Chapter 1 - The crazy dream of the husband in the green hat

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For a long time, I have had a very crazy dream in my heart, that is, I want to see a slender white woman being crushed by a tall black man and rudely committing adultery. In my opinion, such a scene of white to black and delicate to tall is particularly sensual and very exciting.

I am a white man with a normal figure. I am very lucky. I met a very beautiful white woman with a slim figure and red hair. We soon fell in love and got married. After marriage, we are not only a loving couple, but also close friends.

My sexy and beautiful wife is only 155 meters tall and weighs about 42 kilograms. After marriage, the happy life and relaxed work have kept her attractive figure: 34B+, 23, 34.

Before we got married, my wife and I had an unsuccessful marriage; therefore, we both cherish our relationship. After many years of marriage, we have a stable relationship and trust each other very much. Slowly, I began to let my wife and I watch a video of a tall black man raping a small white woman.

We both feel that this kind of scene is very sensual and exciting, we will unknowingly make love with the progress of the DVD plot, and the subsequent orgasm is also unprecedentedly strong.

I often buy some sexy and revealing clothes for my wife, and ask her to wear such clothes to dance with me in the ballroom, and my wife is also willing to show her sexy and attractive body. Once, we went to a couples dating club to dance. It was a very famous swap club. There were not only couples, but also many single men to find couples to play 3P.

During the dance, I noticed that many couples around are attracted by my beautiful and sexy wife. Some men will touch my wife’s tall breasts intentionally or unintentionally, or bulge. The plump buttocks. We have never been to a club like this before. The free and lustful atmosphere here made us crazily gradually and became a little unable to be ourselves; therefore, my wife and I left the club hand in hand, immediately found a love hotel, and had sex in the hotel room all night. , To release the uncontrollable sexual desire.

When the next weekend comes, we can’t wait to go to that club to party again. While dancing, I pointed to a few black men to show their wives. Those tall, sturdy black men were hugging white women, stroking their bodies while dancing, and those women obviously enjoyed the arms and arms of men very much. Stroking.

We danced for a while, I let my wife rest on the side, I went to the bar to get some drinks. Next to the bar, I told a few well-dressed, tall black people that the woman (my wife) likes dancing, and suggested that they invite her to dance.

Soon, a polite black man appeared next to my wife. He invited my wife to dance with him, and my wife accepted the invitation of the strange man very happily.

Under the dual effects of the lewd atmosphere of the ballroom and the alcohol, my wife seemed more and more relaxed. She leaned comfortably in the arms of a strange man, letting that man tease her body.

After a few fast-paced dance music, a piece of soothing music sounded, and my wife hugged the black man tightly on the dance floor, shaking her body with the slow rhythm of the music. The wife's towering breasts rubbed against the man's belly, and the man's protruding lower body was against his wife's belly. The man's big hands rubbed his wife's back up and down, and then stopped on her sexy plump ass and rubbed it. His fingers even pressed into the groin, rubbing up and down in the charming flesh.

I sat at the small table next to the dance floor and watched my wife dancing with the man. The scene of their teasing each other stimulated my nerves and made my lower body swell involuntarily.

The soothing music is still going on. I saw that the black man’s hand has been inserted into my wife’s clothes, and the other hand is squeezing my wife’s body tightly around his body. , His bulging cock pressed against my wife's belly through his pants. At this time, my wife's face was already showing a lewd expression, and her eyes were full of desire. She even rubbed her abdomen against the man against her dick intentionally or unintentionally.

At the end of the song, my wife and the man hugged back to the table where I was staying. I found that the two buttons on my wife’s shirt had been untied (of course, she came out to dance with me) I never wear a bra at the time).

My wife introduced her new friend to me. I got up and greeted him, let them sit down on the chairs at the table and rest, and went to the bar to get some drinks for them. When I came back, the man was already sitting in my chair, holding my wife tightly in his arms, with one hand stroking her chest and the other rubbing her thigh.

There was another song. The man couldn't wait to pull my wife off the dance floor. They hugged each other tightly again, and the two teased each other more unscrupulously. The man lowered his head to my wife's face, while kissing her forehead and neck, while whispering in her ear.

When they returned to the table again, my wife went to the bathroom. This gave me a chance, so I said to the black man, I really like and enjoy his teasing and seduce my sexy and beautiful wife.

My wife came back from the bathroom, and she reached out and handed me something-my God! It turned out to be her little panties that had been soaked in lewd water. Just when my wife was about to sit down on the chair next to me, the black man patted his thigh and asked my wife to sit there. My wife took a look at me and sat on it without hesitation.

The man put his arms around my wife, reached out and unbuttoned the last two buttons of her shirt that were still buttoned, then reached in and rubbed her breasts. Through her thin clothes, I could see that big black hand, like a bear's paw, ravaged my wife's white and delicate breasts, playing with her already cocked nipple. Under his play, my wife's eyes were full of lustful desires.

At this time, in every corner of the club, the same lascivious farce is being staged; therefore, I don't have to worry that we will be noticed by others here.

As the man teased and stroked, my wife's breathing became heavier and heavier. While playing with my wife's body, the man told me that he envied me for marrying such a good woman as his wife. He thought I was a very lucky man. I agree with him very much and I am very proud of having such a wife. His huge black hand is wandering on my wife's white thigh. Such a scene is really exciting! My dick swells uncontrollably, I love such a scene so much!

The man continued to stroke my wife’s thigh, his hand stretched into her short skirt for a while, stroked her slender ankle for a while, and then he said something in her ear, I The wife shook her head embarrassedly and murmured: "!" He continued to whisper in her ear. My wife turned to look at me, turned to him, and then slowly parted her knees to him. Open her red and moist pussy.

I don't want to stop them. He spread her legs even more and reached out to rub her sensitive pussy. Her clitoris was congested and swollen, and she groaned softly under his stimulation. He parted her labia and inserted a thick black finger deeply into her vagina and thrust it back and forth.

Watching her beautiful wife being raped rudely, watching her protruding nipples out of her clothes, watching her head tilted back, and turning her delicate vagina towards a stranger The man is wide open, I know that my long-held crazy dream is about to come true!

Just when my wife was trembling all over by that man, and had frequent orgasms, my dick erupted violently in my pants! This is the first time I have ejaculated without stroking my own vaginal eyelashes, and the ejaculation is so powerful and so comfortable!

I really can’t believe it. I just sat there like this, sitting in the crowded puppet swap club, watching my wife be Unacquainted men play around wantonly.

My wife, a beautiful, shy, and sexy wife, she just sat naked on the black man’s lap, letting him play with her beautiful, charming, white and delicate body. The man opened her shirt, sucked and rubbed her breasts, and ordered her to open her thighs, completely exposing her shame to him.

The man plays with the delicate pussy that was once exclusive to me, and his thick black fingers rudely thrust into his wife's still tight vagina. His wife experienced an unprecedented climax in his toy, and I realized the crazy dream that I had dreamed of for many years in his toy-the white, tender and charming wife was toyed with by the tall and stout black under my nose!

The black man hugged my wife's butt and played with it for a while, then whispered something in her ear. After hearing what he said, his wife smiled slightly, then turned to look at me and said loudly that she was going to follow the black man to leave here.

My heart beats wildly, and I believe that everyone within five meters of me has heard what my wife said to me. I jumped up, quickly packed our things, followed them and left the club.

The black man hugged my wife and walked towards the exit. Everyone in the ballroom was watching them, with weird smiles on their faces, because everyone knew in their hearts that this evening , My wife will be raped and raped by this big black man like a lewd whore.

The wife's shirt is still open, showing her belly button and most of her breast. The black man's hands were still rubbing and rubbing on his wife's back and buttocks, silently telling everyone who was watching them about their lust.

When we came to the parking lot, the black man said that he would take our car to the hotel to open a carnival together. I opened the rear door to let my wife get in the car, and then watched the man squeeze into the back seat with my beating heart, and sit tightly with my wife. I now how to do? There is no other way but to go to the front of the car, sit in the driver’s seat, and act as their driver.

On the way to the hotel, I kept peeking at them from the rearview mirror. I saw the man put his huge pair of black claws into my wife's unbuttoned shirt, rubbed and fiddled with her breasts, then pulled out the nipple and bit with his teeth.

During his tossing, my wife’s clothes slipped from her shoulders, and her entire white and tender upper body was completely exposed in front of the black man, and pedestrians outside the car could also see his wife naked from the car window. Upper body.

At this time, my wife can no longer care whether her body is seen by others. Her head is close to the back of the car seat, while moaning, while twisting her head, let the man Her palms, fingers and lips ravaged her on all parts of her body.


When I arrived at the hotel, I parked the car, got out and opened the back door to let them get off. My wife tried to button up her shirt, but the man held her hand and let her put on her clothes. He buttoned two buttons indiscriminately, then took her hand and led her through the hotel lobby and up the stairs. .

I followed them, carrying my wife's coat and a bag of drinks. When I arrived in the room, I sat quietly in a corner, looking in a daze as my wife was about to accept the first black dick in my life.

The wife stood there, letting the black man slowly take off her clothes, rubbing and rubbing her white and delicate body with two hands, and her delicate body was still an hour ago It can only be enjoyed by me. The wife crawled forward as ordered by the black man, spread her thighs, and opened her pubic hairy pussy to him.

