Chapter 4 -

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Director Liu held on to the tender buttocks of the young woman, touching and fucking, sighing in his heart the beauty of the young woman’s cunt... Every time he "divides" after the secretary, he always feels like being fucked by the secretary’s super big cock. The old cunt will be a little loose, but why is this Oda's wife so tight? I was fucked by the secretary's big dick three times, and there was slippery water in and out of the cave. Why did he get more and more fucked? This reminded him of three years ago when the drunken "jasper next door" Ji Xiaorou was stealthily raping and drunk...It was also so tight and warm that he shot this flower master in five minutes, ashamed!

Will you not repeat the same mistakes this time? For this little lady, he secretly ate a "Viagra" tonight!

But the cunt is really too tight! In addition, the young woman’s legs are tightly joined. Before inserting it, the two plump labia are swollen tightly between her legs. Now she is squeezed into a big meat stick. How can we not tight? It was so tight that when the stick twitched, all the tender meat in the seam was brought out, and it was red. The tight meat hole can no longer contain the semen of the former Secretary Qin and her own lewd water. The meat sticks are all stirred into a sticky white foam and squeezed out of the hole, flowing on the young woman’s white buttocks and sticking to Director Liu. On her pubic hair...

Within less than four minutes of thrusting, Director Liu squirmed repeatedly, screaming "not good" in his heart, and quickly drew out the meat stick. After holding back for a few seconds, he took Bai Yun’s soft body from his wife’s arms, let her lie on her back, took a pillow under her buttocks, and used his kneeling legs to hold it. The young woman's legs split into frog-like shapes, and then she dipped some slimy foam on the young woman's labia with a meat stick.

Bai Yun was immersed in the waves of sexual desire just now, and suddenly the "bad thing" was pulled out, suddenly felt empty, her heart was lost for a while, and she was embarrassed to ask, she only put a piece of shame He pressed his face against He Yingdan's soft breasts and panted. When Director Liu hugged her and lay on her back on the bed, she realized that he had to change his posture. I wanted to make a defiant look, but he was soft and weak, so he closed his eyes and let him put his body into a shameful posture. With the reinsertion of the "bad stuff", she frowned and made an expression of pain and helplessness, and happily yelled "Don't...", and immediately reveled in the fullness that she expected.

Director Liu, who had finally slowed down from the shooting just now, became more careful at this time, kneeling down on the young woman and slowly thrusting. His wife He Yingdan lay beside them, admiring Bai Yun's shy expression when she was fucked, and she couldn't help but stretched out her hand to hold the soft penis between Tian Hao's crotch and gently caressed it.

Zheng Shuwen leaned behind Director Liu’s buttocks and watched with interest the "erotic close-up" of the meat sticks in and out of the young woman’s cavities. He also touched Director Liu’s eggs and scooped up from time to time. Young woman's asshole.

Generally, Director Liu likes this posture. Fiddled with a virtuous young woman into this ridiculous and sensual "frog style", with a pillow under her butt, and a big meat stick deeply inserted. The pubic area of ​​the originally fat and clean young woman is now more like a bulge. A steamed bun. Lean down, do not twist the waist and hips when thrusting, but the entire upper body is lightly pressed against the young woman's body for parallel movement, you can enjoy the smooth and delicate skin of the young woman. Especially when my nipples are deliberately rubbed against the tender nipple of a young woman, it feels really ecstatic!

But this kind of activity has its disadvantages...While enjoying the tenderness of the young woman, he suddenly came to life.

"Damn, forget it! What the secretary said, it’s a long time in Japan! Let’s talk about it...what the hell is Viagra, is it fake?" Director Liu cursed in his heart, but the following has accelerated. With the action of thrusting, the big ass tightened for a while, ready to sprint.

"Dead Liu! Why is it so useless in front of the little slacker!" He Yingdan was familiar with her husband's demeanor and actions before ejaculation, taunting sourly in her heart. She turned her head and looked at the flushing Bai Yun, she saw her frowning brows, her eyes pale, her neck leaned back, her small mouth opened into a round shape, her throat made a sound of "Oh, oh", and her body wanted to bend but weak. Lie down on the ground, and then slapped a few times... She actually had an orgasm first!

At this moment, Director Liu knelt up and slammed the meat stick deeply into Bai Yun’s tender acupuncture point, and uttered a muffled shout of "Oh...hey...hey" in his mouth. It seemed as if he had to shoot all the semen into the young woman's womb, and then she trembled a few times like a dying struggle, and then she loosened her body and panted like a cow on her petite body.

While breathing and aftertaste, Director Liu suddenly felt a pain in his ears. When he was about to open his eyes to see, his wife had already pulled Bai Yun off Bai Yun.

"I still want to..." He Yingdan said deliberately.

"Lady... forgive me..."

"Men are most afraid of this sentence, haha..." Zheng Shuwen laughed while observing Bai Yun.

Bai Yun, who was immersed in the aftermath of the orgasm, seemed to have lost her consciousness. She actually stretched her legs, shaking and gasping there. The tender flesh and labia minora in the shame slit also twitched from time to time, and the small fleshy hole that was slightly opened by the meat stick shrank. A few seconds after the meat stick was pulled out, Zheng Shuwen saw a white yingying semen overflowing from the mouth of the small hole, accompanied by the white foam outside the hole, flowing down, filling the small pink chrysanthemum with fullness and flowing to it. On the pillows under the hips...

The luxurious office’s golden walls are splendid...Several beauties in light gauze are surrounded by themselves, and there is a naked girl sitting on their legs... They have something like Ye Wei , There are also those who look like Liu Ju’s wife, and a few who seem to be Teacher Zheng, Qin Jun’s girlfriend, or that colleague’s beautiful wife...

The scene has changed, a big bed... myself There was a woman who was violently inserted, like Qin Jun's girlfriend Xiao Huang! Plug, plug, plug...Xiao Huang was so fucked that she couldn't stop her, and she cried...

The scene has changed again. In a big dark forest... his wife runs indiscreetly in white clothes So... It seems that Secretary Qin and Director Liu are chasing after him... The wife was crying as she ran, shouting: "A Hao, Di Haozi, save me!"... Finally, the wife ran out of the forest... Throwing into your arms...

Dreams are sometimes beautiful and sometimes thrilling. When he dreams of his wife throwing into his arms and crying, Tian Hao slowly woke up from his dream. Halfway through the dream and half awake, he felt vaguely that it was a good dream, which was a bit close to the facts just now... He happily engaged Director Liu’s wife, and although his wife was molested and molested by Secretary Qin and Teacher Zheng, in the end, It seems that I still refused them firmly, and didn't let the book remember to do it... Did I make a profit...

A wave of whispers from men and women came from around, the voice was very light, and Tian Hao just woke up My mind was still a little confused, so I heard it vaguely and intermittently.

