Chapter 1 - The past in Shenzhen

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In Shenzhen, people come and go. It seems that everyone is just passing by. No one cares what you do, and you don’t need to be so serious about some things.

I received a call from classmate Wang Naifang that day. He said that he had mortgaged a second-hand house with her girlfriend. He just moved in a few days ago and got married after a while and let me get together on weekends.

The friendship of classmates must be maintained, because it gives you the feeling of a rare and precious home in this indifferent city.

It’s my college classmate. He is tall and straightforward. Although he looks average, he likes to exercise. He can be called a sportsman. We have similar tempers and are very good classmates in college. After living for four years, what is even more commendable is that we came to the same city after graduation. We cherish this friendship very much. Although the place to live is three to four hours away by car, we often get together when we are free.

But a few months ago he found a girlfriend. He proudly said that he was a rich beauty. I thought he was bragging, but I haven’t seen him in the past few months. Every time I contacted him At that time he said he was with his girlfriend.

Unexpectedly, this guy is now rich and rich, and his wife has a house.

I went there after get off work on Friday. This was Nakata’s request. He said that I would spend the weekend at his house.

I finally saw Naifang at 7:30 in the evening. I haven't seen him for a few months. Naifang has lost weight, but he is so full of energy. Obviously, he is doing well. This guy was very affectionate when he saw me slapped and beaten. I deliberately didn't talk about his buying a house, and asked if you sold yourself, and why are you so haggard. He was playing around again.

On the way to his house, he told me about buying a house. It turned out that his girlfriend's house paid the down payment for the mortgage house, and the two of them paid monthly. He pretended to be deep, said he was stressed or something, I said he got a bargain, he was very proud of pretending to be low-key. I asked about his girlfriend. He said that he met his girlfriend online, one year younger than him, a local, and working in a nearby bank. He kept boasting about his girlfriend's beauty and understanding. I attacked him and asked if it was your current body that she was responsible for, and he smirked.

Naifang’s house is located in a newly developed high-end residential area, with high-rise buildings, gardens, swimming pools and gymnasiums, and trees and flowers everywhere are very good. The community is very big, and I walked with him faintly for a long time before I arrived at his house.

His family lives on the 24th floor. I can’t help but envy it when I enter the door. The three-bedroom and one-living house also has a bar and a study room. It has all kinds of household appliances. It is said to be a second-hand house, but the original house. The Lord passed it to them without staying.

I finally expressed my admiration and blessings to him from the bottom of my heart. He was very happy, and was busy pouring tea and fruit. Only then did I notice that he was the only one at home, so I asked him about your girlfriend, and she said that she would come back when she went shopping.

Naifang accompanied me to visit his room. I kept praising him. These compliments were from the bottom of my heart. I am happy that my good friend found his wife and bought a house.

Soon the doorbell rang, and I guessed it was the mistress who had returned, so he followed Nakata, who opened the door, back to the living room.

When the door opened, a young woman in white fluttering in the air came in. The woman is tall, with long hair and shawl, wearing a long skirt, wearing high heels similar to my height, and then she is particularly white. This is my first feeling. I couldn't care to take a closer look and quickly got up to say hello. The woman handed the big and small bags that Nakata was carrying, and she looked at me with a smile and said hello, hello, and welcome you to our house as a guest.

At this time, I can see her appearance clearly. She has a pair of almond eyes, long eyebrows, a high nose, a pointed chin, a moderately sized mole on the right side of her mouth, which is a bit eye-catching, and a pair of cosmetic surgery is popular. Guazi face, but some dark circles make her look a little haggard.

We talked and looked at each other. I feel that Nakata is not bragging, but it is not as beautiful as I imagined based on his description, but fortunately, it matches Nakata more than enough.

When I watched her, she was a little embarrassed. Nakata asked her what she bought. She turned to Nakata's respondent with some concealment, and then Nakata walked into the kitchen. I heard the sound of washing hands, and then she smiled and returned to the living room, walking towards me and saying that Nakata often talked about you, you are his best friend, and finally saw you, you will come often in the future.

