Chapter 26 - Reason

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"Sister... really amazing... can last so long... you are still the first one."

Cai Yan wanted to delay the conversation and think about the next countermeasure, but The two were tangled together and rubbed each other, causing pleasure to flow all over the body, and even a simple word was spoken intermittently and breathlessly.

"Sister, you...are you's a pity you...can't beat me."

Zhen Mi, who has been at a disadvantage, is already on the verge of climax, relying on the long-term The spirit that had been tempered against Diao Chan lasted until this time, but the wind did not fall on his lips.

"Hmph... I see you... It's... a duck in July and a half... with a stiff mouth, depending on how long you... can hold..."

Cai Yanji In my heart, the advantage is now obvious, so why bother to win quickly? Just use conventional methods to stimulate Zhen Mi's sensitive parts and maintain the advantage to win. After making up his mind, Cai Yan picked up Zhen Mi's leg in one hand, straddled it, and kneaded Zhen Mi's breasts with the other, teasing his opponent's nipples from time to time, and the vulva was rubbed against the vulva. It seems that the two people are stimulated by the same stimulus. Zhen Mi is known for being a dragon ball, and is good at using cunts. Every time, she can pinch Diao Chan and want to die, but Zhen Mi knows that dealing with Cai Yan and her cunt are actually in fact. It’s self-defeating: the two were once close friends in the boudoir, and they were inseparable. They knew the details of each other long before they broke up. When Cai Yan smiled, two lovely pear vortices appeared on both cheeks-this is One of the characteristics of women with flying dragon cunts, flying dragon cunts ranks second among the twelve cunts in the world, second only to dragon balls, and in some people’s eyes even better than dragon balls, this kind of cunt is in the center of the two strands. It straddles the roots from left to right, like the wings of a bird, and the Yumen is narrow, and the fascia is very narrow and tight. The most important feature of flying dragon cunt is that once it produces pleasure, the surrounding muscles of the labia and fascia will suddenly become wrinkled. And it vibrates frequently, as if a bird flaps its left and right wings and is about to flutter its wings. When it vibrates and rubs against a man’s penis, the irritation is particularly strong, and during sex fights, all attempts to clamp the labia of the dragon cunt with the labia It is often bounced off by the vibration it produces and is more irritated. It can be said that Feilong Cunt is the nemesis of all women who use the bite of the labia as a trick. This is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire for Zhen Mi, even if Do not bite each other’s labia, the pleasure of grinding each other also makes her want to die, and biting the other’s labia will make her suffer even more backlash. Cai Yan has taken a fancy to this point and chose to go directly. Opposite grinding. The vent of the approaching orgasm is gradually devouring Zhen Mi’s reason. She tried her best to restrain her urge to vent her body, but the stimulation of her pussy rubbing against each other made her cheeks flushed, screamed repeatedly, and her whole body was soft and weak, and she had basically lost it. The ability to resist. Seeing Zhen Mi's appearance, Cai Yan concluded that she could only parry but not fight back. Her victory was only a matter of time. She completely ignored the pleasure brought by mutual grind, and attacked Zhen Mi more vigorously. What I didn't expect was that a subconscious thought of my own ruined the victory that I had almost obtained. Seeing that victory was in sight, Cai Yan straightened one of the legs that straddled Zhen Mi, and put her slender feet on Zhen Mi’s constantly screaming mouth. This is her favorite posture to humiliate each other. She thinks Zhen Mi has already There is no possibility of counterattack.

Zhen Mi thinks the same way. When she was about to give up, she suddenly felt something blocking her mouth. She fixed her eyes and Cai Yanzheng seemed to be mocking. Her eyes tucked her feet to her mouth. This kind of humiliation was unacceptable to her arrogant, and she threw the idea of ​​giving up out of the sky. At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she had read in a book of medical skills that the soles of human feet This acupuncture point, called the Chui Yin acupoint (which I made indiscriminately), is located below the sole of the foot. It stimulates the acupuncture point and has the effect of inducing estrus. I didn't care about it at the time. , Fight with her!

