Chapter 1 -

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On the highway leading to Qingdao, there is a constant stream of high-speed cars. One of the gray Buick commercial vehicles followed a black Audi sedan and drove at the same speed. Both vehicles have the license plates of City W. Audi is ××00002 and Buick is ××00138.

Wei An drove Audi. Following the relaxed and cheerful serenade of the car stereo, he whistle softly with the same cheerful whistle. Secretary Qin liked to ride in the car he drove and listened to him whistling. But now he whistle is entirely to adjust the slightly embarrassing atmosphere in the car, and also to ease the tension between himself and Lao Yu.

The embarrassing atmosphere refers to the position of each person in the car: Secretary Qin’s lover Ye Wei (at least in the circle is semi-public) was sitting in the passenger seat with closed eyes for fear of motion sickness. ; On the originally spacious back seat, Secretary Qin and a beautiful woman of Feng Yun took too much space in their sitting positions, so Lao Yu could only shrink in one corner and hugged the car door pitifully; of course, the focus of embarrassment was being held in his arms by Secretary Qin The identity of the beautiful woman...Lao Yu's wife!

What is even more embarrassing is that Secretary Qin not only hugged his subordinate’s wife, but in front of him, he inserted his hand into his wife’s shirt and casually squeezed the breasts inside. The blushing face went straight into his arms, and the atmosphere didn't dare to come out.

They played the game of wife swapping in this small circle. Secretary Qin had never evaded Wei An, and even often asked him to arrange the location of the event and contact with the members. Secretary Qin is the largest in the circle. Director Lin of the Propaganda Department, Director Ye of the Public Security Bureau, Director of the TV Station Ma, and President of the Bank of China are all capable subordinates drawn by Secretary Qin. Naturally, they are regular visitors. "" is a non-"permanent" member. There is an unwritten rule in the circle, that is, those above the county bureau level can bring their lover Xiaomi to the party, and those below the division level (including) must bring their own wives to the party. Think about it, those old cadres at or above the county level, most of the wives in the family are old and ugly, and no one wants them out, so they all trade their lovers. And those who don’t want to be the heads of divisions, small officials and small officials (of course their wives are also beautiful, at least they have to be in the "eyes" of high officials, otherwise they don’t even have the qualifications to enter the circle) are suffering. I work hard to do my wife's ideological work, and do my best to give away the shameful, crying and screaming wife. Thinking of the comical situations in which the little officials tremblingly send their wives into the arms of others, Wei An often feels both distressed and funny.

In fact, most of the lovers of these big officials are young and beautiful, and there are even some famous local actors, models, and TV hosts. Although the wives of those little officials are pretty, but Most of them are ordinary women, and their looks and styles can't compare with the lovers of these "Sugar Magistrates". Therefore, when the small officials send their wives to the arms of the high officials, and the high officials push their lover to him, they often hear the high officials’ words: "It's cheap, your kid!" I have to hurriedly replied. : "Thank you × long! Thank you × long!"

It is true that in terms of beauty, figure and other material conditions, these high officials do not take much advantage in the exchange, but they are proud of the spirit. The enjoyment... These are all good women! It's hard to buy a daughter! It is the first time for them to show the three mysteries that they usually hide deeply to men other than their husbands. The most precious and hidden place must contain unfamiliar and hard violations. This is the first time for them! How can you experience the freshness, the jerky, the shyness, the weeping, and even the tears in those coquettish lovers?

Furthermore, in the presence of those only husbands, they masturbate these shy wives grandly, they have a feeling of being an emperor... This "wife swap" idea is really amazing!

Similarly, Lao Yu joined Secretary Qin’s game circle through the relationship between Wei An and Qin Jun in order to curry favor with Secretary Qin, so that his position as Director of Personnel in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau could be mentioned. . Wei An once witnessed the ugly expression of excitement and regret when Lao Yu sent his wife to the door of Secretary Qin's bedroom for the first time. He also clearly remembers Lao Yu's wife...Zheng Shuwen, this respected teacher and dean of elementary school, for the first time As a bargaining chip, he walked hard into Secretary Qin's bedroom, with two lines of tears on his face.

"What the hell is this world!" Wei An cursed like this in his heart when he shed tears for these two lines.

"Damn, give it to Teacher Zheng! This teacher is a real sorrow, and he will be frivolous in front of her husband!...The soft big tits must feel good! Lao Yu, the bastard, doesn't know what's in his heart Think of something, hehe..." Now, Wei An is so obsessed in his heart.

Forgetfulness turned into adultery, knowing that knowing, but now it is after all in the presence of an outsider (Wow! From the rearview mirror, you can clearly see that Secretary Qin unscrupulously treated the beautiful woman He took out half of his big breast and kneaded it in his hand; another hand had already gotten into the skirt of the wife, stalking for a while...), his wife was molested by others, you can imagine Lao Yu at this moment The mood must be both embarrassing and nervous... He naturally didn't want the person driving in front to see the obscene situation behind him.

So, Wei An was embarrassed by Lao Yu’s embarrassment, nervous about Lao Yu’s tension, blew a light whistle, and sometimes talked with Lao Yu about the personnel changes in the city at the end of the year to show I don’t know what’s going on at all; besides, I also implied... "The East is lost, the mulberry is reaped." It is important to be promoted at the end of the year.

Secretary Qin nodded slightly with satisfaction at Wei An in the rearview mirror. He did not know whether it was an affirmation of Wei An's ability to grasp the situation, adapt to changes, and adjust the atmosphere, or his understanding of Wei An. Appreciation...Is it a bit too much now? In front of Lao Yu, he touched out the water under his wife! He didn't say anything, but he must be scolding me viciously in his heart? He dare! Don't you want to be promoted to deputy director? Hey, why did you call your wife such a showy, big tits, and so much water? Can't I touch you without touching her? …Well, Awei is a nice guy, mature, witty and decisive, and a talent! I don’t know how many times better than my baby son who is always troublesome...

We talked to Lao Yu without saying a word, but Wei An’s sight was sometimes reddened by Teacher Zheng in the rearview mirror. Captured by her charming face... It was a shameful woman who was half-faced in love in spring (because her entire upper body was drilled in Secretary Qin’s arms, only the side could be seen), pink and pink, with big tits half-hidden on her chest The snow white is in sharp contrast. I also imagined the glamorous and desolate scene of this pedestrian traveling to Qingdao a day later. Wei An felt his crotch set up a tent, especially when he thought of Bai Yun, wife of Tian Hao, the secretary of the city government office in the Buick commercial car behind. when.

