Chapter 30 - Ending

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Wake up~Wake up~You are not over yet, your beloved Tangtang is waiting for you...waiting for you...waiting for you...

I feel someone Reminding me...I woke up...I saw that Tangtang was done like a human by A Zhou... I picked up the wooden stick on the ground and hit A Zhou hard, knocking him down. When I was happy , I seem to have been shot in the back with a gun... I fell to the ground again, but because he shot not at an important position, I hit A Zhou with a roll of my hand. "Please... please... don't hit anymore ..." This is Tangtang's voice, I stopped, but Azhou...he...he hit Tangtang's abdomen with a wooden stick... "You bastard! Stop what? Doesn't it hurt? Give it to me. Stop!" "Hold your hands up! You are surrounded!"

I looked back... it turned out to be the police! That's right, I called before, and now it's finally here. I called out anxiously: "The ambulance! Over there!"

They said that they didn't call them for an ambulance... I really failed! I ignored anything, picked up Tangtang, and ran back to the hospital as fast as possible. On the road, I saw Tangtang’s little hole bleeding non-stop. " good really run up..."

Tang Tang spoke to me with his last strength. "You Tangtang...~Now I'm still talking and laughing!" I laughed and cried. "^^~ You really... are... good... husband... father...". "Tangtang! Don't scare me! Go out!" When I arrived at the hospital...I was in a mess, I don't know what Tangtang was like... The doctor came out, "How about Tangtang!"

"Tang Tang? Is Xu Xiangting? You are her..." "Don't say it! Quick! What about her!"

"She... the uterus ruptured, except for this, all other minor injuries , It’s okay, he can go see her." I ran into the ward and arrived at the ward "Tangtang! Tangtang! How are you!"

Not far away I heard laughter "Husband... Xiaokai... I'm here~ You are so big~ You can’t even tell the numbers~ I’m a 107 bed~ not a 101 bed = 3=" Tangtang smiled and said, "Yes, yes! Yes! 107!" I found bed 107 and ran over, 2 meters in front of Tangtang’s bed, and I fell down" "Hahaha~~My good husband is so careless~" "How good are you? Not you, how could I be shot and fallen? "

"Yes, yes~ I will reward you well after I leave the hospital~ Don't cheat me" "Yes!" Don't mess with you anymore! My lovely Tangtang wife! "(See the wonderful adult novel:

Tangtang gently touched my head "good~" a month later... I married Tangtang, but Tangtang I felt a stomachache and vomited! It turned out that after having bb, we are living happily and happily.

~The thanks for watching End~

The final result of the characters

I: Become a sex education teacher and teach sex knowledge

Xiang Ting (Tangtang) works hard to take care of bb and be a beautiful housewife

Hui Wen (Yuanyuan) and Ahai broke up and committed suicide because he couldn't get happiness (Editor Tucao: Who wrote this bad ending?)

Azhou: After I came out, I re-behaved, and finally found a partner ~ living happily

Ahai: Because he was lustful, he became a Taiwanese rapist

Xiaojian: Because he was taught by Tangtang when he was young, he became a scholar, specializing in the study of the human body

< p>Small poem: I can’t look away from being raped, and committed suicide (the editor is unable to complain...)