The black man stood behind my wife, first using one finger, then two fingers, pushing and groping in my wife’s vagina until she found her G-spot. Then, the black man inserted two fingers into her vagina, rubbed her protruding clitoris with his thumb, and brought her to the peak of happiness. Then, the black man asked my wife to lie down, keeping her body "big" still, and he got up and started to take off his clothes.

When the black guy finally took off his shorts to reveal a huge hard black cock, my heart almost stopped beating. That dick is really too big. The black and red tortoise looks like a big duck egg. The vaginal eyelashes that are about the same length as my forearm have blue veins and are very hideous. I am really worried about whether my wife can withstand the ravages of this big dick.

At this time, the black man returned to my wife and immersed his head in sucking and biting on her breast. The wife groaned and wiggled her ass. When the black man’s huge black cock touched her ass and pussy, she seemed to be electrocuted. She couldn’t help but sit up and look at the one she had never seen face to face. Huge black cock, the first black cock in her life!

The black man stood in front of my wife, poked the swollen, strong cock in front of my wife's face, and ordered her to kiss his black cock with a small mouth. The wife lowered her head, held the black dick standing in front of her tightly with her hands, and began to kiss every inch of his dick's skin. Kissing, she stretched out her tongue to lick his black dick and black eggs, and changed the way and direction of licking his dick according to his instructions. Her mouth licked deeper and deeper until the black man was covered with pubic hair. Anus.

At the order of the black man, my wife worked hard to circle his anus with her tongue, and kept trying to push her tongue into the black anus. Then, under my gaze, my wife opened her sexy little mouth and swallowed that huge black dick in one bite, and kept working hard to put all the thick and long dick in her mouth as much as possible.

My dick is about to explode! I need to vent! I desperately took my swollen cock out of my pants and started masturbating at them. It’s an unimaginable and unbelievable picture. My beautiful wife is holding another man’s thick cock and heavy testicles, licking it greedily in front of me, and even pushing the fragrant tongue that I had sucked into it. In the assholes of other men, and as her husband, I can only sit opposite them and fumble and soothe my little dick. I love this picture!

After fully enjoying my wife’s tongue service, the man took the thick black dick out of her mouth and ordered her to lie down and prepare to be fucked.

My wife turned around, lay down obediently, and opened her thighs as much as possible to show her red and moist pussy, waiting for the man to attack. The man's movements were very swift and violent, and even before I could see what was going on, his thick black cock had completely penetrated my wife's vagina.

Then, he started madly thrusting, his black and red cock was covered with the kinky fluid in my wife's vagina, and it kept shining as he pulled it out and inserted it. His wife’s labia was constantly being pushed in and out under his thrust, and his body was slammed back and forth by him. The huge pleasure made his wife’s head sway from side to side, her mouth was moaning, screaming, and full of voice. The joy of orgasm and the pain of being raped.

Oh! My lovely wife, her pussy has been fucked and fucked fiercely by that black cock twice as big as my dick, her pussy is about to be fucked and fucked! The wife's delicate vagina is full of big black cock, she is enjoying a wave of happy orgasms, she has been completely conquered by this hideous black meat stick, and her lustful life has begun!

This huge, ferocious black man, like a chimpanzee, fucked my petite and tender wife with his huge cock for almost two hours, and used all kinds of ways to ravage my wife. body of. Now, he felt a little tired, so he patted my wife's breasts, turned and lay on the bed, his still strong black cock stood upright in the lewd air.

My wife got up, separated her white legs, and sat on the man’s body. The vagina dripping with obscene liquid swallowed his strong black cock all at once, and then, My wife's naked body began to waver on his sweaty, oily body.

Ah! The scene is really like the lovely white and tender Snow White taming a wild big black horse! The dark horse is galloping in my wife's body, and my wife is wandering in the orgasm of sexual desire. The constant orgasm of sexual desire makes my wife completely crazy!

I was stunned. I can’t believe that the petite woman riding on this huge black cock is my once shy little wife?

The man has ejaculated, and the woman is still galloping. The turbid and white semen moves up and down with his wife's body, following the man's still swollen, standing black cock flowing out of the vagina, along the black cock. Flowing to the black testicles, and then to the black anus...

When I write this, I forgot to tell you the names of our husband and wife. My cute, sexy, lustful little wife is Kay, and my name is Robert. I will continue to tell our story now, and I hope you all like it.

In the next few months, whenever possible, we will visit that swap club on weekends.

If we plan to go to the club on the weekend, Kay will be very excited and look forward to it during the week, and will prepare for the fun activities of the weekend night early. I will also actively help her prepare and make good suggestions for her dress.

I like her the most in wearing those pure white and transparent thin shirts, so that under the neon lights at night, through the clothes, people can clearly see her protruding pink nipples; I I also like her to wear a short black mini skirt, because people can easily see her black garter belt under the skirt, see her small black panties, and even see the brown pubic hair and red that expose the panties. Tender labia. Of course, every time we go out for a carnival, she must not wear a bra.

Whenever we plan a weekend outing, Kay will book a hotel room on Thursday so that she can spend the night with other men. On Friday, she will carefully paint her nails and toenails with bright and sexy nail polish.

Before Saturday night, she would enter the bathroom early, light a few red candles, rinse her body with hot water for a long time, and let me help her scrub her back, Thighs, feet and arms; after bathing, she will spray precious perfume on her white body, carefully trim her pubic hair, and shave her legs.

My beautiful wife prepared her body in this way, ready to dedicate her petite and sexy body flawlessly to any strange man she meets, especially those tall, sturdy black Kind of man.

As her husband, I am actually earnestly and enthusiastically helping her make such preparations.

The only thing that makes me feel a little uncomfortable is that Kaye will refuse to have sex with me from Thursday. She always says that she must recharge her energy and reserve her energy to meet the weekend sex feast. ; Moreover, she wants to keep her body clean, hoping that her mouth, vagina and anus are not contaminated by my semen, and there is no sweat on her body, so that those weekend lovers can enjoy her purity without regret Her body, she wants to dedicate herself from the inside out to any man who wants to rape her on the weekend.

In this way, in fact, I rarely have the opportunity to have sex with her. Because after the weekend carnival, she usually needs to rest on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I am not allowed to kick her on Thursdays, leaving me only a poor day on Wednesday, and that day is often disturbed by some uncertain things. , The result is that I often never get close to her once a month, so I have to masturbate to release my desires while watching her wanton rape by other men.

But I don’t complain, I like this life, I like my wife’s happiness, her happiness is my happiness!

Almost all Saturday nights, my little wife will dance in the center of the club ballroom, attracting many single black people around her to show off their favors, hoping to get her favor and have a chance Play and ravage her body carefully prepared for them. Whenever there is soothing dance music in the ballroom, my wife will pull a big black man to my table and ask if I agree with her to dance with that black man. She never refuses the men who invite her, and of course I don't want to discourage them.

All night, I was not interested in anyone else in the club, and I focused all my attention on my beautiful and sexy wife. My eyes follow her dancing figure. If other men and women hugging and dancing on the dance floor block my sight, I will leave my seat and bypass the crowd to look for my wife until I see her and her dancing partner. .

I can’t explain why I watched my wife being hugged, rubbed, teased and molested by a tall black man so much. How could I get such a huge psychology from it Satisfied?

I really don't understand. Seeing my wife's petite body being arbitrarily rubbed by the tall and mighty black man in his arms, I feel that it is the greatest enjoyment in my life, and I think it must be the greatest enjoyment in my wife's life.

One day, I found on the Internet that a group of people was organizing a "black and white zebra" gathering-a gathering where black men gathered to rape white women.

Our husband and wife have never attended a similar party, so I feel very excited and yearning. I told Kay the news, and she also expressed great interest. She said that she had never seen a scene where a black man raped another white woman with her own eyes. She very much hopes to attend such a party to see with her own eyes what kind of madness it is. So I contacted those people and received their invitation.

According to the agreement, we arrived at the meeting place on time. It was a two-story loft-style motel, similar to an apartment-style hotel, with bedrooms on each floor. After entering the hotel, I saw eight or nine black men standing or sitting in the lobby; two white women, accompanied by their husbands, had already arrived before us.

Whenever I go to a place that is relatively unfamiliar, my wife always behaves more shyly; therefore, I hurried to get a drink for her first. I hope it can relieve her feelings of unsuitability.

When I walked into the kitchen and looked back, I saw my wife standing in the hall looking at a loss. She was enthusiastically wrapped around her shoulders by a tall black man. He looked provocatively. Greet her warmly and introduce her to other guests.

Watching my wife's petite figure disappear under the broad arms of the black people, my heart started beating wildly again. She was surrounded by a group of dangerous black satyrs, but I could see no fear or worry on the face of my wife who flashed out occasionally in the crevices of the crowd. What I saw was a bright smile. In a greeting greeting, my wife was hugged, kissed, rubbed and stroked by everyone in the group of blacks, and then she was taken aside by one of the blacks and talked affectionately.

After a while, she went to the kitchen to find a drink. Seeing me standing there, she said to me that the black man who was talking to her was really funny. He was a little too drunk and kept moving to her. With that, she left the kitchen with a drink, and was immediately held in her arms by the black man.

At this time, a very tall and sturdy black man (later I learned that he was about 197 meters tall and weighed 113 kilograms) walked in through the hotel door, and he walked straight to my wife, while holding her He put his arms in his arms and said to her: "I'm sorry, I'm late."

