Chapter 37 -

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These days, the selfies of mom and Jiahui have received such a big response in the forums, and it can even be said that they have become the perfect goddess in the hearts of many people who love them.

Is there any reason not to like it? The two beautiful mature mothers have their own merits. Needless to say, my mother is tall, slender and plump, with a pair of very proud twin peaks, and a pair of big, slightly fox and watery eyes, which make people not able to kiss their rosy lips and small tongues for a lifetime, and The plump, juicy, squirting Mei Bao and the two big white buttocks that like to be abused in the restricted area are beyond the reach of any man except Tang Seng, especially the familiar boy.

Of course, my biological son is the most fascinated by my mother's slender legs in black stockings and the pair of white and sensual perfect fleshy feet in high heels. Every time we received mother's footjob, Mingfei and I would lose our helmets and armor within five minutes.

Especially the mature and noble temperament of the mother and the sacred profession, it has brought the conqueror's psychological satisfaction that is incomparable.

As for Jiahui, although she is a bit worse than her mother in body and temperament, she is one in a million in appearance, even her mother can’t compare. That beautiful facial features, that beautiful black embroidered hair, that exquisite figure, that white skin, especially that maternally pitiful look, no matter which boy meets her, there will be a kind of want to conquer her. Want to tune her desire.

Looking at the naked replies of netizens, the two mothers seemed a little at a loss. They didn't expect that they could win Tang Cai at such an old age. But it can still be felt from their eyes, it is a look full of novelty, slightly shy and full of sensuality.

And Ming Fei and I are like twins born to a mother, we don’t care about each other, and we cooperate in an unusually tacit understanding. I met two friends who were one year younger than us in a group on the forum. They should be considered wolf friends. One is called Liu Wei and the other is called Hu Zhi.

Through a period of understanding, I learned that these two little brothers also like mature women very, very much, and also like heavy-taste training. It's just that they never imagined that a son would like to find a biological mother who was younger than him and played with him.

When we learned that Ming Fei and I were planning to let them train our mother and Jiahui together, Liu Wei was so moved that he would kneel on the ground and knock us off.

Knocking our heads, let's just forget it, if we can properly train these two beautiful and coquettish mature mothers, it can be regarded as satisfying the wish of our two green mothers. Especially Ming Fei, his desire seems stronger than mine.

To be honest, it is more exciting to appreciate other children playing with and training mother and Jiahui than our own. That kind of psychological satisfaction is really a bit unable to extricate ourselves.

In the forum, someone once asked netizens to play with their wives, but they found netizens to teach their mature and beautiful mother. We are the first to eat crabs.

We made an appointment to meet at KTV that day. Before we left, Mingfei and I told them on the Internet, telling them that we can treat them as if we don’t exist, and they can enjoy these two customs to their heart’s content. Thousands of old men, as long as they don't touch their mother's stomach, they can play whatever they want.

[Mom, our two children want to invite their goddess to go karaoke together, hehe. ]

[Here, you two bad guys, look at your eyes are not right, is there any badism again? It won’t be...]

[Hehe, this What is it? It’s very exciting. It’s not easy for a person to live a lifetime. If you know you like it, try everything to live more comfortably and comfortably. ]

[What are you talking about... I'm not going. ]

Jiahui and her mother both seem to twist Nirvana, but from the look in their eyes and the increasing breathing, they can still feel that they still have this desire.

[Jiahui, my wife Sao, go sing and have fun, you will like it. ]

You can tell by their looks that they are relieved, but like many mature women from good homes, they always have to maintain the kind of restraint they should have. Under the soft and hard soaking of me and Mingfei, my mother and Jiahui walked on the road leading to KTV with those strangely blurred eyes, wearing sexy stockings and high heels.

[You two little villains, you betrayed your beloved mother, you guys... don't regret it then. ]

Regret? We are already emotional just by imagining that scene, how can we regret it? Haha

When the four of us came to a separate VIP room upstairs, we found that the two children had already been waiting there. There were also two dozen Budweiser beer, dried fruits and corn on the table.

After all, it was the first time we met, and the two children were a little restrained. But when they saw the sexy and charming looks of their mother and Jiahui, they were already dumbfounded.

