Chapter 861 - My last journey with my wife

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"Understood, I understand it!" I nodded silently, and finally understood my wife's decision, and my heart was ashamed.

Perhaps, I really don’t have the right to have her anymore, I don’t have the right to ask her to make any sacrifices for me, compromise, all of which, she has already given too much, if I make her embarrassed again, I am insatiable NS.

"Goodbye, my love! Remember to be happy." My wife touched my cheek reluctantly, and handed the divorce agreement into my hands.

Looking at that agreement, no matter how painful and unwilling I am, I can't force it anymore. Looking at her slowly moving back, at this moment, I finally realized that, unconsciously, our feelings have passed away, and we have reached the end.

There is too much reluctance in my heart, and there are too many things to say, but I can't say it anymore. As she was about to step into the house, I calmly yelled "Yunjuan!"

My wife turned her head quietly.

"The day after tomorrow is Dad's 60th birthday, can you accompany me?" I begged.

The wife trembles tenderly, thinking for a long time, and nodding gently.

"Thank you." I said with a strong smile.

"Take care." The wife endured her emotions and closed the door.

Looking at her disappearing behind the door, looking at the empty surroundings, everything lost its color and became bleak. I finally understand why my wife can't cry when she writes a letter. I want to cry now, and want to yell loudly, but I can't shed a single tear, but my heart hurts harder.

I don’t know how long I stood in front of the door, and I don’t know how I got home. Facing this home that is no longer warm and laughs, I don't know how to face it, how to face a home without her, and how to face a future without her. I dare not face everything at home, because I think of her when I see everything. Thinking of her laughter, thinking of the warmth she stayed here.

My home has also become hazy, so I can no longer see clearly. I can only escape to the door, fall and fall down, sleep in the yard dazedly, looking at the sky blankly, thinking back to everything we have in the past, the laughter, happiness, and even the quarrels have become sweet. When I woke up, I remembered. When I was tired, I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I slept in a drowsy day until I was awakened by my wife's phone call.

She reminded me that today is my dad’s birthday, and I gradually wake up. Dragging her tired body to her feet, let her wait, I will pick her up soon.

Hang up the phone, although I was weak, I still had to cheer up. I got up and went back to the house, wanting to be clear, but when I saw myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but laughed like a self-deprecating smile, my eyes were bloodshot, my face was full of scum, my hair stuck together, and I looked at myself in the mirror. , I kept cursing deserved it, this is all retribution.

I was very tired from laughing, tears of laughter flowed out, laughing like an abandoned dog.

I took a shower, shaved, and looked at myself in the mirror becoming a little bit more energetic, but not happy at all. The outside may be easy to change, but it is the heart that is hard to change.

Changed to clean clothes, originally wanted to wear a tie, but ended up throwing it back on the bed. Going downstairs and driving to my father-in-law's house, I was a little excited, happy, and missed when I thought of seeing my wife again, but when I thought that I was about to finish the last part of the road, I was a little scared and sad.

With mixed emotions, I drove to the door of my father-in-law’s house. No one came out at the house. Only my wife was waiting at the door. She also brought a lot of gifts in her hand. I am a little touched, but it is more difficult to give up.

Get out of the car and approached, her eyes interchanged, she bitterly said, "You are haggard."

I smiled bitterly, and quietly took the things in her hand and put it in the car Inside.

"Promise me, don't torture yourself, okay, just live well." The wife couldn't bear it.

"Without you..." At this point, I paused, and the second half of "How do I live a good life" did not say, because at this moment, I already understand that talking about this will only make her more painful. Qiang smiled and nodded, and said softly, "I will work hard."

Maybe I understand what I want to say. I don't know if I am grateful or thankful. My wife stretched out her hand again and stroked my face.

Feeling her warmth, I miss it very much, and I am very happy. I can't wait for time to stay here forever. But sometimes, the more I feel for the other person, the more harm I will leave for the other person. I slowly walked away from the saying, "Let's go, I will be late anyway."