Then, holding her little hand, led her away from the drunk.

At this time, I don't know where the black man is going to take my wife, or what he will do to her?

This tall black man, will he turn my wife into a slut and sex slave who submits to his big black cock?

I wish he could do this! However, this black man did not immediately rectify my wife on the spot as I thought, he just took my wife to another table, sat on a chair and embraced my wife’s petite body and talked affectionately. They even talked like this for almost an hour. Then, the black man took my wife's hand, and they went up to the second floor together and into a bedroom upstairs. Before they entered, there had been some very ambiguous noises.

I quickly got up and followed my wife and the black man upstairs. I stood at the door of the bedroom and saw my wife being held tightly to her chest by the black man. Together they watched the three black people in the bedroom cooperating in adultery with a small white girl.

On the big bed in the bedroom, the big dicks of three black men were inserted into the girl’s mouth, vagina and anus. The violent thrusts made the poor little girl moan. . Around them, there are several black men with swollen black dicks, waiting to enter the girl's body.

The gang rape went on for more than two hours. Five or six tall and sturdy black men took turns to ejaculate in her mouth, vagina and anus. Each of the three holes in her body received five. , Six sticky fishy semen.

In the end, the girl was so fainted that she lay paralyzed on the bed, her white naked body lying on all sides, unguarded. The poor girl's breasts, thighs and buttocks were covered with pinch marks and bite marks. There was a bit of semen hanging from the corner of her mouth. Her vagina and anus were open. The turbid semen covered several caves and flowed onto the sheets.

Kaye’s new friend—the tall black man holding her—named Deng. He put my wife on the table next to the big bed while watching several black men gang-rape. The girl was rubbing and playing with my wife's breasts. The stimulus of Deng's play and the gang rape scene in front of me caused my wife's petite body to burn in the torment of sexual desire. She raised her head actively, dedicated her red lips to Deng, and opened her mouth to suck Deng's tongue.

At this time, another black man walked to his wife’s side, reached out and opened his wife’s shirt, and pushed the hem of her mini skirt to the waist, exposing her two beautiful white legs Exhausted, and then touched her white and tender body with his black hands everywhere.

My wife obviously enjoys such kissing and stroking. She opened her chest, spread her legs, her star-eyes blurred, and she was breathing constantly, letting the four black paws of two black men stroke the hidden parts of her tender body ,rub.

My wife finally got her wish. She saw with her own eyes how other white women were raped and toyed with by those tall and mighty black men. She became lustful and stretched out her two hands to each other. Explore the stalls of the two men around.

She wants to find the big cock that can dispel her. She hopes that she will be gang-raped by the big black cock like that girl. She also hopes that her vagina, anus and mouth are filled with black A thick semen from a man. Of course, this is what I look forward to the most. I really want to see with my own eyes my petite wife being gang-raped by a tall black man and becoming a sex slave with a big black cock!

But, I don’t know if the men are afraid of Deng or the gang rape just now exhausted their strength and semen. They just rubbed and rubbed my wife's body, and did not rape her. . While I was still wondering when they would strip off his wife’s clothes and throw her on the bed to commit adultery, Deng came to me holding my wife, and he told me that he would take my wife out of here. We booked a hotel room to enjoy my wife's meat hole alone. He asked me where the hotel we had booked was, and I told him that the hotel was not far from here, only a block away. I said I could take them there, Deng nodded and agreed.

As soon as I entered the hotel room, Deng immediately stripped my wife's clothes off, pressed her on the coffee table by the door, and rubbed and rubbed her naked body with his big hands. He opened her legs so that her pussy was facing his face, he kissed her pussy, put his fingers in her vagina, and licked her anus with his tongue.

Then, he kept inserting one, two, three, or four of his fingers into her vagina, then took it out, and licked the vaginal secretions that stuck to my wife. My wife and I are a bit puzzled, how can he keep expanding my wife's vagina with his fingers like this, without actually raping her?

When he takes off his pants, we finally understand that his cock is too big! My wife and I have never seen such an object as a donkey and dick hang between people's legs! My petite wife is finally going to learn how great a big ass cock is!

As soon as Deng turned his arm, he easily caught my wife under his tuck and brought it to the side of the bed. He threw my wife on the bed and took off the remaining shirt on his body. It was huge. The body pressed down against my wife. Perhaps because he knew his dick was too big, Deng started making love with my wife very gently.

He kissed my wife’s lips, caressed her breasts, rubbed her pussy, used various techniques to tease my wife’s erotic desires and mobilize my wife’s emotions. Not to mention, this seemingly rough black man is really a gentle lover, a master of flirting and making love!

Seeing that my wife had been fully mobilized by him, Deng lay down on the bed and let my wife climb onto him to serve him. My petite wife lay on him and tried to open her mouth as much as possible to give him oral sex, but she could only put his glans in, his cock was really too big! Deng saw that my wife had reached the limit, so he didn't embarrass her any more. He twitched in her mouth a few times and turned over, ready to commit adultery and rape her delicate vagina.

He took out a bottle of lubricant from the jacket pocket he threw on the side of the bed, opened the lid, and wiped the lubricant on his huge black dick; then, he pulled away my wife’s Two legs, rubbed my wife's lustful and impatient pussy with his big dick.

This kind of teasing made my wife more ticklish and thirsty. She shook her ass and tried to grab the long-awaited big cock with her pussy. But Deng didn't want to satisfy my wife right away. He rubbed his glans against my wife's labia left and right, gently poked into my wife's pussy, and then immediately pulled it out. Although this kind of teasing made my wife feel uncomfortable, it undoubtedly helped my wife further prepare for his huge dick.

Finally, Deng’s big cock slowly penetrated into my wife’s vagina. In her high and low moan, the big cock finally penetrated into my wife’s body. what! My wife yelled. She said that she was blown by Deng’s cock, and it felt like the baby’s head was stuck in the vagina during delivery, which really struck her to death! After listening to my wife, I felt both excited and shocked. Deng's dick is too big! Can my wife stand it?

The uncomfortable feeling slowly disappeared, replaced by more and more intense sexual desires and pleasures. My wife groaned and asked Deng to thrust her vigorously to make her yin Essence gushing out...

Deng kept fucking her, now she is his woman, and now he gives her the greatest happiness in her life.

The orgasm of sexual desire is like a turbulent ocean, rushing in her body, one wave higher than the other, her body convulsed and jittered under Deng’s body with the orgasm of sexual desire in her body, and her head was on the bed. Shaking from left to right, as if using this method to release the libido demon in her body.

They have been making love, they have been doing it, as if they never want to stop. My wife held Deng's body tightly with her hands and locked Deng's cock tightly with her vagina. She absolutely didn't want to give up the happiness she just got. She didn't allow his cock to be pulled out of her body.

Deng pushed my wife desperately into a pile, and started groaning loudly. The two of them entered a period of contemplative orgasm...

Deng from my wife Rolling onto the bed, both of them opened their mouths and gasped desperately. The wife lay there with her legs spread wide, as if she had been squashed by Deng, and her body was almost buried in the sheets. Her legs were spread apart. The vagina she had just raped by Deng was open, and her turbid semen flowed out of her vagina. Damn it, it's so lustful! Beside her, the thick black dick that had just owned my wife's red and swollen pussy was squirming between Deng's legs, seeming to tell the joy of possession.

During the whole process of my wife being raped and raped by that big black dick, I was thrilled to appreciate it while I was busy recording all this with my digital camera. From my wife’s energetic face, I saw her excited, joyful, and sensual expression. I can’t describe her beautiful and moving expression in words.

I know that my wife likes to be raped by the big dicks of black men; I also know that I like to watch her be raped by them.

However, our joyful mood cannot be described in words...

Since the last time our husband and wife participated in the "Black and White" After the "Zebra" party, Kay has been completely conquered by the big dicks and violent sexual intercourse of black men.

In that party, she witnessed five or six tall, strong black men gang-raping a delicate, weak white woman, several times in the poor little woman’s vagina and anus And shot their thick fishy semen into the mouth.

She also personally experienced the huge and powerful black cock of a black man. In the hotel room, she was killed by Deng. The adultery allowed her to enjoy countless orgasms. She has completely surrendered. Under Deng's lustful power, he became the sex slave of that huge black dick.

Once the door of lust is opened, things are difficult to control. In the months since that time, our husband and wife spent every weekend like this. My petite wife was ravaged by a black man’s big dick, while I was enduring my humiliation and sensory stimulation.

Every day I receive emails from my wife’s black sex owner Deng, telling me how to dress up my wife and wear clothes that fully demonstrate her sexy figure and looks , And then sent her to his designated place on Friday night for his free use.

Every time I send my wife away, the black guy Deng will greet her at the door, and then, from then on until Sunday evening, my wife is under the huge black cock of the black guy. Lascivious slave, let her master ravage and ruin her wonderful body.

When my wife was raped by the black man, I was often asked to stay and serve them. I had to prepare drinks and snacks at all times, and send them in as soon as they needed them; They prepared towels, shower gel, and put in the bath water. When Deng had played with my wife enough, I would help them cleanse and massage the black man's body that was exhausted by overlying my wife. Whenever Deng wants to take my wife out and find his friends to gang-rap my wife, I also act as his driver.

