Chapter 6 - Big Promiscuity

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A few days of crazy gang rapes left Zhang Wei traumatized both physically and mentally. She felt very tired and even lost the faith to live. But the son is still young, so I endured this humiliation for the sake of Xiaoqiang's future, and I have to live strong, and the big winds and waves will come over, and he will gradually get better.

The three groups of satyrs seem to be temporarily tired, and they seem to have died down. The principal, Pinar and Wang Liang saw Zhang Wei as okay. Such a peaceful life has been maintained for a week.

However, things were the same as Zhang Wei had expected, and these beasts still did not let her go. The principal told her this morning that he would take the secretary to her and her sister in the afternoon. Zhang Wei had no room for refusal and promised to wait for them at home after school. Unfortunately, Wang Liang also said that tonight will pass, and it has been a long time since he "talked" with the teacher. This time Zhang Wei didn't dare to separate and rush to the field again. She was afraid that when the last thing happened, she decided that no matter what storms might be, the two sisters would face it together.

Can't escape the fate of being gang-raped again, but Zhang Wei calmed down at this moment. What people fear most is not the coming disaster, but the ignorance of the future fate. Now that she knew she was going to be gang raped, Zhang Wei was no longer afraid. She called her sister, informed her, and then began to think about the arrangements for tonight.

Zhang Wei got off work a class in advance. She rushed home to cook for Xiaoqiang first. She was afraid that the group of beasts would not give her free time at night, and she didn’t know how long to toss. Woolen cloth.

As soon as the dishes were cut, the door rang. Did these guys come so quickly? Zhang Wei opened the door, and it was Pinar and his black friends. How are they? Are they hungry too?

Pinar and others entered the house unceremoniously. Zhang Wei was about to go back to the kitchen to take off her apron. She was suddenly hugged by someone behind her, and at the same time several hands climbed onto her body. Pinar helped her untie her apron and stretched out her hand to start taking off her clothes. Zhang Wei did not resist. She knew that it was useless to resist, so she could only silently obey.

Soon Zhang Wei was taken off with only a pair of white socks and slippers on her feet. She was waiting for Pinar and others to carry her into the bedroom, but they didn’t plan to do so. , They were going to gang rape this woman in the kitchen. Pinar made her naked and put on an apron, facing the cutting board, suddenly pressed Zhang Wei's upper body against the cutting board, knelt down and began to lick Zhang Wei's flesh and asshole.

Zhang Wei was tickled. After so many gang rapes, she has completely let go. Now when facing this group of beasts, the first thing she thinks of is how to cooperate. But the last trace of reserve was still there. She did not respond, gritted her teeth, and tried not to moan.

But Pinar’s tongue is still too long, a few centimeters sticks into the asshole, and the hot and soft long tongue turns in the anus, cleaning her rectum, Zhang Wei finally bears it I couldn't help groaning, and at the same time, a lot of lewd water flowed out of his lower body.

Pinar's face was all over by Zhang Wei's lewd water. He became excited. He didn't expect that the middle-aged mature woman would react so quickly and the lewd water was so rich. The reason why Zhang Wei was spared some time ago was because he hooked up with a female student, but soon separated. Today, when I was really eager, I thought of Zhang Wei again, so I killed him before school was over.

Pinar has taken out the meat stick, and there is a little secretion on the glans, which looks shiny and shiny. He held Zhang Wei with one hand, pushed in from behind, and pierced Zhang Wei's cunt. Zhang Wei grunted in her throat, and she gasped like a natural gasp in her mouth.

Pinar is vigorously thrusting Zhang Wei’s pussy, and Zhang Wei’s labia is turned out from time to time with Pinar’s movements, and even the labia minora is congested and enlarged, and the tight nectar pack There was a thick meat stick in it, and it made a sound of meat. Of course Fatty and the others were not idle, but Zhang Wei was blocked by the stove in front, and there was Pinar in the back, and it seemed that there was nothing to use. So the fat man and the tall one pulled up one of Zhang Wei's feet, took off their slippers and white socks, and played with Zhang Wei's beautiful jade feet. Only the small man stared beside him, helplessly, had to use Zhang Wei's underwear to kick up the plane.