She refilled my tea cup. I half stood up and picked up the cup to cooperate. At this time, Nokata was still in the kitchen. I was a bit talking in front of strangers. I don’t know what to say, but Blindly said thank you and hope that Naifang will come soon. When she received the water, Yu Guang saw her calves. Her straight and thin legs were white and bloodless. The skin was delicate and smooth, and it was more tender under the light. I couldn't help but stunned, but then it was impolite to reflect on it, so I quickly recovered and continued to say thank you. As I talked, I wondered if the hostess had discovered my disrespect, I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, Naifang is here. He said that you are here casually, there are TVs and computers, and there are many books in the study. If you love to read books, you can also go there and read them. Xiaohui and I will not accompany you when we go to cook. I said go ahead and leave me alone. Only then did I know her name was Xiaohui, and Naifang, who was careless, never told me her name.

I turned around in the living room and looked out. It was completely dark. The lights were bright outside. Looking down from the window, there was a fountain surrounded by lights. People walking on the boulevard walked slowly. After that, a picture of abundance and peace. I couldn't help sighing again, envy and shameful.

I walked into the study room, and the bookshelves inside were neatly filled with books. I guess, except for those college textbooks under the bookshelves, which belonged to Naifang, it is estimated that the others are Xiaohui’s, Naifang has always I don't like reading, I can't help laughing.

I took out a few books and flipped through them, and then put them back. When I raised my hand, I found a pink wire exposed in the cabinet next to the bookshelf. It was estimated that the power cord of the electrical appliance had not been put in place, so I opened the cabinet door and prepared to throw the cord in. But when I opened the door of the cabinet, I was surprised by the contents inside. There were not many things. There was a pink stick that was slightly larger than a thumb. The power cord was on it, and there was a big black stick. At a glance, I know that the small one is an electric flea, and the large one is a plastic penis. I’m not surprised that Nakata has these things. He is very lustful. When he was sophomore, he moved out of the dormitory and lived with his first love school girl. A month later, he fell in love with him. When he moved back, he was totally different. Li was skinny, just like what he looks like now. At that time, we all thought he was a passionate seed that couldn't stand the blow of broken love, but he accidentally told the truth once after graduating from work. It turned out that he was tired of doing that with that school girl. At that time, I wondered if the school girl was not satisfied and dumped you. He reacted fiercely when he heard that and he almost broke off diplomatic relations with me. I just apologized and apologized.

Nai Fang is still the same, I can't help but smirk. However, it immediately occurred to me that these things were actually used on Xiaohui, and there was a rush of refreshments. Calming thoughts quickly put the power cord in, closed the cabinet door, and returned to the living room.

The dinner is very rich, but wine is the point. Xiaohui had changed clothes at this time. She had a green sleeveless T-shirt on her upper body, white tights on her lower body, and her bare snow-white arms and thighs made me afraid to look at it. At the beginning, the three of us ate and chatted, talking about the situation after graduation and the perception of society. Later, Nakata became a little drunk, and the chat turned to the college days. At this time, almost forgotten things appeared under the influence of alcohol. His mind and the jealousy said that Xiaohui had already finished the meal, but she was still very polite to accompany us to listen to our bragging, and then left because she couldn't speak.

Naifang had a very small drinker. When he graduated from the meal, he tried his best and drank five bottles of beer. As a result, we foamed at the mouth and was carried back to the dormitory. I drink moderately, but I am a Bacchus compared to Naifang. Today we drank red wine. I don’t like to drink this because it feels like a drink. However, there is Xiaohui here today, so I don’t want to have any objections.

After we finished drinking a bottle of dry red, Tan Xingzheng's Naifang's tongue was a bit bigger. I said, let’s stop here today. He likes to brag, especially when drinking alcohol. , And I am obviously the best listener.