What makes me feel humiliated and irritating is that every time they raped my wife, they asked me to clean up Kay's body filled with their smelly semen so that they could play with it again. I first licked the smelly liquid that came out of my wife’s vagina and anus, mixed with those black semen and wife’s kinky fluid, and then I used my lips and tongue to carefully massage my wife’s swollen pussy by those big black dicks. And the anus, and then licked the semen from the black men on my wife's belly, breasts, cheeks, thighs and toes into the mouth and swallowed them.

In addition, my wife often shoots those men in her mouth. She can’t finish eating and can’t swallow the semen and then spit it into my mouth, and she covers it tightly with her lips according to the orders of those black men. My mouth is not allowed to spit out semen until I swallow all the disgusting fishy semen into my stomach.

Kay has been completely controlled and tamed by her sex master, Deng, the tall and strong black man. Deng's greedy day and night with my wife on weekends allowed my wife to enjoy endless orgasms. .

Because of being made too frequently, my wife’s vulva and anus have been red and swollen, and her labia has become increasingly black and purple due to prolonged hyperemia. Her vagina has been stretched by a huge black dick. It was so loose that when I was having sex with her, my vaginal eyelashes no longer felt the comfortable and stimulating feeling of being held tightly by her vagina.

Her anus is also often opened wide, obviously her sphincter has been injured by those big black dicks who raped her day and night. But Kay didn't seem to mind it. She never complained. She knew that she was now a weekend sex slave and sex toy for Deng and his black friends. She was willing to be gang-raped, abused and raped by them.

Another weekend, I followed Deng's orders and sent my newly dressed wife to Deng's house. This time, Deng violently stripped my wife naked, pressed her petite body on the bed fiercely, and then began to train my wife as a sex slave. Deng ordered my wife to kneel naked in front of him, facing his thick black cock, and then he instructed my wife how to worship his black cock.

My wife first uses her soft, slender, white and beautiful little hands to respectfully stroke his black dick, black scrotum and black anus, and then kiss and rub his ugliness with her lips and tongue Dirty parts, my wife was asked to fear his dick, which brought her infinite pain and joy, like a god.

I thought to myself, should my charming and sexy petite wife be completely possessed by them from body to mind like this? However, I did not feel anger or jealousy. The extremely lustful sexual stimulation concealed the feeling of being insulted in my heart.

When my wife rubbed and caressed his dick with her hands, lips, tongue, cheeks, breasts, and any part of the body, and completely aroused his sexual desire, Deng began to use his My wife’s mouth was swollen with a thick cock. Every time, he had to put the thick and long dick like a donkey cock deep into my wife's mouth, and then thrust it fiercely until it reached his throat.

Deng’s brutal way of oral sex often choked my wife. Every time he pulled the cock away from her mouth, she couldn’t stop vomiting, and then, before my wife gasped for a while , Deng’s big cock plunged deeply into her throat again. In this cycle, Deng was stimulated by my wife’s retching and tongue, and finally either shot the semen into my wife’s throat, or smeared the semen on my wife’s cheeks and breasts, and then asked my wife to take him. His dick is cleaned up, and the one-time slave training is over.

However, Deng’s sexual desire was not completely released, and his training of my wife could not end in this way.

This strong body and extremely high sexual desire human demon, before his thick, big and long black cock was completely softened, he began a new round of training my wife. And torment.

His big hands, which are as black as charcoal and as big as a bear's paw, knead roughly on my wife’s white and delicate body, on my wife’s breasts, thighs, tender feet, and fat buttocks. All over his weak shoulders were red stamps that were pinched and rubbed by him. After playing around for a while, Deng asked my wife to turn around and kneel on the ground, crawling on all fours like a dog, with both legs spread wide, pushing her tender white ass in front of Deng.

Deng knelt behind my wife, separated her two butts with his hands, then rubbed her labia with the big glans, and then slowly moved forward, while both hands were stroking my wife’s Ass and pussy. I know that he is stimulating and teasing my wife's sexual desire, filling her vagina with kinky fluid to facilitate his adultery. I saw Deng’s dick slowly increase in strength, and continuously penetrated deep into my wife’s vagina.

Damn! Deng's cock is too long. His big 20-centimeter-long cock has penetrated most of it, but there is still a large section exposed. I heard from others that the length of a woman’s vagina is generally ten centimeters, but for a petite woman like my wife, the length of her vagina should be less than ten centimeters.

Deng’s cock continues to be inserted into my wife’s vagina. For such a thick cock, my wife’s vagina is too small, so as he advances, my wife’s vagina The tender meat of the mouth was taken into it, and the labia was also concentrated in the middle, tightly enclosing Deng's big dick.

Deng’s cock finally penetrated my wife’s vagina, and his scrotum pressed against her clitoris, which made my wife shake. I was surprised how my wife’s vagina could hold all of Deng’s eyelashes. Could it be that his glans had been inserted into my wife’s uterus? If that's the case, isn't my wife completely exposed by this nasty black guy?

But my wife doesn’t seem to worry about her body. During Deng’s slow thrusts, Kay’s vagina was constantly pumped out, flowing down her thighs and Deng’s cock. On the ground. Obviously, the two of them enjoyed this kind of sex very much. My wife began to groan softly, and her body was also actively shaking back and forth with Deng's movements, as if she was encouraging Deng to insert her a little bit more vigorously.

At this time, Deng’s thrusting force was obviously quickened. His long hanging scrotum flicked back and forth, slapping my wife’s very sensitive clitoris. Kay's expression began to blur, and his moans grew louder, and I knew she was about to orgasm.

Finally, Deng screamed, his violent thrusting movement stopped abruptly in the howl, his lower abdomen was pressed tightly against my wife’s ass, and his body kept shaking. Convulsions and shoots all the semen into Kay's womb. As soon as Deng's vaginal eyelashes pulled away from my wife's body, Kay immediately collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath in her mouth, and turbid and white semen gurgled out of her vagina.

I know it’s up to me now, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I should go up to enjoy my wife’s body, but that I should go up to serve them. Throughout the weekend, Deng and Kay did not allow me to enjoy my wife’s body. Kay hoped that during the two days and nights of the weekend, she belonged to Deng and his black friends. She didn’t like my semen filthy. Her body, she hopes to be pure and faithful to her sex master and her master's friends. All I can do is serve them meticulously.

I brought drinks and snacks, handed Deng a clean and soft towel, and asked him to wipe the sweat from his vigorous rape of my wife. Then, I came to my wife and snorted with heat. Gently wiped her swollen and filthy pussy and butt with the soft towel. Kay’s vagina was torn a bit, and there was a little blood on it. When I wiped it, her body was shaking with pain.

Kay took my hand and motioned me to clean her pussy with my tongue.

I felt a little embarrassed looking at her pussy filled with Deng's semen. This is not because I think the semen of other men is dirty, but mainly because I am a little embarrassed to do it in front of Deng. At this time, Kay grabbed my hair and pulled it towards her pussy, and I had no choice but to put my lips on her labia.

After some meticulous cleaning, my wife slowly eased from the orgasm, and her pussy was licked and wiped clean by me. After the hot compress, the color of the labia was bright red, because of my mouth and tongue. Stimulated, drops of clear liquid oozes from her bright red flesh, exuding an alluring breath.

Deng is very satisfied with my job. He keeps my wife in a posture with her legs apart and exposes her charming pussy completely in front of him. Kay was either snuggling in Deng's arms or sitting on Deng's lap. They kept kissing, drinking the wine I gave them, and reminiscing about the happiness of having sex just now.

Although he was resting, Deng never stopped playing with my wife's body. He held her body, pinched her nipples for a while, and raped her vagina and anus for a while, and Kay was always gasping and moaning because of his playing with her.

In our married life, my wife has never been subjected to such strong and continuous sexual stimulation, so she has been in a high level of excitement, she has completely forgotten the humiliation and pain , Forget about any moral fetters of being a wife, forget about time and space, wholeheartedly enjoy the excitement and orgasm brought by Deng's big dick, and willingly accept Deng's play and training.

At this time, Deng had tied up my wife's hands tightly, then pulled her up, and pulled the tied hands over her head and fixed them to a hook on the ceiling. My wife's petite white body was straightened, only her delicate toes were on the ground.

I think her hands and feet must be very painful. I feel painful to her. I want to tell Deng not to play with my wife like this; however, before I can say this, Kay tries hard. I shook my head, then smiled at Deng Mei and asked him to tune her and play with her fiercely.

Of course, Deng will not be merciful to my wife. He ignores my worried look and begging gaze, let alone pity my wife’s bloody pussy and anus. His big, hard fingers slammed into my wife’s vagina, one, two, three... He inserted four fingers into her vagina, and then began to twitch back and forth vigorously, and at the same time his thumb Still rubbing on my wife's clitoris.

After a while, Deng replaced his fingers with an electric dildo. Waves of orgasm attacked my wife’s suspended body, making her dance like a swing. The naked body swayed uncontrollably back and forth.

Next, Deng took a nipple clip and clamped it on my wife’s two red nipples standing erect. The sharp nipple clip pierced into Kay’s skin and stimulated her sexual desire. She immediately screamed Get up, moaning full of lust.

Deng did not give her the slightest breathing time. He held a whip made of velvet cloth (it is said that the whip made of this material is heavy, but the surface is soft and will not hurt the skin, but it is very Power will make the whipped person feel pain and irritation), and slap my wife's breasts, lower abdomen, vulva and butt fiercely.