Cai Yan didn't expect that Zhen Mi, who was screaming just now, suddenly grabbed her foot that was stuffed in her mouth and licked it frantically. What she didn't expect was that Zhen Mi She just licked her feet, but the whole body seemed to be licked by her. There was an indescribable excitement and pleasure, which pushed her to the brink of collapse. She didn't care about attacking Zhen Mi again, she wanted to take her feet back immediately. , But Zhen Mi clung to her foot like holding a life-saving straw, and licked every inch of that beautiful foot. Without letting go of any corner, the thumb of her left hand was pressed on the position of the acupuncture point. , Stimulates this acupuncture point slowly and powerfully. Modern medicine has proved that there are reflection areas of almost all internal organs on the soles of human feet. Among the 12 meridians connecting the human body, 6 of them are the most important: the spleen meridian, the stomach meridian, the bladder meridian, the kidney meridian, and the liver. The meridian and gall bladder meridian, so it is said that "the sole of the foot is the mirror reflecting the whole body", and the acupuncture points stimulated by Zhen Mi correspond to the parts of the genitals. In addition to licking other parts of the feet, it is equivalent to stimulating the acupuncture points of her whole body. This kind of excitement and pleasure is really difficult for ordinary people to resist. Cai Yan has never felt this kind of pleasure before, and was pushed to the edge of the orgasm. At this time, it was her turn to scream frantically, twisting her body to want Break free, and the two people's genitals are still close together. Cai Yan's twisting makes the two people's genitals start to grind again. With half a stick of work, neither of them can help but vent their pleasure. At the same time When the climax came, a large amount of yin essence spurted from the lower body of the two, smashed and splashed, scattered on the two of them, and the violent gasp made the towering chests of the two people keep rising and falling. They both closed their eyes and accumulated savings. With strength, they know that it is not over yet. When the breathing was stable, the two struggled to get up without any extra words, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, lower body to lower body, the two were lingering together again, and a new round of battle began...

The next morning, when the two of them walked out of the hut, they held hands. To outsiders, they seemed to be close friends in the boudoir. Only they knew how intense the madness last night was, and they fought each other. It is conceivable that Cai Yan’s unexpected sexual skills did not achieve the expected results, and other aspects, such as fascination, kiss skills, maneuvers, leg skills, physical skills, and cunt skills are all inferior to Zhen Mi. Although Yan lingered with Zhen Mi until dawn with stronger physical strength than normal women, but in the end he was defeated because of Bi Zhen Mi's venting too much. Before leaving, Zhen Mi asked a question that she had been puzzled by: "I still don't understand the reason why you insist on challenging me. It doesn't seem to be to hug the big tree of my husband."

Cai Yan smiled and said: "Just to test my abilities."

"Test? I don't understand."

Cai Yan smiled helplessly and looked. She did not explain to her that Zhen Mi would not give up her wariness, "I have an enemy in Xudu, I guess she is very strong in this aspect, so I want to find an opponent to test whether she has the strength to fight her. It’s just that I didn’t expect to be able to meet you. I will use your suspicion."

Zhen Mi is even more curious now: "Your enemy is..."

Cai With a fierce gleam in Yan's eyes, two words popped out with gritted teeth: "Diao Chan."

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Diao Chan sits on the carriage and looks out through the window , I will be in Xudu soon, and I can see the city walls of Xudu vaguely. This expedition is really hard, but there are unexpected gains, such as fighting with Er Qiao. Speaking of Er Qiao, she couldn't help but think of two things. The first thing is that when she left Chaisang to return to Jiangling, Qiao Chun and Qiao Xiang both came to see off. Qiao Xiang talked about her husband, Zhou Yu, and Qiao Xiang said: "My husband was very upset that night, and said that Zhuge Liang’s aggressive method I valued "Jie Zheng" too much but ignored "Jie Cai" in the end. I said that I didn’t understand. He explained that "I originally thought that using the five elements of war can help Zhuge Liang, but he didn’t expect Kong Ming to ask you and me. I started with your love and asked me to dedicate you to Cao Cao. I didn't know what was wrong at the time. I heard your cry when we were dating, and I was caught in the trick of Zhuge village husband. "

I was so frightened that I was in a cold sweat at the time!"

Qiao Chun leaned forward and back after hearing a smile, but he didn't expect that the two of them had actually helped Zhuge Liang indirectly in the battle.

The second thing is that she went back to Jiangling and saw Cao Cao. The first thing Cao Cao asked was nonchalant: "How?"

It made all the ministers look at each other. Of course, Diao Chan himself knew what Cao Cao asked, and replied: "All the country's colors are also."

Cao Cao was overjoyed, but the battle book presented by Diao Chan changed Cao Cao's face. Overjoyed for a while and furious for a while, Cao Cao's face at that time was really funny. Diao Chan couldn't help but smile at the thought of this. Looking up again, he has reached the gate of Xudu City. There are a lot of people at the gate. Basically, they are all to greet Mrs. Bian. Among them, Cao Pi and Cao Zhi who stay in Xudu are naturally the leaders. Diao Chan got out of the carriage and saw Cao Pi at first sight. Behind her, Zhen Mi was also staring at her. The two of them didn't seem to have changed. They were still shining and moving the world. Then Diao Chan noticed that there was a radiant woman beside Zhen Mi. This woman was with her. Zhen Mi's beauty is different, it belongs to a kind of intellectual beauty. This woman is staring at herself for some reason.