"...Um..." It should be the wife's voice. (It seems to be complaining or avoiding something, but why does the tone seem to be acting like a baby?

"I'll ask again...just now...unhappy..." This should be Secretary Qin's voice. (again. How many times did I ask you just now? It’s upset? It refers to when you were molested, or...) "...Um...I don’t...I know...Please don’t...Press there..." (He is pressing where his wife is This old pervert! Still pestering my wife?) "Don't say yes... Then I..."

"Oh... uh huh... don't... I say... cool... …" The wife seems to have compromised. (By the way, it must be pressed on the wife’s small yin bean, she is the most sensitive there. This old cunt!) "Then which posture do you like best?" The dialogue follows Tian Hao's mind becomes clearer.

(Position? Is it because my wife has been...) "I don’t know...Um...Oh! Don’t!...Okay, I said... In the upper...side..." (Upper? Above! God, has she really been raped by the secretary...? Have you tried several poses?) Tian Hao was taken aback and finally fully awake. A little angry in his heart, I was also a little curious, and there was an unspeakable feeling in my curiosity... sad, a little itchy, and the blood in his whole body slowly became warm.

He didn't dare to get up right away, so he opened one eye quietly. …When did the room become so dim? It seems that only Secretary Qin had a bedside lamp turned on. His wife's petite body was held in his arms by the burly secretary, her buttocks turned sideways and her head rested on her back. On the secretary’s shoulders, only the pale green dress was wrinkled around her waist; one hand of the secretary stroked the jade skin of her back, the other hand...

It seems to be between the wife’s legs? Yes, that’s right! From time to time a thick fingertip emerges from the wife’s buttocks!

" mean the posture of male and female. Did you know that this pose has a nice name called'Feng Feitian'. Did you also fly to the sky just now, ah? Hey..." (So Ayun she...sit on the old satyr? It's the initiative Is it?) "I hate...oh, don't!...nothing..." (How come the more you listen to it, the more you look like a baby?) "Not yet? Look at me...I was bitten by you, oops, yet It's swollen..." (This old pervert! I've gotten a bargain and still behaved! Wife, you never bit me! At most you catch...) "Please don't say it... my husband... I hear you. ...Unhappy..." (You still have a conscience, know how I feel!) "To be honest, I'm much better than your husband, right? Hey...and Ajun and Lao Liu?" (This old man Fuck! What? Liu Ju? Did he...fuck my wife? God!) Tian Hao felt his blood boil, but he was not completely angry. In the helplessness of the fact, he seemed to be a little bit inexplicable. Impulsive and excited.

" do you ask people about this..."

"I'm shameless? Then who was it that was screaming and biting just now? We? It's shameless to lewdness, haha..."

"Hush... don't laugh like that Loudly...please don't laugh...what if you wake him up..." (him? Didn't even call her husband? A woman's heart...) "What are you afraid of? Oda will know sooner or later. If you are really afraid, answer my question first, or I will wake your husband..." (This old rascal!) "Don't! Don't...I Say, I little bit more..." The voice was so soft that he couldn't hear him, but Tian Hao could hear him clearly, and his heart seemed to have knocked over a vinegar bottle, sour.

"Just a little bit? I think his cock is only half the size of mine. He got sprayed twice after a few strokes.

You said he was useful or not? How amazing is my big cock! Look at you and here with so much water, who made it for you? Huh?" (Damn old thing! It hurts me so much by fucking my wife, it’s not a thing Half of it? How can it be so exaggerated! Wife, you too! Is the old thing so powerful? Streaming so much water to him!) "Please...Stop talking about my husband...People don't have the face to see him... Also, please don't let other men touch me again... okay? I beg you..." (You still know the shame... No, don't let other men touch me. That means the old thing is still Can you continue to play with her? Even if you don’t let other men play, you should also beg your husband. How can you ask for the old thing? Who is he?) "Okay, okay, you will be my own woman from now on , Even your husband is not allowed to touch you, okay?"

"No, my husband can...who said I am yours..."

This At that time, Liu, He, and Zheng came out from the bathroom happily... It turns out that they had just taken a "mandarin duck bath" in it! It's just that Tian Haotao paid attention to the conversation between the secretary and his wife, and didn't notice their laugh and play in the bath. Tian Hao quickly closed his eyes again and pretended to sleep.

"Oh...what is our sister Bai Yun talking to the secretary? Let us listen to it too!" This is Zheng Shuwen's exaggerated voice.

"Eh? Just still talking about it? Why did you fall asleep? Aren't you pretending to be asleep?" He Yingdan was also deliberately mocking Bai Yun.

"Okay, okay, don't tease Teacher Bai anymore. Secretary, shouldn't it be time to wake him up? You's time to rest. There will be sea activities tomorrow. Teacher Bai... …I think I’ll stay here to accompany the secretary.” Director Liu rounded up the round.

Bai Yun has been shrinking in Secretary Qin's arms since they came out, and there is no sound, just as Yingdan said... She was so embarrassed that she could only pretend to sleep. But when Director Liu asked her to stay with the secretary, he hurriedly opened his eyes: "No, I won't stay to accompany..."

Before the voice fell, just listen to He Yingdan filming her husband The face whispered: "Oda, Oda... Sleeping like a dead pig, my wife ran away with someone..."

What an embarrassing situation the husband woke up to see himself like this! Bai Yun hurriedly pulled down the skirt to cover her bare bottom, and pulled up the shoulder strap on the left, but the right one was pressed into the secretary's arms, embarrassed to move again, only one of the bare breasts was still attached to the secretary, and he quickly continued. Pretend to sleep.

Tian Hao can't pretend anymore, so he can only open his eyes pretending to be sleepy: "Ah?...Why did I fall asleep? Are you... all well? Do you want to go back? "

"Why are you a husband? You can't even hold your wife! Tell you...your charming wife has been enjoyed by the secretary! Hehe..." He Ying Dan chuckled softly in his ear.

"But we can testify that the secretary is useless at all. It is Teacher Bai who can't help herself, and ask the secretary to fuck her... If you don't believe me, ask your own wife. Bai sister, teacher Bai... …" Zheng Shuwen sat next to the secretary and finished explaining, and pushed Bai Yun to ask her to answer. Bai Yun was so frightened that she didn't dare to come out, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, but her body was shaking slightly.

"Hush...Don't wake her up, Teacher Zheng. Now that...this is the case, I will want to drive. Let's go, let the secretary and... rest early..." Tian Hao couldn't bear to see his wife's embarrassment and sadness, so he hurriedly spoke to stop Zheng Shuwen.

The second sentence is actually for my wife, showing that I don’t account for her "defeated" this time, and give her a step down. The last sentence is to express to the secretary...I am already in your circle!

