Chapter 16 -

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I lay in my little cousin’s arms, teasing my little cousin’s hair, letting the delicate ends of the hair stroke my face, and the scent of dandy hair permeated my nose from time to time. I closed my eyes and quietly enjoyed chatting with my little cousin.

The little cousin gently rubbed my earlobe and suddenly bowed her head and kissed me.

I opened my eyes and saw the little cousin looking at me affectionately, an unspeakable affection permeated between each other. I turned over and hugged the little cousin, the little cousin seemed unbearable Shen Zhong lay down backwards.

I pressed on the little cousin, stretched out my hand to smooth the bangs on the little cousin’s face, and pinched her Xiao Yao’s nose a few times.

The little cousin’s star eyes closed slightly, her long eyelashes beating lightly, and she kissed the little cousin’s sweet breath.

The little cousin's body trembled lightly, and she hugged me with her backhand. After a little hesitation, she opened her mouth to let me grab the soft pink lips and take the initiative to pass her smooth tongue.

Big mouth sucking the sweet mouth of the little cousin, the little cousin responded enthusiastically to me, the cute little tongue entangled with me.

Enjoying the little cousin’s soft cherry lips, glutinous and sweet little tongue, sucking her sweet fragrance.

The kiss was almost suffocated before we parted.

The little cousin's pink blush and beautiful eyes are distressed. She and I looked at each other for a while, then turned her head shyly.

The little cousin just casually put on a cute sling after taking a bath. Just now, the sling slipped from her shoulders, revealing her pink breast.

The opportunity is rare, I can’t help but kiss that seductive matte.

With my kiss, a layer of pimple formed on the sensitive skin, and a flush of flushing also spread.

When I touched the bud lightly across the clothes, the little cousin held my arm firmly with both hands, her mouth lightly.

The small bumps seem to have become bigger in an instant.

I stroked it up, very solid feeling.

The little cousin grabbed my hand vigorously, not knowing whether it was resisting or guiding.

I gently pulled down the cute sling of my little cousin. The little cousin realized my intention, turned her head and glanced at me timidly, and stretched her hands to my chest, trying to push me away.

But I don't know what to think of, the little cousin turned slightly, she didn't dare to look directly, and the hands that originally pushed me turned to hug my waist.

The reaction of the little cousin gave me great encouragement. With her cooperation, the pink sling cutie was dropped to my waist.

The small breasts, the small buds like buds, are as fresh and clear as if they had just been bathed in rain.

I lightly licked my cousin’s breasts, fiddled with the little nipple with my tongue, carefully held and sucked.

The little cousin was unbearable to tease, her hands were weak and weak to hug my head, and her small mouth uttered a shy groan.

I touched my little cousin’s breasts with one hand, and put my hand down into the little cousin’s shorts.

"No, don't..." The little cousin, who was upright and infatuated, suddenly opened her eyes and wanted to grab my hand with her hands.

But how easy it is, I grabbed the little cousin's hand, pressed it underneath, and kissed it again toward the moist scented lips.

The little cousin wanted to close her mouth, but it was too late, so she had to twist her waist and tried to pull her hands out.

Taking this opportunity, my strange hand has covered the warm and soft hill bag, and I have encountered a few velvet hairs, which are very thin and soft, completely different from the dense hairs of the two aunts. I pushed my cousin's legs with my legs, and a slippery touch came from my fingertips.

"Mmm..." the little cousin pleaded with me in her eyes, and then shook her head and broke free of her small mouth: "Little treasure, no..."

I tried to make a fool of myself Finger, coquettishly intimacy said: "Little cousin, good cousin..."

", I can't..." The little cousin gasped, and at the same time seemed to be uncomfortable, frowning. brow. As my fingers flicked, my small mouth opened and closed, panting quickly.

I continued to call my little cousin affectionately, the movements of my fingers never stopped, and the hot, wet and slippery feeling of the fingertips became more intense, and even I could feel a few silky greasy liquids flowing onto my fingers.

The struggling strength of the little cousin is getting weaker and weaker, her breathing becomes more and more rapid, her small mouth opens wide, and she gasps.

I tried to let go of my little cousin's hands, but the little cousin did not reach out to push me, instead she covered her face with her cute hands.

I was overjoyed when I saw my little cousin react like this, and moved my body down, reaching out to pull the little cousin’s shorts.

The little cousin shook a bit and wanted to reach out to stop her, but she stretched out halfway, then retracted again, and blindfolded her eyes again.

I took off my little cousin’s shorts without obstacles.

"So beautiful." I couldn't help but praised, slender and white legs, the raised hills at the ends of the legs, white and tender, with a few soft yellow hairs on top, and a pinkish line in the middle. The slits are closed tightly.

"I hate it, don't look." The little cousin's shy voice was as soft as a mosquito, but her hands didn't stop her, her legs kept twisting, trying to come together.

I opened my little cousin's already weak legs, and the tightly closed seams opened slightly, revealing a little bit of wet pink crotch inside.

I stretched out my finger and slid it gently in the crevice.