My wife’s suspended body was beaten to turn left and right like a spinning top. Her toes rubbed against the wooden floor, making a distressing sound "squeaking". I was really afraid of her. The toe will be twisted off.

At this time, Deng put down his whip and pulled my wife’s feet from the ground, but he was not worried that her toes would be twisted, but to torture my sweet wife more cruelly . He pulled my wife's feet to the back, then tied her feet with a rope, separated them to the sides, and then pulled the rope to the ceiling.

In this way, my wife’s body was hung up completely, her body arched back, like a capital C, and the two legs were greatly separated, which was really written as a big "hole". . Deng pressed the false vaginal eyelashes that were still buzzing in my wife's vagina and pressed it in again, then waved the whip again, and slapped my wife's wide open pussy and anus vigorously.

The whip was beaten down and down, and every time it fell, it caused a scream from my wife, and every time it was lifted, it brought up a wisp of lewd liquid.

As the whip waved, Kay kept hitting the peak of libido in pain; in the screams of his wife, my heart was picked up by the whip and dropped on my face again Of my wife's lewdness and ups and downs.

I am proud that Kay can enjoy and experience such an orgasm. I am proud of having such a beautiful and sexy woman. In Deng's tyranny, I found that my wife is such a beautiful, and she has never had such a beauty.

Flogging, adultery, humiliation, torture... Kaye has experienced sexual abuse that ordinary women can't imagine, and also experienced an orgasm that ordinary women have never experienced. During the whipping, Deng’s big cock was inserted into Kay’s vagina and anus again; during the torture, Deng once again shot his semen into Kay’s throat...

Finally, Deng was tired, he I couldn't play with my wife anymore, he asked me to put my wife down from the ceiling.

My wife was tortured by whipping and orgasm so that she could not stand. After she was untied, she lay directly on the ground, squirming and moaning softly.

Deng didn’t want to let her go. He rode on Kay’s head with his fat black ass sitting on Kay’s face and ordered Kay to lick his anus; however, Kay no longer Strengthened to carry out his orders again, Deng was very angry, stood up and pissed on Kay's head, and left the room.

Seeing Deng leaving the room, I rushed to help my wife from the ground and helped her to the bathroom to clean her body. I filled the tub with hot water first, then held my wife and slowly put her in, and slowly pulled out the electric vaginal eyelashes that had been stuck in her vagina.

Long time of adultery and abuse made my wife very tired. She lay quietly in the bathtub and asked me to wash and caress her body like a child. Her breasts and pussy have been swollen by Deng. Although the marks on the skin are not obvious, the flesh under her skin is obviously injured. Every wash and stroke of mine will make her feel pain, and she will even catch it. My hand groaned to make my movements lighter.

Just after finishing washing my wife's body with great difficulty, Deng returned to the room and he asked me to dress up my wife again. Deng handed me a white transparent top for my wife to wear, but she did not allow my wife to wear a bra, so that her red and tender nipples were clearly visible under the white clothes.

Next, Deng asked my wife to put on black stockings. The lower body was a short black skirt. A pair of black high-heeled shoes with five feet high on the heel was also worn on my wife’s feet. Finally, Deng inserted the electric false vaginal eyelashes into my wife's vagina again. Everything is ready, Deng said he would take my wife out for some fun.

I drove them to a crowded adult book and audiovisual product store on the street. Deng said he would take my wife in to show everyone her coquettish and sexy. Deng pulled my wife out of the car and walked into the adult book and impression shop full of satyrs and rascals with Kay, who was very exposed.

My wife felt very ashamed, flushed, and at a loss, let Deng drag him through the crowd.

The guys in the store who were watching and selecting pornographic books and videos saw my wife appear among them, and immediately started booing. Some of them whistle, wink their eyes, some talk to my wife obscenely, do obscene actions, and even more will reach out and pinch my wife’s breasts and ass when my wife passes by them. .

Deng laughed happily. He reached out and pulled up the hem of my wife’s short group, so that everyone could see my wife’s vagina with electric eyelashes. The huge thing was half in my wife’s vagina. , Half exposed, my wife needs to hold it with her hands from time to time to prevent it from falling out of her vagina.

When the crowd saw my wife’s embarrassment, they burst into lascivious and loud screams. They were all marveling at my wife’s beautiful pussy, beautiful pubic hair and overflowing lewd water. They all wanted to immediately Put my wife under her body and commit adultery.

However, everything is under Deng’s control. He shouted loudly, pushing away the hands that wanted to hug and molest my wife, and then he took his wife to a high platform and pulled her off. Her white top exposed her entire upper body, and then said loudly to the onlookers: "Only look, not touch!!"

Next, he pulled the short black group to me again On his wife’s waist, her pussy and ass without panties were completely exposed to everyone. Deng cried out, “Look at all of you, who has seen such a coquettish and lewd woman? Look at her pussy, how It’s beautiful and so charming!!"

After several weekends of intensive training, adultery and slavery training, Kay’s owner Deng felt that my wife had already Psychology to physiology are all ready, ready for the next stage of training. In the next stage, Deng plans to train Kay into an unscrupulous prostitute who can be used by black men at will.

Another weekend, I followed Deng’s instructions to send Kay to Deng’s house. In Deng's house, Kay was raped roughly by Deng throughout the morning and most of the afternoon, and almost never stopped.

When Kay’s master was cool enough, I took my wife to the bathroom, cleaned up her body contaminated by Deng’s semen, and re-dressed my wife in accordance with Deng’s instructions. I put on my wife the very revealing light clothes that Deng prepared for her. Her nipples and pussy were almost unobstructed. Then, Deng hugged my wife and stroked and played on the sofa, and I brought them wine and snacks.

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Deng asked me to open the door. Because she was very revealing, Kay wanted to leave the living room and hide in the bedroom, but Deng refused to allow her to leave. I opened the door and saw a white couple standing in the doorway. Deng greeted them aloud to come in and introduced us: "This is my friend Brian and his wife Kim."

Brian and his wife are both in their thirties and their appearances Very beautiful and good figure, Kim's figure is even sexier than Kay, and his chest looks much bigger than Kay's.

As soon as Kim entered the house, he immediately walked towards Deng, hugged him tightly, kissed each other’s lips and sucked each other’s tongue. Then, Deng asked Kim to kneel in front of him and said, "Do you know what you are going to do?" Deng didn't wear underwear underneath, so his thick black cock was immediately exposed in front of Kim's face. Kim didn't hesitate, and immediately put Deng's cock in his mouth, and began to lick and suck seriously. While enjoying Kim’s service, Deng said to Kay and me: "Do you know? Kim is also a bastard I trained. She has been my sex slave for a long time."

While Kim was doing deep throat oral sex for Deng, I saw her husband Brian greedily watching his wife lick Deng’s big black dick with his scarlet mouth, while using his hands. Rubbing his already bulging cock through his pants, his face showed an expression of enjoyment and satisfaction; at the same time, he kept peeking at Kay's body.

I think this kid must have seen my wife's breasts and pussy.

At this time, Deng was still enjoying Kim's oral service comfortably. He was already lying on the sofa, with two thick black legs raised to his chest, and his entire shaggy, black pussy was exposed in front of Kim. Kim licked Deng's dick, scrotum and anus with his mouth and tongue, while rubbing Deng's buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen with his hands.

Kim's movements are very skilled, and the strength and angle of her licking are also in place. She first licked and teased Deng’s glans with her tongue, and then put the tip of her tongue into Deng’s horse’s eyes. Stir gently, and then, she put Deng's vaginal eyelashes deeply into her mouth, while licking back and forth with her tongue on the body of the eyelashes; then, her head quickly moved up and down, making Deng's vaginal eyelashes look like thrusting into her vagina. In her mouth; then, she spit out the vaginal eyelashes covered with her saliva, stretched out her tongue along the body of the eyelashes from the glans all the way down to the testicles, licked on the scrotum for a while, and then sucked the testicles into the mouth. Rubbing with his tongue; then, continuing downwards, his tongue finally licked Deng's dirty anus, and after drawing a few circles around the tip of his tongue, he plunged directly into Deng's asshole and started a piston movement there.

Finally, Deng enjoyed enough of Kim's verbal service, and he asked Kim to stop, take off his clothes, and lie down on the bed. In that bed, my wife had just been raped by Deng for almost a whole day. Kim lay down, stretched his thighs, and fully exposed his pussy.

During this time, Deng tied up my wife’s hands with ropes and hung them on the iron hooks on the ceiling. My wife’s hands were hung above her head, and she was hung and fixed in that place. move. Deng said to Kay: "Now you watch carefully and watch how Kim accepts his master's training, how to be a qualified sex slave, how to become a lewd prostitute."

After that, Deng picked up the whip that was used to beat my wife that day, walked to Kim who was lying on the bed, swung the whip and beat her breasts and pussy vigorously. Then, he inserted the huge electric fake cock into Kim's vagina, put a nipple clamp on her breast, and continued to beat her body violently.

Under Deng’s abuse, Kim kept groaning, shaking and rolling on the bed. Electric vaginal eyelashes raged in Kim's vagina, and Kim's kinky water wetted the sheets.

