Chapter 1 - Wife swap

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Wife swap is a sensitive, spurned, but curious thing.

My name is Xu Lei, and my wife Yun Juan is a very beautiful woman. I fell in love with her when I first met. After four years of marriage, I still love her as I did before, but love is not enough in life.

Leo Tolstoy said that life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy work.

Chernyshevsky also said that life, only in the eyes of ordinary people, is empty and plain.

Maybe we are on the crossroads of life and life. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the company's requirements are getting higher and higher. I don't know whether it is because of the pressure of life or being exhausted by work. Energy. In the past two years, the relationship between my wife and I has gradually faded.

We are still sleeping on the same bed, and we are sure to love each other, but without that passion, even sex has become completely dependent on physical needs, sometimes once every half a month, sometimes even one Not once in the month, each time it is more like perfunctory each other.

Although we are tacitly aware, I can feel that we are slowly losing something.

I have heard a lot of the topic of wife swap before, but I never thought it would happen in my life.

The cause of this incident has to start on the wife’s twenty-sixth birthday, perhaps earlier, but we didn’t even notice it. Life is like this, little by little has changed unconsciously, when you find out, it is too late.

I promised my wife the night before that I would spend her birthday with her the next day. Who knows that the heavens do not obey the wishes of the people, and something went wrong that day. A few days ago, I received a plan for a promotional event. I was in a hurry. I worked overtime and handed it up yesterday, but I was suddenly beaten back by the team leader. He said that the propaganda department was dissatisfied, and he scolded the team leader. A meal.

The group leader has suffered, and the following ones can't escape. The person in charge of my project team even took a bloody head scolded by the team leader. If it wasn't for tomorrow, he would almost smash the planning book on my head.

In fact, we can’t be blamed on all of us. The time is rushed. It takes three days to get it, and it needs to be handed over to the propaganda department one day in advance. How can we make perfect things if we don’t have enough time. On the remaining day, I bit my head and summoned the team members to start anew. I changed them twice before and after. After three times of scolding, I didn't work overtime until 11 o'clock in the evening.

Reluctantly, the team members were relieved and invited to have a drink and relax. I also agreed. When I was out of the company, I saw more than a dozen missed calls on my mobile phone. . He was so busy that he completely forgot about his wife's birthday. When he hurried home to bid farewell to his colleagues, it was already twelve o'clock.

The room was dark and the lights went out. This house is mortgaged by my wife and I, and it is considered to have a home of our own.

When I turned on the light and saw the unopened cake on the table and the cold table full of wine and vegetables, I felt very guilty and I felt very sorry for her. When I walked back to the room, I saw the body curled up on the bed, I just wanted to hug her tightly. I lay gently beside her, reaching out to hug her.

She didn't fall asleep at all, and I was pushed away as soon as I touched her body. The backlog of emotions broke out completely, and immediately accused me of not taking her to heart, and even with some words, he yelled at me.

I originally wanted to wait for her to wake up, apologize and make up for it. But she was irritated and lost reason. She couldn't listen to what I said. She explained it for half an hour. I also lost patience. The emotions accumulated when the company was scolded by the team leader also broke out. We had a big fight. As a result I was rushed to the living room to sleep all night.

For the next half month, she ignored me, and was rejected even for physical needs, which made me very annoyed. Every day when I go home, either she falls asleep, or she just sits and watches TV, completely treating me as air.

I thought about explaining and apologizing when she was calm. But every time I approached and saw her staring at me defensively, anger surged in my heart. I am the husband of her four years, and I am not a thief who broke into the house. The apology for this has been delayed again and again, and I can feel that if this continues, our marriage may come to an end sooner or later.

Facing this deserted home all day long, I am helpless and distressed. I don't know why it became like this. I still love her, I know she still loves me, I really want to save our marriage, but there is nothing I can do.

I didn't want to go home after work, and didn't want to face the cold room. I hid in a bar close to home and drank. When I was almost drunk, I went home and fell asleep without thinking about anything. When I woke up the next day, I woke up and went to work with a headache.

At this moment, in that bar, the woman who changed my half-life conception, led me on this road, and made me unable to extricate myself on this road, quietly appeared beside me.

That was the third day I hid in the bar. The bar was dimly lit and decorated in an old fashioned style, which made people feel the traces of the years. There are old-fashioned vinyl records on the bar, the music is quiet, and there are few customers. The waiter at the bar quietly wipes the wine glasses. It seems that no one can bear to ruin the atmosphere here. Everyone's conversation is very quiet.

