Chapter 1 - Untitled

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Xiaoqiang is a high school student in a middle school in this city. He is 16 years old this year. Mother Zhang Wei teaches in the same school, 36 years old, 155 cm tall, and weighs 80 kg. Her husband died in a car accident a few years ago. She was left alone with the child to grow up. She also has a 38-year-old sister, Zhang Ping. As a bank manager, he divorced her husband a few years ago and brought a 17-year-old son alone. Because Xiaoqiang had no father since he was a child, his personality was relatively weak, and he was not good at speech. Zhang Wei was always bullied by his classmates. Zhang Wei was also helpless. Sometimes Xiaoqiang complained to her and she didn't care, just to make Xiaoqiang stronger.

On this day, Xiaoqiang was bullied by his classmates again after school. This person is Wang Liang. He also has an older brother, Wang Gang, who is a gangster on the street. The same riffraff, always bullying classmates. Today, he asked Xiaoqiang for a hundred yuan as a protection fee. Xiaoqiang had no choice but to lie to his mother for money during long break activities. On the way to his mother's office, Xiaoqiang began to think about a good reason for making up a setting. When he arrived at the office door, Xiaoqiang was about to push the door in. Suddenly he heard a man talking inside, so he stopped and looked in the crack of the door. He found that the principal was talking to his mother. Xiaoqiang wanted to wait. The principal went in again, but he was taken aback by what he heard next.

"You promise me, Teacher Zhang, I am giving you the position of deputy director. I also know that you want to take care of your children alone. It is not easy. I am afraid that you will be harassed by those male teachers. The office, are you still not satisfied?" The principal almost begged.

"The principal asks you to respect yourself. You have a family, and you are a dozen years older than me. It is impossible for us, so I can't promise you." Mother replied.

"Well, you will go back to your original office from tomorrow. I promise to transfer you to the back office within a month, don't you believe it? Then it will be useless if you ask me." The principal became a little angry and shouted Threatened.

At this time, Zhang Wei was a little nervous and was really transferred to logistics. Now these subsidies and benefits are gone. It is too difficult to bring the children by herself. What should I do? Thinking left and right, he was cruel, and said: "Well, only this time, you have to ensure that I will continue to work here, I don't ask for any improvement, and don't come to me in the future."

"No problem, the words count, let's start here." The principal became excited.

While speaking, one hand has been inserted into Zhang Wei’s underwear, stroking her small but firm and compact breasts, while the other hand is reaching for her underwear, Zhang Wei I was a little nervous, after all, I haven't been touched by a man for a long time, and since my husband passed away, there has been no other man. Whenever I feel lonely, I have to solve it with my own hands. It's been a long time since I felt like this. And doing things that I don't want, I don't know whether to resist or accept. At the moment when Zhang Dawei's brain was in chaos, he found that his shirt had been taken off, and the principal was unbuttoning his bra.

"No, it's okay." Zhang Wei still resisted, reaching out to block the principal, not wanting him to untie his underwear.

"It's OK, it doesn't matter, it's been stripped open anyway." With that, the principal's mouth has been added with Zhang Wei's nipples, and the tongue is still spinning along the areola on it. It can be seen that the principal is in this line. Zhang Wei groaned as she became a veteran in Zhong, but still closed her eyes, she really didn't want to see this scene.

The Xiaoqiang outside the door was already dumbfounded. He wanted to rush in to stop all this, but his cowardly personality made him give up. What to do, what should I do, Xiaoqiang is very conflicted. He also understands the stakes that the principal said. His family's affairs are all supported by his mother. If he loses his job, his family will collapse.

When Xiaoqiang looked in the door again, the principal's mouth had already begun to lick his mother's leg, one hand was supporting her mother's leg, and the other hand was stroking her mother's secret place. The mother sitting in the chair was panting and closing her eyes. She could see that she was still conflicted in her heart. She wanted to resist and was enjoying herself, flushing on her face. The principal's tongue skills obviously have a set of tongue skills. He began to hold his mother's calf, took off a high-heeled shoe, put it on his nose a few times, and said with a smile: "Ms. Zhang's feet are so fragrant, are you wearing perfume? "

"Well, no, no, just take a bath more frequently." Mom looked a little incoherent in the chair.

