Bad Shaofu
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Guide: "Lotus Paste..." Wei Shaoyun buckled He Lianrong's wrists and pulled them apart, his lips and tongue wrapped around the soft and sensitive parts of her chest. He Lianrong's vest was numb, and he arched slightly, but still biting his lower lip to prevent himself from groaning. "Don't refuse me." Wei Shaoyun held He Lianrong's hand toward her, letting her feel her own hair, leaning over her ear and whispering, "It's not just that you are in love potion, I I can't help it anymore." "No..." Helianrong wept slightly and wanted to withdraw his hand, but was pressed tightly by Wei Shaoyun to the scorching heat, until his offensive came again, and he squeezed into Helian hard. Between Rong's legs, his fingertips dipped into the nasty pants, and he touched a hot, damp and silky piece. "No!" He Lianrong finally screamed, "Wei Shaoyun, we...cannot!"

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