Stimulated by Deng’s tyrannical flogging and false vaginal lashes, Kim’s orgasm was wave after wave, she moaned wildly, holding the electric vagina in her vagina with her hand. The eyelashes are constantly being pulled out and inserted. She is using that fake dick to rape herself, and she is also using this way of masturbating to please her sex master Deng.

My wife was hung there, looking helplessly at the lewd scene in front of her, she also wanted to rub her clitoris, and she wanted the dick to be inserted into her body fiercely, In order to alleviate her aroused desire for sex.

At this time, Deng asked Brian to tie a long rod he made that could hold a woman’s legs to Kay’s ankle, and spread my wife’s legs to both sides. Then, Deng pulled out the electric dick that was soaked with lewd water from Kim's vagina and inserted it into my wife's anus. At the same time, he turned the switch to make the fake dick slam my wife's anus fiercely.

Back to Kim, Deng inserted his hard as iron cock into Kim's vagina, and then began to thrust it back and forth. In this way, Deng raped Brian's wife unscrupulously in front of Kay, Brian and me.

Kim is only about 160 meters tall. Under Deng, who is 197 meters tall, is like a poor little Barbie doll. It seems that he can't stand the ravages of such a tall and burly man. However, Kim's petite body and her delicate vagina have obviously undergone very hard training, and they can already adapt to the insertion of Deng's 20 cm long dick.

Deng quickly and vigorously did piston movements on Kim’s body. The thick and hard cock made Kim breathe again and again. The groaning sounded from small to large, from weak to strong. As Deng deepened, Kim's orgasm attacked her body one after another. While Deng raped Kim, he told Brian to help Kay get ready and waited for him to train and commit adultery.

Brian was sitting on a chair next to him, watching Deng raping his wife Kim attentively, and from time to time he glanced at Kay, who was half-hanged from the ceiling by a rope. Body, as if raped my wife's almost naked body. Hearing Deng's instructions, he stood up, walked to my wife, tore off my wife's shirt, held Kay's breasts in both hands, and began to rub it vigorously. Kay was trembling with his stimulation, his head tilted back, and he moaned loudly.

Next, Brian tore off Kay’s skirt again, pinched Kay’s nipple with one hand, and reached down with the other hand, using his finger to rape Kay’s vagina. . Kay still had a fake cock stuck in her anus, and then tortured by Brian this way, she immediately climbed to the peak of her sexual desire, her orgasm arrived, and a lot of lewd water poured out of her vagina.

Brian took out Kaye’s lewd finger and put it in her mouth for her to lick it, while humiliating her: "Look at how lustful you are! You are such a mean bitch Son! The more tortured you are, the more excited you are, what a natural bastard!!"

Speaking, Brian put his finger back into Kay’s wet vagina, digging vigorously; at the same time He held the false vaginal eyelashes inserted in Kay's anus with his other hand, and violently pulled it out and inserted it in, constantly stimulating Kay and preparing for the next adultery of Deng.

Next, Brian walked to the side of the table, dug out a tuft of petroleum jelly from a jar placed on the table, and smeared it on his hands, then he walked back to Kay. Beside, kneel down so that his face is exactly flush with her pussy. Brian raised his head, looked at Kay’s eyes and asked, "Do you want to let me your vagina developed by your big black dick?"

Kay moaned immediately, from the bottom of my heart. ──No, it should be said that it was a sound from the depths of the soul:


Brian began to slap Kay with the back of his hand, which has been expanded by Deng’s big dick The huge vagina made a "popping" echo. Kay pushed his pussy forward to better meet Brian's slapping. Her labia and clitoris were congested due to Brian's tapping, and became swollen and protruding. The sensitive clitoris received more and more intense stimulation because of the protruding, which made Kay feel the intense orgasm attack again.

Seeing my wife being played by Brian in this way, my vagina was lifted up uncontrollably, and my trousers were pushed up by a big bag, which made me very embarrassed. Seeing Kay being insulted by a man who is also a husband in a green hat, thinking that when Brian is playing with other people's wives, his wife is also being played with by another man, a very complicated feeling is in my heart. I hope that Brian will play with my wife more casually, because this will make me feel that Kaye is even more vulgar and lewd. I like that Kay can really be a scumbag who can do his best.

Brian seemed to hear my voice, he played with my wife even more presumptuously. He pulled up the long stick tied to Kay’s ankles to spread her legs apart, exposing my wife’s pussy upwards in front of his face, and then he inserted two fingers into Kay’s lewd vagina. Started thrusting back and forth. Then he inserted another finger, and then a fourth finger, and just like that, Brian inserted his entire palm into my wife's vagina.

Kay seems to enjoy Brian’s play, she lifted her ass as far as possible, and bravely put her pussy on Brian’s hand, seeming to want to suck his entire arm into her. in stomach. During this process, Kay has been immersed in orgasm, shaking her body and moaning constantly. I discovered that because Brian had inserted his entire palm into Kay's vagina, every time he thrust, his thumb would reach Kay's G point, which made Kay even more excited.

At this moment, Deng had enough for Kim. He didn't ejaculate because he wanted Kay. Deng pulled out the still hard cock from Kim's body and came to Kay's back. He asked Brian to continue to rape Kay's vagina by hand, while he himself held the big black dick soaked in Kim's lewd water in one hand. He pulled out the fake cock stuck in Kay's anus, pushed his real dick into Kay's anus hard, and then began to twitch violently.

Being hit by two men at the front and back, Kay was really cool. I saw her convulsing, screaming, muttering in her mouth, screaming vaguely: "Fuckme, fuckme..." And the two men before and after her were also constantly moving, constantly screaming "Fuckyou! Fuckyoubitch!..."

After a while, the two men untied Kay from the rope and carried her to the bed where Kim was lying next to each other, and then Deng looked like a platform Like a huge piledriver, pressing my wife under her body, he slammed down from above, and his thick and long black cock fiercely poked Kay’s vagina and anus back and forth repeatedly, as if to Open up my wife's body.

Kay seemed to have been unconscious at this time, she stopped groaning, just as Deng moved up and down, wriggling her scarred body back and forth. It was a thrilling picture. Deng was like a huge and heavy tank, about to crush my wife who was lying under him, as weak as a small doll.


The weekend training is finally over. Deng was very satisfied with the performance of the two female slaves and praised Brian and me greatly. He said: "Without your selfless dedication and active participation, our training would not have achieved such satisfactory results." Then, Deng suggested that we go out for dinner together, and he treats us.

Brian and I were busy cleaning up the bodies of our wives, and then dressed them in very revealing clothes according to Deng's requirements. Then, we went to a restaurant not far from Deng's house. Deng lives in an area where blacks gather. The restaurant is also run by blacks. Therefore, the owner and the waiters of the restaurant are all blacks, and the guests who come to eat are almost all blacks.

When we came to the hotel, Deng found a large dining table in the center, and we sat down together. Deng sat between Kaye and Kim, and I sat across from them with Brian.刚一坐下,凯伊和基姆的表情就显得很怪异,原来是邓把他粗大的黑手指已经迫不及待地分别插进了她们俩的阴道里。凯伊和基姆都没有穿内裤,短小的裙子在她们坐下后已经无法遮住她们肥大白皙的屁股。

In this crowded restaurant, Kay and Kim exposed their cunts and spread their legs. Not only were they raped by their sex owners, but they were also raped by the restaurant’s male hostess and dining guests.

After dinner, we returned to Deng’s house. Deng asked the two women to take off their clothes again, and then lay their pussy on the bed opposite each other. Deng picked up a thick double-headed false vaginal lashes and inserted the two ends into Kay and Kim’s vaginas, and then let them go back and forth. Exercise, so that the false vaginal eyelashes inserted in their vaginas began to twitch.

Next, Deng asked me to rub and stroke Kim's breasts and clitoris, and let Brian tease and play with Kay's body.

After a while, Deng removed the double-headed fake cock from their vaginas, let them kneel on the bed side by side, and let Brian and I stand behind Kim and Kay. Wives, and he was standing in front of their faces, taking turns turning Kay and Kim's mouths with his black cock.

The scene in the room is really lewd. The two white husbands fought side by side under the orders of their wife’s sexual masters, trying their best to fight each other’s wives; and the two poor women, with their master’s cock in their mouths, and the other’s husband’s dick in their vaginas. Shaking back and forth, helplessly endure the adultery of three men.

Soon, the three men reached the peak of their sexual desires. We howled together. Brian and I injected the semen that had been patient for two days into each other’s wife’s body, and Deng Then he swiped his big black cock and sprayed the semen on the faces of two women like a machine gun...

I will never forget such a lewd, exciting and beautiful scene!

That Sunday, we returned home from Kaye’s sex master, Deng, very late. Kay and I were exhausted and went to bed without delay when we got home.

In the early morning of the next morning, I was awakened by Kay's groan. When I looked at the time, it was already half past eight. Oops, I'm late for work. Just when I got up in a hurry to get up and put on clothes, I realized that Kay didn't seem to be doing well.

It turned out that the continuous and intense sexual intercourse on weekends and Deng’s training and abuse made Kay’s body overwhelmed. Her wrists, toes, breasts, vulva and buttocks were all swollen and she could no longer insist on going to work. Up. No way, I had to call her and I took time off, she was recuperating at home, and I took care of her at home.

We took a rest at home together for two days, and Kay’s body finally regained its former vitality, thank goodness! However, the woman's body is really soft, and she can withstand such rough torture. Thinking that I still don't know what kind of training and abuse there will be in the future, I want to persuade Kay to give up this game.