In a blink of an eye, Naifang turned around and shook out a bottle of white wine from the bar, and said to drink this. As soon as I saw it, I blurted out without thinking, can you, baijiu? Soon I regretted saying this. You must know that a drunk person is most afraid of others saying that he can't drink. The more you say he can't drink, the more he drinks, and the more you drink, the more drunk you get. Obviously Naifang was in this state. I am a little helpless, Naifang has already opened the bottle and poured wine on his own, I know I can't escape today.

At this time, the lower body was a little swollen, and the meat stick actually stood up under the stimulation of urine and alcohol. I have to go to the bathroom. When I got up, I realized that red wine is also wine, and my body was a little shaken. Fortunately, there is no serious problem, the consciousness is very clear. When I walked into the bathroom, I became more anxious to urinate. The light inside was on. After I went in, I untied my pants and took out a big cock.

The release is so cheerful, I let out a long sigh of relief.

Suddenly there was a noise next to me, and when I turned my face, I was so scared that I was so drunk, I saw Xiaohui standing under the shower head.

At this time, Xiaohui was standing still, her clothes had not been taken off, she seemed to be preparing to take a bath. She was holding a bath towel in her hand, her eyes wide open, and she stared at my meat stick intently. When she realized that I found her, she picked up the towel and covered her eyes with a loud voice, then turned her back abruptly. At this time, I complained constantly, how could this kind of thing happen to me, it was a big shame.

I hurriedly stuffed the meat stick back and left the bathroom like running away.

Nai Fangzheng squinted her eyes and waited for me. It seemed that she heard Xiaohui's cry and asked what happened with her tongue. I said I didn't know. Nakata called Xiaohui loudly, and Xiaohui came out. At this time, I was ashamed and scared, for fear that Xiaohui would tell the scene just now.

Fortunately, the blushing Xiaohui said that there were big cockroaches in the kitchen, which scared me to death. Naifang heard what he was afraid of, isn't it Xiaoqiang, let me help you kill him, where, take me there. He was about to stand up as he said, but he was already drunk, and just staggering to his feet, he sat back staggeringly. I blushed and looked at Xiaohui with a grateful look, and then said to Nokata, I'll do it, you sit down first. He stood up.

At this time, I don’t know what to do. Do I really go to fight the cockroach? Isn’t the cockroach my damn thing under my crotch? But at this time, I can only bite the bullet and continue to act.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohui smiled at me and said, "Come here, don't know if you ran away, then turned and walked towards the kitchen." I had to follow her into the kitchen.

I don’t know what to do, I lowered my head and blushed, and finally got amnesia cheeky, and asked Xiaohui in a muffled voice, where is the cockroach?

Xiao Hui blushed and turned around and smiled at me. She said in a loud voice that she was there and walked to the pool. I looked at her nervously.

The kitchen is relatively large. When Xiaohui walked over, I had enough room to see her figure clearly. Her legs are slender, the roots of the thighs visible under the shorts are white and flawless, but the fleshy ones are about the same thickness as Nakata's arms when she was strongest, and her calf muscles are smooth and relaxed as she walks. This is simply two slender jade pillars carved from white jade. Watching the jade legs walk slowly, I realized how narrow and ignorant it is to focus only on women’s breasts. It turns out that women’s legs can also make people feel better. Head overwhelmed.

This new discovery made me forget the environment immediately. The lower body that had just been embarrassed was hopelessly swelled, and the round buttocks supported by the jade legs helped to add to the flames. .

Of course, Xiaohui doesn't know what I'm thinking, but she bends down and looks at it pretendingly, and her puckered buttocks make her legs look more slender. I had a dry mouth and swallowed, I heard my trembling voice, did you find it? Xiao Hui panted slightly and said, no.

I saw Xiaohui's bare ears after he tied up her long hair. The fiery red color was a bit brighter against the white skin. I am a little awakened, could it be...I dare not think about it, it is better for me to go first in this situation. I turned around and said, let Naifang fight for you another day, not afraid. Want to get away.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohui stood up as if afraid that I would be gone and said hurriedly, wait, I stopped to look at her, she ran over, and closed the kitchen door after passing me. I was at a loss and watched her slowly turn around after closing the door. She looked straight towards my chest, her face was dripping with blood, her expression was complicated, and the mole on the corner of her mouth looked so ambiguous.

