Chapter 1 - Sweetie Tangtang

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Tangtang is the girlfriend of my classmate Azhou. She has a very cute and cute appearance. She has a petite body-about 160cm, just called it! But it is bumpy, and the skin is white and pure. The most important thing is that she also has a pair of very expected breasts with D cups, and a pair of slender legs.

Once I went to sing with Azhou and Tangtang came, which was the first time I saw her, she was only wearing a close-fitting cutie, and the neckline was not very high and full A small part of the hemisphere is exposed, and the lower body is a short skirt, almost all of the two pink legs are exposed, and the buttocks are slightly twisted when walking, and the flavor is full.

Later Tangtang often came to our dormitory, and gradually I became more and more familiar with her...

Perhaps I felt like a good friend or relative to her. Same, so she is not wary of me, so as long as she is in a bad mood or quarreling with Azhou, she will call me to talk to me, or she will complain to me...

One time, Tangtang Because Azhou went back to the south, she was very bored by herself, so she called me to accompany her to the beach...

When I went to her house to pick her up, when I saw her, she was really dressed. Nosebleed madly-she is wearing a strapless cutie and a short pants. Her breasts are already big and the cutie is very tight. More than half of her breasts are exposed. After I came out, I usually see her in a conservative dress. I didn't expect him to be so sexy today. I was dumbfounded at the time.

I’m riding NSR, so Tangtang must hold me. I feel that Tangtang’s breasts are touching me behind my back. It’s gentle and plump, making him dizzy and high. Zhi Zhi, stopped by a red light, dropped my left hand and rudely touched Tangtang's knees and thighs.

Tang Tang just said in my ear: "Don’t be seen by people on the road like this!"

But I didn’t see her resisting, so I boldly went Touched the inner thigh, and it didn't take long to hear Tangtang's slight wheezing!

I feel very sexual, I don’t even know if the green light is green or Tangtang tells me: "The little pervert is still touching the green light!"

I filled the car and rushed forward, and Tangtang’s chest was pushed forward and placed on my back, making me feel very comfortable.

I reached out to touch my thigh after halfway through the ride...

"Hey! You are here again!" Tangtang really had nothing to do with me.

Tangtang later lazily resisted letting me be frivolous, but she just hugged my waist, touched me, and then touched her breasts. Tangtang’s breasts really changed. Big and round, it feels very comfortable to the touch. Tangtang’s breasts were surrounded by bursts of sour beauty. When Tangtang and I were intoxicated again, I was in a trance, and I ran through a red light before the brakes.

This unexpected incident made Tangtang and I both frightened into a cold sweat...

"In this way, the two of us arrived at Baisha Bay in a thrilling and dangerous way!"


I walked with her hand in hand on the beach, feeling like a couple, but suddenly she pushed me to the beach!

I looked at her in astonishment...

"Who told you to keep eating my tofu just now? This is a punishment for you!" Tangtang said with a smile.

I was not to be outdone by spraying water at her. In the end, her white little cutie suddenly became transparent.

I was tired from playing with her, so I lay on the beach and rested, and she held Yi Wei tightly by my side, and I looked at her affectionately...

She saw me Looking at her like this, the whole face turned red, and I kissed her scented lips like a small cherry mouth so I couldn’t kill myself. Seeing that she didn’t have any resistance, I overwhelmed her to the ground, and I slowly pushed her down. The little cutie pushed her chest above her chest, and her sugary white and undulating breasts were exposed in front of me.

"Ah! Don't!" Tangtang said softly.

Don’t use it, it’s no use, Tangtang gently pushes me with her hands, but can’t push me at all. It is so full, I can only grasp two-thirds of each side, I feel great touch, especially the part of the fingers, because it is caught on the beautiful flesh that is not covered by the bra, it is even more impressive Unforgettable.

Then I emptied my right hand to untie her trousers, and I hooked down Tangtang’s bra with the fingertips of my left hand. Tangtang’s heart began to have electricity in a panic, but she couldn’t stop her breasts from jumping out. The pair of breasts were round and firm, delicate and flawless. The pink nipples were half-soft and half-soft embedded in the small areola. The cock in my pants swelled hard on impulse, Wu Wuming fire burned in my chest.

Suddenly I felt a pain in my tongue... I was bitten while kissing her, my whole body was exhausted for a while, and then I felt my face was being pushed away. I slapped a hot slap, I was stunned at the time, and then I quickly pulled down her exposed breasts to cover it with clothes, and then tidy up her clothes.