But after saying these words, he has a sour taste in his heart...just like someone who ate sour plum for the first time, his mouth was so sour that his mouth was full of saliva, but in order not to make people laugh, he secretly When you swallow your saliva, you have to say "delicious, delicious".

Zheng and He are both wearing clothes, but Tian Hao no longer wants to see the beauty "dressing show" at this time. While wearing his own clothes, he endured the pain in his heart, pretending to be nonchalant and telling everyone to go to Tianheng Island to take a yacht to play in the sea tomorrow, just as if it was not his wife lying in the arms of the secretary.

However, his eyes involuntarily glanced at his wife while he was talking. Although the total time of these few times did not exceed two seconds, he could see that his wife's body was trembling slightly, and he could also see a palm-sized wet stain, and his wife's green skirt was transparently attached to her. In the center of the round buttocks, the alluring gluteal groove is looming, and there are also a few pools of white thick mucus on the half of the jade leg that accidentally exposed the skirt and on the sheets.

Before leaving, he was the last one to go out and brought the door of the bedroom, he probed in again and said to Secretary Qin softly: "Secretary, I will call the door tomorrow at 10 o'clock, and have dinner at 10:20."


Actually, he wanted to take another look at his wife. In an instant, there was a feeling of life and death.

He is also strange, feeling that his love for his wife, not only has not been weakened by this incident, but has become so much stronger! In the present love, there are deep apologies, strands of pity, deep thoughts, and a touch of jealousy... This jealousy is a bit like five years ago when he hadn’t chased his wife and saw her confronting his rivals. The taste of smiling...

Secretary Qin usually has the habit of getting up early to exercise. Although it was a trip this time, and spent a lot of energy for the "early adopters" last night, before 9 o'clock in the morning, the sunlight shining through the gaps in the floor-to-ceiling curtains still woke him up. Especially when he opened his eyes to see Bai Yun sleeping next to him, it made him feel sleepy.

Pretty face, messy hair, curvy and petite body, begonia’s sluggish and charming sleeping posture like spring sleep, and the seductive breast that rises and falls slightly with even breathing, you can see Qin The secretary was "just about to move" again. When I continued to look down, I saw that the thin skirt fits against the young woman’s body, outlines the beautiful curves of a thin waist, round hips, and jade legs. People's hill pack.

Secretary Qin stood up, sat up and gently lifted the skirt to her waist, so that the beauty of the shame of the young woman was fully revealed. I was anxious last night and didn't have the time to appreciate it. Now he realized that Teacher Bai's cunt is still a rare "steamed cunt"!

When he exchanged experiences with Minister Lin and Bank Leader Fang, his old friends of sex found that these old men also preferred women with bulging genitals, and they called them "steamed cunts." He certainly agrees with this, because when a woman is excited, especially when she has an orgasm, her outer labia will become thinner and flattened by stretching to the sides, which somewhat affects the tactile and visual aesthetics; and women with fat and fleshy outer labia. , Even in the middle of a climax, it still looks swollen, and it's still fleshy when it's fucked, it's called a dissipation!

But he disagrees with Minister Lin's view that all fat drums are called "steamed cunts". Some women wrap up their pubic area when wearing tights, which seems very attractive. When they take off their panties, they are wrinkled, dark, or rough, which greatly reduces men’s sexual desire...This kind of genitals is also Calling "Bantou", it tarnished a good name in vain! His standards for "steamed cunts" are much harsher than those of old men: in addition to being thick and fat, they must also be smooth, white and tender, and flexible.

For example, although Zheng Shuwen’s cunts are plump, it is probably due to age and too much sex. The color is brown and the labia is hairy, which is not to be counted. Xiao Huang's cunt lips are fat, white and tender, but the labia minora is too developed and turned out like blooming flowers. Although they have a unique flavor, they cannot be counted as "steamed buns".

Secretary Qin read countless women, but so far there are only a handful of "steamed cunts" that really meet his standards. President Fang’s quiet accounting lover, who is thin, but fat, tender and tender, counts as one; Old Liu’s "lover next door" Ji Xiaorou is not only a fat little cunt, but also a natural white tiger. Of course it is "excellent steamed bread"; there is also the beautiful policeman Chu Jie, with police trousers hanging on his legs, under the black police uniform, and a bulging white tender meat bun between his legs. Cunt"; and...and of course, the little young woman sleeping in Begonia at the moment...

At the overlapping jade legs, the yin and swelling are unusually full, and the sparse and fine grass is full. Neatly towards the lower abdomen, it is fan-shaped and softly attached to the tender flesh of the top. The smooth and hairless labia majora is also plump, with attractive pink in the bright white, and the gap between the lips is fleeting and disappears. The tightly clamped leg roots...

Secretary Qin couldn’t help but press the young woman’s plump labia with his index finger...Wow, the soft middle belt is tough, and when you shrink your hand, you can snap it, just like pressing on a white-faced bun that just came out of the basket. Same as above!

"Eh...uh...why..." Bai Yun snorted in her sleep.

During half-dream and half-awake, she seemed to hear a man saying: " looks like a steamed bun! Little beauty, I will call you a little steamed bun from now on..."

"Oh..." opened her sleepy eyes and discovered that her lower body was actually exposed in front of the man. She screamed and sat up, pulled the blanket next to her and wrapped her around her body, bowed her head and tucked her knees and shrank at the corner of the bed, remembering the absurdity of last night , Only blushing, never dared to speak out again.

"Are you still shy? We weren't very..."

"Please stop talking..." Bai Yun couldn't stand the humiliation anymore, she screamed with tears He interrupted Secretary Qin's profanity. Then she seemed to be suddenly terrified of this bed, jumped out of the bed suddenly, and stood far away by the French window, with her arms around her chest, her pink face drooping, but her face was sometimes crying, sometimes confused, and sometimes shy. The expression still fell in Secretary Qin's eyes.

After standing for a while, the young woman sighed softly, and walked around the big bed towards the bathroom with her head down, but her walking posture was a little unnatural, as if something was pinched between her legs. When he walked to the door of the bathroom, he was suddenly blocked by a huge body. He wanted to raise his head to speak, but he was gently hugged.

"Please let go... I want to... take a bath..." The young woman didn't even have the slightest intention to break free, she just leaned softly in the man's arms and whispered.

Fortunately, the phone rang at this time, and the secretary released her and went to the outhouse to answer the call.

After receiving the phone and smoking another cigarette in the living room, Secretary Qin thought of the beautiful young woman in the room again. Pushing open the bedroom door gently, she saw that in the transparent bathroom, the young woman was lifting her skirt and sitting on the toilet. With a sway of her white buttocks, she was buried in the toilet seat, followed by the rapid urination of "哧......".

The beautiful young woman peeing suddenly aroused Secretary Qin's sexuality. He pushed open the glass door and walked in casually.