After Zhang Wei was pulled up by the fat man, her upper body completely lay on the cutting board, her smaller breasts were flattened on the board, and her body was smashed by Pinar. At the same time, the itching from her feet irritated her to death, as if she was about to fly.

Zhang Wei’s feet have been bitten by the fat man full of tooth marks and saliva. The tall but delicately licking between Zhang Wei’s toes, the charming breath on the mature woman’s feet deeply stimulated him. He actually started to bite the calluses on Zhang Wei's big toe. Not to be outdone, the fat man gnawed at the calluses on Zhang Wei's heel, and then bit on Zhang Wei's toenails.

At this moment, Xiaoqiang opened the door and came back. He looked at the kitchen and was stunned: his mother was pressed on the cutting board like a sow, and her two feet were smashed. A black man was playing pervertedly, and a little man used his mother's underwear to fly a plane.

Pinar was taken aback by Xiaoqiang, and his interest a little weakened. He exchanged a few words with the fat man, nodded, and carried Zhang Wei into the bedroom. At this moment, there was another rapid knock on the door, and Xiaoqiang opened the door and was taken aback.

I saw Wang Gang, Wang Liang and his party of four and the principal, director and secretary, walking in with the auntie. What is this going to do? Is it the legendary group sex?

The three satyrs met, and they were all a little embarrassed, but after learning the other party’s intentions, they all laughed heartily. Since they are all in the same way, they decided to spend this pair of sisters in batches. A Sino-foreign cooperation and exchange. After a few simple guesses to determine the order, the blacks got priority.

Wang Gang, the principal and the others sat on the floor in the bedroom, admiring the glamorous scenes of double black gang rape of the sisters. The scenes that could only be seen in pornography finally appeared in front of them. Played a penis.

Xiaoqiang was also forced to watch him. He was very nervous. He didn’t know what would happen to his mother and aunt, whether he could bear the crazy gang rapes of a dozen people, and he was a little expectant in his heart. Can I get a piece of the pie?

At this moment, I saw my mother and auntie were placed side by side on the bed, divided into big characters, and each was being played by two black men. The fat man and the little man got the aunt, and one helped the aunt perform oral sex, but the other cock was held in the aunt's mouth. The aunt's cheeks were put in, apparently sucking the cock hard.

My mother was divided by two big dicks. After being interrupted just now, Pinar's libido was slightly reduced. At this moment, he is letting his mother give him oral sex, and the tall man is lying between his mother's legs and tasting honey. , Not disappointed, mother's dirty saliva is spitting out of her pussy.

The foreplay is over and the show begins. The mother was picked up by Pinar from behind, put it on her body, rubbed her mother's anus with the glans and rubbed it into her mother's chrysanthemum.

The tall guy also exposed his amazing long cock, and forced it into his mother's vagina. But his penis is too long, he can't get in after only half of it is inserted, his mother hasn't been fully excited yet, and the vagina hasn't stretched, so he can't hold his giant stem, so it's taller and harder, mother yelled. He was thrust in and rolled his eyes.

The tall one really couldn't go deep, so he had to pump slowly first.

Here, the fat man and the small man have a clear division of labor. The small man is doing his big aunt's anus, and the fat man fucks his big aunt's cunt. When the auntie saw two huge meat sticks in and out of her mother, she could not help but secretly thanked her luck. The dick in the anus was easily accommodated by herself. It seemed too small, but the penis that should enter the vagina was too late. The movement was quiet, the fat man was still licking his own pussy, and the auntie was even a little itchy.

Suddenly, Auntie felt a giant object against her acupuncture point. Auntie looked down, God, it was a giant cannon with thin arms. Although it is not long, it is thick and strong. If you insert it, you will be stretched. The aunt was afraid in her heart, and her body wanted to resist, but the penis in her anus controlled her, and she could only accept the giant cannon.

"Ah", the aunt screamed sternly, tears rushing like broken beads. The severe pain in the lower body caused the auntie to collapse completely. Her mouth was drooling, she was groaning, and her expression was painful but a little bit excited. This scene made Wang Gang, the principal and the others so addicted, that her cock was sore. stand up.

At this time, my mother's body was fully opened, the dick in the anus even stirred her internal organs, and the vagina was stretched due to the high libido. The taller quickly noticed this and inserted the whole cock. Go in, reach my mother's heart.