That is a little beauty of the jasper type next door...The height of 1.57 meters and 58 meters, looks less than 90 kilograms, small and exquisite, so tender, so tender and affectionate from the bottom of my heart, "little beauty", It is the most appropriate name for it. There is no powder on the beautiful face, the slightly curled nose, the watery eyes, the thinly curved eyebrows, the long and naturally curled eyelashes, and the white skin with pale pink in it, everything shows This is an innocent young woman who is rarely seen in the city... Innocent and petite, yet there is a trace of strength and wisdom that is hard to detect. Before leaving in the morning, after a brief introduction by Tian Hao (it was also Zheng Shuwen's teacher at Nancheng Elementary School, teaching Chinese), he politely shook her soft little hand, and Wei An felt like he jumped underneath. .

A few days ago, Qin Jun invited him to participate in this "yan meeting", saying that there were new products, and also hinted to his father Awei Jinwu Cangjiao (referring to Su Wenyuan). Fortunately, Secretary Qin attaches great importance to him and has never forced him to do anything. For Secretary Qin, there are so many women, and it hurts the heart of a capable man for a woman, it's not worth...because he knows that Wei An doesn't like this kind of game. What's more, Wei An really wants to go to Beijing to discuss a big business these days, so he let him drop by to Qingdao together, and then fly to Beijing. Three days later, Qingdao will meet up, and he will have a relaxing day and then go back together.

Qin Jun’s "fresh goods" should refer to Director Liu’s second married wife, He Yingdan, and the small and exquisite Bai Yun. He Yingdan seems to be a department manager of a foreign company, and it also seems to be a typical white-collar woman, beautiful, capable, courteous and courteous, but with a hint of arrogance in her lukewarm speech and demeanor.

"Director Liu is Secretary Qin’s wife and cousin, shouldn’t Qin Jun have to call her cousin?... This kid, he does incest too, hehe! But this time Qin Jun didn’t take it. Is his girlfriend Huang Feier coming? Is she going to have an incest with her future father-in-law? It's a mess!... Damn, what kind of world is this!" Wei An thought for a while, but in his heart he couldn't help but feel that small and exquisite Bai Yun shouldered her heart, "Such an innocent young woman... How can the turtle son Oda give up?... He mustn't tell her about the wife swap?... How shy she would be in the arms of a strange man What about her expression? When she was inserted by a strange meat stick, was she excited? Nervous? Shy? Or would she cry?... Hopefully, she will strongly reject these shameless men!"

Leaving Qingdao It's getting closer. In Wei An's heart, the young woman teacher Bai is like a little sheep that is gradually approaching the wolf den, and what he can do now is to pray in his heart that it can safely stay away from the evil wolf with his own wisdom...

However, will the evil wolves let go of the sheep?

In the Buick business car, Wei An’s "sheep" in his heart... Bai Yun is in a good mood at the moment.

Looking at the rows of unnamed straight trees flashing back quickly, and the wide and vast fields in the distance constantly changing the colors of yellow and green, Bai Yun’s face The look of excitement and surprise can hardly be concealed... As a Jiangnan woman who rarely travels far away, Shandong is already the northernmost place she has visited, so the northern scenery of the Jiaodong Plain is so fresh and attractive to her .

A few days ago, "Auntie" came very fiercely, and the amount was so large that she was fidgeting and upset. I just washed thoroughly yesterday, and I set off to travel today...What a good sign! Therefore, Bai Yun is in a particularly good mood today. Even the unremarkable scenery outside the window has become a paradise in her eyes.

"A few days ago, my aunt refused to leave, she must have suffocated A Hao, hehe... This dead Ha Hao! Don’t let him touch my body, so I downloaded them online A mess of pornographic novels and hidden files, thinking I’m computer-blind! What a naked wife, why help his wife to cheat? How can there be such a shameless woman in the world? How can there be such a foolish husband? Pervert! But also complaining I myself have not been up for the last few days, so I can only read those novels to quench his thirst, hehe... I must make up for him tonight! Um...Would you like to wear that sexy pajamas..." , Bai Yun's face turned red secretly.

The young woman who was thinking about her thoughts obviously did not pay attention to the strange eyes of her husband who was driving.

Tian Hao accidentally glanced at the rearview mirror and found that the situation behind it was a bit strange: Qin Jun and Liu Ju did not know when they switched positions, and Liu Ju’s newlywed wife He Yingdan was lying on a recline. Now, his head rested on Qin Jun's lap, as if she was asleep, but Qin Jun's right hand was clearly placed on her hip, which was wrapped in a thin skirt, and his fingers were still moving between the hips!

While Qin Jun’s fiancee Huang Feier was sitting in the last row by the window, Liu Ju’s left hand appeared under her left armpit, covering her half of her breast, and her right hand was invisible. But from the slight movement of the right shoulder, it is obvious that the right hand must also be sliding on a certain part of her (is it between her legs?).

Due to the angle, Tian Hao can’t see the expressions of the two girls... In fact, He Yingdan is enjoying and enduring Qin Jun at the moment... This playboy called her "aunt" is between her hips With the irritation of touching, the legs and two buttocks were itchy, and her face was flushed; and Huang Feier, who agreed to this perverted request for the first time in order to please Qin Jun, was at this moment. Being Liu Ju...The fat man she called "Cousin" put his arms in his arms and put his hands in his arms, enduring the whispering mouth and whispering lewd words in the ear, a thick finger has been determined and rudely Squeezing into the roots of her legs, digging and rubbing her shame through thin underwear, until she was frightened, and afraid of being discovered, she had to pretend to look at the scenery outside the window, watery But his eyes glowed with mist, and there were already two red clouds on his face.

After sending Wei An to Qingdao Airport, on the way to the hotel alone, Tian Hao has been thinking about Wei An’s semi-joking, semi-suggestive words... "You guys are so lucky. I married. My sister-in-law is such a little beauty! If I were to take her out to meet people! How safe it is to stay at home, there are too many perverts outside. Beware of big and little perverts like Liu Ju and Ajun! Haha...angry I didn’t say it!"