I fully awakened, just about to start, but suddenly I remembered Nakata, and said in a low voice and shaking, Nakata was waiting for me! She also came back to her senses, turned around and opened the door and went out. She returned for a moment and took my hand to the living room.

My soul was lost, and I thought, what is this lady going to do, is she trying to kill me? I was thinking that I was out of the kitchen, and after two steps, Nakata appeared in my field of vision. I let out a long sigh of relief, Nakata was already lying on the table, with his left hand resting on his head and holding a wine glass in his right hand.

I got it, and returned to the kitchen with Xiaohui. The door was not closed. As soon as I entered, I immediately hugged Xiaohui, wrapped one arm around her, and rubbed her hips with the other. Xiaohui looked expectant and nervous when I reached into my shorts from behind, her eyes closed tightly, her breathing was short, and she waited for my action.

Her round buttocks slippery without leaving hands, plump and flexible. The two buttocks were pinched and grasped, and the slippery feeling made me feel refreshed and happy. It's a pity that my shorts constricted my movements. Seeing that I couldn't enjoy myself here, I turned to attack the middle area of ​​the two buttocks. I gently slid my fingers between the fleshy crevices, sliding my fingertips across her wrinkled chrysanthemums, and gently opened the fleshy crevices she was about to open, and when I poke my fingers lightly, the lewd water was already overflowing.

At this moment, Xiaohui's body shrank, holding me tighter. I was struggling to breathe a little, Xiaohui suddenly let go of me, and got a hand under my crotch. Although the big stick had been waiting here, it still rose a little unexpectedly.

Xiaohui's little hand held the meat stick tightly, and I immediately awake with a cold breath. I immediately realized that the time was urgent and could not be delayed, so I had to start and end this encounter as soon as possible.

I took out the hand that was bathing in Wenrouxiang from Xiaohui’s panties, and took off the pants with both hands. The pants did not take off, just slipped on the feet. The big meat stick has been exposed.

At this time, it was not the first time Xiaohui and meat stick met, but she still opened her lips slightly. Regardless of her reaction, I pushed her against the wall and turned her back to me. She bends down to support the wall, her legs are different, like a suspect waiting to be searched by the police.

And I am a prestigious policeman with a gun and live ammunition, and I am going to severely teach her this self-inflicted stunner.

I squatted, two hands stroking the jade legs that made me deeply touched just now. The jade legs were as smooth as imagined, and the delicate sensation from my fingertips made me numb.

I hugged the base of my thigh with two hands, and my fingers met. It's only so detailed, which surprised me a bit, and unconsciously admired it, it's really a sexy stunner.

Time is running out, and I can’t tolerate any extra actions. I went straight to the subject and pulled off her shorts rudely. Unexpectedly, with too much force, I took off the panties as well, and the shorts and panties were dropped to the crook of the leg.

I stepped back a little, and saw her now that her calf was in a figure eight shape, and her feet were struggling outwards, while the two snow-white thighs on the upper part of the legs were tightly bound by the underwear. The junction of the two jade pillars and the snow-white buttocks is tightly sandwiched with a mass of meat buns. The meat buns are plump and plump, protruding outwards. The cut surface seems to be higher than the butt that has been turned up to the maximum. The bun is brown and is set against the snow-white thighs. It's a bit ugly. The vertical wrinkles on the surface of the meat bun make the meat sac look so full, messy with sparse fluff, and a piece of meat powder in the middle of the bun. The pink fruit inside is faintly visible, and the dew drops from the cracks are very crystal clear.

This is a place where holiness and filth coexist. The strong contrast arouses primitive animality.

I lost my mind a bit, and could only start an instinctive reaction frantically.

I lifted the meat stick with one hand and slammed it into the middle of the brown meat bun. The protruding meat bun allows my meat stick to be completely submerged without the hindrance of the buttocks.