The scene in the bedroom was very shocking: Xiaoqiang’s mother was fucked wildly by two big black men, drooling in her mouth, and yelling into the bed; the aunt next to her still seemed a little bit painful, her vagina The giant cannon was tightly wrapped around his mouth, and it seemed to have been split apart, and his mouth kept making vague noises, not knowing whether he was calling for a bed or crying.

I don’t know how long Zhang Wei’s labia and anus swelled up, and the moaning in her mouth became louder and louder; the aunt’s cry was completely transformed into a lascivious cry. The sound of bed, while clenching her fists, was still suffering from the pain and pleasure caused by the fat man's big penis.

Not long after, the auntie felt the little man ejaculate, and the semen was sprayed on the intestinal wall, making the auntie shiver. But the little man didn't pull out his penis right away. He saw that everyone was still fucking hard, and it was embarrassing to shoot himself too fast, so he continued to put his penis in his aunt's anus.

After another ten minutes, the fat man and others are at the last moment. The frequency of tall thrusts is getting faster and faster. Mom is choked and speechless. She just opens her mouth and waits. The last ejaculation. The auntie has reached the limit, and teeth marks have been bitten on her lips. The fat man has already ejaculated, and the sperm is sprayed into the aunt's uterus, and the aunt is struggling to bear the hot semen. Finally failed to hold on, climax. There was a spasm in the uterus, the cervix contracted, and then a large amount of vaginal essence was sprayed out on the fat man's glans. The fat man pulled out his penis and saw a large amount of liquid pouring out, soaking a large sheet of bed sheets. The thin man and Pinar are also over. The thin man seems to hold back for several days. The sperm shot for dozens of seconds, and his mother also reached an orgasm at the same time, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes closed and she yelled loudly.

At this time, both mother and aunt are almost collapsed. There is a large amount of mixed liquid under both of them, and liquid is constantly flowing out of the four holes. The two sisters were panting with their mouths wide open, still enjoying the aftermath of the orgasm. But the principal and others who were drawn to the second round did not give them time. They simply wiped the semen with toilet paper, and then another round of adultery began.

Because of the powerful sexual abilities of the black people, the principal and Wang Gang were deeply shocked. The principal felt that he could not lose face in this matter. Although the old man could not fight, he could outsmart it. I saw that they took out a few sex products from their bags and started to play with their mother and aunt...

First of all, the director started with the foot fetish as always. I bit off the calluses on my toes and heels, and then bit my aunt’s sexy toenails with red nail polish: the principal took a masturbation stick with small particles, which was used by the aunt last time. This time, I used it on my mother; the secretary first used a speculum to open the aunt's vagina, and then took out a few large needles and two large bottles of milk. He actually wanted to give his mother and aunt an enema!

The secretary used a needle to inject two bottles of milk into the mother and aunt's anus, and then plug them with anal plugs. There was no resistance in the whole process, because my mother and aunt were already too weak, but watching them numbly destroying their bodies like this, their minds were almost blank.

The secretary finished filling the intestines, and took out a slender probe, energized it, inserted the aunt’s vagina through the speculum, and kept tapping on the vaginal wall and cervix. Auntie was irritated so that her body trembled and her nose became heavier and heavier.

The time is almost up. The secretary and the principal rubbed the belly of their mother and aunt, respectively, only to hear the gurgling noises in their bodies, and the faces of their mother and aunt were flushed. Suddenly, the two of them pulled out the anal plug at the same time, and saw two streams of white liquid in the anus flying down like a fountain, splashing everywhere on the floor. There is a small amount of yellow in the liquid, and there is also a smell of organs. It can be seen that these two mature women love to clean, and the anus is clean.

At this time, the principal and other talents really began to have sex. Mother was lying on the secretary, an ugly cock was coming and going in and out, and the director was also fucking the aunt in the same posture. Since both mother and aunt were exhausted, they couldn't help panting for breath while lying on the secretary and director, but they didn't have the strength to bump up and down, so they had to rely on their waist strength to have sex.