Tian Hao doesn’t usually have much contact with Wei An, but he knows that he is the celebrity around Secretary Qin...Although he has no officials and no posts, he even has the arrogant directors. When the directors met him, they were also called brothers and sisters, even bowed their heads and bowed their waists, not to mention those wealthy bosses. When encountering problems in the officialdom and shopping malls, many people can only enter Secretary Qin's door through him.

As Secretary Qin's direct secretary, Tian Hao vaguely knew that there was a rather secret circle around the Secretary, as if he was playing a game of "wife swapping" (which Qin Jun revealed to him). Some division chiefs and section chiefs who were bent on favoring Secretary Qin participated in this small circle at the expense of the chastity of their sweet wives. It seems that this is Wei An who arranges the activities of the small circle.

"Then what did he mean by this sentence? Is this trip to Qingdao also an event for a small circle?" Thinking of this festival, Tian Hao's heart couldn't help but feel cold.

No wonder Qin Jun often came to his office when he was working overtime to catch up manuscripts some time ago, and he also downloaded a lot of pornographic novels to "relieve boredom" for him... What "Helping Wife Go Affair"? "Real Wife Swap", "The Joy of Exchange", "Naked Wife", "College Student Exchange Girlfriends"... are all cuckold and wives-changing. At first he thought these articles were a bit perverted, but after reading too much, he couldn't help but feel excited, especially the article "Helping Wife Get A Fool"... He never knew there was such an excellent author on these pornographic websites. This mayor's secretary who has written articles for 9 years is all sighed! The exquisite and rich psychological description made him feel lonely and ignorant... It turns out that seeing a sweet wife being raped can also produce such a strong pleasure!

When he became very interested in such articles and became a little addicted, Qin Jun began to tell him something about their small circle in good time and step by step: the director of a certain department was promoted to deputy I joined this circle, now I’m promoted to deputy bureau, and I’m addicted, and I still can’t change it; XX was taken care of by Secretary Qin in business, and he took his wife to participate in this game. At first, his wife was crying. , Now she has become a frequent visitor to the party; a female deputy county magistrate who was hand-picked by Secretary Qin actually dragged her husband to participate in the game, and said she came to "swap her husband", etc. It also implied to enlighten him, saying that as long as you want to open up, there are too many benefits to participate in this circle: one can gain the goodwill and trust of the leader, and promotion is in sight; second, you can enjoy the taste of more wives, and it will be a lifetime; these three, Of course it is the most exciting...Look at the shame and obsession of the wife under the hips of others!

For Qin Jun's enlightenment, it cannot be said that he has not been tempted at all. But after all, he is still a traditional Chinese man. He loves his wife too much, and he usually pampers her to the point that Jane is so scared that she is afraid of her. How can she be willing to let her be bullied by other men? Moreover, Bai Yun is a pure and decent wife, even if Tian Hao agreed, she would not agree to be beaten to death.

This is true. While cleverly rejecting Qin Jun's hint, he inexplicably imagines the fragrant wife swapping in the small circle. Tian Hao clearly feels the hardness underneath him. When he had sex with his wife that night, he couldn't help but think of the article "Helping Wife Go Affair", and even imagined himself for the first time as an "old gangster" who had raped his wife... Previously, he was at most The wife imagines that she is a coquettish woman who is the object of her lust.

Of course, he scolded himself for pervert afterwards.

This time Secretary Qin brought people from finance, taxation, industry and commerce to Qingdao for inspection (in fact, it was a vacation), and the city government only brought him as the secretary. Knowing that his wife is a teacher (recently the secretary seems to care about his family, he is very touched), Secretary Qin said, anyway, the school is also on holiday now, let her go with his wife, let her also go to relax and reimburse the expenses. ! This made him deeply moved by his care and care for the leader for a while.

However, does Wei An’s joke just now imply that they also treat his, absolutely not! Although their private lives are messy, they are all leading cadres after all. Without the consent of their husbands and wives, would they dare to rape?

Thinking of the word "rape", he wondered why his penis suddenly jumped.

However, he thinks Wei An is also good and evil, which is quite interesting.

It was late in the evening, in this four-star hotel by the sea, everyone went to the arranged rooms to freshen up and rest. However, Tian Hao was still busy before and after... After sending Wei An, he was busy arranging private rooms and ordering food with Boss Li as soon as he returned to the hotel, leaving his wife alone in the room. Why did I have been a secretary for 9 years and was still a small section chief? The secretary's fate! He smiled wryly and sighed in his heart.

Boss Li is the chairman of a real estate company in W city. He also has an industry in Qingdao, and this hotel has his shares. I heard that Secretary Qin was going to Qingdao, and made a special trip from W City to Qingdao to serve him one day in advance... This is a good opportunity to "honor" Secretary Qin! All the expenses for eating, drinking, and playing were of course paid by Boss Li, and Secretary Qin brought back invoices from the three-star restaurant, four dishes and one soup.

While Boss Li and the restaurant manager discuss the quality and methods of shark fin, Tian Hao walked out of the restaurant to the viewing terrace and breathed a sigh of relief. At this time he saw a coquettish figure who was leaning on a railing and looking at the sea, and at a glance he recognized Ye Wei, the host of the TV stations "Unlimited Youth" and "Family Life"...because she is Secretary Qin's semi-public lover, and because he likes to watch The show she hosted is more because she is his most frequent object of sexual obscenity.

Shoulder-length hair and a soft skirt fluttered in the air, and the sea breeze put the thin dress tightly on her from one side, carving out a concave and convex, feminine and sexy curve. With the golden red of the setting sun and the faint blue of the sea and the sky in the distance, this elegant back reveals a touch of sultry amorous feelings, a touch of pity and sadness.

It seems that the sixth sense of the woman made her look back at Tian Hao, smiled and waved to him, motioning him to come and watch the sea together.

"I'm from Dalian, and the sea is separated from here. The scenery is similar. But I still like the sea in Dalian, it seems deeper and bluer than here." When she spoke, her eyes kept looking distance.

"Yes, the sea in the north is the same as the northerners. The closer you are to the north, the deeper and thicker it feels, while the sea in the south is soft and charming, but it looks frivolous."

< p>"After all, he is the secretary of the mayor, and what he said is so poetic and philosophical."

"Where, where, you are a hostess!"

"You deliberately boasted the sea in the north, are you flattering me, a woman from the north? Then I have been in the W city in the south for the past few years. Don't I have become frivolous?" As she spoke, she turned her head and looked back, like He looked at Tian Hao with profound eyes, and naturally blinked a few times, blinking with a variety of amorous feelings.