"Hmm..." The little cousin groaned softly, and she unconsciously waved her hands in the air a few times before covering her small mouth.

I stretched out my index finger and fiddled in the slippery fleshy seam. The fleshy seam became muddy with my movements, and some smooth juice flowed out of the flesh and sewed into the little cousin's buttocks.

"Little Treasure, it's so strange, it feels so strange... Um..." The little cousin's breathing became more and more urgent, she reached out and grabbed me with one hand, clenched into a fist, her delicate buttocks Tight, his legs trembled slightly.

My fingers dug out a little crystal honey in the mud, stretched it to the little cousin’s mouth, and said with a smirk: "Little cousin, try it."

" What?" The little cousin looked at me with blurred eyes, she stretched out her tongue and licked my fingertips, slammed her small mouth, frowned slightly, her face was puzzled.

"Little cousin, this is your honey." Looking at the cute appearance of the little cousin, I kissed her at once.

The little cousin reacted, but the little mouth was kissed by me, and she could only make a pitiful mum. She wanted to push me away, but when I was gently stirred in her cunt a few times, she was helpless to hug me.

I let go of my little cousin, leaned over and buried my head between her legs, and a sweet smell puffed my nose. I lifted my little cousin’s legs to my shoulders and moistened the hot and wet. Licking her cunt.

"Oh...bad little treasure...don' dirty...dirty" The little cousin struggled violently after a long moan.

I held down the struggling legs of my little cousin, and my tongue stuck into the hot and humid nectar, greedily sucking the endless stream of nectar.

The little cousin started groaning loudly, but she shyly covered her small mouth and let out a dull and depressing whine. The legs that I held on my shoulders kicked and slammed tightly for a while, and clamped my head tightly from time to time.

I just feel that the softness is getting hotter and humid, and the green smell is getting stronger.

As I licked, there was a sudden muffled noise, the little cousin's whole body collapsed tightly, her little head leaned back straight, two little hands firmly covered her mouth, after a tremor , A thick and sour juice poured out from the open pink hole, and I swallowed it unceremoniously.

"Huh..." The little cousin exhaled heavily, and fell weakly on the sofa.

Looking at the wet and delicate part of the little cousin, I was hot. When I got up to take off my shorts and draw my gun, I found my fourth aunt at the door, dumbfounded.

◇◇◇I was stunned by thunder, holding my belt and looking at my fourth aunt blankly. Oops, oops, it's over now.

"Little treasure? What's the matter with you?" The little cousin asked with her back to the door, she didn't see the fourth aunt, but opened her eyes because I hadn't moved for a long time.

"Ah, ah, nothing, nothing." I replied in a panic: "Oh, by the way, little cousin, I'll see if my second aunt is gone."

Sure enough When my fourth aunt saw me saying this, she hesitated and retired.

"Ah..." The little cousin whispered and pushed me aside, she quickly stood up, hurriedly packing her clothes, and complained: "It's over, smelly little treasure was killed by you. Well, it’s okay that I haven’t been seen by my mother, otherwise what can I do. It’s okay, Die Xiaobao, Smelly Xiaobao."

Seeing the fourth aunt's exit gently, I was relieved. In a sigh of relief, how can I tell my fourth aunt now, ah, ah, distress, entanglement.

"Little... Bao..." The little cousin saw me stunned and called in my ear.

"Huh?" I was in a daze. Hey, that's not right, the face of the fourth aunt didn't seem to be terrible just now, and what am I afraid of, hum, it's the same with my two aunts. But I want to return, I really want to go out and face my fourth aunt, oooooooo, don't do it.

"You just did that and ignore them, um." The little cousin said crying when she saw that I ignored her for a long time.

Hurry up, the little cousin was finally coaxed by a bombardment of sweet talk.

"Hey, little cousin." I said with a weird smile.

"Smelly little treasure, why are you laughing so weird." The little cousin pinched me nonchalantly.

I stretched out my left index finger, placed it in front of my nose, and took a deep breath.

Sure enough, seeing my action, the little cousin immediately shyly didn't dare to look at me, and buried her little head in my arms, embarrassed.

I coaxed: "Little cousin, you had a lot of trouble just now. Go and wash first. I'll go downstairs and have a look."

The little cousin responded softly, just I went out, but before I left, I still didn't forget to greet my arm, woooo.

Although I have cheered myself up just now, I am really worried about going downstairs to face my fourth aunt. Finally, he took a hard breath, shook his face again, and went downstairs with a grin.

"Hey, fourth aunt." Seeing fourth aunt sitting at the table, I walked over with a hippie smile, and then sat next to her and shouted.

The fourth aunt came back to her senses, looked at me, and sighed.

Seeing the appearance of the fourth aunt, I became more and more nervous, but I could only bite the bullet and dive into her arms.

Unexpectedly, the fourth aunt did not refuse me, she hugged me lightly, touched my head, sighed again, and said: "Our mother and daughter really owe you in our previous life."< /p>

Huh? What do you mean. This is too profound, I am still young to understand, but according to my understanding, the fourth aunt doesn't seem to be very angry. But what should I say? Let's continue to pretend to be cute.