Although the words are quite cruel, their mother and Jiahui still seem a little uncomfortable when they see these two netizens who are younger than their own sons.

[Mom, these two are our new friends, Liu Wei and Hu Zhi...]

[A...Hello Auntie. ]

[Well, you... hello. ]

[Oh, everyone, don’t be so cautious. You will be friends in the future. I will sing a song first. ]

When Ming Fei’s song Moon represents whose heart is finished, everyone becomes a cheers friend.

[Auntie, you are really beautiful, I have never seen a beautiful mother like you when I grow up. ]

[Hehe, then...Who is more beautiful? ]

[This... each has its own merits, all beautiful. ]

[Haha, so small mouth is so sweet at such an age, it’s not too much to lie to girls. ]

[No...No. ]

After the two bottles of beer were eaten, it was obvious that the two children were bolder. Gradually they moved to the mother and Jiahui’s side, stretched out their trembling hands and gently embraced the two Meishu Mother's waist.

And Liu Wei's hand slowly touched her mother's beautiful leg in stockings, enjoying the silky smooth pleasure.

I don't know whether it is the effect of alcohol or the turbulent nature of the two mothers. They did not refuse the touch of the two children.

Although Ming Fei and I are both present, everyone knows what we are doing here. Since my mother and Jiahui are here, they are psychologically prepared for this.

Jiahui raised a beautiful black silk leg and gently placed it on Hu Zhi’s thigh. When she kept rubbing, she glanced at me without a smile, as if she wanted to give it to me. A little revenge, haha.

Just as Liu Wei just kissed his mother’s sexy red lips, the door of the private room opened inexplicably. It turned out that the private room’s k suit came in, and the scared two children trembled. Quickly let go of mom and Jiahui.

Fuck her, it’s really disappointing. It seems that it’s impossible to be a battlefield here. It seems that only home is the safest. On the way home, Ming Fei and I repeatedly told these two buddies that we must train them as much as we can and play with their two mothers in various ways.

Hearing what we said, the little brothers showed gratitude and differences in their eyes, but Mingfei and I were somewhat embarrassed.

As soon as they entered the house, the two children couldn’t wait to hug their mother and Jiahui, kiss their beautiful faces and caress their big fat ass, fearing that they might not let them go. Open, Mingfei and I went back to my room temporarily.

In about ten minutes, Ming Fei and I sneaked out and went to the living room. It seems that the two of them are still conscientious and left a gap in the door.

There was a bit of lewd dance music in the bedroom. Mom was naked and sitting on the sofa with her big belly, while Liu Wei was sitting next to her, rubbing her mother’s huge breasts with both hands. He could see that his mother’s breasts changed various shapes in his hands, but Liu Wei’s face showed a childish smirk. He used two fingers to pinch his mother’s purple grapes and pull them out. , Pull it to the limit and then release it.

[Ah...bad boy, don’t use so much force, auntie’s nipples are about to be pulled off by you, ah...]

This voice doesn’t sound painful at all, On the contrary, it sounds special ecstasy.

Huh? Why is there a person on the carpet? This... turns out to be Hu Zhi. This kid kept sucking his mother's most attractive black silk feet, while his mother's other beautiful feet kept rubbing against Hu Zhi. That big dick that's already hideous.

[Bad, don't bite Auntie’s feet. ]

[Auntie, you are so nasty, you can't forget to have sex while pregnant, I love you to death. ]

After saying this, Hu Zhi was obviously excited. Like a madman, he tore his mother's stockings to pieces, holding the white fleshy foot and biting desperately.


Well, what about Jiahui?

The crack in the door opened a bit wider, and there was a scene of blood spurting inside. A pretty figure appeared near the computer. She was wearing green erotic underwear. The small bra that couldn't be smaller couldn't contain her plump boobs. The little green thong had been deeply embedded in her already moistened bra. In the yin flesh, the thighs are the same green stockings, and the feet are wearing high heels of at least ten centimeters.

What does this green body mean? What does this mean?

Is it? Is Jiahui dancing for these two children?

" don't regret it when the time comes." Thinking of the words Jiahui said before leaving, I gradually understood the meaning. It seems that Jiahui really intends to indulge completely. .