"Yeah! You..." Bai Yun was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to say. She was startled, and the "chch" pee stopped abruptly.

"Go on, didn’t you pee loudly just now! I could hear it at the door. Why did it stop? Hurry up, I'm also a little urinary, I can’t help it. That's it!" Secretary Qin teased and unbuttoned the belt of his pajamas.

When she took a shower just now, Bai Yun had washed herself in her shameless hole so many times, she still felt like there was semen flowing in it. After washing the urgency, she wanted to use the strength of peeing to drain the semen in the vagina, so she urinated very hard, and she felt a little embarrassed by the "chuckling" sound. Now that the secretary said so, she was even more embarrassed.

"Please...get out first..." She raised her head slightly, begging in a low voice, but still did not dare to face it and closed her eyes.

Suddenly a thick urine odor accompanied by a man’s special smell was inhaled into her nose, and it gave her a slightly drunken feeling like last night, and her heart seemed to be scratched by something. Suddenly, startled, and opened my eyes... a black and purple sturdy big cock shook in front of my eyes!

"Hurry up, I can't help it!" The smelly man actually held the "dirty thing" that robbed her of her virginity last night, and tremblingly made a pee in front of her.

"Ah... gangster..." Bai Yun suddenly remembered the scene of being raped and insulted by Qin Jun in the bathroom the night before. Out of the bathroom.

"Hehe...what are you doing in such a hurry? Don't wipe your butt, ha..." Secretary Qin's lewd laughter and the low and loud "dongdong" sound of the man urinating were heard immediately behind him.

The overall plan of the hotel building is slightly curved inward, and the presidential suite is on the top floor in the middle of the recess, facing the Bohai Sea to the southeast. The whole hotel is just such a presidential suite. Its terrace is different from the balconies of other guest rooms. It does not protrude from the wall, but is directly located on the roof of the lower guest room.

The terrace is about 20 square meters, with flowers and plants, a small fish pond, swings, bluestone tables, and leisure rocking chairs. It is arranged like a small garden. Leaning on the railing to look at the sea, the blue sky and white clouds, the water and the sky, the red and green dots on the beach, and the white waves lined up in the blue sea. Looking down, even though it was only 9:30 in the morning, there were already red, white, yellow and green dots moving in twos and threes in the tennis court and outdoor swimming pool. Since the terrace is at the top of the center of the recess in the building, you can also see that there are people on the balconies below the 19th floor on both sides who are leaning on the railing to watch the sea.

On a neighboring balcony, there is a man with a long-lens camera taking pictures of the seascape. Familiar? With a bald head and a slender figure... it seems to be Director Yu, Mr. Zheng's husband.

Bai Yun shrank back subconsciously...Although everyone may know about her staying in the secretary's room last night, she is still embarrassed to be seen directly. Especially now that she doesn’t even wear any panties under her skirt. If she looks up from the bottom... She looks down at the railing nervously... Fortunately, although the railing is hollow, it is built half a meter inward from the facade of the building. To the left and right, this half-meter-wide clearing is another flowerbed. The lush flowers and plants can just block the hollow of the railing, so if Director Yu looks up, he can only see her showing the upper body of the railing, right?

After escaping from the bathroom just now, she wanted to run directly back to her guest room, back to her husband, and never step into this shameful place again! But when I ran to the door, I remembered that I was naked in my dress. I hurriedly ran to the mirror, turned around and took a picture... Yeah! Ashamed! The clothing is so thin and transparent, the two points on the chest, the bulge between the hips, and the buttocks and gluteal grooves behind the back... even those with high myopia will have a clear view! She hurried back to the bedroom to find her underwear and bra, but she couldn't find it. Seeing the secretary freshening and brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she was embarrassed to ask. She was afraid that the secretary would become "bad-hearted" again when she saw her dress like this, so she had to take shelter on the terrace for a while and lean on the railing to think about countermeasures.

"What should I do? How can I get out like this? Ask Secretary Qin to get my underwear back? It seems unlikely. Ask Ah Hao to send one do I speak? Stay overnight in another man’s room , When it's over, I told my husband to bring underwear over... Oh! That's not embarrassing to die!... Husband... You seem to have said last night... You would want to drive... Is it true? This kind of thing you Also...will you look away? Don’t you love me anymore? God! What should I do... This kind of game can't go on! Otherwise it will really ruin both of us... It was you... and that Secretary Qin, who was basically... an old hooligan..."

In distress, a huge body from behind leaned over and hugged her, thick and thick. The male's breath came over from the top of his head, and his sensitive back waist felt a large mass of flesh that was semi-soft but not hard against must be that "dirty thing"! After a few strokes, she leaned weakly in the man's arms.

Is the majesty of the secretary? Is it the strength of the cuddle? Or is it pure sensory stimulation? She couldn't figure out why. She was so hugged by him, she immediately softened as if she fell into a pile of cotton. The determination she had just made disappeared all at once, and all that was left was shy dizziness and trembling. wait.

"Xiao Mantou, you can really hang your appetite. I paid you back last night, why did you turn your face just now?"

A big hand of Secretary Qin was on her Rubbing between her waist and abdomen, the other big hand already held one of her tender breasts and kneaded it. Although separated by the clothes, the man's heat easily passed through the soft and thin clothes to the breasts, making her small nipples involuntarily lifted up.

"What...little...bun..." She was a little confused, thinking that he was saying that his breasts were too small, not as plump and beautiful as Sister Zheng, and the beauty of women's instincts made her mouth slightly tilted. Muttered softly, a trace of dissatisfaction appeared on her pretty face, and she twisted her body slightly to show that she wanted to break free from his embrace.

"Here you...the drum is fuller than others, like a bun with white flour..." Then, Secretary Qin also held her yin fuss with his hand on the outside of the skirt and rubbed it a few times. Down.

"You... rascal..." Bai Yun's face flushed with shame. Only then did she remember that when she was about to wake up just now, she seemed to hear him say something "little bun", it turns out he was talking about! Of course she knows that her own pubic area seems to be plump and swelled than others, especially when wearing jeans or other tights, she feels that her abdomen and crotch are bulging, which often attracts the lusty eyes of many men, causing her to take several pieces. The beloved pants were left in the closet for nothing. "But... how can someone say that?" While being shy and complaining in his heart, he had a hint of sweetness.

"From now on...I will call you'small steamed bun', okay?" Secretary Qin teased the petite young woman with a peachy face, while using his fingers to accurately probe the position of the yin bean in the crack. He tapped the skirt a few times.

"Oh! Don't... I'm not allowed to call you that... Others..." With just a few taps like this, Bai Yun felt her whole body soft and her pores opened.

"Then...Call when there is no one else. Call now...Small...Ban...tou..."