The principal began to lick her mother's feet, and her saliva moistened the flesh-colored stockings. The principal was intoxicated with the breath of this mature woman. He first put the toes in his mouth, licked the joints of the toes with his tongue, then tore the stockings with his teeth, and licked them one by one. His mother's feet were small and slender. Xiaoqiang used to think of his mother's feet. It looks good, but there is no special feeling. Now it seems to be a sex organ. Xiaoqiang originally wanted to turn around and leave, not wanting to see his mother being humiliated, but his strong curiosity and young sexual consciousness drove him to put his eyes on the crack of the door again. At this moment, the principal had begun to lick his mother's white and tender feet with his tongue. , The silk stockings were also torn to the heel part, the mother's moaning was sometimes absent, reason and primitive impulse were intertwined and circled in the brain, struggling. The principal added enough feet and extended his tongue to the mother's private parts. The principal has not stopped touching her mother's private parts while doing other actions. It seems that liquid has penetrated the underwear and stockings, and the water stains are obvious. NS. The principal licked and complimented: "Mr. Zhang, your water tastes good, it doesn’t smell. You really love to be clean, or you can taste it too."

Some drinking water was wiped on mother's mouth. If it was in normal times, my mother would definitely feel sick and resist it, but now she was confused and licked.

The principal was even more excited when he saw this. He buried his head between his mother's legs and worked hard. Mom's groaning began to rhythmically follow the principal's movements. Seeing that the time was right, the principal took off his trousers, revealing the small but strong little brother, rubbing the head of the glans against the seam of the flower. At this moment, my mother seemed to have reacted. It was shameful for her to do so. Her husband, who had always been noble, died for many years and never touched another man. How could she be robbed of her virginity by a bad old man today. So my mother began to resist, pushing the headmaster's shoulder with her hand, and said in her mouth: "No, really can't, you can spare me, I will go to the logistics, I will not sit in the office, please."

"I regret it now, it's too late. The water is coming out below you. I will help you quench your thirst. You have worked so hard for so many years. I can help you without a man today." The principal forcibly tore off mother's stockings. , Pulled out the underwear, separated mother's labia majora with the glans, pushed her waist into it.

It's over, my mother thought to herself that years of virginity were ruined, and tears flowed down the corners of her eyes. Mother raised her head, her eyes dull, her body shook with the principal's twitching, and the chair creaked. Xiaoqiang outside the door saw the blood spurting, and unconsciously reached into his crotch, rubbing his little brother.

The principal’s cock was moving in and out of his mother’s lower body. At this moment, he saw his mother’s expression of Liushen Wuzhu, and he forcibly stretched his head over to ask for a kiss. Before his mother could react, his tongue was already caught by the principal’s tongue. The principal allowed her to suck her mother’s tongue frantically, and then forced her saliva over. Mom felt nothing but a nausea, but it was done. The raw rice was cooked and she could only accept it passively.

"Xiao Zhang, you are really tight underneath. It is indeed the best. I am sure I don’t masturbate. I am helping you. You will thank me in the future. The principal still wants to destroy my mother. Psychological defense, but my mother was unmoved, she just looked at him with sluggish eyes, and also at the junction between her body and him. The pubic hair has been soaked and turned into tufts, and the principal’s short pubic hair is still from time to time. It pierced her labia and the tender flesh between the thighs. Mom felt that she was really so lustful and needed an old man in her 50s to fuck herself."

About ten minutes later, the principal apparently arrived. At the last moment, he gritted his teeth and pumped vigorously, changing his usual elegant tone, and said: "Fuck you slut, it's cool today, Lao Tzu fucks your cunt and makes you fucking reserved. Fuck you, you’re pregnant.”

At this time, my mother was also frightened and pushed him hard to prevent him from ejaculating in her body, but how can her petite body be better than the principal’s fat body , Mom was squeezed in the chair and couldn't move. Finally, the principal shot all the semen in. Mom only felt a heat in the body. The long-lost feeling actually made her body tremble, and her vagina began to tighten, holding the principal's cock. Suddenly, my mother took a breath, and a stream of heat rushed out of the womb, poured on the headmaster's glans, and actually let out. The principal was even more excited: "Look at it, it's an orgasm, what else to pretend, just ask me if you need it in the future."

"Go away, you beast, you raped me, I am not Voluntary." Mom came to awake after orgasm, cursing hysterically, a pair of jade hands banging on the principal's chest, but obviously the principal didn't care. He put on his pants calmly, and took the time to touch her mother's breasts a few times: "You will have class in a while, I won't bother, and I will continue next time." The principal smiled and walked out. In the office, my mother was left crying. Xiaoqiang had already hid in the water room next to him. After seeing the principal left, he went to take a peek, and saw that his mother was crying while getting dressed. The stockings on one foot were torn to the heel by the principal. Put on high heels. Fortunately, I don’t wear sandals today. Because there will still be class in a while, my mother has to put on light makeup and endure the grief, then tidy up her clothes and prepare to go to class.

At this moment, suddenly there was a burst of laughter from under the window. Mom hurriedly went over to see that several children ran away like flying away, holding a digital camera in her hand, Xiaoqiang vaguely felt Those figures seemed to know each other, and she hurried away. At this time, Zhang Wei reacted that she had been secretly photographed, her head "buzzed" and her brain went blank for a moment...