My wife nodded and got into the car.

There was nothing to say all the way, we all stayed quietly, feeling each other, feeling this last time. At first, she could still be depressed, but when she got to the back, her eyes were red, avoiding my sight from time to time, and wiping tears secretly.

This makes my heart more uncomfortable. I still love each other in my heart, but I have to separate. Perhaps this is also life, but also reality.

When I was about to get home, I finally couldn't help it. A sudden brake stopped the car on the side of the road. My wife was a little surprised at first, but she quickly understood. I flipped out the cigarette case in the car, opened the door, and walked down.

I lit a cigarette and inhaled it forcefully. I let the throat-piercing smoke burn my throat, but I didn't want to stop. Suddenly, I somewhat understood why Ye Ziyan liked to hide in the smoke. Perhaps, only in this way can people avoid reality and live in a world without pain. At this moment, I also like this taste and feeling.

"Don't smoke, it's bad for your health." My wife didn't know when to get out of the car and stood beside me.

"It's okay, I just want to try." I said, looking at the slowly burning sparks.

The wife smiled bitterly and was not talking. Maybe she understood and understood that I needed to find something to vent.

After smoking a cigarette, I clicked on another cigarette. She whispered, "We will all be happy later, or they will see it."

"Yeah!" I looked back at her and nodded.

After smoking two cigarettes, I usually smoke less, and I feel a little dizzy, but I feel a lot better and my mood finally calmed down a bit. The wife didn't like the smell of smoke, so she hid in the car early.

I took a deep breath and got into the car and started on the road again.

One hour later, the car stopped in front of the house. After several years of development, the village has been opened to traffic, unlike before, it can only be driven to the entrance of the village.

The village is also very different. The former Dawei houses have become single-family houses and courtyards. Many of the residents who moved out moved back in order to pay dividends to the village each year and also to do some business. The village has been expanded a lot more than before, with more people and more lively.

I wanted to take my parents to live in the city in the first two years. After all, wherever I am, I also take care of each other. My mother didn't say anything, but my father wasn't happy. In his opinion, he had lived here all his life. I was used to it. I am not used to where I live. Only come to my place for a few days every year when I have free time, and then go home. They insisted that I had nothing but to pay and renovate the house at home, hoping that they could live in a more comfortable place.

Now I have become a celebrity in the village, and many children know me. Seeing me coming back, the children who had been waiting at the door of the house early in the morning rushed to the inside cheeringly, shouting excitedly that the uncle is back, the uncle is back, maybe someone told him to report the letter.

Many people who smoked nearby also gathered around and greeted enthusiastically.

The video about the wife, according to netizens who have read the original text, was taken by the wife.

Know that the wife doesn’t know about traveling in advance. From the text, it’s basically a direct departure from the club. The wife can only say that it is a temporary intention. Then the specific equipment and method of secret shooting are a problem. , Of course, this is the last section, the author does not explain it and it will not affect the reading.

But since my wife intends to make a video, she refuses to do it with Yang Xu. Hao Hao will not take a sneak shot. The battery of the equipment is dead?

The key is why the wife made this video? Stimulate Xu Lei? His wife thought that Xu Lei would not be able to bear it with his own eyes. If Xu Lei could not accept this, could he change it for 3 years? To be honest, if his wife behaves too passionately with Yang Xu, too intoxicated, and too proactive, Xu Lei will be drumming instead.

In addition, his wife has been changing wives for 3 years, and Yang Xu is also an old opponent in bed, so I shouldn’t be so cautious. What is the difference between his wife’s performance and before the change? The men in the club picked it up. She might have a sense of freshness the first time, but it’s really meaningless to play the second time. Not only did she not actively serve, she didn’t even actively cater to her, she just lay on the bed in a passive posture to the end, and the two of them didn’t communicate or couldn’t. What's so happy about Yang Xu is just venting. This kind of club has to catch up with a wife. Once the novelty passes, it's really boring. Can everyone play for 3 years?