The owner of the meat sac uttered a restrained scream, then raised his head violently, and then hung weakly.

My soul is gone, and the temperature of my lower body immediately rises. It feels like I have entered a long and narrow stove, swelled by the heat inside, and almost fired a shot.

The meat stick is hidden deep in it and dare not move immediately. After a while, I got used to it a little bit, and then I slowly started thrusting. All the meat sticks were pulled out, and then re-entered, pulled out, entered, and so on.

Fuck below, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Xiaohui and I don’t know where we are deep, and we copulate like animals without any scruples.

Finally, Xiaohui couldn't stand it anymore, her shorts and panties kept hooping her legs, and she couldn't hold her back when she was attacked. Because of this, I can't let her fall to the ground, completely cyan light shorts, and carry her jade legs.

The flowers in front of me are no longer just budding, they are already blooming brilliantly after a storm.

I didn't pity seeing the small cracks have turned into small holes, and I took another violent blow when I picked up the meat stick. The jade legs swayed up and down on my shoulders, and the meat stick was thrusting in and out of the meat hole, Xiaohui finally stiffened, and there was no sound. Regardless of Xiaohui's life and death, I still exercise vigorously. I don't know how long it took, but finally, I shot, and a puff of liquid was injected into Xiaohui's body. As soon as I loosened my body, I also lay down.

The lust has gone out, and I regained my sanity. I began to regret doing this. I'm sorry for my good friend, sorry for his trust in me. But what can I do now.

When I left the kitchen, I saw a mole on the corner of Xiaohui's mouth. I suddenly felt a clear conscience. "If I don't go to hell, whoever goes to hell."

Nakata was still sleeping soundly like a pig. I sat back in my seat and took a few sips from the wine bottle. Then I lay down on the sofa, and then I didn't know anything.

When I woke up the next day, I had a splitting headache. I didn't care about the pain, so I quickly observed the surroundings.

I was still lying on the sofa with a blanket over it. The dining table has been put away, and there are still some water stains on the floor, apparently just being dragged. Then I saw Xiaohui coming out of the bathroom, wearing black sports long trousers, holding a mop in her hand, and seeing that I was looking at her, blushing, then turned and walked into the bedroom.

I got up and walked to the door of the bedroom. Xiaohui was mopping the floor, while Naifang was lying on the bed with his body in a large font and motionless, obviously he hadn't woken up yet. I looked at Nakata and said, telling him I'm leaving now. The words are for Xiaohui.

She didn't look up, and said in a nervous voice, you should wait until he wakes up before leaving! Then he didn't speak again. I think so, it would be a bit abrupt to walk like this. It seemed that Xiaohui didn't react abnormally, so I suppressed it a little bit nervously. Nodded.

I walked into the study and sat there reading. Soon Xiaohui came in, carrying a plate with bread and milk in it, and said, let's have breakfast. Before I could react, I put down the plate and walked out. I had no choice but to hold back the "thank you" just about to export.

Suddenly discovering that Xiaohui has turned around is a bit strange. She was dressed in black, her hair tied up, her white neck and her clothes were black and white. There is nothing strange about her pants.

Her trousers seem to be torn, and a touch of snow white in the middle of the buttocks came into my eyes clearly through the trousers. I hurriedly said, Xiaohui, your pants. She turned her head and said, what's wrong, her face even more red. I said, broken, pants. He pointed his hand to his hip.

She walked back, turned her back to me and said, where? You show it to me. I immediately understood, and the lower body had already foreseeably hardened.

I didn't do it, I rushed to hold Xiaohui and she was leaning on the desk with her butt cocked.

The situation has become clear. The hole in the pants has told me that she didn't wear anything in it. It seems that she had planned a long time ago.

At this time, the study door was open, and the bedroom door where Naifang was located was also open, but I didn't care so much, I pulled out the weapon and stabbed in the trouser hole fiercely.

Blindly hit Huaxin with a meat stick, and a different kind of stimulation followed.

