Chapter 1 -

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My grandmother has several sons, but my mother has only one daughter, and my mother has only one son. So whether it is my grandmother, grandpa, or uncle, my aunt regards me as a treasure, and my cousins, my cousins, take good care of me. It is for this reason that I have a lifelong memorable experience. Colorful summer vacation. That summer, I graduated from elementary school.

"Son, grandma and grandpa asked you to stay with them for a few days." As soon as I came downstairs, my mother said to me. Because my primary school graduation exam was quite good, my parents are going to let me go this summer vacation.

"No, I'm going to my grandpa's house." Actually, I also like my grandpa and grandma, but I don’t have a playmate there. Although I have several cousins ​​and cousins, they are all older than me. Many, so I can’t play one piece. My little friends are all in my hometown, which is also my grandfather's, so I'm more willing to go to my grandfather's.

"My son, go live for a few days. Your grandma and grandpa complained to me, saying that you only recognize your grandparents and don't want them." Mom persuaded me kindly.

"No, it’s not me that I’m talking about. Who did I go to play with? Why don’t you think about me." Well, TMD is cool after the exam. It should be straight as much as possible, and the weight is so heavy and heavy. It's a rare opportunity, I'm really sorry if I don't knock on the bamboo pole well.

"Let's talk about it, what's the requirement." Mom was pretty straightforward, she knew me too well.

"Then I said, I won't go if you don't agree." Let's get to the next tone, hehe. In fact, my request is simple.

"Stop talking nonsense, talk quickly." "Well, after this summer vacation, I will sleep with you at night." My requirements are really very low.

"No way, how old you are. Be good, change the terms." Of course, I can't hide the horrible idea in my heart from my mother. My mother was a little bit dumbfounded, but there was also a little sweetness in her heart. After all, no parents do not like their children so attached to themselves.

"Well, I went upstairs to study hard. Tomorrow I will go to my grandpa's house, and help me prepare my luggage in the evening." I made a straight ball and went straight to the penalty area. Hey, nakedly forced the palace.

"Okay, okay. I promised you, I promised you." In order to stop being called and nagging by grandma and grandpa, my mother had to compromise.

"It's settled, don't shame, don't use my father to coerce me. Otherwise, I won't die in the future!" Well, there is always no harm in implementing it.

"Okay, just do as you said, let's do it now." Seeing my serious look, my mother smiled and agreed.

"YEAH, I can sleep with my mother every day from now on." I plunged into my mother's arms and hugged her tightly. I thought to myself: Hey, I was fooled, I didn't say how long I would sleep just now, Wahahaha, I'm a genius. Of course I don't know at this time, how far-sighted my request is (another story).

Of course, my mother didn't know what I was making. She just hugged me lovingly and gently stroked my head.

The next day, I was sent to my grandmother's house. Grandma and grandpa saw me looking happy and thought that I would be happy to come, so he complained a few words about my mother and made her laugh. In this way, I started my summer vacation at my grandmother's house. What I didn't expect was that I thought I would live for a few days, but in the end I lived almost the entire summer vacation, and finally reluctantly left.

Because my grandma's house has no room available, I let me live in my uncle's house. My uncle's house is actually next to the house where my grandmother lives, very close. My uncle went out to do business, and my aunt is alone at home. My uncle has only been married for 2 years, and my aunt is a very beautiful woman. When I went, my aunt happened to be pregnant for more than 6 months and was expecting to give birth at home. The big-bellied little aunt was very happy about my arrival. After all, it is very boring and boring to have a baby at home. Of course she is happy with someone to accompany her, and she is the treasure in their eyes.

Since I am a child, I arrogantly proposed to sleep with my aunt on the first night. The little aunt who didn't think much about it agreed, she didn't know that the little P in her eyes actually knew no less than her.

"Auntie, is the baby in there?" I asked, pretending to be an idiot, touching my aunt's belly.

Of course I, a genius child, knows such a mentally handicapped problem, and now it's just for the little aunt.

"Well, Xiaobao is really smart." Well, weakly speaking, this Xiaobao is me. Hey, of course I am smart. Well, I will explain here that I have worked so hard, and the purpose is definitely not as bad as everyone thinks. Well, I have a bad habit. Now you know, why do I pretend to be ignorant? Now everyone knows how nasty I am, Wahahaha, I am very pure (Narrator: I'm looking for a secret book on the street. I don't know who it is.).

"Will the little aunt baby be bored in there?" Continue to pretend to be an idiot.