When her mother returned, Cao Pi, Cao Zhi and others naturally went to see her mother first. After the greeting, Zhen Mi took the beauty to Diao Chan. The two looked at each other first, sparked a spark, and then Zhen Mi Cai introduced to Diao Chan: "This is my good old sister, the talented woman who just got back from the Xiongnu—Cai Yan."

Diao Chan was taken aback first and said, "Then you are Cai Yong. ..."

Cai Yan nodded and said: "Yes, it is my father. In those days, my father cried for Dong Zhuo's corpse because of a momentary feeling of encounter, and Wang Yun was hanged in prison by Wang Yun. It has nothing to do with you, but the father's debts are paid, and Wang Yun is your foster father. Although I don't want your life to be paid, you must fight with me. The victory or defeat depends entirely on your own ability, otherwise it will be difficult to calm my heart. How about? "

Diao Chan was helpless. As Cai Yan said, he had no reason to refuse, so he nodded in agreement. "Please reply, three days later, I will come to visit."

After saying that Cai Yan turned around and left. At this time, Mrs. Bian claimed to be exhausted from the journey, and ordered Cao Pi to leave. Diao Chan noticed that Mrs. Bian was not in the same car with her children. She drove a beautiful woman into her carriage. She was very beautiful in life and her age was similar to that of Mrs. Bian. When Mrs. Bian pulled the woman into the carriage, Diao Chan could see that the hands held by the two were secretly competing, and it seemed that they were not friends. Seeing that Diao Chan's face was different, Zhen Mi looked at him and said with a smile: "That is Dinghou (Zhang Xiu)'s aunt, Mrs. Zou. It seems that my father is still having an affair with her, and my mother's beloved nephew Cao Anmin is because of her. And when they were chopped into meat sauce by the rebellion, they have been fighting for a long time, just like you and me."

After hearing this, Diao Chan moved to Zhen Mi's ear and whispered: "Your cunt is itchy again, right? I have a new trick this time. Beware of being played by me."

Zhen Mi replied: "Don’t think that you have new tricks. It may not be who begged for mercy then! You still Let’s go back and have a good rest. After Cai Yan’s level, she is my defeat." (See the wonderful adult novel:

Diao Chan grabbed Zhen Mi and said angrily. "If we have the ability, let’s get on the wagon and fight, we can only use our feet, and see who can’t help it!"

Without a word, Zhen Mi went straight into Diaochan’s carriage, and Diaochan followed When they entered, the two sat opposite each other. After they were ordered to go back home, the carriage moved forward slowly, followed by Zhen Mi's car. In the carriage, first take off your shoes and socks, lift up the skirt, and place your feet on the other side's honey hole. "If you lose, you must not use the carriage as an excuse."

Diao Chan did not respond, and directly moved her big toe. Poke into Zhen Mi’s dragon ball cunt and began to agitate. Zhen Mi gave a soft "ah" and started a counterattack. He used his big toe to stir Diao Chan's pubic core. You come and go, and you fought in the small carriage. Excitedly, the downtown area passed by on the way concealed the two people groaning softly, and no one noticed it along the way. It is not a short journey from the city gate to Jingyi Garden, but this period of time can only make the two of them climax once. When the garden was overflowing quietly, the two hurriedly used their socks to wipe clean the yin essence sprayed on the four walls of the carriage, and tidy up their clothes. Before leaving, the two looked at each other for a while, and Zhen Mi got into the carriage and left slowly without saying anything. But Diao Chan understood that she meant not to lose to Cai Yan, the two of them had yet to decide the outcome. Zhen Mi’s carriage was far away, Diao Chan stood in front of the gate of Jingyi Garden, and returned here. She didn’t know whether she was happy or worried. In the troubled times, her own destiny was difficult to control. I am afraid that neither she nor Zhen Mi would Is the final winner. With this kind of mood, Diao Chan walked in. Which woman will come out tomorrow to fight her fornicately?

As the saying goes:

In the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and the princes appeared as heroes.

Legend of Nuwa and Daji, opening up the Chinese Women's Fight.

Pian Ruo is shocked and ashamed to close the month, and the pink crowd is beautiful.

If you want to know who is the rival of the cunt, you have to watch the Three Kingdoms Beauty War.

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