The atmosphere is romantic, and the whole bar gives people a feeling of falling leaves in autumn and winter, approaching dusk, and old people in the evening. The atmosphere here is very suitable for people like me who want to escape from life and find a temporary shelter, so I don't like it here.

Sitting for an hour and drinking three bottles of beer, the only thing that is gratifying to come here is the increase in alcohol consumption. In the past, I couldn't even drink one bottle, and I would vomit with two bottles, but I was just a little dizzy after drinking three bottles today.

"Handsome guy, alone?"

The tone is elegant, not abrupt at all, without the charm of trying to seduce men, more like an unrelated passerby, asking for time. I heard the sound first, and then smelled the scent of eau de toilette. It was not certain that it was perfume, and it was more like sandalwood from ancient woods.

The sound and taste are in line with the atmosphere here, giving people the feeling of having experienced the vicissitudes of life. Originally I thought it would be a mature woman of thirty-five, six, or forties, but when I turned my head, my mind was still blank for a few seconds.

Standing next to her is a young woman no more than twenty-six or seven, with long wavy hair tucked together, draped diagonally over her shoulders, delicate eyebrows, and bright red lips. Wearing a black tight-fitting high-slit long cheongsam, long legs wrapped in shredded meat, looming in the gaps of the cheongsam, black high-heeled shoes are shining, like a woman who has just walked off the stage of the old Shanghai song in the 1930s.

The cheongsam is cut to fit, the figure is concave and convex, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, the faint smile is outlined, the white neck is exposed outside, like an elegant black swan, and there is no unattractiveness in the whole body. The man's gaze. I have never seen such a woman, except on TV.

The woman is very beautiful and sultry, but she clearly didn't know her. After thinking that she had admitted the wrong person, I turned around and continued drinking.

For my neglect, the woman was not angry, and continued to smile lightly: "Don't mind if I sit here!" After finishing speaking, she sat on the high chair next to me without waiting for my reply.

After the woman sat down, I couldn't help but secretly glanced at her again. She reminded me of a sentence, "The past is one, the sky is clear, and the earth is clear." To describe her, I only have the word Qingning in my mind. There is no glitz of modern urban women, and there is no such thing. Gu Ying Ye women do not eat fireworks, everything is just right, like a glass of aged red wine, exuding a charming fragrance.

"Aren't you boring to drink alone?" The woman said, opening a pink clutch with black borders in her hand, took out a box of ladies' cigarettes, and handed me one.

Through the faint light of the bar, I saw the woman's slender, slender fingers, which looked very white in the dark. She did not paint her nails, but they were smooth and shiny. The silver ring that flickered on the ring finger also fell in my eyes. For some reason, at that moment, I felt a little regretful.

I usually rarely smoke, and shook my head at the woman.

Seeing that I don’t smoke, the woman bent her eyebrows and raised her mouth. She seemed a little surprised. I can’t quit.” As he said, he took out a cigarette and tucked it between his fingers, took out a lady’s lighter, and when he was about to ignite, stopped, looked at me and asked, "Don’t mind if I smoke!"

The cigarette in her hand is slender, with a pure white butt. I can't recognize the brand. When I asked her, I felt the joy of being respected. I smiled and shook my head.

The woman responded with a smile, and skillfully opened the lid of the lighter, her red lips lightly held the cigarette butt. (Look at the wonderful adult novel:

This picture made me turn my head in a hurry and concentrate on drinking. It is estimated that many men who have seen this picture have dreamed of being the cigarette butt in the red lips.

With a sound of "噌", a sliver of fire ignited in the dim, and after igniting a spark, it quickly extinguished. The sparks were shining, and the woman sucked gently, her lips moisturized with her tongue, and then she slowly spit out a mist.

Her eyes are blurred, and the white smoke from her red lips resembles the dust of a lifetime. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol, or she’s so beautiful that she is unbelievable, and she looks so unreal in the smoke that makes me feel like in a dream.

"May I buy you a drink?" The woman waved her hand off the lid of the lighter and said, her movements were proficient, as if she had practiced countless times.

I wanted to say no, but before I could speak, she greeted the bartender and said, "Give this gentleman a glass of old Shanghai."

The bartender smiled Nodding, quickly select materials on the wine rack. From the attitude of the bartender, it can be seen that she may be a frequent visitor here, and she is very familiar here.

"Thank you!" The bartender is already bartending, I can't refuse, I can only say to the woman.

Soon, the bartender put the mixed wine in a cocktail glass and pushed it in front of me.

I have never tasted bartending, and I rarely drink white wine. Smelling the strong smell of wine from the glass, I hesitated to look at the beautiful woman next to me.

The woman shook the ashes, smiled and motioned and said, "Try it."