"I will ignore you after you are like this!" Tangtang said angrily. I was a little panicked when I heard this, so I rushed to accompany her!

But I believe in my friendship with Tangtang, she ignores me because she shouldn’t be like this...but I’m still afraid, I’ve been by her side to make her happy, and finally Tangtang smiles Now, the big stone in the center of my heart is also let go, I'm afraid she is really ignoring me.

"Look! Your whole body is covered with sand. Why don't you accompany me to clean it!" Tangtang said with a smile.

"It's the eldest lady, let's go! My whole body is itchy too!"

Then Tangtang took my hand and ran towards the bathroom...

When we got to the bathroom, Tangtang told me playfully, "You can't take a peek!"

"Anyway, what's wrong with you just being seen by me?" I half Said jokingly.

"I ignore you!" He glared at me and ran into the toilet.

When I came out, I saw that she was only wearing a close-fitting T-Shirt with nothing inside... the breast shape of the entire breast was shown, and even the nipples of the two pink powders were visible. See.

"Tangtang, you didn't wear underwear!" I asked in surprise.

"It's not all you killed! You made it all sandy and the whole piece is wet, how to wear it!" He said to me with a little red face and a little angrily.

"It's my fault, let's go home!" I said respectfully.

"It was your fault! And I didn’t wear a bra, it’s not cheap for you!"

I don’t even dare to talk any more for fear of offending sugar after thinking about it. Tang, she took her hand and went to the car together...

On the way home, Tangtang hugged me tightly...

"Tangtang, your breasts are still It's so big!" I joked.

"You are not serious again!" Then I deliberately whipped the two soft and elastic meat balls on my back.

"Heh! Heh!" I said, "Tangtang, isn't it cheaper for me?"

"Anyway, you have taken all my advantage, not bad. A little bit!" Tangtang said playfully.

"Tangtang, are you my girlfriend, okay?" I mustered up all my courage, knowing that this is impossible, but still said.

"Kay! I'm sorry I really love my boyfriend, I really can't agree to your request, and I'm not bad like this." Tangtang said a little unbearable.

We both sank for a while and didn’t speak, then Tangtang said: "Your face will still hurt!"

She didn’t say that I had forgotten that I was beaten A slap...

"It hurts! Of course it hurts! Are you trying to hit me hard!"

Then Tangtang gently stroked my cheek: "I'm sorry. It hurts you!"

"My little brother hurts even more! I kicked her when I got up with you! You have to apply it to her too!" I said jokingly.

"It's true that it's not serious!" Tangtang asked with a little skepticism.

Unexpectedly, she really touched my trousers with her slender hands. Tangtang is this kind of girl. She believes everything she says... In fact, she just rejected me. Want to compensate me and solve my lust!

Touching Tangtang and said in surprise: "It's so hard..."

I jokingly said: "Who do you think made it hard!" (see wonderful Adult novel:

Tangtang just touched my pants stall and said: "Poor... poor... I hurt you!"

< p>Next, Tangtang seems to be addicted to the touch. Yes, she found my dick from my panties and took it out to caress...

Tangtang’s hands are small and tender, and they slide over my glans. At that time, my dick would shake slightly. She knew that this would make me very happy, so she repeated it.

Gradually, I feel that because the accumulation has reached its peak, I am afraid that it will burst out at any time. Tangtang can put the whole dick to the end at this time, and hurriedly smoked a few times before whispering to me. Said: "Uncomfortable...will it hurt..."

I finally couldn't bear it, the glans suddenly swelled, Tangtang heard my breathing and knew I was going to play, and the right hand was still Rubbing the dick, spreading the palm of my left hand to cover the glans, I sighed lightly, and sprayed the thick essence into her palm.

Tangtang retracted her left palm, stretched out in front of me, and said: "I'll eat it for you!"

At this moment we encountered a red light again, and I stopped the car. I hurriedly thanked her and declined, and she said, "Chuck..." and she kept smiling. How could she wipe off the semen from her hand with facial tissue, and help me withdraw my dick by the way, and then we went on the road again.

Riding, Tangtang fell asleep holding me because she was very tired after a day of playing.

I really hope that this section of the road will not end so soon, but it didn’t take long to go to her house. I woke her up and told her that it was home. After she got off the car, she kissed me and it became red. Ran into the house.

After I watched her back from my eyes, I rode back to the dormitory and ended a happy day......