Isn’t this very good? How could Jiahui understand the impact of the green mother on my soul and Mingfei? That kind of strange pleasure is beyond ordinary people’s enjoyment and can’t understand.

At this time, Jiahui held up her pair of white and huge tits with her hands, and kept rubbing them.

The slippery little tongue wets his lips back and forth, and the eyes full of desire are sensual, it is simply too lewd.

At this time, I noticed Ming Fei beside me. As Jiahui’s biological son, it was the first time I saw my mother dancing for two children younger than him in the bedroom. , And showed such a lewd expression. Ming Fei's breathing increased, his eyes lighted up, and his right hand reached into his crotch.

[Two little villains, Aunt Huihui is dancing well. ]

Jiahui shook her beautiful buttocks and gave the two children a lewd kiss.

[Auntie, no, my mother Huihui is so beautiful and lewd, a thousand times more beautiful than the white lady, 10,000 times more lewd than her, we love you to death. ]

[Watch it well, there are more beautiful ones. ]

As soon as she finished speaking, Jiahui turned around and pushed up her white, tender and plump big ass at the two children. The two seductive fat lips under the ass were undoubtedly revealed.

After Jiahui pulled the thong aside, opened the two red labia majora with both hands, the bright red tender flesh inside was completely exposed to the air.

I really don’t know who in the world besides Tang Seng can resist this temptation.

[Mom Huihui, your show is so real and beautiful, you are familiar and cheap, and there is lewd water flowing out of it. ] Hearing Liu Wei's encouragement, Jiahui twisted her pretty hips and walked over and sat beside Liu Wei. While licking his nipples, he caressed Liu Wei's already hideous big cock.

And of course the beautiful foot in green stockings was not to be outdone. He took off the ten-centimeter green high-heeled shoes and played Ho Chi's big cock with his mother.

What is a spiritual heart, Ming Fei and I are.

It’s so strange. Facing the stockings of two beautiful mature mothers, especially my mother, Ming Fei and I can’t resist it for five minutes, and why is there no Ho Chi under them? The meaning of ejaculation.

Is it? Did they take medicine?

Looking at this posture, it should be true.

At this moment, Hu Zhi stood up suddenly, and took out a few shining silver things from the schoolbag he brought next to him.

That... isn't that a clip, it seems to be made of iron. It seems that these two little guys are here prepared.

[Hey, two moms, this is what I carefully prepared for you, very comfortable and exciting. ]

While Hu Zhishun handed Liu Wei two clips, the two children smirked and slowly clamped the iron clips to the already erect nipples of their mother and Jiahui.

[Ah...bad species. ]

[Oh, Aunt Huihui’s nipples are going to be...cut off by you. ]

Why does this voice sound not a bit painful, but rather it sounds particularly ecstasy.

Hu Zhi leaned back, opened his mouth, acting like a newborn baby, while his mother lowered her head knowingly, moisturizing her tongue, and the sticky saliva flowed in like a cannon Hu Zhi's mouth, and Hu Zhi kept chewing his mother's sweet saliva, enjoying the fun.

The two took a tacit look at each other. This action attracted my attention. It seems that the two children have probably discussed it in advance.

They took off their mother's and Jiahui's little thongs together, showing a wolf-like look, and they broke the mother's and Jiahui's legs and jumped on it.

They were sucking in their mother and Jiahui's sorrow, so enjoyable, they finally broke into the restricted zone of two beautiful mature mothers.

[It's so soft, so showy, I really like the taste of auntie. ]

[Aha...Bad tongue, you need it inside. ]

It can be seen that in order to make Hu Zhi lick more thoroughly, mother's thighs have been stretched to the limit. And Jiahui's side was even worse, holding Liu Wei's head with both hands, so that Liu Wei could get closer to her moist and alluring harassment.

[Ah...Bad Serena, don’t bite Huihui’s little beanie, it’s exciting. ]

[Auntie’s bad boy, right there, lick it, lick it hard. ]

Oh my God, it's too lewd, too vulgar, too exciting.

At this time, Hu Zhi put his finger into his mother's vagina and started a quick thrust.

[ Xiaozhizhi, stab me hard, poke Aunt Jiameng’s sorrow through, ah...]

They all talk about beating the tiger brothers , I think they are playing mother and brother, but this mother is mine and Ming Fei, not the two of them.