" doesn't mean get out of the silt and not stain..." Her eyes were tempted to make her heart itch and heat inexplicably, and Tian Hao hesitated. .

"Oh, the big secretary would be shy too! Haha..."

Looking at the embarrassment of the mayor’s secretary who blushed like a big boy, the beautiful host laughed The shoulders flicked, shaking away the sorrow, and what was left was infinite tenderness, ecstatic eyes and aftertastes...


Half After an hour, Tian Hao was in a good mood and knocked on the door room by room, and invited all the leaders to have a meal in the luxurious private room of the restaurant. This knock on the door is also very particular. You have to start with the small one according to the official title (you can't let the mayor wait for the director or the director to wait for the director), and finally knock on the biggest one. Some "savvy" officials are also happy to knock on the door with the secretary (or conference staff) and wait outside the door together.

Lao Yu is always "sensible", and today is no exception. But after knocking on Director Liu's door with Tian Hao, they seemed to remember something suddenly. They looked a little nervous, and said to Tian Hao hurriedly: "Secretary Tian, ​​the secretary... I'll call it. It's not too early." , You hurry up to call Xiao Qin, Xiao Huang and others, and your wife, the women have a lot of things...hehe. But...don’t call the secretary to wait. Hehe." In my heart, I scolded Secretary Qin: "This old man Pervert! Isn’t enough to touch in the car? As soon as I entered the room, I called my wife and refused to let her come back for an hour. What kind of aphrodisiac was taken so hard! So did this sorrowful lady like Shuwen, this time When I heard that the old pervert was going to bring her to Qingdao, I was secretly excited! It's getting less and less of a face to me. Let Xiaotian and the others know how to be a man!"

Tian Hao is somewhat Doubt, but because Ye Wei's slightly magnetic voice and tender eyes were still rolling in his mind, he was in a good mood, so he didn't think much about it, so he left the important task of inviting the secretary to dinner to Lao Yu. He went and called Qin Jun's door a few times. With a squeak, the door opened broadly. Crossing Qin Jun's shoulders, he saw Huang Feier getting dressed... When she heard the door opening, she hurriedly got into the bed with a scream. Somewhat embarrassingly, he explained a few words to Qin Jun, and he turned and left. But as soon as Huang Feier got into the bed, the pair of full breasts that flashed past seemed to be jumping in front of him, like two naughty little white rabbits.

Today is really lucky... The incest scene from the car, to the glimpse just now; of course, what makes him even more tickling is the ecstatic eyes of the beautiful host.

Knock on the door of my own room, and see the back of his wife Bai Yun's coquettish back, and an irritating complaint... "Which fox has been hooked? Only then did I know to come to me! "

The seats at the banquet are all arranged by Tian Hao. Except for Boss Li who is arranged next to Secretary Qin because of his affair, everyone else is a couple (including a lover and a mistress) next to each other. sit.

The process of the banquet is in full compliance with the "official banquet" procedure that Tian Hao is familiar with...

At the beginning, Boss Li frequently toasted and did his best, especially to Secretary Qin and Director Liu, he made a full glass by himself, so he could just let the two of you serve a glass of wine with consideration; Secretary Qin sat in distress, condescending, and tasted nothing; Director Liu came to stop him and respected Secretary Qin with a full glass, and others would treat him with a drink as well. Lips; Qin Jun specializes in looking for women’s drinkers. If they don’t drink it, they don’t agree. The official wife can’t provoke this young man and has to do it. Lao Yu is the most neglected except for two cups of Secretary Qin and a cup of Director Liu. Drinking from the side; the most bitter thing is Tian Hao. The secretary drank six or seven cups, and he drank two or three cups on behalf of his wife. He had to respect the three leaders and Boss Li. Qin Jun said that Tian Hao had forgotten to respect him. He also fined him three cups and drank more than Boss Li; ladies not only had to deal with Qin Jun's entanglement, but also had to respect the leader and drink a lot.

After dozens of wine tours, Secretary Qin also let it go a bit, and took the initiative to ask the lady to toast; Boss Li’s tongue is too big, and his speech is starting to lose the edge, so I still drink; Director Liu uses Weiwei Jiujin started to tell the yellow jokes to Boss Li, or produced yellow riddles for the ladies to guess one by one, but those who couldn’t guess were fined; Lao Yu still drinks by himself, occasionally looking at the face of the secretary and his wife; Tian Hao drinks It's good, but under the "round bombing", I also started to feel dizzy and barely hold on; the ladies were also drunk, especially Bai Yun, who was not good at drinking, so how could he stand up to this cup after another? By the time Director Liu asked her to guess "What factory is a thousand women's factory", her head was already drunk on the edge of the table, but Qin Jun was still dizzy and helped her drink a cup.

Tian Hao feels distressed. After obtaining the consent of Secretary Qin, he sends his wife back to the room first.

Bai Yun vomited completely as soon as she entered the bathroom. After drinking the strong tea that her husband made for her, she leaned on her husband and enjoyed his caring comfort. After a few minutes, although I still felt dizzy, I was a lot more awake than I was just now, so I thoughtfully said to her husband: "I'm much better... Go ahead, Secretary Qin is important! Didn't the secretary just say it? It’s very hopeful that you will be promoted to the assistant director at the end of the year. It’s close to the secretary, huh? Go, I’ll just take a break...but I have to come back soon! I’ll wait for you... to come back to sleep..."

While talking, a few loose strands of hair hung down from the forehead to stick to the face, and the soft cheek was blushing, I don't know if it was drunk or shame.

Tian Hao looked crazy. Holding his wife's small and exquisite, exhaled body, Jiu Jin came up, and the bottom was also a little ready to move. But thinking that Secretary Qin did need to do it by himself, the secretary's sense of responsibility made him overwhelm his eagerness, and asked a few words, sorry to kiss his wife goodbye.

Back to the private room, except Secretary Qin, the men were all drunk, chatting and laughing loudly, and their tongues trembling; all the women were flushed, drunk and confused. The seats were also disturbed, Secretary Qin hugged Ye Wei who was talking nonsense; Qin Jun Gong made a milky gesture on Zheng Shuwen's chest, making her laugh again and again, his half-exposed breast trembling between the shirts; Lao Yu frowned and drank boring wine; Huang Feier fell asleep leaning on Director Liu’s arms, and Director Liu was not polite. While talking to others, he clasped one hand on the girl’s chest and rubbed slowly. The pressure seemed to feel the softness and elasticity inside; even He Yingdan, who was very high and young, sat beside Secretary Qin and grabbed his arm, whispering "brother-in-law", and pestering him to drink.