The sexy trouser hole, the sensual Xiaohui who is incomparably succumbing to her embrace, make people ecstatic and dying from the bottom of the body. Everything can't reach the climax, and he shoots again in the muffled sound.

Crawling on Xiaohui’s back for a while, I put on my pants and ate breakfast if nothing happened. Xiaohui stayed in her original posture for a while and walked away without raising her head.

Naifang woke up at noon, he was very embarrassed to say that he was embarrassed to drink too much. I said it's too normal, you just drink the same amount, so sober, he didn't refute, and even claimed to be. I said I was leaving, but Naifang disagreed. He said that he wanted you to come over for the weekend. You can see that you lost a circle after only staying with me for one night. If my classmates found out, I still have the face to live! I was speechless, so I had to obey him.

Xiaohui, who had changed her outfit, gave a chuckle, and her voice was a little harsh to me.

After lunch, I and Nakata wandered around. This Nakata kept talking to me, and I responded vaguely, thinking about what happened yesterday, looking at Nakata next to Nakata. , As if Nan Ke Yimeng.

On the way back, Naifang’s cell phone rang, and the leader needed him to work overtime, so he nodded and said yes. After the phone call, he looked miserable and said that his life was bitter! I'm afraid his shoulders show understanding. He said he rushed back as soon as possible, no more than six o'clock, and then called Xiaohui and told Xiaohui not to wait for me. Seeing his seriousness on the phone, I smiled bitterly.

I am back by myself. As soon as I knocked on the door, it opened. I said, I have to go, Naifana is very hard. This sentence sounds incomprehensible, but I think Xiaohui should understand that I mean to stop here, can no longer be sorry for Nakata.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohui smiled, sighed and said, Naifana is working hard, but every time he comes back, he is exhausted, like a dead pig on the bed, he ignores me, don’t I have a hard time?

I see, no wonder there are those things in the study. But I finally saw Xiaohui's face, she was definitely not Fang's good wife and mother.

The view from the window of the twenty-fourth floor room is refreshing. And I have a feeling of floating like a fairyland. At this moment, there was Xiaohui naked in front of me. I could see Xiaohui's breasts, which I had never met. They were small and firm, not the kind of turbulent I like.

At this time, Xiaohui's lips were squirming, with a stick in her mouth, and she kept changing angles to lick. The owner of the stick was naturally me.

Xiao Hui ate and talked, it was delicious, a bit creamy. I laughed blankly. She went on to say, let's call it a big milk stick, I was so suffocated by her, I took the time to say okay.

Looking at her shameless look and feeling her proficient flute skills, I feel more and more that Xiaohui is not a good family, and I can't help being angry for Naifang.

She held the stick in both hands to do piston luck, and she was chattering in her mouth: It's really big, but it's too rough, and she doesn't pity Yu Yu at all. After speaking, he was angry.

I was amused for a while. After thinking about it, the thought of venting for Naifang came up spontaneously.

I motioned to cut her mouth, Xiaohui took the initiative to cater, and the meat stick was only half of it, but this was the maximum that Xiaohui could accept.

My evil thoughts have arisen, my hands fixed her head and then my buttocks slammed, and the other half of the meat stick also entered Xiaohui's mouth.

Xiaohui's face was flushed, and she wanted to spit out a meat stick, but my head was already under my control.

Her throat was squirming, and she wanted to vomit, but the meat stick couldn't let go of her throat, and she could only make a muffled sound. I ignored it and tried to enjoy the special pleasure that the throat wriggling bestowed on the glans.

Xiaohui's face turned red, as if she was suffocating. When I saw it, she pulled it out. She gasped and took a few breaths. I stabbed in again. After ten seconds, I saw that Xiaohui was not able to support it before pulling it out again.

So repeatedly, Xiaohui seems to have adapted, and is very cooperative in learning this new Xiao method.

I was a little puzzled. Suddenly I changed the rhythm, the frequency increased, and I made a plunger into her mouth like a stick in her mouth.