"Please don' ......" Bai Yun was so embarrassed that the roots of her ears were red, her drooping head shook desperately like a little girl, and at the same time, she felt that her "steamed buns" seemed to be wet.

"Please return... the bra... the panties! How can I go out like this..." She hasn't been touched and lost her senses yet, knowing that it might be the most demanding one now. Good time.

"Cunning Xiao Mantou, do you want to make a beautify man? Yesterday I said that this is a souvenir, I will not return it to you. Wait for Oda to come over, I will ask him to go back and get you a set No!...or... I ask Xiaoye to send you a set of sexy open crotch panties? Haha..."

"No! No need to call Ye Wei...let me Husband...I'm sending it here..." Speaking of her husband, she felt nervous...When he really came, how should he face it? Could it be that in this dress, an old man was hugged in his arms, and said to her husband, husband, please go back and bring me that pair of underwear...

Bai Yun is embarrassing. I was worried, and suddenly felt a cold in my butt... It turned out that the skirt was lifted to the waist by the secretary from behind! Then the butt slit became hot again... the nasty "dirty" has been posted!

"Yeah! Don't..." She screamed, and immediately realized that it was outside the house, afraid that others would hear it. She twisted her body and lowered her voice and pleaded, "Please... don't be here Here..."

But the young woman's twisting and struggling is useless to the strong Secretary Qin, but it only adds to his interest in the process of humiliating his wife! The already stiff big cock is sandwiched and rubbed by the plump and tender buttocks. This wonderful taste is no less than directly inserted in the cunt...Even if the horse-squatting posture is tired, it is worth it!

"Baby Mantou, haven’t you tried being fucked in the open? It’s exciting... Don’t worry, we are on the top floor, no one will see..." Secretary Qin is already on the string, why not send The reason? While comforting the young woman, he lowered his horse stance, holding the big cock in his hand and sliding it against the young woman's already wet cunt, exploring the small cunt hole.

"Please, secretary...Don't be here...Look below...Yu...oh! God..." Bai Yun wanted to tell Secretary Qin that Director Yu was on the balcony below. Go up, you will see them at any time, and while speaking, he leaned forward slightly and showed the secretary with his fingers. Unexpectedly, when this happens, her butt will naturally fall back, making her shame hole more exposed, allowing the man behind him to spot the hole instantly, and push it up without letting her benevolence... When she feels shocked that the shame hole is full , "Heaven..." before the word was fully yelled out of his mouth, he choked in his throat.

"God! In broad daylight, just like this..." Bai Yun, who usually has to turn off the lights when having sex with her husband, was frightened by this situation. She turned pale with nervousness and trembled. Even the tender meat in the meat hole was spasm.

"Secretary, please... Go back to the house, whatever you want... Do whatever you want... Oh..." She nervously looked down at Lao Yu's balcony, taking advantage of the secretary's withdrawal 'S action desperately drew inward, but was immediately pushed back.

"Little's exciting here, look...your little steamed buns are running so much water..." Although the squatting posture is a bit tiring, the two legs are separated. With a tender white ass, the big cock thrusts in the spasms of the young woman's tender acupuncture points, and can enjoy the abnormal stimulation of the wife in the open air, even a fool will not stop! Secretary Qin lifted the skirt in front of the young woman to her waist, and then reached under the young woman's crotch to fish out a handful of lewd water, and stretched it out in front of her.

Several thick fingers are really covered with obscene liquid, shining brightly in the sun. There is a trace of kinky liquid hanging from the fingertips, a bit of white mixed in the crystal clear and transparent, and it is very tough, hanging long, it takes 5 to 6 seconds to disconnect from the fingertips, just dripping into a bud. Put on the pink chrysanthemum. The little chrysanthemum trembled, and a silver thread hung from the petals...

"Oh...hmm..." Bai Yun was so embarrassed that she couldn't speak. At this time, she felt that her crotch was indeed "flooded." The shameful water had already flowed down her legs. She was "climbing" like an earthworm and itching on the inside of her legs, almost "climbing" to her knees.

"Please... go back to the house... whatever you want... do as you like..." The young woman continued to beg while holding back the unusual pleasure of tension.

"Really follow me? Then I'll go back to the house...fuck your asshole!" Secretary Qin stopped a bit, rubbed the small chrysanthemum buried in the young woman's gluteal groove with his thumb, teasing road.

"No...please...yeah! He...saw it..." The strange itch on her ass made her involuntarily pinch her butt and raise her neck, and suddenly found below On that balcony, Director Yu is holding the camera and looking here! This frightened the young woman, pushing the railing forcefully with both hands and trying to hide in, but Secretary Qin seemed to push her out with force on purpose, so nervous that even her ass was tight.

"Hi... Teacher Bai, good morning! Are you alone... The scenery is beautiful... I will take a picture for you!" The ignorant Lao Yu greeted her loudly at this moment. Come, because of the angle, he probably hadn't seen Secretary Qin who was squatting behind her. But when he shouted so loudly, there were people on several balconies near and far looking here. Although they shouldn't see the spring scenery behind the railing, Bai Yun was still blushing with nervousness.

Secretary Qin behind him clearly felt that the tender meat in the young woman's small holes seemed to be very nervous, and he was tightly wrapping her big cock and squirming hurriedly. He slowed down the speed of thrusting, and savored the wonderful feeling brought by the wriggling of the cunt. In order to tease Bai Yun further, he put his arm around her thin waist and gently lifted it up, pressed his body forward, and then pushed the young woman up and pushed the young woman to her toes. "Oh!... Yelled out.

"What? Teacher speak louder! Can't hear..." At this moment, Lao Yu probably thought that Bai Yun's "Oh..." was to him, and asked loudly.

"I said the is don't need to shoot me...after I get to the sea to shoot again, oh!...Is Teacher Zheng up yet..." Bai Yun had to While biting his head to say hello to Director Yu, he endured the constant intrusion of the hateful cock in the shame hole. This kind of shame and nervousness that she had never tried makes her always worried that she would scream out, and when she had to cover her mouth, she could only muffled "Oh".

In fact, Lao Yu is not a fool. He has seen it a long time ago, and he has taken several shots with a telephoto lens. Taking the initiative to greet Bai Yun, firstly, to prevent Secretary Qin from mistakenly thinking that he was deliberately peeping, and secondly, of course, it was deliberately to tease this beautiful teacher. Through the gap between the flowers and the railings, he photographed the raised skirt and the white jade legs, as well as the faintly mysterious place of the young woman. Now, when Secretary Qin mentioned and pressed Bai Yun so forward, Lao Yu died. He pressed the shutter for a burst of continuous shooting...Although the swaying flowers and plants sometimes affect the focus of the lens, the bulging appearance of the pubic carp and the dark shadow of the slender pubic hair were finally taken. One of them actually recorded the white and tender labia clip. The wonderful scene of the black guy! Of course, the young women's frowning, nervous and shy facial expressions have not been missed.