I said to Kaye: "My dear, I have been thinking about it at home these past two days. I think maybe we should end this game because I don’t want your body to be harmed, do we Don’t look for Deng anymore?"

Kay looked at me, reached out and patted my face, and said, "Honey, are you worried? Don’t worry, our game has just begun. , I really want to see what else is new."

"But...I am worried about your body, I think we should go back to our original life..."


"No, why do you think that? Do you think we can go back to our original life? You see, you took me into the'Black and White Zebra Club', and you encouraged me to follow Black sex, it’s you who said you want to watch me being gang-raped by black men’s thick vaginal lashes, it’s you who said that you would be extremely excited to see so many of my adultery...what? Has everything changed now? Honey, During the past weekends, did you feel excited?"

"Of course, I had a great time. In the past few weekends...but, how are you feeling?" Yi was at a loss.

"Yeah, my dear, I feel so wonderful... and now I have adapted to such big black dicks, without them, I really don’t know how I would live... honey, don’t After thinking so much, let us continue to enjoy our new life."

On Wednesday night, Kay and I were caressing and lingering in bed. After training and adultery every weekend for the past two or three months, Kay's body doesn't feel much about my dick. After all, she is used to those black dicks that are twice the size of mine. However, our hearts are tighter, our husband and wife love each other more, and we feel that life is full of fun and happiness.

While I was pushing Kay gently, Kay said to me: "My dear, I saw you put my dick into Kim's body that day At that time, my heart was about to break. I'm so sad, I hope you belong to me alone. In fact, I am willing to be raped and played by Deng and other men, and it is entirely for you, because I know that I have been abused by others. The harder a man plays, the happier you are, so I can endure everything for you. But, I don’t want other women..."

I hugged Kay tightly and kissed her Lips said to her, "My dear, I only belong to you. Your master orders me Kim, I can’t help but obey. But only when I’m with you, I feel happy, I love forever Your..."

Kay was very excited, she also hugged me tightly, kissed me back and said: "Yes, I will love you forever, you are my dearest man! "

In this way, we continue our peculiar lifestyle. On weekdays, we are well-mannered and respected corporate white-collar workers; on weekends, we become Deng and his uncultivated, swear words Sex slaves of my friends, let them drive. Fortunately, apart from weekends, they did not harass our usual lives, and they still abide by the rules of the game.

Every weekend is a new adventure, with unpredictable humiliation and abuse waiting for Kay and me.

On this day, I sent Kay to her sex master, Deng’s house, just like this past weekend. While they hugged and kissed and stroked on the sofa, I brought wine and snacks to them.

As usual, Deng started to play with my wife's body in front of me. He took Kay to the bed, took off her clothes in a few hands, and then let her kneel on the bed. His black cock pays attention to the ritual, which is a ritual of worship to the master's genitals that must be performed every time.

Kay respectfully saluted Deng’s cock, and then took his not fully stiffened cock in both hands, rubbed it on his cheeks, thick vaginal eyelashes on me The wife's delicate, white face swept across, rubbing her forehead, nose, eyes and lips. Then, Kay put Deng's dick in his mouth, pressed his foreskin with his lips, and started licking Deng's glans with his tongue.

With the help of my wife’s tongue, and stimulated by the caress of my wife’s little hands, Deng’s dick woke up from a dead snake state and turned into a cannon with his head upright and immediately began to attack my wife. Fire a gun. He stabbed my dick into my wife's vagina, and then began to thrust it violently.

Now, Kay’s body has completely adapted to Deng’s big black dick that is 20 cm long and has a thick cup. Deng only thrust a few times and she reached her first orgasm. Her masturbation was full of lewd water, and her mouth was constantly moaning, murmured to Deng to make her more vigorous, and as Deng continued to intensify his thrusts, Kay's orgasms continued to attack her body.

Finally, Deng felt that his vigorous fornication had once again conquered Kay, so he relaxed himself. As soon as the semen switch was opened, a large amount of semen, like a torrent of bursting dykes, poured in surgingly. The depths of Kay's vagina. When Deng slowly pulled his cock out of Kay’s cunt and turned over and lay on her side to gasp, I saw the dirty semen pouring out of my wife’s vagina. Kay’s vagina was large. The open, red and swollen labia oozes a little blood. I know that this time my wife was tortured by her sex master again.

Scenes like this are very exciting and very beautiful. I quickly took out my camera to take pictures of my wife’s bloodshot pussy that was just being raped, because I was going to prepare for Deng. This is a photo album of him raping my wife.

After the photo was taken, I was about to go to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean up my wife’s pussy. Deng stopped me, and he said to me, “Don’t use a towel to clean up your wife’s body. The semen I just shot in Lidu, I think it’s better for you to clean it up with your mouth."

I know that if I refuse Deng’s order, not only Deng and Kay will be unhappy, but maybe Kay I had to be severely punished and ravaged by Deng; so I knelt down quickly, separated Kay’s thighs, buried my head on her pussy, and put my tongue as deep as possible into her vagina to lick Eat the semen that Deng just shot in.

Deng shot a lot, and a large amount of liquid--including Deng Deng’s semen and Kay’s lewd water--was eaten into my mouth. In front of Deng and my wife, I Knowing that I can't vomit out, I had to swallow all of it in my stomach, but fortunately I was not nauseous enough to vomit. In fact, after so many weekends of training, I have become accustomed to licking other men’s semen from my wife’s vagina.

After finally cleaning up my wife’s body, Deng said to me: "Good job! Now you should come and clean it up for me." Once again, I was caught when I wanted to go to the bathroom with the towel. Deng stopped, and he said, "Let's clean up with your mouth."

Deng's order made me feel very humiliating, but it was also very exciting. When I was seven years old, I once played a game of sucking each other's cock with a boy my age, but I never thought I would suck the cock of an adult man. I was full of curiosity and longing for the big black cock that Dunnagan had raped my wife countless times. I wanted to taste the taste of the cock that my wife kept in her mouth all day long.

But, in front of my wife to suck a dick that had just raped her, I don't know what Kay would think. While hesitating, I saw Kay’s encouraging eyes. I knew she wanted me to listen to her sexual master, and wanted me to do anything that would make her happy. I no longer hesitated, came to Deng’s knees, and started sucking Deng’s dick like a delicious popsicle.

Deng's cock is really big. Although it hasn't hardened yet, his cock is 14 or 5 centimeters long, and it feels as thick as a Coke bottle when you hold it. I really envy Deng who can have such a cock that scorns the crowd, how many women will be intoxicated by it!

I stick out my tongue and lick Deng’s vaginal eyelashes, which is soaked with my wife’s kinky fluid, from top to bottom, until I lick all the dirt on it into my stomach; then, I turn over. Open the foreskin and lick the remaining semen on his glans and horse's eyes; then, I went down again, working with my lips and tongue at the same time, licking the dirt on his scrotum; finally, I licked his anus Although there was no liquid stained there, I knew that such licking would make Deng relax and comfortable, so I licked his anus carefully both inside and outside.

Then, I went back to the front of his body, put his already a little hard cock into my mouth, pressed his glans with my tongue, and squeezed out a little bit of semen remaining inside. , Eat into the stomach. It is difficult for me to use words to describe my mood at the time, humiliation? Embarrassed? Stimulate? excited? They seem to have them, but all the feelings merged together, which made me feel extremely happy and enjoyable at the time. So, I have been very serious, enthusiastic, and very hard sucking Deng’s dick and testicles until he told me that he had enjoyed enough, and I reluctantly spit out the big black dick that had adulterated my wife countless times.

Seeing that it was almost noon, Deng asked my wife to prepare lunch for him, and then asked me to serve him a drink. Kay went to the kitchen to cook naked, and I followed Deng's order to deliver the drink in front of him. Deng sat on the sofa and asked me to kneel in front of him. Now that I have accepted the reality of being enslaved by Deng, I knelt down very neatly.

Deng took the remote control and turned on the TV and DVD player. The scene of Kaye and Kim receiving Deng’s training and our adultery immediately appeared on the screen. Those videos were all taken in the previous few weeks. Looking at the scene at the time, I couldn't help but make my blood boil and my cock was swollen. Deng watched the scene where two women were thrusting their sorrows with an electric massager, and he said to me: "Hey, the husband of a mean white woman, come and suck my dick!"

I immediately climbed in front of him, lifted the front of his robe, and respectfully held up his already strong black cock with both hands. Deng’s cock was thick, big, and heavy, more than twice the size of my cock!

I lowered my head slowly, starting from his huge black scrotum, licking up to his glans, and then I tried to put his dick in my mouth, trying to control my mouth and Don't vomit in the throat, swallow his dick into my throat so that more part of the dick can be contained. At the same time, my tongue has not stopped licking, I want to make Deng feel the greatest happiness.

The lewd scenes in the video and my strong stimulation of his dick made Deng quickly lose control. He lifted his ass up, and slammed his dick into my mouth vigorously. Then, he hugged my head with his hands and shook his body back and forth. The dick violently thrust into my mouth, and then, a lot of fishy smell was sticky. His semen rushed into my mouth and throat, and Kay’s sex master burst into my mouth.

To be honest, I really want to please Kay’s sexual master at this time, as if I want to win favor with Kay; therefore, I still insist on throwing Deng’s dick back and forth, and try my best not to let it go. The semen he shot into my mouth came out.