I half leaned against the fourth aunt's arms, and put my arms around her waist. The nose just right was the fourth aunt's towering breasts. The fourth aunt was wearing that pink bellyband and a long skirt on the outside. I arched the plump soft flesh with my nose, and kept rubbing my face against the crisp breast of my fourth aunt.

Slap, the fourth aunt gave me a slap, and said bitterly, "You are a little devil, you, oh..." I ignored the painless slap, Across the clothes, I found my fourth aunt's nipple and bit it.

"Little treasure, don't be naughty, listen carefully to your fourth aunt." Fourth aunt pulled my ears and said.

Poor ears always suffer. It's my specialty to take an inch and a foot, and I don't let my fourth aunt's nipples let go.

"Um... don't bite, you little devil." The fourth aunt gave a soft hum, and slapped my ass hard.

I felt that this trick worked. I bit and sucked while holding my fourth aunt's nipples, and started to touch my fourth aunt's buttocks with my hands.

"Stop, little treasure, good little treasure, stop, listen to what the fourth aunt said, ah, good, stop first." Fourth aunt has no choice but to coax me.

"Yeen." I responded vaguely, while continuing to suck the upright nipples of my fourth aunt. I was entangled with my little cousin just now, and I, who was already eager for a long time, was stimulated by the enticement sent by my fourth aunt. The lower body subconsciously leaned close to the plump thigh of the fourth aunt and rubbed it hard.

"You really can't do anything with you as a kid." Fourth aunt shook her head helplessly. Perceiving my intention, she proficiently reached out and stopped my hard and hot clone, and then leaned over. I said in my ear: "Xiaobao, you have to be nice to your little cousin in the future."

I heard this sentence clearly, I don't know what the fourth aunt means. The little cousin is so good, of course I will treat her well. However, I nodded, because I bit my fourth aunt's nipple and pulled my fourth aunt's chest fluctuating.

The fourth aunt knows that I can't hear anything at this time, so she smiled bitterly, but she used her right hand skillfully.

I lifted my fourth aunt's long skirt with my hands, and I was familiar with the road. Pulling open the panties, just teasing the little cousin's fingers into her mother's cunt, felt a hint of dampness and heat, and indeed the fourth aunt started to feel it too.

The fourth aunt touched my hard clone with a glove, raised my head with one hand, and then kissed me.

The fourth aunt suddenly became very enthusiastic, she came in with her fragrant tongue, and got entangled with me.

Breathing the scent of my fourth aunt, like a blue musk, and sucking the sweet mouth fluid, my desire is getting stronger and stronger, and the picking in the privacy of the fourth aunt has become more and more intense.

As I pushed in, my fourth aunt's nectar became hotter and hotter, and some creamy nectar began to flow out.

The fourth aunt also speeded up the trick without showing any weakness.

I pulled the hem of the fourth aunt's skirt to my waist and motioned to the fourth aunt to open her legs.

Of course the fourth aunt knew what I wanted to do, she gave me a coquettish look in her eyes, grabbed my hand of the mischief, and asked anxiously: "Susu..."

< p>"Little cousin is taking a shower, not so fast. Fourth aunt hurry up, I'm so uncomfortable." My spirit went to my head, desire swelled, and anxiously pushed Fourth Auntie.

The fourth aunt took a look at the stairs, then sat back a bit, spread her legs, and opened her underwear. The lewd private parts are all exposed. Thanks to my efforts, the tender flesh is covered with crystal mucus, and the plump bean sprouts also stand up, making people want to take a bite.

I pulled down my shorts and hugged my fourth aunt, letting the exploding doppelganger linger outside the fourth aunt's cunt.

My fourth aunt held my dick and aimed it at the greasy hole. As soon as I stood up, I entered a fiery and slippery place. Layers of soft meat kept squirming and shrinking. My dick.

"Oh..." The fourth aunt groaned. (See the wonderful adult novel:

I was also stimulated by the comfortable feeling, and I hugged my fourth aunt hard, and my lower body began to move autonomously.

The fourth aunt was shivered by me, and took the initiative to pull down the skirt straps to expose the pink bellyband in front of my eyes. The pink belly was raised high by the plump breasts of the fourth aunt, and the two bulges were even more obvious.

My eyes reddened, I stuck one with my mouth, and then I sucked.

The fourth aunt became emotional, and she kept stroking my back, and the honey cunt became muddy, and the bursts of suction made my dick feel good.

But when we both indulged in the boundless pleasure and forget about it.

"Mom? Little Treasure?" The call of the little cousin shocked us.

The fourth aunt's movements are even more agile, pushing towards me, pulling the skirt down.

My dick got out of my fourth aunt's cunt and made a pounce, and then it was the sound of me sitting down on the ground.

The fourth aunt was embarrassed and angry by the lewd cry, she hummed after she packed her clothes, and went upstairs on her own.

I looked at the still standing dick, covered with the greasy lewd liquid of the fourth aunt, shaking and crying without tears.