"Please...I can't take it anymore...Let me go back to the house...let you do...there...also..."

Bai Yun knows she's fast It's dead, begging and compromising in a low voice.

"Where? It's a little butthole... Xiao Mantou, really obedient... OK, let me insert another twenty times, let's go back to the room... One!... Two! Ah... …Three! Oh..."

The pleasure is like the waves of the sea in the distance. The back wave pushes the front wave, and each wave is higher than the other. The impact of Bai Yun’s heart seems to have flown out of the building, flying To the blue sky and blue sea...

"Mr. Bai...what's the it uncomfortable? Where is the secretary...where? Or...I will ask Shuwen to see you..." Old downstairs At the moment, Yu's voice sounded like a nasty crow calling in Bai Yun's ears.

Secretary Qin is happy in his heart... This grandson of tortoise, sing the double song with me!

"No need..." Bai Yun blushed and reluctantly answered.

"Ten! Hey...Eleven!..." Secretary Qin was still counting behind him, but Bai Yun realized that she was about to collapse and could no longer withstand a little stimulation. .

When the count reached "twelve", Secretary Qin suddenly mentioned her waist, the hot big mushroom head slammed against her flower heart, and she rubbed it a few times, Sticking her head out of her head, she said hello to Lao Yu: "Lao Yu! I got up so early!"

In an instant, Bai Yun only felt that his mind was blank, and his body twitched in disobedience. I told myself directly: "Don't shout! Don't shout!" Although the small mouth was covered and the silver teeth were also bitten, the snorted "Uh... Uh!" came out from the nose.

Suddenly, the secretary came out from behind and said hello to Lao Yu. He was so embarrassed that he was in a frantic anxious heart. He convulsed all over his body and leaked the flood from the flower room. When the urine door became loose, the urine column also shot out... incontinence. NS! She was so anxious that she put her hands on her belly, trying to hold back, but in the tense climax, her lower body seemed to be not her own, and she didn't listen to her at all!

The thin pillar of urine carried a wonderful arc in her reluctant mind, spraying and stopping, high and low, all scattered on the white tiles of the railing, and flowed onto the white marble floor. , Huang Chengcheng's Wang. Once it sprayed in a hurry, it sprayed out the pierced flowers of the railing and sprinkled it on the flowers and plants outside. A few small chrysanthemums were caught in the sudden, slightly hot "yellow rain", and they swayed innocently.

In the end, the urine seemed to lose its strength, and it flowed from a jet, overflowing from the urine hole, and intermittently flowing down the young woman’s jade legs; some of it flowed from the man’s stick to the scrotum, wrinkling Converge and drip on the skin of the sac.

Secretary Qin couldn't help but cum in the tense squirming of the young woman's hole meat and the hard-hearted sucking. A torrent of thick heat hit the delicate flower heart, and beat the young woman involuntarily a few times...

Continue to soak the semi-hard big cock in the warm cunt full of juice , Secretary Qin hugged the young woman from behind, while talking loudly to Lao Yu on the balcony below. It wasn't until Teacher Zheng called and Lao Yu went back to the room that he pulled out the softened big cock, held the skirt around the young woman's waist, and squatted down behind her.

Every time he just finished fucking a wife he loves, Secretary Qin likes to "review" the "combat" he left on her cunt while she is still trembling in the aftermath of the climax. Now what he saw was "brilliant results"... The jade legs trembled slightly, and the swelling, bright red and delicate labia minora was still hung with a long lustful thread accompanied by semen. On the fresh urine of a young woman on the ground, white silk is glowing in the yellow liquid, how can you not make people think about it!

Having engaged so many women, it is really rare to have orgasm incontinence. About 7 or 8 years ago, when he was the deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the wife of an offending county finance bureau's deputy director had this problem. Every time he touched her, she was so nervous that she wets her crotch. When she fucked her, the lewd fluid was accompanied by a woman. Urine smell is really interesting! I haven't seen it again since then, and seeing it today is so precious!

Secretary Qin let go of the young woman contentedly, sitting on the casual rocking chair while shaking to rest and rest, while admiring the wife who was lying on the railing and trembling and drinking. The tender shoulders of the young woman who trembles with crying makes him have a complex feeling that he feels pity, but also wants to possess and torment.

After Bai Yun's climax faded and she saw that there was no one on the balcony near and far, her deep sense of humiliation and shame made her tears that had been suffocated for a long time burst out suddenly. With the suppressed "Woo" sobbing...

After a long while, she wiped off her tears, put down her skirt, moved her feet on the urine trail, and leaned on the railing and took a sneak peek Secretary Qin, who closed his eyes and rested his mind, dared to look at the puddle on the ground. The yellow one was still bubbling with some foamy urine, which made her almost ashamed and wanted to cry.

When she was young, she was very courageous, and she did have the problem of leaking urine when she was nervous, especially when the teacher asked questions or took an exam. Mother took her to see a doctor, and the doctor gave her some psychological counseling and asked her to make more friends and try to overcome her timidity. After going to middle school, there were more friends and people became more lively, and the problem of urine leakage gradually disappeared. It's just that she cheated a little in an exam in the second year of high school. Unexpectedly, the teacher suddenly came over from behind, knocked on her desk, and scared her to leak urine again. After the exam, she still lay down at the table and did not leave. The classmates thought she was crying. In fact, she was waiting for the skirt to dry a little before daring to leave...

Of course, except for the parents and the head teacher of the elementary school. Even her husband Tian Hao and her close friends don't know.

"But since then, I haven't suffered from this problem again? Today's many times more nervous than cheating on the exam..." Bai Yun thought shyly , Involuntarily glanced at Secretary Qin secretly again, "It was all caused by this old hooligan! Deliberately making people so embarrassed and so nervous... Alas, I'm really ashamed! Will he...joke...and talk to others? What do you mean?"

At this time, she realized that her high heels were also wet and so uncomfortable! Then I took a sneak peek at Secretary Qin and saw that he was still closing his eyes and rested, turning around and squatting in shame, took off his shoes and pours... Oh, the wet stains, you can drip a few drops of yellow liquid, the smell is bashful It's really shameful. In fact, the experience of dealing with officials of all sizes in the city committee compound for many years has already subtly transformed Tian Hao from a literary scholar into a "little official" who is good at judging the situation and dealing with things calmly and rationally... Although he himself does not very much recognize the term "officials", he would rather others call him "students" or "literati".

He woke up on time at 8 o'clock in the morning. It only took 20 minutes to take a cold shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair, and get dressed. When he was standing on the balcony looking at the garden and thinking about his wife, he had already re-filtered what had happened in the past two days in his mind. I cleared my mind, and listed the analysis outline in my heart like writing a report to the leader: 1. All this was arranged by them, and my husband and wife fell into their carefully arranged trap. Their "accomplices", he is still very sad).