I've heard Qin Jun's disclosure and seen their fornication in the car with his own eyes, so Tian Hao is not surprised at this scene at this time. The activities of this small circle did not evade him. Tian Hao felt relieved instead... Secretary Qin regarded me as his own!

"Fortunately, Ayun is not here, otherwise I don’t know how to look at these leaders when I see this scene? But they also deliberately avoided my wife? Fortunately, fortunately!" He didn't know his own. What does "okay" specifically mean.

Seeing that Boss Li is gone, Tian Hao asked Lao Yu, saying that he was going to arrange a KTV box. Many of the dishes on the table were still intact. Tian Hao finally ate a few mouthfuls of food with peace of mind. As soon as his stomach was firm, his wine spirit also dropped a lot.

After some drunken gibberish, everyone moved to the KTV VIP box arranged by Boss Li. In addition to singing, drinking. Secretary Qin and Zheng Shuwen sang a song "Choice", and Director Liu and his wife sang "The Couple Return Home" in duet. Huang Feier was awakened by Qin Jun, and drunkly sang a section of "Sister Lin from the Sky". Lao Yu was also interested, and came to the song "True Hero". Only Ye Wei was still leaning on the sofa next to Secretary Qin and did not wake up.

Before the singing of each leader has fallen, a burst of warm applause has already sounded, and then as usual flattery, followed by a toast. Tian Hao drank another five or six cups, and the drunkenness that had just retired came up again.

After the enthusiastic cut-off, as usual, they danced gently, put their shoulders on their backs, danced partners changed frequently, and the atmosphere slowly became ambiguous... Boss Li is a shrewd man, so he hurriedly said goodbye...his service today It's over.

At this time, Secretary Qin saw that Ye Wei was really drunk, so he asked Tian Hao to send her back to the room.

The moment Tian Hao lifted Ye Wei up, he suddenly had an inexplicable premonition...Aventure?

It really is an unprecedented affair!

Tian Hao took Ye Wei's left hand tightly with his left hand and hung it on his left shoulder, while holding Ye Wei's soft and slender waist with his right hand, he staggered towards her room. The softness and fragrance of the beautiful body made him happy.

When helping her to open the door lock, Ye Wei hugged his neck from behind, almost leaning (hanging?) on him. Two breasts exuding heat and fragrance pressed tightly against his back, making Tian Hao tremble with nervousness.

Entering the room, Ye Wei seems to be a little awake, hanging her hands on his neck, whispering softly in his ear: "Thank you... I'm sorry... Excuse me..." Tian Hao's mouth was on his face, but Tian Hao felt like orchids and musk deer.

She didn't let go until she helped her to lie on the bed. Tian Hao was also happy to be lying beside her with her arms around her neck. He continued to smell her exhalation and listened to her murmurs, but he was engaged in a fierce ideological struggle in his heart.

"She is Secretary Qin's lover, how can I think about it? And how can I do things that I'm sorry for A Yun? But she is so charming again! She is still tempting me! ......"

I thought to myself, but my hand already involuntarily touched the beautiful woman's waist, caressed the jade back, and felt the beauty's tenderness and tenderness through the thin clothing.

"Don't go, stay with me..." Ye Wei opened her eyes and looked at him with misty eyes, with ecstatic magnetism in her voice.

Desire immediately triumphed over reason through the spirit of wine.

Tian Hao pressed on this seductive body abruptly, and trembling, awkwardly and passionately kissed the two moist red lips, and his tongue was immediately caught by a more passionate thin tongue. Attracted to the past, water and milk are tightly entangled together.

The kiss that lasted for three or four minutes was only suspended under the nudge of Ye Wei's hands.

"You...want to suffocate me!" Looking at Tian Hao with resentment and anguish, a seductive blush on her face... It seems that she is not so drunk.

Tian Hao raised his head slightly, only to realize that he was pressing her hard enough...More than half of the two white breasts on the breast were squeezed out of the low neckline, and the chest and lower abdomen were also difficult to breathe. And hurriedly fell together.

Desire and alcohol make the next action of the two adult opposite sexes so impulsive and natural...Kissing each other, touching each other, and undressing each other. A few minutes later, the bed was already two trembling nudes tangled together.

Ye Wei's complexion is not as white as his wife's, but it feels smooth and soft, with feminine pink luster and charming fragrance everywhere. Under the slightly hot skin, a fire-like passion burned. Tian Hao kissed her forehead, eyes, pink face, red lips, chin, and neck all the way down, until she kissed her towering, plump and tender jade breast.

"Is this the breast of that glamorous and elegant host on TV? How many male idols’ breasts are in front of my eyes!"

Tian Hao excitedly took his own With her face buried in the beauty's cleavage, she greedily sucked the frankincense there. Impulsively stretched out his hands to catch the plump breasts, shaking and kneading from time to time, while frantically kissing the tender meat of the breast and cleavage, and gradually kissing from the cleavage, until she kissed her peanuts. light brown size nipple, firmly latch onto mouths, sucking, licking and moving, nibble ......

"ah ah ...... ...... oh ......"

Ye Wei's groan is so bold and so fascinating that Tian Hao feels unprecedented passion... It turns out that this dignified and elegant host on TV will also be called a bed, and it is so fascinating!

With the excitement, Tian Hao's lips slid across the flat abdomen of the beautiful woman, and reached the plump pubic carp covered with fragrant grass and slightly raised.

"Is this the mysterious source of the glorious, elegant and generous host on TV? How many men dare not even think of the shame of the host, now it is under my nose!"< /p>

Tian Hao excitedly spread her legs on both sides, carefully admiring the mysterious beauty of the hostess. What a beauty this is! The slender legs were slightly opened and closed impatiently, and the black curled pubic hair leaned against the fleshy buns, and slowly extended to the slightly raised cracks. Between the cracks, the two pieces were slightly wrinkled and the color changed.褐至红的小阴唇,随着张开的双腿向两旁微微分了开来,露出里面殷红的嫩肉,水盈盈地闪着娇艳的光芒……一朵带露牡丹含羞绽放了。

Tian Hao can't wait to stretch his head between the beauty's legs.