[Huihui too, come on, fuck me with your fingers. ]

The two children fiercely pushed their mother and Jiahui with their fingers, and the nasty water inside changed from drop by drop to string after string.

[Ah...coming, coming. ]

[No more, it's climax. ]

With the arrival of the climax, the tight bodies of the two mature mothers gradually relax.

And Hu Zhi secretly pulled out something that looked like a thin thread from his bag, and handed it to Liu Wei. People with bad eyes couldn’t recognize it. They took it. What does this do.

The two began to play with the harassment of their mother and Jiahui, who were still reminiscing about the climax. About a minute later, Liu Wei and Hu Zhi looked up and smiled before I could see clearly.

What? What kind of gameplay is this, I have never seen it before. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that Liu Wei and Hu Zhi tied the thin thread in their hands to Jiahui's and mother's raised gloom. This is the tenderest and most sensitive woman's body. Place.

As Liu Wei and Hu Zhi pulled the thin thread in their hands, Jiahui and her mother's body kept trembling.

[Oh, no. ]

[Bad boy, it hurts, Xiaodoudou is about to break, ah...]

Mom and Jiahui have painful and enjoyable expressions on their faces. This This expression made Ming Fei and I very intoxicated.

[Fuck it, it's really the back wave of the Yangtze River pushing the front wave, these two students are so good at playing, I almost shot it. ]

Although Ming Fei is talking to me, but while talking, Ming Fei’s eyes are always fixed on the bedroom.

[Two moms, it's very exciting, if you are obedient, it won't hurt so much, hehe. I like to watch two mature women kissing. Let's have one. ]

He... Hu Zhi asked his mother and Jiahui to kiss two women together?

[This... don't do this, the auntie is all uncomfortable underneath, be careful, come and fuck us. ]

[Just know you are not obedient, hehe. ]

Speaking of Hu Zhi and Liu Wei pulling the thin line in their hands to stimulate mom and Jiahui’s Xiaodoudou, while gently shaking the nipple clip on their mother and Jiahui’s breasts.

[Oh, no, it hurts. ]

[Can’t stand it anymore, we are obedient and obedient. ]

The two beautiful mature women on the sofa are staring at each other, but in these eyes, I can see that there is a trace of apology in them, but there is also a little desire in the apology.

At this time, I remembered how Jiahui looked when she saw her mother when she drove to my house for the first time. The two mature mothers didn't expect each other to be so beautiful, and they both admired each other.

Gradually the lips of her mother and Jiahui merged together. This scene is really spectacular. The tongues of the two beautiful mature mothers are trying to poke into each other’s mouth and suck each other’s lips. saliva.

[Beautiful, it's so beautiful, two old men, I want to see you unite, hahaha. ]

It can be seen that Liu Wei and Hu Zhi are already extremely excited, and they are pushing the mother and Jiahui's big ass vigorously.

What else are they doing? Combine? Could it be... Do they want their mother and Jiahui's two glamorous mature mothers to polish their mirrors?

[No, no more. ]

[ can you do this? ]

The facts confirmed my guess. Mom and Jiahui half pushed and half pushed. In this way, the two mothers’ beautiful harassment combined, like two big meat worms, constantly twisting their mature flesh.

[Ah...Sister, your sorrow...]

[En...Bad sister, you...]

Gradually, mom and Jia Hui didn't have the restraint she had just now, rubbing the other party's harassment with emotion, moaning non-stop.

That action, that bloody action, Tang Seng? Who is Tang Seng? Can you resist it?

[Sister, put more effort, I'm coming. ]

[Bad sister, me too. ]

The two mothers rubbed each other's restricted area vigorously, moving faster and faster, and breathing more and more solemnly.

[Ah...I'm here. ]

[Bad sister, I have an orgasm, ah...]

After the orgasm, my mother and Jiahui are lying on the sofa together, breathing heavily, and the two are screaming The place has become muddy.

[It's so fucking exciting. ]

Ming Fei, who was standing next to me, also trembled. It seems that this grandson also shot.

After a short break, Liu Wei and Hu Zhi hugged their mother and Jiahui, making their sisters knelt on the carpet with their very fat butts.

