Chapter 1 -

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As the saying goes, the world is so big that there are no surprises, and something that has happened in my life that I will never forget.

My name is Lin Haoran, I am 18 years old and I am a student in a high school in a small city in the north. The academic performance is fairly average. My father and mother have been divorced for almost 10 years. I have been living with my mother, and my father has long since ran away with a fox. The living conditions in the family simply were pretty good. When my parents divorced, my father left the family with hundreds of thousands of savings for me to go to school.

My mother's name is Li Jiameng, right? She also looks very good. She is a bit like Taiwanese actress Xiao Qiang. She is a very standard young woman. She is 40 years old this year, and she is 1.65 meters tall. She has a plump body, especially the big breasts and buttocks. The type who sees desires and wears them decently. Since I am a people's teacher, I usually wear the kind of lady's suit and black and white high-heeled shoes, but I especially like to wear silk stockings, especially black and flesh-colored.

My mother and I are not in the same school. She teaches an ordinary high school in our place, and I go to a key high school.

Things started here. The lives of our mother and child are very ordinary. My mother goes to get off work every day, and I am still struggling in the sea of ​​hardships at school.

In my first year of high school, I had a particularly good classmate named Li Mingfei in our class. We usually say nothing. To be honest, we are closer than our brothers. Their family’s living conditions are average, and their parents are also They are all divorced and live with their grandparents. His father occasionally visits him, but his mother has not been here for ten years, alas, poor brother.

It may be due to the puberty. They are all interested in women. I really like a female classmate in our class named Zhang Dan, but because she is too beautiful, and I am very ordinary Transformation is the face of the public, so I have never felt confession. This matter made Li Mingfei's grandson laugh at me for a long time.

He said about me again, "You are really a noodle, if I had said it earlier."

"Fuck, if I had your spirits, I would have taken it Now, you have the ability."

To tell the truth, this kid is really good, especially like the popular lead singer Yan Yalun of Fahrenheit. There are many girls chasing him in our school. But he doesn't like any of them. I dare to say that the only person in the world knows about this.

"Well, you don't know how I am interested in these little girls, I still like mom-like mature women." This is Li Mingfei's sincere confession. It may be the reason why his mother left him since he was a child. He could take a few more glances at some of our school's beautiful female teachers over 35 years old, and had a somewhat sadomasochistic tendency. No matter how beautiful the little girl is, she looks like shit in his eyes, including Zhang Dan.

"Seeing that our school doesn't even have many beautiful teachers, it's annoying me." My Fei brother complained again.

"I said, brother, do you lack maternal love? I guess if your mother is there, you won’t have to marry him. Really."

"I may have both I can’t remember what my mother looks like. Let’s go to class. The midterm exam is about to go. It depends on how your exam is not good, how your teacher and mother will clean up you.” After speaking, he ignored me and concentrated on class.

When I heard the four words of the midterm exam, my head was big.

I said: "If I study as well as you, I won't be afraid of anything."