Chapter 12 -

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It was dark and cold in the room; Ou Lingya heard that somewhere in the darkness, there were night worms flying. She tried her best to calm herself and comfort herself. All this was only part of the test, but from time to time there was a terrible voice in her body: Why did they keep you here? Did they forget you and let you stay in this ghost place to wait for death?

Time passed-she didn't know how long she had been missing. The biting cold envelops her, and she has goose bumps all over her body. She was so lonely and helpless, no one even knew she was here. Could it be that all of this is caused by my own arrogance and greed? Does this pain have to wait until she dies and rots to disappear?

The tears rolled in her eye sockets, but she did not let it drip. Ou Lingya never cry, even here, in this unseen place.

A burst of light suddenly illuminated her, and she could hardly adapt to her eyes when facing the lantern.

"Light up candles and flashlights." A very unfamiliar voice said, Ou Lingya couldn't help but wander between hope and fear. Is someone coming to rescue him, or is someone coming to continue to inflict pain on him? Could it be that her test is over?

The candle was lit, gradually illuminating the dark room. Ou Lingya found that there were seven men standing in front of them-ordinary-looking men in suits and ties, as if they were going to attend a business meeting. Ou Lingya recognized one of the officers as a messenger, but the others were very strange.

"Good night, Ou Lingya."

Seven men stood in a semicircle around her.

"Are you going to untie me now? My arm is hanging out of touch."

"Very good, very good."

"Do I...I have passed the test to your satisfaction?"

The members of the organization smiled and nodded.

"You performed very well, Ou Lingya. We were deeply moved by your enthusiasm and talents. Moreover, in the face of danger and fear, you remain calm. For example, you treat cobras—the most impressive Unforgettable."

"But it's not dangerous. You pulled out its fangs, did you?"

"No, Miss Ou Lingya! It's the one that didn't pull out the fangs. Cobra, of course, you will never encounter this situation again."

Ou Lingya couldn't help but feel like vomiting. She didn't realize that she was so close to death at the time.

"A member of an organization is never afraid of danger, Ou Lingya-I think your father taught you. Now, my dear, you must overcome another challenge before we can agree to your entry into the organization. "

"There is another challenge? Didn't you tell me that I only need to complete seven tests?"

"My dear Ou Lingya, the process of entering the organization is carefully planned , I believe you will understand. Before all candidates are allowed to enter the organization, not only their skills, courage and endurance must satisfy us, but they must also have the ability to deny themselves."

"This It's your task, dear." The chief explained, stepping out of the shadow, and gently placing her hand on Ou Lingya's breast. "We have to use all the skills and abilities to stimulate your body. But you, my dear, must bear it. If you make any expressions of desire, you will die. Are you willing?"

Ou Lingya's thoughts were in chaos again. How is this going? She has passed the pass, and walked so far, why can't she escape the shadow of death? Fear attacked her. But she knew that in this final trial, she could not fail. There is no turning back in the world.

"I do," she replied: "I'm not afraid."

The hand stretched over her body with lustful hands on her fingertips. These hands know any corner of the woman's body, any route to arouse her desire. She has nowhere to escape, she is unable to avoid their touch.

Ou Lingya bit her lip tightly and said nothing, until the blood came out of her lip, she knew that she had to suppress her inner desire. But desire flooded like a flood that broke the bank, drowning her, swallowing her.

Those words echoed in her brain over and over again: death or self-denial, death or self-denial.

Suddenly, with such a cruel, unselectable choice, she knew what she should do. She opened her eyes and screamed in the dimness of the flickering light: "Death! If death is the punishment for happiness, then I choose death! I don't want to deny my desire!"

Suddenly , The men withdrew their hands and left her trembling, longing body.

"Make me happy before I die! I have the right to be happy."

They untied her hoop and placed her on the platform of the grave, Their hands, tongues and keen fingers fell on her again, arousing her desire. She moaned and yelled unscrupulously and loudly. Now, she is looking forward to the climax of happy desire when she reaches the climax. She truly realized that what the stranger told her was correct.

Desire—anonymous, pure desire—all happened to her here and now. Soon, she will bear the evil consequences of greed, but now, desire is her real master.

She is completely immersed in everything that happened to her, and the fear of retribution can't stop her now. She just feels happy. In a strange way, she conquered fear.

She lay on the top of the grave with her limbs stretched out. After lying down for a long, long time, she was happily fascinated. Then, to her surprise, she was lifted slightly and then stood on the ground. There was a burst of laughter around.

The chief spoke first: "Please accept my heartiest congratulations, Miss Ou Lingya." (See the wonderful adult novel:

" Wish...what do you mean?"

"Miss, you still don’t understand the big decisions you made. Look, miss, a true organization member always puts desire before denial, even if The punishment of death. Your father is proud of you, Ou Lingya."

"Do you mean...?"

"Ah, miss, you are welcome to join the organization, Become a member of the organization."

** * * * * * *

Sitting on the flight to London, Ou Lingya looked back on what happened in the past few days What happened, I couldn't help but be overjoyed.

It was an eventful week, and everything she had hoped for happened. Soon she will land at Hitsrow, where Joshmu will greet her. This was the happiest choice she made after her life returned to normal.

She kept playing with the golden ring she wore on her right hand: the ring symbolized by the "Great Love Devil" organization. She also recalled the last few words Qiao Ximu said to her before rushing to London to hold his first large-scale painting exhibition: "You taught me a lot, Miss Ou Lingya. Before I met you, I didn't know anything-- ─Just a naughty boy. I think I still need to learn more from you."

When she thought of these words by Jo Ximu, her lips were filled with happiness. Smile.

Now with the guidance of the "Big Love Magic" organization, Ou Lingya will teach Qiao Ximu what any man needs to know.