Slap, slap, Hu Zhi and Liu Wei slapped their mother and Jiahui's ass, and two clear handprints appeared on the big ass of the two mothers.


After a few slaps, mom and Jiahui’s butts are getting higher, but I don’t know that the more this is the more exciting The animal desires of the two of them.

The two children took out the belts from their pants, and then pulled them down at their mother and Jiahui.

[ hurts. ]

[Ah... butt, my butt. ]

Mom and Jiahui both raised their heads, but their voices changed from moaning to yelling, and there were blood marks on their buttocks.

[It’s too shameless, what a shameful big ass, I’m going to smoke, and I will teach you two mothers hard to suck your big ass. ]

They turned into demons, lashing their mother and Jiahui's red and swollen ass vigorously. But Mom and Jiahui didn't mean to shrink at all, they were all enjoying the pleasure of going away.

[Ah... the butt is going to rot, it’s going to be sucked, ah...]

[Bad guy, my ass, no need it. ]

Huh? How come Liu Wei whipped their big ass all by himself? Where is Ho Chi?

Only then did I notice that Hu Zhi took out a red candle from his schoolbag, which had been lit.

Ming Fei was already extremely excited at this time, clutching my arm tightly, and staring at the two mature women who were being abused.

At this time, Hu Zhi walked slowly to his mother and Jiahui's side, and the candle in his hand dripped against their already swollen butt.

[Hmm...what, no. ]

[Ah...It's hot, bad. ]

The voices have changed. Mom and Jiahui seem to be a little crazy. When the candles dripped on their delicate ass and assholes, their bodies began to twitch, and their voices sounded too. A bit distorted.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ]

Mom’s voice is a little crying, but their physical performance is completely different.

Jiahui's molested her lewd liquid constantly, and after her mother ridiculed her, she kept shooting yellow water jets from the molested, and her mother urinated.

At this time, the two children squatted down and kept sucking on their mom and Jiahui's newly injured big ass, soothing the waxy ass and small asshole.

[Mingfei, are you enjoying it? ]

[Damn it, it’s just indescribable. ]

Mom and Jiahui lay on the carpet and kept breathing. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Liu Wei and Hu Zhi also cleaned up the wax oil on their ass and sorrow.

[Auntie Sao, come and lick our big dick with your Sao mouth. ]

The two children walked up to their mother and Jiahui with their hard-core big dicks. Knowing that the storm is coming, the two mature mothers straightened up their sexy waists and licked theirs. Big dick.

While mother's little tongue was spinning around Liu Wei's fleshy crown, she gently stimulated his testicles with her nails painted with red nail polish.

While Jiahui stroked Ho Chi's cock with her delicate little hands, she sucked his eggs back and forth.

[Haoran, what am I talking about? I already knew that my mother Zhao Jiahui is an old man who likes young big dicks. What kind of goddess you still said, ha ha. ]

Yes, facing Mingfei’s evaluation, I have nothing to say, but isn’t this also what we expected. If they don't show off, can we fuck them? If they don't like young big dicks, can we see others train their lewd bodies and satisfy our love hearts.

[Two moms, you guys are so good at playing, Hu Zhi and I love you to death, I want to fuck your fucking mouth with a big dick, hehe. ]

The movements are all synchronized. Two big dicks kept coming and going in and out of mom and Jiahui’s mouth. At this moment, Liu Wei hugged mom’s head hard, the whole dick They were all fucked into mother's throat, there was almost no gap.

Seeing Liu Weishuang shivering all over, Hu Zhi also imitated his movements and played deep throats with Jiahui.

When the two children pulled out their big dicks, both mother and Jiahui brought out a sticky yellow gastric juice around their mouths.

What is the next action? Even a fool can guess it.

Liu Wei asked her mother to continue to pose as a dog crawling, aiming at her sensitive little asshole and fucked in.

[Ah...I finally came in, little villain. ]

[Auntie Sao, so tight asshole. ]

Hu Zhi, asked Jiahui to pose for a normal sexual intercourse. The glans aimed at Jiahui's muddy commotion and slowly fucked in.

[Aha... Hurry... Try hard. ]

When a woman wraps your waist tightly with her beautiful legs in stockings and looks at you with that kind of sensual eyes, what else can you do?

There is only one answer, a severe lesson of her harassment.