Ye Wei immediately clamped his legs in excitement, and his entire head was willingly caught between the beautiful crotch by the hot legs. Smelling the feminine breath that is composed of sweat, urine and lewd water, Tian Hao is like an animal in heat, desperately sniffing, arching, licking...and greedily licking the two with his tongue. A piece of delicate labia divided to two sides, licking and sucking the tender flesh inside.

Ye Wei grasped Tian Hao’s hair with both hands, and pressed his head between her legs, her legs were clamped one by one, her upper body twisted impatiently, and her mouth kept emitting Moaning with emotion. Suddenly, after a trembling and tightness of his body, he shouted "Quick, quick!" in his mouth, pulling Tian Hao's hair toward his upper body.

Tian Haoyi reluctantly left the charming Taoyuan, got up, and pressed her body again. The mouths of the two immediately attracted together like a magnet. Tian Hao immediately felt a soft, slender hand holding his hard penis, and eagerly stuffed it into a wet and warm meat hole. He just let his butt go down hard and made a "pounce"... …The whole world has stagnated, time has stagnated, and blood has stagnated.

What a tender, moist, and warm place!

"I inserted the hostess's body! I inserted her vagina!" All of a sudden, the stagnant blood immediately boiled.

He began to thrust violently, especially when he saw Ye Wei's passionate eyes and spring expression, Tian Hao suddenly raised a sense of man's pride from the bottom of his heart. He had never experienced this kind of feeling in his wife Bai Yun. Moreover, Ye Wei's love liquid is very much. In the rapid thrust and collision, the love liquid will splash out, making the sheets, the junction of the two people, and the pubic hair are covered with slippery juice.

Ye Wei was gradually brought to the peak of passion, and there was a happy moan between her red lips.

"Oh! My goodness! Great, fast, hurry up! are awesome! Quick...ah...ahhh! Ahhhhh...ah... …"

The sound of bed calls that Tian Hao has never heard before is undoubtedly the most powerful stimulus and encouragement to him. He worked harder, harder, faster, sprinting and sprinting... He wants to ravage this precious and rare flesh hole below more fierce, stronger, and longer!

Unfortunately, he couldn't help it. Too violent sprints and too intense friction made him reach the critical point of orgasm soon. The strong desire to ejaculate is not controlled by the brain, and it spreads and spreads rapidly from the root of the penis to the surroundings......

Fortunately, Ye Wei also reached the peak of the orgasm at this time... Her body seemed to be convulsed, her legs were tightly clamped around his waist, and the muscles in the cavities began to contract violently, tightly holding him tightly. The penis, the mouth of the uterus greedily sucked his glans that was about to expand and explode.

Like a glimmer of light, the final fierce sprint, crazy jet, greedy absorption, and then...

The world is quiet again, time has stagnated again, and my mind is blank... ...Leave only two bodies panting.

After a long time, Tian Hao was still limp on Ye Wei's soft, delicate carcass. Ye Wei coquettishly prevented him from pulling his penis out, soaking it in the common love liquid of the two, letting it enjoy the "massage" of the shivering vaginal muscles.

The passion after drinking almost emptied all of Tian Hao’s energy. He just fell asleep comfortably on Ye Wei's body... I don’t know how long it took, and he was stupefied. The movement awakened...When did he already lay flat on the bed, and Ye Wei actually knelt between his legs, holding his penis in her mouth, and kept fucking and sucking. He has never enjoyed such a high-quality "service", and it is a well-known beauty host in W City who gave him oral sex!

He felt his penis congested all of a sudden, and jumped hard...for him an unprecedented "second erection"!

This time it was his turn to be impatient, holding the beautiful woman's head in both hands, pulling her up, and pressing her under him as soon as he turned around. In the naughty "chuckle" of the beauty, he inserted his hard penis into the wet and muddy gentle village.

This time, he revisited the old place and was familiar with the road, he also began to pay attention to the rhythm of the movement, sometimes fast and slow, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, sometimes straight and sometimes spinning...

Wei's expression has also changed from laughing to intoxicating enjoyment, her eyes dim and moaning again and again...

There is silence outside, but there are occasional gasps in the room, and sometimes "pounce, click" water. ...A sluggish sound, a lingering melody...

Breakouts, a variety of unattended sex positions, made his steps a little floaty. Back on the corridor of his room, Tian Hao looked at his watch...Goodbye, it was half past one in the morning! Has it been that long? In addition to the aftertaste of Aventure, he felt guilt for his wife again.

When he was anxiously preparing to open the door with his room card, he realized that he had just set up his wife and had forgotten to bring the room card with him. Do you knock on the door to wake up your wife, or ask the waiter to open the door? Just as he hesitated, he heard a voice in the room.

Strange, did you go to the wrong room? He looked up at the room number again... 1606, that's right! The rooms are all arranged by him: Secretary Qin is the 1901 presidential suite upstairs, and the 1911 luxury suite is owned by Director Liu and his wife; everyone else lives on the 16th floor, in order to avoid suspicion that Ye Wei lives in the 1619 single room (the two have just cheated on Room), Lao Yu and his wife 1607, Qin Jun and Huang Feier 1609, they are 1606. Moreover, the odd numbers are all sea-view rooms, and only the little secretary chief lives in the double room, 1606. Remember that's absolutely correct!

An ominous premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

At this moment, the surroundings are quiet, Tian Hao carefully pressed his ear to the door, wanting to hear who is his wife talking to at this late hour? If you don’t listen, you can’t help but feel cold... man! There is a man's voice!

Who is it? ...I heard it, it was Qin Jun! This dude! right! It's him!

Unfortunately, the soundproofing function of the door is so good that I can’t hear what they’re talking about... His wife’s voice is a bit agitated, it seems to be crying, but Qin Jun’s voice is very soft .

Tian Hao felt that something was wrong right away, so he quickly rang the doorbell while tapping the door, lowering his voice and hurriedly shouting: "A Yun, open the door! A Yun! A Yun!" But he knocked a lot. For a minute, the door hadn't opened yet, but there was a sudden silence inside.

"Ayun, open the door! What's the matter! Open the door!" He became more nervous and rang the doorbell.

After a while, I finally heard his wife's answer: "Here! Here..."

After another minute of anxious waiting, the door finally opened. As expected, it was Qin Jun who opened the door, with a black briefcase in his hand, panting and nervous, and his original white face was now flushed suspiciously.

