind of "I don't know how to be ashamed, I am pregnant until forty-nine", and even you come to make fun of me."

Mom is happy? This is a big deal! I think about it. I remembered that when I tweeted with her that morning, I just buried my head and worked hard, thinking that my mother is an acquaintance, so I don’t need to be so formal. It's the seed I sowed. Remember in the future, you must wear a seat belt when you go to a drag racing with people you know, otherwise you will kill you!

I asked my mother which one handled it? She said, why did I be so filial to her suddenly? Yes, I knew it was wrong. I always neglected to take care of my mother. When I wanted her to help me vent my desires, I said that I loved her very much, and then went like a yellow crane. So I pushed the fault to Shanshan, saying that I blamed her for her strong sexual desires, and I was so exhausted all day long. I didn’t even have time to greet my mother. I couldn’t even ask about it in the past few months. , Do you want me to stop itching for her?

I asked her, how much does dad know about the truth? My mother said: "I can't say a few words to him a day, you are so curious, just ask him yourself!"

I don’t want to clean up this mess, but I don’t know how to follow up. . In fact, I'm not stupid either. This kind of family ugliness of mother and child, weng and daughter-in-law, should be kept secret, and must not be publicized, especially not to take the responsibility to the top of the body and misidentify the person who handles it.

I secretly asked my dad to come out to communicate. He sighed and said, "I don’t need a blood test to know that it’s not what I planted. I don’t have this kind of ability! Who is the guest brother? Everyone Alright! Your dad has done so many romantic affairs, and there are so many retributions. It is hard to count how many romantic seeds he planted outside. That's good, as long as your mother doesn't quarrel about divorce all day. I’ve already gotten the draw to sign. Divorce is equivalent to splitting the family property with her. Anyway, I can’t bring all of my family property into the coffin, so I’ll leave it to you mother and son!"

I patted my dad on the shoulder. Shoulder, comfort his old man: "I can’t help you because of the grievances between you and your mother in the previous generation. As for this future younger brother, don’t worry, I will definitely help you take care of him as an adult, but you don’t know him outside. Merry debt, sorry, you go and try to get it done by yourself!"