"Hehe, no." The little aunt looked at me and imagined that her child would be so cute when she grows up, and she couldn't help feeling a blessing.

"Little aunt, will the baby call mother inside?" I was lying on my aunt's belly, my face was against my aunt's belly, a very dedicated idiot said. But she rubbed her hands against her little aunt's breasts. The pregnant little aunt has a tempting smell all over her body. Well, I am still young and pure. I don’t know what that smell is. I only know that my little bird is constantly evolving into a big bird. Fortunately, I’m lying down. Yeah, my little aunt couldn't see it, otherwise it would be ashamed.

Actually, although I have read that kind of book, the helpless people are too small and the understanding is too poor. I only know how the men drop the women, and then the women can have children. As for How and how to drop, then I really don't know. By the way, the kind of book I'm talking about is not the H novel that is full of eyes now. There was no such thing at that time. I was talking about a little bit of H, and the cover of the book had a criminal investigation documentary. But this can be regarded as my enlightenment textbook. Although there is no sexual description in it, even so, I have evolved from a child to an adult because of an article. Well, it should be my lower body that has evolved into an adult.

The article was about a rural woman who fell asleep while breastfeeding her child. She was seen by the father-in-law who passed by. As a result, the father-in-law who had died for many years raped her. The first time there will be a second time. As a result, the father-in-law and daughter-in-law live like a husband and wife, and there is no impermeable wall in the world. This matter was known by a ruffian in the same village, and he used this as a threat to rape the woman again. , And occupied it for a long time, and as a result, the husband-in-law and daughter-in-law dismembered the land ruffian, and in the end they were arrested by our wise and powerful police. The article tells me that we usually rely on the law, and it is sad if we don’t understand the law. We must believe that our great and wise police comrades, Skynet is a TMD but not a leak.

It's a long way. Anyway, seeing this article, especially the description of that breastfeeding, I succeeded in evolving that night. It was originally possible to evolve completely, but helplessly, when I was confused and thought that I was wetting the bed, and then I changed my underwear to go to bed and continued to sleep, instead of delving into the study why the urine is sticky, it means that I only evolve. Successfully succeeded in the lower body, but failed in the evolution of the upper body~!

But that pair of underwear made my mom so excited, and my son finally grew up.

Well, back to the topic.

"Silly little treasure, the baby won't speak until one year old." My aunt reached out and took me into her arms. My aunt still has a good impression of me, and the reason is ridiculous. At that time, my mother accompanied my uncle on a blind date, and I followed him. When I first saw my aunt, I yelled: What a beautiful sister. As a result, I stuck with my little aunt, who was still a pretty sister at the time, and it was because I liked it, which influenced my mother's influence on the little aunt. In the end, they were able to get married, and my credit was not small. Well, let me talk about it here. My little aunt is in a bad family situation, and they are the weaker party during the blind date.

Huh, so cool, my face is stuck between the two tits of my little aunt, and my head keeps rubbing against each other, savoring the rich fragrance of milk. However, the most inadequate is that my little aunt has a bra. My aunt's tits were small and moderate, but because of her pregnancy, she swelled very much. She also brought a very thin and soft bra. I could see the nipples through the maternity clothes. My hands were unwilling to be free, pretending to hug my aunt, but I kept rubbing against my aunt's two full tits. Huhu, so comfortable, I am so happy.

Although she disagrees with my actions, my little aunt found that her breasts were a little sore, her nipples began to harden, and her lower body also felt itchy. My little aunt thought, is it because I have been empty for too long, and I even feel about this little nephew.

"Little aunt, do you want your little uncle?" I asked casually.

When I asked, my aunt also thought of my uncle, and remembered that she seemed to have never enjoyed the fun of fish and water since she was detected to be pregnant. Thinking of this, my little aunt felt even more empty, and felt even stronger for my little movements.

"Okay, okay, Xiaobao, it's time to sleep." My aunt didn't answer my question.

"Oh..." In fact, I just asked casually. I didn't expect my little aunt to ask me to sleep directly. I protested: "My little aunt is still so early, and I still want to watch TV. "Little Bao, I'm very tired from the car today. Go to bed early." My aunt coaxed me gently.

This... I only took a car for less than half an hour when I got here. This reason is too bad, I'm speechless. But think about it, go to bed early, go to bed early, and give my little aunt an obedient impression. How did I know that my aunt told me to go to bed early because I was teasing her just now.

After I lay down, my little aunt said to me: "Little Treasure falls asleep first, and little aunt goes to take a bath." I sweat a lot, haven't I just washed it.