Xiaohui was a little dazed, her eyes widened, her gaze was dull, and she forgot to do the resisting action.

I inserted Xiaohui's mouth fiercely. I didn't stop exercising until I felt like I wanted to shoot.

As soon as I let go, Xiaohui collapsed. She gasped, tears in her eyes, and retching, but nothing came out. Fortunately, she recovered in a while. The first sentence after she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand broke me down, "It's so cool."

This is how Xiaohui feels after being served by a big stick in her mouth. I was irritated, and the big stick under my crotch was also furious. I kicked the lewd and somewhat outrageous Xiaohui and ordered her to cock her ass like a bitch.

Xiaohui obediently crouched on the ground and twisted her hips. The meat hole provokes me with the swaying of the ass, her mouth is still screaming, her voice is already hoarse, I know it is given by the big stick.

With a grinning grin, I said, why are you so nasty! Xiaohui's meaty buttocks twisted more presumptuously as an answer.

I glanced at her place of all evil, and suddenly I had a new idea. Reading the stick, he rushed down as soon as he leaned over.

A scream, no, Xiaohui's hoarse voice made me a little bit creepy, but my lower body did not stop, and I still got into it abruptly.

At this time, there is nothing in Sao Cave, but the chrysanthemum gate above ushered in uninvited guests.

The meat stick was a little bit reluctant to get in. There was no lubricating effect of the obscene liquid, which made the meat stick hurt by rubbing. Although it felt, it was not as happy as it was when it entered the vulva. But what I want is this kind of effect. Looking at Xiaohui, whose body is already in pain, has a great sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment combined with the feeling of being tightly wrapped in the flesh passed from the glans made me feel stunned.

I stopped there to watch, the meat stick was already submerged in the chrysanthemum, and the folds of the chrysanthemum were deformed and bloomed outward.

I panted heavily and leaned on Xiaohui, kneading her breasts with both hands, her breasts were a little loose, not as full and elastic as she should be at her age, which made me a little puzzled, but I changed my mind. I understand.

I grabbed Xiaohui’s breasts hard, and asked with my mouth close to her ears, slut, how many men do you have besides me and Nakata. Xiaohui has been relieved, her face is distorted, and the tremendous pain made her just whisper. Seeing that she ignored me, my hip shrugged and the meat stick shook in the chrysanthemum. Xiaohui yelled again, and the crying became more pronounced. I said threateningly in her ear again, don't tell me, don't tell me you are pretty. Xiaohui's head lowered lower, and she was silent for a moment and said weakly in a trembling voice, maybe three or five! I immediately realized that this was not the truth, and got up in a rage, quickly drew out the meat stick, and jabbed again. Xiaohui yelled again, but it was strange that the voice was still mixed with a sound that seemed very comfortable. I felt that she didn't know how to repent, so she endured a little bit of pain and a few movements caused by jerky friction. However, Xiaohui's voice completely changed to a wave of screaming at spring time, and only then did I realize that I had been fooled.

I thought she would be in pain, but I didn't expect she was enjoying it.

I immediately stopped exercising. Xiaohui was feeling comfortable, but I didn't expect that I would stop, and the cry catering to the impact was also taken back halfway. My meat stick torso has come out, and the glans is still stuck in the chrysanthemum gate. It's so stalemate.

Just as I was hesitating, Xiaohui suddenly made a voice, "Probably a dozen." These words were like adding fuel to the fire. The burning animal desires and the injustice of Wei Naifang made me angry. , I pulled out the meat stick, ready to launch the shock of brutality and revenge for Nefang. Unexpectedly, Xiaohui turned around, and said in humility like a kindness that it hurts a bit. I'll help you get it, and then swallowed the big meat stick in one bite. The meat stick was licked up and down by the tongue in Xiaohui's mouth, making me suck in cold air. For a moment, Xiaohui spit out the meat stick, put the meat stick under her mouth, and then spit a few saliva into different parts of the meat stick.