Then I saw his wife Bai Yun, also blushing and panting. She was wearing the white embroidered collar shirt and pink flower skirt just now, but the shirt was a little messy at the edge of the skirt, and her hair It was more messy than when I was drunk, and the thin blanket on the bed also seemed to have traces of being cleaned up.

In addition to shock, Tian Hao also felt a strong sense of sourness. The anger and excitement made his heart beat very fast. He tried to calm himself down, but he still trembled when he asked: "Why...what's going on!?"

In a moment of silence, Qin Jun immediately With a veteran smile: "It's okay! Hehe... Look where your man thought of it! Hehe... Don't get me wrong! I'm still happy in the box over there, no, my dad hasn't returned after seeing you sent Ye Wei for so long. , Let me have a look. When I listened to Ye Wei's door, there was no sound inside! I guess you might be back to your room, I'm afraid that you are drunk and have a health problem... My dad explained that you must The one who found you! So I knocked on the door and came in to take a look. Before I could say a few words to my sister-in-law, you came back."

Said "I went to Ye Wei's door to listen, but inside..." At the time, Tian Hao was a little guilty, and his heart jumped nervously.

He hurriedly concealed himself, then turned to ask his wife: "Is that right?"

"Yeah." Bai Yun replied, lowering her head.

Qin Jun immediately patted him on the shoulder and smiled with a smile on his face: "Is that right? Chief Tian! It's fine to see that you are all right, so I can reply to my dad! Then... …I’m going back to the box first! You guys should rest early, and I’ll tell my dad that you’re not going to sing.” After speaking, he turned and left, and there was a light whistle from the corridor.

Tian Hao is not a fool, of course he knows that things will not be that simple. But for this kind of thing, he was not mentally prepared at all. Bai Yun is such a simple and serious wife, he doesn't believe that she will do something sorry for himself if he kills him!

"But, Ayun...why did you delay opening the door for so long? Why did you stay in the same room with Qin Jun alone in the middle of the night? And...the clothes are not neat! What are you going to tidy up? The bed..."

Just, how does the question in his mind tell him to ask?

He leaned on the bed dullly, his face was red and white.

Bai Yun stood aside tremblingly with her head bowed, her left hand on her leg, rubbing her skirt, her right arm around her chest, holding her left arm, her expression was more than panic, she was a little at a loss. After a long while, she seemed to have sorted out her flustered mind, a row of white teeth bit her lips tightly, and took a deep breath, as if she had finally decided something. Then, she went to bed gently next to her husband, shook her husband's shoulder with her hand, and whispered in a pitiful and a little coquettish tone: "Don't be like this, okay... don't be like this. Scared me... Just ask me!... Okay! I... know what you want to ask, if you don't say something clearly, both of us will not sleep. I... tell the truth!... ...Hmm...I blame the pervert who is inferior to the beast! He...he...Woo..." He couldn't help sobbing as he said.

Hearing this, Tian Hao's heart suddenly twitched, and his mind buzzed, and he quickly forced him to ask: "What happened to him... what happened to you?!"

Who knew this forced question, his wife cried more fiercely, "Woo...", her head buried in his arms, tears wet his clothes, her thin shoulders shrugged and her pancreas shrugged, really pitiful.

Tian Hao stroked his wife's hair distressedly while comforting her. But the lumps in his heart didn't get rid of, he felt that the blood in his body was hot and cold, and he also felt like crying.

After a while, Bai Yun slowly stopped crying, as if she had made a lot of determination, and began to talk about what happened just now in a calmer tone: "After you go, I am confused. The ground fell asleep...I don’t know how long it has been, I suddenly felt someone lying on me in my half-dream and half-wake...I don’t know when I was...being stripped naked, only...underpants left...that person is still the same as you, Kissing someone...face, neck, and...chest...there is a hand touching someone's...underneath...Don't be angry...I really thought it was you! People came the other day, I didn't let you I think you can't help it, sneaking back from Secretary Qin and making friends with others..."

"He...he...touched for a long time, He touched everyone... and then he went under... and kissed... there... and wanted to take off their... underwear... only then did I feel his face caught in their legs. She is a little thin, and her tongue...the palms are different from yours! Then I really woke up and found out that it was him! This pervert!"

"I was taken aback! I was crying and struggling... But he pressed his whole body on me, with so much strength... One hand clamped my hands tightly, and the other hand squeezed people's chest hard. It hurt me so much... and, also I was trying to take off his underwear! I struggled and twisted desperately, not to let him take it off... But, you know that his strength is small... Seeing that he can't get his strength... He will take off his underwear... I, I... crying and begging him, saying that my husband is coming back... But he smiled and said that you and Ye Wei are making each other, and they have forgotten my wife... I don't believe it... just talk here I don’t think I can make any money by struggling, so I have to think of a way... So I was anxious, pretending to believe his words, pretending to be sad, and said to him calmly... I will do what you want! go and take the condom in my bag first."

"He saw my attitude changed, and thought I really believed his words, so he let go I opened my hands, but still pressed my body, hippie smiled and said that he didn't like to wear a sleeve, and liked the feeling that his flesh was inserted in my...meat... while playing with other people's breasts and... He said a lot of nasty and nasty things. This time I also deliberately stopped struggling, but I still told him resolutely that today is a dangerous period, and I must wear a cover, or I will not let him if I try my best... That! Thank God, He believed it, got out of bed, got my handbag, and rummaged in it. At this time, I didn't rush to escape... He was so strong, he would definitely be caught by him as soon as he escaped... and pressed under him to insult. … I just pulled the quilt to cover my body, um… I don’t know where the clothes were taken by him… He couldn’t find it after turning over and over… Of course he could not find it, because you know we’ve been so long I didn’t buy that thing. Do you know what I want? Scissors!

The little scissors that I use to cut my nails!"

I heard this, although there are still some tremble with fear , But Tian Hao still admired his wife's wit and calmness, and the rock hanging in his heart suddenly became less heavy. He felt that his ears were almost erected, eagerly wondering what would happen next.

Bai Yun lifted her head slightly from his arms, looked at her husband's expression, and gradually felt a sense of relief in her heart.