While licking Deng’s cock, I swallowed all the semen into my stomach. Then, I continued to suck his enviable cock until I sucked every drop of semen remaining on the cock into my stomach.

At this time, my wife brought Deng’s lunch, which was a ham and vegetable sandwich with minced meat and egg drop soup. Kay delivered the tray with lunch to Deng's hand, and then sat next to him next to Deng, watching me lick Deng's shrinking cock while he was enjoying a delicious meal.

The whole process of Deng’s meal, his cock stuck in my mouth, and, due to my licking and stimulation, his cock hardened again when he finished eating Up. Deng asked Kay to take away the cutlery, and then asked her to stand on the sofa and straddle his head, with his pussy facing his face, so that he can enjoy my tongue service while licking Kay's pussy Up.

Soon, thanks to the joint efforts of our husband and wife, Deng missed my wife again, but this time he came up with new tricks to humiliate and play on our husband and wife. Deng let me lie on the bed first, with my head drooping on the edge of the bed, and then asked my wife to stand in front of my face with her legs spread out. Her pussy is just above my mouth, and her upper body lies on my body with her mouth in her mouth. My vaginal lashes.

When our husband and wife posed, Deng walked to the bed, he stood behind my wife, inserted his cock into Kay’s vagina, and he was holding me a few inches above my face. Wife. He thrust and thrust violently, and the nasty water from my wife's vagina fell directly on my face, nostrils and mouth, and his scrotum rubbed my nose and lips with his movements. I have never seen a huge dick thrusting back and forth in my wife's body at such a close distance. The intense stimulation and humiliation made me shoot it out almost immediately.

Kay felt the squirming of my dick and knew that I was about to ejaculate. She didn't want my dirt to dirty her sex master's bed. So, while Kay sucked my glans vigorously, he stuck his hand at the root of my vaginal eyelashes, suppressing the tens of millions of worms that I was about to gush out.

At this time, Deng has turned his main attack direction to my wife's anus. It may be that Kay’s anal mouth was not moist enough. He told me to open his mouth wide, and then inserted his dick into my mouth, letting my saliva wet his cock.

In this way, for the next hour, Deng’s black dick took turns in my wife’s vagina, anus, and my mouth until he shot the last drop of semen into my throat. Ended this week's training.

What an unforgettable weekend! Deng's training has made us and our husband feel humiliated and excited. Of course, we have also obtained more happiness-happiness that others cannot experience!

With the full cooperation of our husband and wife, Deng's training of Kay went very smoothly, which made Deng very happy. Kay is a very gentle and obedient woman. She will obey every command of Deng without asking any questions. Kay's lovely face, sexy body and docile personality have given her all the conditions to be a free and mean bitch of a black man. Deng feels very proud to have such an excellent sex slave.

Now, Deng is ready to show Kay to more of his black friends. He hopes that Kay will be gang-raped and raped by more black dicks. He hopes that our husband and wife will become more mean and lewd.

Friday night again, I followed Deng's instructions to send Kay to his home. Before, I dressed up my wife according to Deng's requirements and put on a white translucent top for her. The neckline was opened very low, so that most of her breasts were exposed.

She has a short skirt under her body, which can barely cover her ass. As long as she sits down or bends over, her fluffy purple pussy will be exposed; her feet She was wearing six-inch high heels, which made her look very sexy when she walked with her legs and protruding buttocks.

When we walked into Deng’s living room, he was talking on the phone in the next room. Seeing that we were coming, he asked Kay to go to the kitchen to prepare a small snack, and said that there would be guests coming. Deng finished the phone call and came to the living room. We just had a greeting when we heard someone knocking on the door outside. Deng shouted at the kitchen, asking Kay to open the door. After Kay opened the door, he saw a giant black man standing in front of her.

This man walked into the living room. He was taller than Deng, who was 197 meters tall. He was about 205 meters tall. His weight seemed to be no less than 160 kilograms. This made Kay standing next to him. It looks like a small grass growing next to a towering tree. Is this person Deng invited to play with my wife? My heart immediately became excited, and at the same time I was a little worried whether Kay could stand this giant.

This man has been interested in my wife since Kay opened the door for him. He stared at my wife without turning away. Obviously he had already looked through Kay’s transparent clothes. When he reached her bright red nipples and red pubic hair, his eyes were shining with sexual desire, as if he was about to swallow my wife in one bite.

After the man and Deng shook hands and greeted him, Deng pulled Kay to him and introduced, "This is Bowes, my best friend. This is Kay, my sex slave. , Ha ha... By the way, and the man next to him, he is Kay’s green-hat husband, is a very competent husband, very compatible with my training of his mean wife, haha..." Then, he asked Kay to Go to the kitchen and bring up the small snacks she prepared.

Kay came to Deng and his friend Bowes sitting on the sofa with a tray of small snacks, and bent down to invite them to taste the snacks. At this time, her white, tender and plump breasts were exposed from the very low neckline, and at the same time, her short skirt could not cover her plump buttocks. Bao Si chuckled, while holding snacks in his hands, he looked at Kay's body presumptuously.

Deng also stretched out his hand for a snack, then he unbuttoned the two buttons on Kay's clothes, and then told Kay to take good care of his friend. So Kay walked up to Bows again and asked Bowes to eat more.

Boss knew what Deng meant, and asked Kay to bend her waist lower; because the buttons of Kay’s clothes had been unbuttoned by Deng, her breasts slipped out of her neckline. Fully exposed in front of Bowes.

Deng asked Kaye to put the tray on the small table next to him, and then sat between him and Bowes. Deng stretched his arm around Kay's shoulder, and started to play with Kay's nipple with the other hand. Deng said to Bows: "This woman is very nasty and mean. She likes my black dick very much. I can do anything with her. Do you want to try it?"

Bose stretched her head out Going to Kay's chest, while watching Deng play with Kay, he rubbed his hands on Kay's breasts. Hearing Deng’s question, he replied excitedly: "Of course, of course, she is our sexy little fox, I really want to have fun with her, haha..."

Deng heard what Bows said. , Immediately told Kay to kneel in front of Bowes. Kaye knew that she had to obey, and without the slightest hesitation, he knelt before Bowes. Deng went on to tell Bowes how he trained and trained Kay, "I have been training this bitch for many weekends. She has gone from a shy, restrained woman to a complete bitch, and a complete bitch. Free bitch. If you don’t believe me, you can experiment to see how her servility is..."

Boss looked down at Kay, who was kneeling in front of him, and asked, "Really Do you love the big dicks of black men?"

Kay replied in a calm voice: "Yes, Master!"

Boss is very satisfied with Kay To answer, he stretched out his hands and grabbed Kay's breasts and rubbed them vigorously. Then he opened Kay's skirt and inserted his fingers into Kay's anus. Kay couldn't help groaning softly, his voice full of suppressed joy.

Boss asked Kay if he wanted to know what caused a big bag to bulge in the front of his pants. Kay licked his lips expectantly and murmured, "Yes!...Master !"

"Haha, okay, then you help the master to untie the pants and see what is hidden in them that can make you happy baby, haha..."

"Okay , Master!" Kay replied.

Kay lowered her head and first kissed the bulge in front of Bows's pants with her lips. Then, she unzipped Bows's pants with her teeth, and then unbuttoned Bows's belt with her hands. , Holding the waist of Bows's pants with two hands and pulling it down.

Boss leaned back, raised his butt, and asked Kay to pull off his pants. A huge black eyelashes immediately popped out, and he hit Kay's Face. (See the wonderful adult novel:

"Come on, bitch, suck my dick!" Bowes commanded.

Kay held Bowes’s strong cock in one hand and Bowes’ heavy testicles in the other. She lightly paid Bowes’s foreskin to the roots of her eyelashes, exposing the black glans as big as a goose egg come out. Then, she stretched out her tongue and licked the horse's eye that was already oozing clear liquid, and then she took the entire glans into her mouth in one bite.

"Ah, it's so fucking comfortable, lick it well, suck it hard..." Bows screamed, enjoying my wife's verbal service.

At this time, Kay felt her skirt taken off, and she knew that Deng was behind her. Deng separated Kay's legs as far as possible, and then rubbed her ass and pussy back and forth, and then inserted two thick fingers into my wife's vagina and anus, and thrust them back and forth. Kay groaned while swallowing Bowes's vaginal eyelashes into her mouth.

Looking at my beautiful petite wife being played so roughly by two huge black men, I feel very complicated in my heart. The humiliating sexual stimulation made my dick swell and hurt. , While watching my wife being ravaged by others, I held the high cock tightly and moved quickly, "Ah, ah, ah..."

I ignored the two men beside me Looking at me, he squirted violently, letting the semen squirt into his face.

"Haha, this lowly man, seeing his wife being raped by others, he shot himself in the face..." Deng and Bowes laughed at me as they carried my wife to the bed.

For the next two hours, the two of them took turns fucking the three holes in my wife’s body, and then each of them poured semen into my wife’s mouth, vagina and anus. .

In these two hours, Kay has been immersed in the joy of orgasm. Her body was surrounded and shocked by waves of pleasure. She was in the violence of two black men. Moaning and shouting during fucking. I know that my dream has come true, and my wife has truly become a bitch for black men. She likes black dicks so much! She needs more, more, more black dicks! !