So I think this is not the state of his wife in the club in the past. According to the sex scenes between his wife and Zhou Cang that Xu Lei witnessed, the original text says that "both people in bed are fully engaged in this war. The wife seems I was completely lost, and my wife’s response made me unable to let go. My wife’s cry became more and more drunk and turned into screams.” This is obviously different from the performance in the video. The most private parties, if the wife behaves like in the video, Zhou Cang is ill, always thinking about his wife.

According to his wife’s monologue, his wife’s evaluation of that time was "Zhou Cang is very good, he knows women very well, he can make women forget everything and accompany him to fall. It was crazy that night, and I couldn’t help but shout Loudly, there was an unstoppable evil pleasure and desire. It made me want to stop and fall completely."

If the first sex scene with Su Feng was formal, then the wife described the second monologue " That night we were sitting in front of the window, drinking and chatting. He was an erudite, understood the situation and people's minds. I asked him a lot. He also patiently explained and gave me the answer. Later, we fell asleep without knowing it. Huo Lixiang is a gentle person, just like he talks and behaves, but I am familiar with this kind of gentleness, and I like it very much. When I woke up the next day, I didn't have as many emotions as last time, but became a little calm."< /p>

As for Wu Peng, who didn’t even say a few words, took a pornographic photo, "It’s hard to tell whether he is intoxicated with his compliments, or he likes the atmosphere at the moment. Regarding the request he made later, I was not resisting in my heart. He offered to be naked. I was satisfied with him and also satisfied myself. The intoxicating atmosphere gradually became intoxicated, and the next thing seemed to be a matter of course."

After Yang’s reconciliation, his wife’s performance became more open. Every time she went to the club, she dressed up sexy and attractive. She played in a vacuum and dared to play in sexy panties. She also performed a naked show at the anniversary. Wang Lingyun commented, "Your wife Not bad, such a sensitive woman is rarely encountered!" Guo Xiang dared to ask his wife for strange interest, and dared to ask for a back court. If his wife is like the video, would Guo Xiang dare to mention it? (See the wonderful adult novel:

My wife’s explanation for this is "I divided myself into two in my heart, one to live with Lei, the other to accompany Lei to change his wife. , I only know the woman who follows him in pursuit of desire." This sentence appeared before going to participate in the second wife swap.

All of the above indicate that the wife can face it calmly from the second wife exchange, and will start to enjoy it when she returns to the club after the Xiao Yang incident.

Then why the performance in the video is like that? From the text, it should be three years later, the pressure of the elders and the wife’s own desire to have children, in the face of the rise of motherhood, in that personality The split-up women who pursue desires seem superfluous and even disgust them.

When the wife disliked this incident, she asked to quit, but for the sake of her husband, she had to continue, so that time in the video was painful.

The final result is to try to restrain yourself and force a smile. Medically speaking, if you try to control yourself for a long time, you will use a lot of sympathetic nerves and cause psychological pressure. However, this is also reflected in the text.

Do you think this explanation is more reasonable?

So I think that the wife has always been in pain in the article, which is inconsistent with the previous article, and the wife didn’t speak her heart until the divorce. This song?

About the memories of the love between the two, I have only one feeling. They are not suitable. It is not the love that appreciates each other, but the love that is moved. It is no wonder that the marriage crisis occurred at the age of 26 after four years of marriage. The reason is that the two should not be together in the first place. It is also a story of an inferiority struggling country man and a city local woman. A man doesn’t struggle and says you are unworthy. A man struggles and says you only have money in his eyes. Is it easy for a man? And the cheating brother-in-law.

As soon as the plot came out, it was the fault of the wrong family. Men are no better than women, and happiness will not grow!

This ending, in order to abuse the heart, simply ignores the rationality of the previous setting and development, and then married and divorced, living in the same city, and seeing nothing for seven years is purely for abuse. Abused.