"I deliberately told him in a coquettish tone, look at you, this can’t be found, bring it, and give it to me! At this time, my heart is actually very nervous...what if he doesn’t give it to me What to do if he finds the scissors? Thank God! He is stupid! He threw the bag to me. I took out the scissors as fast as possible, pointed the scissors to my throat, and cursed loudly. He said a few words, and then categorically said to him, leave immediately, or I will really die for you! He hurriedly told me not to do this, while trying to get close to me...Um...I still said to him resolutely, Don't come over, I really got stuck! Leave me immediately, and I can treat it as though it hasn't happened!... He saw that my neck was bleeding, and then... Then he said, OK, I'm going, I'm going... …

" knocked on the door. You know how nervous I was at that moment... and how happy it was! I'm glad that you finally came to save me. I'm nervous... I'm afraid you see me like this... Naked and in the room with other men... I'm afraid you get angry... Misunderstand me... Besides, he is Qin The secretary’s son, if you do something impulsively, it’s not good for everyone. Especially for your future development, as well as at that time he told me not to make a noise and don't let you know. I also... listened... he threw the clothes to me, I put on my clothes in a panic, he made the bed... so it took so long... to open the door...

"That's how... …Fortunately, I haven’t been raped by him yet... succeeded. This time you can rest assured!... Look, the blood here hasn’t been dried yet, it hurts..."

Looking at the sweet wife Tian Hao felt mixed feelings in the small red wound on the snow-white neck that was raised up. The heavy stone in my heart was lifted and dropped during the wife's narration, and it fluctuated several times, but now it has finally landed. But he couldn't think that the course of the matter would be so tortuous! Unexpectedly, Qin Jun would be so despicable... This damn son brother, asshole! He did not even think that his usually weak and innocent wife would be so witty, decisive, strong and unyielding in times of crisis!

Looking at his wife's perseverance with a somewhat cunning and wise look, Tian Hao was surprised to feel that he did not recognize her... Is she my wife Bai Yun? !

While rejoicing, he immediately felt ashamed of his absurd affair just now...While his wife and a weak woman protected her chastity at the expense of her life, he was in a room a few walls away. Spend the spring evening with other women! The strong feeling of guilt made him kiss his wife's face with excitement as if he wanted to compensate, but...his face was pushed away by Bai Yun gently but firmly.

"My business is over, now it's your turn!"

...... I really "want" Cao Cao, Cao Cao will be here! If you are afraid of ghosts, you will have ghosts!

"Don't tell me that what Qin Jun said is all lies! I went to see you before dinner, and saw that you had a good chat with the host, so I didn't disturb your interest. But you are fine. Qin Jun said that you sent the fox back to the house, did you? It took you so long to come back, what the hell...what the hell did you do? Woo..." The beauty is complaining, and Ewha brings rain.

Since his guilty conscience, in the face of his wife's questions and crying, Tian Hao replied a little hesitantly. But for many years, he has seen intrigues in official circles (have never eaten pork, haven’t seen a pig run?), so that he can make up a lie like a decent, well-founded, true and false, avoiding the importance of the light... The meaning is: 1. Ye Wei is Secretary Qin’s lover; 2. Secretary Qin gave it to him; 3. Ye Wei was drunk and unconscious; 4. Ye Wei vomited in a mess, and he gave her an anti-alcoholic medicine. It took some time to clean up the dirt; 5. Ye Wei treated him as Secretary Qin in a drunken dream, and wanted to hug him, but he refused; 6. He was indeed moved, but immediately thought of his wife...

As Tian Hao introduced, he became more guilty and uneasy.

Fortunately, his not very clever lie seems to have passed in front of his simple wife...Although he was still silent, the crying stopped. (Watch the wonderful adult novel:

After a long time, Bai Yun seemed to be calmer, she sat up, turned her back to her husband, and said quietly: "Forget about this Forget everything... I'm exhausted, oh... the aunt seems to be back again. You go to bed first, I'll take a shower." Then walked to the bathroom. ……Yes! Suddenly experiencing this change, the all-out resistance just now was really enough for her! Normally, her menstruation is not very accurate, and sometimes when she is tired or excited, she often "big aunt" just goes and returns, not to mention the extreme tension and shock of the body and mind this time! Seeing his wife walking on the road, pinching her legs, supporting her tired waist, and weakening her back, Tian Hao felt a deep pity and love from the bottom of his heart.

The sound of pattering water came from the bathroom, and Tian Hao, who was beginning to relax, felt a little sleepy.

When he opened the quilt and wanted to lie down, he suddenly found a palm-sized water mark in the center of the bed sheet. He couldn't help but feel nervous again, he hurriedly got down and sniffed a few times...Thankfully, there is no smell of man's semen! It's the smell of his wife's love liquid that he is most familiar with.

"Although she did not succeed by that dog, it seems that she still concealed a fact... When she was bullied by the satyr, she reacted! And it was a very powerful reaction! This Tuan Yinshui is the best evidence! I have never seen her run so much water!" After he was relieved of the doubt, he began to be suspicious and interested in the water mark on the bed sheet that looked like a blooming peony.

"As those novels say, women are also excited when they are raped? Women really have a tendency to be abused? It is possible! As usual, these days are her particularly sensitive days! But... Is so much water flowed when touched by a man who is not a husband? Are those young women who go out of the wall like this? Is it the excitement of being raped or the freshness of a strange man that makes her How can my wife be a little bit like Xiaowan and Xiaoling in the "Helping Wife to Affair"?" He himself was surprised that he had such an idea! What's more ridiculous is that after the incident of his wife's "attempt rape", he still had the thought of that perverted article! But at the same time, he discovered an indisputable fact...He was cocked underneath! The unprecedented "third erection" in one day!

Listening to the patter of water in the bathroom, he once again sniffed the smoky fragrance of the beloved wife’s lewd water on the bedsheets, then lay down and began to imagine the wife in the bathroom scrubbing the wet water. The scene of shame, imagines his wife begging and struggling powerlessly under Qin Jun, imagines Qin Jun greedily rubbing his wife’s breasts, sucking his wife’s nipples, imagining the mysterious shame being ravaged The beloved wife’s expression of shame and insufferable sorrow when she was dying, imagined that Qin Jun was about to take off her underwear, while the sweet wife desperately clamped her legs, clutching her belt with both hands, sobbing and moaning panic... Slowly fell asleep.

In his dreamland, for some reason, Qin Jun became the "old cat" in that novel... Gradually, he became a strange man for a while, and then became Director Liu, Lao Yu, and Qin. The secretary...

In his dreamland, his penis became very long and thick... and a very fierce and powerful jet...

There is no such thing in this world. Good things that fall from the sky for no reason, any good things have to pay a certain price.