The meat stick is already covered with Xiaohui's saliva, and it is a little bit desolate like a chicken, but the beating veins of the veins indicate that it is like a beast that bears insults and lurks, and will give the enemy a fatal blow at any time.

I pushed down Xiaohui roughly. After Xiaohui lay down, she turned and stood on her knees, with her buttocks high. With a muffled roar, the meat stick squeezed into the chrysanthemum door like a snake this time. It was warm and tight inside. There were no small particles like the strange rocks in the Sao cave, but it was smooth and silky.

Alternative pleasure hits me, I am not tired and happy galloping, and I keep talking about who these men are, just say.

Xiaohui happily hummed, lewdly replied, "It’s all my boyfriend" I don’t believe it, watching the big sticks born and dying under the crotch go to and from the tiger’s den in Longtan, and asked, how many do you have Boyfriend, Xiaohui blurted out and said "three". I was stunned, and immediately realized that the answer was different. The meat stick stabbed the Jumen more violently and yelled, "More than ten men have passed you, three are boyfriends, then others Who is this person?" Xiaohui realized that the lie had been exposed, but the meat stick in the chrysanthemum did not allow her to have any more time to think. She whimpered and said intermittently, "There is a cousin, and in high school and A few boyfriends in the university, a few of my colleagues and netizens after graduation"

I completely broke down. I think maybe the most lustful prostitute is nothing more than that. I am even more unfair. Another burst of violent anger hit me with all my strength. Before launching an attack entirely for Nakata’s revenge, I asked Nakata a question for Nakata. I asked if I ever messed with Nakata after being with Nakata, she I was already crying a little out of breath, and replied, no, our department manager has already been transferred. I only met Naifana after this. I won't be like that in the future. Forgive me, this is the last time. (See wonderful adult novels:

Pause for a while, suddenly there was a scream, fuck me!

I heard the deadly charging horn, and the big meat stick hysterically launched the final deadly attack. The big meat stick flew up and down and thrust it fiercely, completely ignoring that the lubricating liquid had dried up. Xiaohui's chrysanthemum door has swollen into a red meat bag, and I lost my mind and ignored it. I simply closed my eyes and just twisted my body violently like a shofar wind.

Xiaohui has already made a pleading voice, "No, it's painful to death." At this time, she didn't even cry, and she could only endure the disaster of joy and sorrow.

After a long journey through the mountains, I was infinitely close to the peak of happiness. The big meat stick grew faster and faster like the wings of a fly in flight. Finally, the fire of desire under the crotch spurted out with the flood. While enjoying the thrill of reaching the summit, I heard Xiaohui's last wailing, Nakata, help me. Then everything subsided.

It was 6 o'clock when Naifang came back. I was surfing the Internet. Naifang said why don’t you take a good rest? Did you meet a vampire? I knew it was a joke, but I knew in my heart that I did encounter a ghost, but it was not a vampire, but a vampire. I paid attention to Nokata's reaction when seeing Xiao Hui, whispers from the room, but they were very clear into my ears. Xiaohui said dumbly that she had something to do, and unfortunately she had a cold. Naifata said very distressedly that why he was so careless, I'll cook dinner for you and take a good rest.

After enjoying Naifang’s not-so-exquisite cooking skills, I insisted on leaving despite Naifang’s persuasion. Naifou finally let it go with some helplessness.

Walking on the road in the moonlight, I hope Xiaohui can cherish Naifang after this lesson, and wish them happiness.

A few weeks later, I received another call from Nakata, saying that they have registered their marriage and they are going to have a wedding reception. I must attend. We talked for a long time that time, and he said that he is very happy now, and Xiaohui is more considerate to him than before. He said he was so happy. I felt relieved in my heart.

At the wedding of Nakata and Xiaohui, Nakata and Xiaohui solemnly toasted me. Naifang was happy for me to witness his wedding, while Xiaohui stared at me with tears in her eyes and grateful, and toasted solemnly and said "Thank you for your hard work!"

This sentence is only two of us. I personally know the meaning of it, and I also said to them from the bottom of my heart, "I wish you all grow old."