Huh, the bed is full of the tempting smell of my aunt, how can I sleep? I tossed and turned, but couldn't sleep.

Where did I know that there was a scene of mature women masturbating in the bathroom at this time.

My little aunt was lying in the bathtub, her clothes on her body had long been missing. The breasts that were enlarged because of pregnancy were standing proudly, and the pink nipples had already stood up hard, that bulge. A touch of charm is added to his belly, not to mention the looming nectar covered by the black forest under the big belly. My aunt's face was flushed, her eyes blurred, her right hand was constantly twitching under her crotch, and her left hand's fingers kept pinching her right nipple. The big breasts that were already swollen at this time were even stronger because of estrus, but they were on both nipples. I can still see a little milk juice oozing out.

My little aunt groaned and shouted vaguely: "Husband, husband, Xiaobao, oh, so cool, oh, oh..." The movement of the other hand also pinched the nipple It's more important, it seems to be about to climax. At this time, the little aunt was full of lust, and she didn't know who she was shouting, and subconsciously added me, the guy who provoked her sexual desire, into the cry of bed.

"Yi? There is still something about me? It's a pity that I am lying in bed and depressed at this time. How can I know that there is such a great honor to come to me. Ah, you ask me, I am not Lie on the bed? How can you know that my aunt is masturbating? You still know this in detail? This, this, you ask the idiot author to go, what he wrote, it’s none of my business, I’m going to play it in friendship, you see, I will pay for the appearance I haven't asked him yet.

"Ah...Ah..." Maybe I was afraid of being heard. My little aunt's groaning has been very suppressed, until it was about to climax, she shouted loudly. I came out.

After a long time, my little aunt came out of the bathroom. I didn’t expect that I hadn’t slept on the bed and rolled around, thinking that the sound of my bed woke me up, and I felt a while Nervous, he asked tactfully: "Xiaobao, are you still asleep? Did your little aunt wake you up? ""Little aunt, I want you to sleep in a hug. "I have always been confident about the thickness of my face.

"Ah..." My aunt was also taken aback when I heard such a direct request. Could it be that Xiaobao really heard it just now? The whole person is uneasy.

"My mother hugs me to sleep at home, no one can hold me to sleep. "I thought my aunt didn't agree, so I moved my mother out quickly. (See the wonderful adult novel:

When I said this, my aunt was relieved and said with a smile : "You little devil, you are such a big person, you still need someone to hug you. ""Where is their age? I'm still a child. "I quibble. In fact, I'm not happy, because I am getting older and my mother sleeps with me less and less.

"Okay, okay, my little treasure is still young Come, child, come into my little aunt's arms. "My aunt laughed and lay down beside me.

As soon as Aunt Laughing lay down, I immediately hugged my aunt tightly one by one. Huh? My aunt didn’t wear a bra. Phew, I’m so happy.

Maybe just after masturbating, my aunt fell asleep soon after lying down.

But I can’t sleep at all, my aunt’s body fragrance There is also the dandy frankincense, which stimulates me to become more and more awake.

When my aunt fell asleep, my hands began to be dishonest. My hands were separated from the pregnant woman of my aunt Pretend, touched on the two tits of my little aunt, I should have fallen asleep if I could touch the tits, but tonight I don’t know why, I’m so excited, I just don’t want to sleep.

I looked sideways at my little aunt’s beautiful face, and suddenly a bold thought came to my mind. I don’t know if my little aunt has breast milk. After calculating, I think even if I wake up my little aunt, as long as I act like a coquettish, it must be If I can pass the customs safely, maybe my aunt will take the initiative to feed me milk. I can’t help but feel complacent when I think of this, and it strengthened my determination to find milk. I moved my body down, and my head was level with my aunt’s chest. I stretched my head over, grabbed my aunt’s nipple through the thin silk maternity dress, and then sucked it up hard.

No, alas, it’s a pity that I was not only disappointed. I was unwilling to do so. Giving up, I took a few sips, and I was surprised to find a touch of sweetness, hahaha, I have milk, I am so happy, I am so happy. I will continue to work hard, but I only drank a little bit. , I found that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t suck out a little.

Maybe because of my work on her nipples, my aunt groaned and turned around. So she turned her back.

I, forget it, anyway, and it’s a rich harvest at night. I hugged my aunt from behind, and held her double peaks with my hands. Well, the basic work still needs to be implemented, and the minor injuries can’t fall into the line of fire. Not to mention sleeping. Gently rubbed the two nipples, and then fell asleep sweetly.

The happy life has just begun, and the sweet summer vacation has just begun.