The secretary squeezed his mother’s snow-white ass with both hands, not just slapped with his hands and snapped; the aunt leaned on the director’s chest, a pair of plump breasts pressed against the director and kept shaking. The director couldn't help picking up one and tasting it, and bit his nipples a few times. The aunt made a slight groan, and the principal was not idle. He took turns doing the assholes of his mother and aunt, and shamelessly with the secretary. The director communicated that the red and swollen assholes of the mother and aunt had been turned out dry, and the flesh lines in the anus could even be seen clearly.

The physical strength of the old man is still limited. After a while, the three of them are already vented, but they will continue to play with their mother and aunt. They took out two strings of anal beads and stuffed them into the anus of their mother and aunt respectively. Then they used masturbation sticks and vibrating eggs to stimulate their clitoris. The mother and aunt groaned in pain.

These old satyrs are indeed masters at playing with women. Soon mother and aunt were irritated and trembled all over, and their lower bodies were numb. Suddenly, two puddles of urine sprayed out from the crotches of mother and aunt, and they became incontinent. Wang Gang and the others were stunned when they looked straight. They didn't expect these two nervous mature women to be incontinent by a group of old men! The principal and the others were triumphant, thinking that the good show was yet to come. They saw that they grabbed the pull ring on the anal bead, and after the mother and aunt were incontinent in front of the crowd, their reaction slowed down, and they violently pulled out the anal bead.

"Ah..." Mom and aunt suddenly felt empty, and at the same time they screamed loudly because of severe pain in their anus.

At this time, the sisters couldn't hold on anymore. They curled up on the bed, their bodies twitched, and there was still water flowing out of their vaginas, and they reached a climax again.

Xiaoqiang could only see his face red, and the blue veins on his head appeared. While breathing heavily, he picked up his aunt's stockings and panties and kept masturbating. Wang Gang and the others finally picked up the prancing horse and were ready to go into battle.

The young people obviously still have many shortcomings in terms of sex. They watched the black man and the principal fuck the sisters to two orgasms and used almost all the tricks. I am afraid they don't have the ability. I had to imitate the black double penetration step by step, Wang Gang and Wang Liang doubled the aunt, and the two younger brothers doubled the mother.

After these rounds of inhuman gang rape, the mother and aunt have completely numb their lower body. They don’t have any feeling for the juvenile’s not thick cock, but they are forced to call into the bed mechanically, but no Half a pleasure. Wang Gang and the others were obviously very dissatisfied. There was a lot of semen remaining in the vagina and asshole of the two mature women, and it was obviously uncomfortable to get someone else's semen during penetration. Only ten minutes later, the four teenagers were unwilling to ejaculate. When he pulled out his penis, Wang Gang and Wang Liang were still very angry. He squeezed his mother and aunt's tits, making the tits red and swollen and almost bleeding.

In this round, it was obvious that the teenager lost to the foreigners and the elderly, but Wang Gang was not reconciled. He asked Wang Liang to call and called a new brother. He wanted more people to win. Suddenly, an evil thought flashed in his mind, so the little brother brought Ahuang and Xiaohei over.

Mum and auntie heard Wang Liang's call and thought they were just a child. They don't care anymore. At most, they will spend more time to clean up. The sisters felt a little relieved thinking about this. Suddenly when the doorbell rang, Wang Liang opened the door and a person walked in. However, he was still holding two wolfhounds...

The person and the dog walked into the bedroom. Mom and aunt were surprised when they saw it. Unexpectedly, it was the aunt's son Xiaowei who was holding the dog!

"You didn’t feel anything to us just now. Fuck you just like fucking a corpse. It’s boring. Let’s have some fresh ones. Let’s have a shot with my dog." Wang Gang smirked and brought the dog over. Xiaowei didn't expect that his mother and aunt were being gang-raped, and his brother was still watching with excitement, Xiaowei was suddenly at a loss.

"Please, no, it's a beast, it's too dirty," Mom and Auntie cried and pleaded, "We can let you fuck, you can play whatever you want, don't let them come, just you "

Wang Gang's face was savage and did not answer. He and Wang Liang had already stretched the dog's penis to their mother and aunt's mouth, and said viciously: "Lip it well, or I will destroy both of you. Son."

The two words "son" are undoubtedly very powerful for mothers. Mom and aunt licked the dog's penis in 69 styles with tears, and spit out water to lubricate it from time to time. Soon, the two dogs became excited. They stretched out their tongues and licked the nectar of the woman under them. The various bodily fluids on them were obviously their delicacy.