2, the wife’s second deprivation, and her own "conspiracy" have become a reality. Just as Director Liu said, there is no difference between once and twice or three times, and simply gritted his teeth and continued the "game."

3. The benefits of "games" are that you can balance your own psychology with other people's wives, and secondly, you can step into Secretary Qin's circle smoothly and be promoted....If you lose the East, you must reap the talents. No loss!

4. The downside of "games" is that it may affect the relationship between husband and wife, but I still care about my wife so much, proving that I still love her deeply and have not been affected by this matter (as for Whether his wife’s feelings towards him will change due to this incident is what he is most worried about at the moment).

5. Everyone is a grasshopper tied to a thread. The scandal of "using a wife to seek an official" should not be worried about spreading.

6. Whether in the video or close to him, while witnessing his wife’s humiliation made him sad and ashamed, he had to admit that he was accompanied by a sense of time and time. Excitement now! And as the process progresses, the more a fait accompli, the more helpless it is in reality, the more this unusual excitement will "surface"! (This can't help but remind him of the male protagonist in the color text... Wang Bing? Hey, the word "Yau" is the same as me!) The extremely chaotic thoughts of the previous two days were treated like this in the morning, Tian Hao felt that his spirit was much more refreshed, but he only faintly felt as if he had overlooked something, and couldn't remember it for a while. It wasn't until I ordered brunch in the western restaurant and talked to Boss Li on the phone to confirm the next trip, pick-up, and other matters. On the way to Director Yu and Director Liu to call the door, he suddenly remembered... It's the attitude of the wife! He ignored the critical link of whether his wife was willing to continue the "game"!

For this, he feels a little ashamed of his can he ignore her feelings?

But immediately, he became worried again: "What if Ah Yun disagrees? Then the thoughts that I have just thought out just now are messed up again? In the days to come...I will not only have to bear it. After the pain of being ridiculed by the green hat and giving up his wife for nothing, the future and the woman are gone..."

When he knocked on the doors of the leaders in an uneasy manner, Tian Hao felt that Director Yu’s look was a bit weird, and the dry smile gave people a feeling of gloat; Director Liu seemed to have been waiting for him, and opened the door as soon as he heard the knock on the door, saying that he would go to the secretary's place with him. Ask early.

"Lao Yu, this bastard! What are you gloating about? You have not been green on your head for several years, and you laughed at me! Humph! Someday, if you don’t do your teacher Zheng, I’ll just Not surnamed Tian!" In the elevator, Tian Hao had been scolding Director Yu angrily, and then thought, "This is a circle of wives-changing. Isn't A Yun going to be fucked by every man in the circle... Everywhere? Also this old bastard? By the way, I wonder if my wife was...fucked by Director Liu last night? Oh, it's a big loss!...Last night, I seem to hear my wife begging the secretary not to let anything else. The man touches her again... um... yes, the green hat can't go on any longer! Especially for a wretched old man like Lao Yu, if A Yun is held in his arms, then I really have to jump into the sea! Yes... since Now that the matter is over, let Ayun look for the big tree of the secretary, and don't let other men touch it anymore..."

Thinking about this, Tian Hao felt a little calmer. But when I approach the presidential suite, my mood becomes more complicated... the poor people in the old society have all gone away from selling their wives. I don't see and feel annoying, but I feel like I go to see my wife in a brothel! Unconsciously arriving at the door of the suite, Director Liu took out a room card, opened the door, and whispered to him that the secretary specially asked the hotel to make one extra for him for the convenience of the party. Tian Hao couldn't help but secretly envy the secretary's trust and treatment to Director Liu.

He suddenly remembered Lao Yu's nervous look when he was about to come here to knock on the door the day before yesterday: "Ms. Zheng must be in the clerk's room that day, so the old bachelor was so nervous and afraid I broke his green hat! Hey, now... how come it's my turn? Just go in, if you see his wife being pressed by the secretary...

If you do that... …Where should I put my face? Liu Ju, the old fox, must have done it deliberately..."

He was hesitant to find a reason to stop Director Liu, "Ka", the door opened. He had to follow Director Liu in anxiously. There was no one in the living room, and the door of the master bedroom was wide open. Director Liu gently yelled "Secretary... Boss Qin..." Seeing no one agreed, he walked into the bedroom. When he walked to the door of the bedroom, Tian Hao's heart jumped to his throat, and when he saw that there was no half figure on the bed, his heart fell back.

"Hehe, looking at the scenery outside!" Director Liu pointed to the open terrace with glass doors.

Following Director Liu to the terrace, before he had time to say hello to the secretary who closed his eyes and calmed down, Tian Hao was stunned by the sight in front of him... his wife squatted barefoot with her back facing here, a pair of wet hands. Her high heels were placed in the sun beside her, and the skirt was dragged to the front by her, as if she was concentrating on the action of twisting the skirt forcefully. Someone came in behind and didn’t know it. A small white butt was exposed from under the shrunken skirt without noticing it. ; What's even more annoying is that there is a small pool of turbid mucus on the ground under the buttocks, which is clearly the lewd water mixed with semen that has just flowed out! Also... What is even more shocking is that there is a stream of foamy liquid on the ground in the railing beside her. Isn't that urine? !

"My wife, what are you doing here!" Tian Hao's mood just calmed down again, and he seemed to relax a lot after making a decision in the morning after a rational analysis. All of a sudden, It became heavy again, sorrow, cramps, pity, doubts... all the feelings came to my heart. Looking at his wife's green skirt, he smiled bitterly in his heart: "Why not cut it off and make me a hat!"

Bai Yun looked back when she heard movement behind her, she put down her skirt and turned around in fright. He stood up, leaned against the wall with bare feet trembling, his blushing face drooped, and he didn't even have the courage to look at her husband. He wanted to cry and couldn't cry, but he didn't know what to say.

Tian Hao saw his wife’s pitiful and pitiful appearance. He felt pain in his heart. All of his grievances disappeared. He hurriedly said hello to Secretary Qin, and hurried to his wife’s side. She held her arms tightly in her arms, and asked with a trembling voice: "A Yun, are you still... okay?"

Bai Yun was moved by her husband's thoughtfulness and wanted to cry in his arms. , But there were two old satyrs beside him, so they could only hold back their crying, but their tears wetted her husband's clothes.

After Secretary Qin closed his eyes to deal with Tian Hao, he stretched beautifully before opening his eyes and chatting with Director Liu. He turned his head to look at the touching scene of the little couple hugging together, smiled at Director Liu, and then said to Bai Yun: "Little Mantou...Oh no, Teacher Bai, didn't you want Xiaotian to get something for you?"