[Good-looking old man, Li Mingfei, I'm fucking your mother, I'm going to fuck your mother hard, and blow her up, ah, it's so cool. ]

When Hu Zhi said these words, I could even feel Ming Fei’s heart beating.

[Mr. Li, you slut, fuck me, I want to fuck your asshole, I want the whole class to teach you a big belly teacher. ]

[Ah...fuck it, fuck it, fuck me hard. ]

The atmosphere is too lustful. Liu Wei lay on her mother's back and fuck her ass while gently shaking the nipple clip on her breast.

As for Hu Zhi, while Fuck Jiahui's old man, he gently pulled the thin thread tied to her Xiaodoudou.

This action added by the two children obviously made Mom and Jiahui unable to bear it, and their bodies began to shake faster.

[Ah... the teacher’s bad student, the teacher’s nipples are about to break, no, my little butthole...]

[Ah... the bad guy, my Xiaodoudou, it's in the womb, ah...hard, coming soon. ]

It can be seen that the speed of the twitching of the two children has been significantly accelerated. Screaming.

[I can’t do it anymore, fuck, fuck your mother, fuck your mother, I’m going to shoot. ]

[I can’t help it either, I’m going to shoot your asshole to death. ]

[Ah...fuck me a few more times, it's coming, ah...]

[Bad guy, ah... shoot in, shoot in the teacher's asshole. ]

The ejaculation action lasted for a full half a minute. When their big dicks were pulled out of their mother and Jiahui’s assholes and assholes, they were already fucked by red and swollen assholes and small A lot of white semen came out of the asshole.

Fuck your mother, I'm fucking your mother, this dirty-sounding word irritates me and Mingfei can't help themselves.

After the climax, Liu Wei and his mother, Hu Zhi and Jiahui, and the four big worms kept caressing and kissing each other.

[Auntie, the action was a bit big just now, you are still pregnant with a child, so you are not tired. ]

[It’s okay, bad boy, so ferocious, almost fucking auntie to death. ]

[Hey, I can’t blame me, who made the auntie so sassy and charming, I’ll help you take a rest. ]

While stroking her mother's swollen big ass, Liu Wei helped her to rest on the bed.

There was another smirk. At this time, Liu Wei had come to Jiahui's side and rubbed Jiahui's full big tits.

[Little villain, what else do you want to do. ]

[Haha, what are you doing? Of course, I want to fuck you, a tender and mature mother. This time I will not only fuck you with Hu Zhi, but also be your son and have a mother-child incest. ]

[Bad boy, you know that you bully your mother, your ass is about to be opened, and you have to come. ]

Hearing Jiahui's answer, Mingfei and I were both shocked. Isn't this an obvious signal, Jiahui has already entered the role of mother in advance.

There is not much foreplay. Hu Zhi is lying on the carpet, Jiahui is lying on Hu Zhi, and Liu Wei is on top of Jiahui. Isn't this a typical sandwich?

Two hot big dicks were pierced into Jiahui's ass and ass together.

[My sorrowful mother, the most sassy mother in the world, my son uses my big dick to honor you, it’s exciting, my son is fucking where I was born, mom, fuck, fuck you. ] (Watch wonderful adult novel:

[Ah...Bad son, you can even fuck your own mother, you are the worst bad son, ah... It hits the mother's womb. ]

[Mom, your asshole is so tight, like a bottomless pit, fuck, I want to fuck you. ]

The lewd voices are endless, and the profanity is endless. It may be the psychological stimulation brought by the role-playing of mother and child. The two children did not hold on for too long this time, they were shot into Jiahui’s harassment. And in the little asshole.

Looking at the exciting scene in front of us, Ming Fei and I each shot twice. Just when Jiahui and Liu Wei were lingering together, Hu Zhi came to the living room.

[Brother Haoran, Brother Mingfei, I...we were a bit too much just now, in fact, it was not intentional, but the two aunts are so beautiful and too showy, I really can’t help it. . ]

[This time it’s fun. ]

[Yes, if I have a mother like an aunt, I would be willing to live ten years less. ]

[Haha. ]

[Big...Big brother, little brother understand your thoughts, if you don’t mind, little brother will pay attention, so...]

Interesting, really interesting.