The meaty thorns on the hot and humid dog's tongue stimulated the tender acupoints of mother and aunt again, and they soon groaned.

"Fucking babes, you can be excited by being licked by a dog, see if I don't kill you this time."

Wang Gang and Wang Liang let their mothers and aunts lie on the bed with their ass pouted , The two dogs climbed up, pointed their penis at the woman's damp flesh cavity, and inserted it in anxiously.

"It hurts me, help me." Auntie screamed. My mother is very strange. The two dogs are about the same size, and I can bear it. Why does my sister hurt so much? Upon closer inspection, it turned out that Xiao Hei did not insert into her sister’s vulva, but into her anus. The dog’s bow bulge was already on top of the chrysanthemum door, and it was still arching anxiously, as if to insert it all. . My sister’s anus has left blood...

At this time, my mother and aunt were very embarrassed, and they were unable to move under the pressure of two dogs. The mother and aunt supported the body with one hand on the bed, and the other hand had to support the bulge on the stem of the dog so that they could not be inserted completely. In that case, unless the dog ejaculated, it would not be possible to pull it out.

People watched the two poor women fighting the dog. Not only did they have no sympathy, but they all shouted and applauded abnormally. Wang Gang Wang Liang saw that everyone's reaction was so enthusiastic, he couldn't help but feel proud, and thought: Now that I'm playing, let's do it again. They grabbed the hand of the mother and aunt holding the dog stem, and prevented them from blocking the dog stem's entry. The two wolf dogs kicked their hind legs, and the two dog stems were completely inserted into the bodies of the two women. When it's over, the woman collapses instantly...

A cruel human-dog mating began. The two dogs moved wildly on the mother and aunt, and the bulge of the dog's stem moved the vagina and The muscles of the anus, mother’s vagina have been turned out a little bit dry, the aunt is even more miserable, the red and swollen anus turned out, still bleeding, and she has almost passed out in pain...

About half an hour later, the wolfdog started to ejaculate. The beast's sperm is thick and abundant, and the mother and aunt of the hot sperm shot continuously, and the uterus and intestines of the Buddha are all shot. The wolfdog’s ejaculation lasted about ten minutes. The abdomen of the mother and the aunt even bulged, and the semen had obviously filled the mother's uterus, but the vaginal word of mouth was so tightly blocked that it could not flow out at all.

It's over, it's over. The bulge of the wolf dog’s bow became smaller, and the dog’s stem was drawn from the vagina and anus, bringing out a lot of semen. The mother and aunt finally breathed a sigh of relief, lying on the bed, letting these men watch the fluid from their vaginas and anus, and their outturned labia could not close.

Wang Gang and Wang Liang squeezed the stomachs of their mothers and aunts respectively to help them expel their semen. One vagina and one anus tried to gush out the sperm, and it was a mixture of human and animal sperm. They were also in the bedroom. It is full of obscene smell, Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei can't hold it anymore...

"You two, come here, fuck your own mother, hurry up." Wang Gang ordered Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei, both of them. I was stunned for a moment, and immediately walked over excitedly after reacting.

Mom and aunt can't believe their ears, this beast wants his son to incest with himself? Of course they are very angry, but at this time they are already collapsed and unable to speak, they can only use their eyes to beg their son not to do this, but both Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei are young boys who have seen so many gang rape scenes. They couldn’t help but they stretched out their hands and tremblingly touched their mother’s cunt...

"Yes, that’s it, your mother, your mother, did you have too much sex just now, and now ordinary dicks can’t I’m satisfied with them. Use your arms to insert them."

Xiaoqiang so obediently, Xiaowei put his arms into her mother’s vagina, and all she felt was slippery fluid. It’s still a virgin boy’s experience. After such a scene, after a little restlessness, sexual desire took over their brains, and the two of them moved their arms in and out.

"Haha, it really is a lewd family, my son is doing so hard with his hands, and my mother is doing so hard, so hard."

Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei are almost crazy at this time. , They tried their best to stretch their delicate arms deep into mother's vagina, and at the same time they pressed their fingers to the muscles on the vaginal wall. Mother and aunt did not have any expressions, even the arms of the two children couldn't make them feel excited. The tight and delicate holes in the lower body were completely numb, but their hearts were dripping with blood...

Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei soon shot their sperm in their crotch. After ejaculation, they realized their mistakes soberly. They pulled out their semen-stained arms in shame, and stood next to them with their heads down. Dare to speak.

"It's cool, that's right, it's great for my mother not to let outsiders." Wang Gang smiled and greeted the brothers to leave. The principal and the black people also left one after another, leaving only two. With the fragrant bodies of mature women and their sons, it was already midnight.

Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei knew that they had done something wrong and were waiting for their mother to punish them, but there was no movement for a long time. When I looked in the past, it turned out that the mothers had fallen asleep due to exhaustion.

Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei decided to help their mother scrub their bodies to make up for their sins. They picked up their mother and walked into the bathroom, put the water in the bathtub, and started scrubbing. Massage it up.

I don't know what's wrong, the two boys who had just ejaculated felt a little warm while helping their mothers in the bath. Xiaowei is helping her mother massage her breasts. Mother’s breasts are so elastic. The good hand feels that Xiaowei can’t hold her. Xiaoqiang is also scrubbing her mother’s injured labia. The red and swollen labia seems even more attractive. Xiaoqiang also hardened.

The two children know that they can no longer engage in incest, but they have nowhere to vent their lust. Finally, Xiaowei came up with a way: exchange!

Xiaoqiang agreed. He really needs to solve the physiological problem, so he and Xiaowei stripped naked, exchanged positions, and staged a mother-child bath. (See the wonderful adult novel:

Xiaoqiang gently held his aunt’s nipples, tasting the best in the world, and put his fingers into the aunt’s lower body to massage the injured vaginal muscles. Xiaowei put his tongue into her aunt’s cherry lips, and kept sucking her aunt’s fragrant tongue, playing with her aunt’s petite breasts with both hands...

The two mothers slowly woke up and opened. But his eyes found that his nephew was soaking in the bathtub holding himself in his arms, and he was still hitting his hands on him. The mothers are struggling to get out, but they can't even speak. The gang rape just now was too intense, and the body was weak to the limit.

Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei were shocked when they saw their mother waking up, but the burning desire in their bodies made them lose their minds. They no longer treat their mothers tenderly, but rude their penis. Our flesh is constantly going in and out, and it is stirred from time to time. Auntie recovered some strength, and was about to say something, but Xiaoqiang's mouth was gagged with her tongue. Xiaoqiang's passionate kiss caught Auntie off guard, she only felt short of breath and rolled her eyes.

At this time, the two children pushed their mothers’ upper bodies out of the bathtub, stood in, and fucked their aunts and aunts from behind. The bodies of the two men and two women clashed loudly. At the same time, the water was constantly splashing, Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei reached the peak again, the sperm shot out wildly, and a drop of it was sprayed into the mothers...

I don't know how long it has been, Zhang Wei Youyou woke up and looked at her sleeping sister next to her. It was so peaceful. What happened before seemed like a nightmare. Wanting to get up, a pain in her lower body reminded her that what should happen is still happening.

She panted and lay on the bed, recalling yesterday’s scene in her mind, but when she looked up, she saw Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei sleeping on the end of the bed.

"Mom, you're awake." Xiaoqiang also woke up. He felt his mother's feet move. In fact, he fell asleep with his mother's toes in his hands last night.

At this time, Auntie and Xiaowei also woke up, and the eyes of the mother and son were facing each other, looking very embarrassed. Xiaoqiang and Xiaowei walked to the bed, crying and confessing their mistakes to their mothers. The mothers didn't mean to blame them. What they did was the result of young people's impulse, not how bad their nature was. The two mothers smiled and forgiven their sons with their mother’s love, and the two mothers and sons embraced warmly...

The whole thing eventually spread throughout the school and even the whole city. The reason was that there was too much noise that night, and the neighbors later Reported to the police, the principal and the group spent a lot of money to settle their affairs. Brother Wang Gang was arrested and sent to the juvenile control office. Black people such as Pinar were sent back to the country. Sisters Zhang Ping and Zhang Wei also left the city with their children. , Living a new life...

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