Tian Hao was a little surprised when he heard it, and hurriedly asked his wife: "A Yun, what is it?"

Bai Yun was too embarrassed to raise her head, and hid in her husband's arms tremblingly. I didn't dare to speak for a long time. After being repeatedly questioned by my husband, he had to raise a pink face like a peach blossom, stand on his bare toes, and whispered in his ear: "Underpants bra, fool..." He got into her husband's arms again.

Tian Hao looked down from the back of his wife’s shoulders, and saw that the hip flaps were curvy and looming in the thin skirt, and then he suddenly realized that he hurriedly said: "I know, I know, I'll be back right away!" He turned anxiously and ran out.

"Wait for me..." Bai Yun also ran out with her husband, and when she arrived in the living room she grabbed her husband's hand, blushing and trembled, "husband...this skirt also... I can’t wear it...give me the shirt and pants you gave me for my birthday..."

"Okay, okay, got it! Wait for me, come right away!" Tian Hao looked at Glancing at the wet marks on the upper part of his wife's skirt, he felt sore again, and quickly turned and ran out.

Bai Yun took another bath in her bathroom, squatted in the bathtub and washed the shame hole for a long time, until she felt that there were no remnants of the old hooligan in it, and she wore her clothes and became uneasy. Come out. Taking a peek at the look on the face of her husband who was leaning on the bed and watching the TV news, her heart was pounding and she whispered softly: "Husband..." Then she stood beside him cautiously, pouting and playing with her head down. With her nails, she looks like a little girl who has done something wrong and is standing in front of the teacher waiting for criticism.

I finally returned to my beloved husband! Although there is only one night, she feels like three autumns... This night has changed so much, I wonder if her husband still loves her as much as before? Judging from the pity and affection he had just hugged and soothed himself, it should be. But when such a shameful thing happened, why did he still... She really couldn't touch the man's heart.

Several minutes of silence...

"Husband (wife) do you still love me?" Suddenly, the two asked these words in unison.

A burst of crisp laughter floated in the room.

After that, the two of them hugged, rolled, kissed, and caressed on the bed, just like a couple reunited after a farewell...

"Husband, you really Do you love me the same as before?"

The passion retreated a little, and Bai Yun, who was pressed under her body, asked another question uneasy.

"'s different..."

"What? You!" Bai Yun's eyes widened with nervousness.

"It's different, I love it a hundred times more than before!"

"You are necrotic! How can it be so scary? But... everyone has been... …It’s not clean...Don’t you dislike it?"

"My wife, stop saying these things, I really won’t dislike it! And, when I think of you being by the secretary...that... situation, My heart is a little sore, but on the other hand...oh, don’t say it, don’t say it, you will laugh at me."

"Say...say...I just don’t laugh at you. !"

"It’s just...oh, it’s not clear... anyway, I’m a little excited... I want to see how... what you look like under other men..."

"Really? That's not...hehe...what kind of virginity complex is there, it's good for you to have this kind of green...that kind of complex...hee..."

"Hey , Hello... I'm not allowed to laugh! Still laugh? See how I can fix you..." With that, Tian Hao pretended to be annoyed into anger, and stretched out his hand to scratch her armpit.

"Hey...don't...I dare not...chuckle..."

"Look at you and dare to laugh at me!"

"No Dare...Don't dare..."

"After that...the secretary's are still willing to..." Tian Hao was really ashamed to speak out.

"What do you want! Do you think I will be willing? But...Oh, now it's...this way, do you say he will let us go? Alas...All of this is caused by you. I got people...I'm on the balcony...How can I behave if it spreads out...Woo..." It's a woman's unique ability to cry and cry.

"Yes, yes, it's all my fault! You sacrificed too much for me." Tian Hao was about to ask her what happened on the balcony, but she was crying Like a tearful man, I had to give up temporarily and quickly please me.

"That's the future...people might be he...that old hooligan...tossed into a crippled flower and a willow..." At this point, Bai Yun suddenly thought of the terrible secretary. Black meat stick, Li Hua's rainy face unconsciously flushed lightly, and quickly pulled her face down and said, "If you don't want me then, I'll... put on a red dress and hang it... Be a ghost to haunt you! "

"Don’t worry, how can you become a residual flower... You will always be as beautiful as a flower! Why would I not want you? My love for you, if there is a deadline, it must be …Ten thousand years!"

"Hmph! You men...just have a sweet mouth!" Bai Yun finally burst into laughter.

"Well... by the way... there is another thing... is... did Liu Ju last night..."

"He? His fat head and fat brain I won't let him... get on the side!" Bai Yun herself didn't know why she would hide this from her husband. Her guilty conscience made her pretend to be coquettish and she dared not look at her husband. But when I thought of lying in He Yingdan's arms and being inserted by Director Liu, my face turned red.

"That's good, that's good. I don't want to...too many touch you...especially this cunning fat man, and that disgusting... old bastard!"

"Old bastard? mean Teacher Zheng's husband?'s disgusting enough...I won't even let him look at it from now on, okay?" Bai Yun smiled, and suddenly remembered the ugly thing he had spied on the balcony just now, and hated him even more in her heart. (See the wonderful adult novel:

"Okay, now I want to check, here...Is it broken by the old satyr!"

< p>Tian Hao sat on his wife’s lap, reaching out to take off her white tights, and seeing his wife’s plump vulva stretch the front crotch of the breeches high and swelling, he shook his heart and asked while pulling the zipper, “That’s right. I seemed to hear what the old pervert called you just now... Little Mantou! What's the matter?"

"This is our little secret, I won’t tell you..." Bai Yun wanted to test her husband’s Complex, deliberately coquettish him.

"Huh, what good things can the old pervert say? It must! It's like a steamed bun...Is it purely tempting a man to commit a crime! Little Lang baby! Little steamed bun! "Sure enough, when her husband was pulling down her pants and stroking her genitals through the underwear while talking, his voice trembled with excitement, and there was a strange light in her eyes that she had never seen before.

"Perverted! You do you have the same virtue!" Bai Yun's mouth was sweet, but there was a sweet ripple in her heart, because she has a part of her body that makes men obsessed.


The couple talked love words in the room for a long time. Bai Yun’s white panties were all wet, and Tian Hao’s hard penis was taken out by his wife...

"Oh! No! It's ten thirty-five! Let the secretary wait. I'm in a hurry!" Tian Hao suddenly yelled, jumped out of the bed, and put on his pants in a panic, "Quick, get up! Say it's good for dinner at 10:20."

" So afraid of Qin Shu...that old pervert?" Bai Yun, who was on her head, flushed, and grumbled reluctantly with her mouth pouting.

"It's not afraid, it's... the secretary's duty..." Tian Hao didn't admit it, but he felt really useless... his wife was occupied by him, but he still treated the old things like this Awe, is it a bit cheap...