Chapter 1 -

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The man's hands are broad and powerful, like a pair of bear claws. When his elastic fingers slid across Ou Lingya's body, Ou Lingya shuddered with excitement, and he aroused her desire. His lips covered her lips, and his tongue pressed into her soft mouth. Ou Lingya responded enthusiastically, looking forward to it.

She stretched out her hand to touch the man. She slowly found the thick and straight stunner under his pants. He was full of sexual charm. Another wave of pleasure came by Ou Lingya, and she could Ecstasy.

She looked around, hoping that no one would bother them. As she had calculated, the elevator stopped safely between the two floors. If the engineers passed it again, it would have to be more than half an hour later. A little excitement was enough. Time was enough.

Ou Lingya let go of the man's arms around her, and skillfully unzipped his pants, he opened his mouth without resistance... Ou Lingya thought, like this One of the men will feel accustomed and comfortable with her way of making love. He then panted, because he felt Ou Lingya's soft fingers put into his pants and pulled out his erect penis.

"Excellent, baby!" Ou Lingya whispered, she stroked his penis gently and meticulously. "You feel good, now let me see if you can feel better."

She happily examined her "trophies", although it is not too long, it is nothing, because it Very thick and very straight. When she got the ecstatic experience there for the first time, she wondered if she would have the energy to enjoy this charming "trophy" whole. Ou Lingya's lips were close to it, surrounding it, and he couldn't help groaning, grabbing her head, rubbing her hair convulsively, making incomprehensible babbles in his mouth.

Ou Lingya doesn't understand his babble at all, but what does it matter? She was not here to talk to him politely. She stretched out her tongue and licked the tip of the young man's penis, and tasted the semen secreted from it, which smelled of alkali. Although she wanted to use it very much at this time, she didn't want to get it all too quickly. She wants to have a short and exciting journey with him-to make her crazy and drunk, he must first be fully prepared for it.

She slid her hand along his penis, and grasped his pair of ball-shaped seminal vesicles, which were tightly pressed between his thighs. The seminal vesicles "lay" beautifully in her palm, full and moist, like tropical fruits. This feeling made her feel excited, a warm, wet liquid flowed out from between her legs, and her genitals twitched along with the desire for lust.

Ou Lingya teased the young man for a while, she wanted to make the man's desire more and more intense, so that he could not contain it, and she was in it. She refused him into her mouth time and time again, even though he tried to satisfy his desires and bring himself to orgasm. He was a little annoyed, and there was a trace of disappointment, but his anger and disappointment did not hinder her, because she understood: the longer this game is played, the more joy he will enjoy when she finally "pity" him. too much.

When Ou Lingya felt that the man was a little exhausted, her mouth finally accepted him. She saw his genitals reflect the light, with saliva on it, mixed with his own semen. This crazy and violent British woman wouldn't let him leave like this.

"Young man, be alert!" Ou Lingya ordered him. "Look at what I brought you."

She stretched her hand to her waist and pulled up her shirt, revealing a pair of red shorts. The shorts wrapped her hips tightly. The dark brown curls of pubic hair all appeared from the edges of the shorts. Ou Lingya eagerly pulled down her shorts and kicked it off. She smiled slyly, and the trousers passed by the young man's face, her damp and fragrant lower body was in full view. The young man closed his eyes, indulging in the fragrance of the woman before him.

"Oh, my God..."

Ou Lingya stood with her legs apart and her back against the inner wall of the elevator. She stretched a hand between her legs, stroking her labia and clitoris. What was displayed in front of the young male elevator attendant was a "blooming flower", and he couldn't help living in the damp and beautiful "garden". Feeling rippling. Ou Lingya was lustful, she smiled, and now she was really ready to enjoy her happiness... When she induced the man to witness her various performances that pleased her, the man showed a lustful, but unwilling look. But she was proud of it, and reveling in it. She knew how much he wanted to throw the brazen and frivolous woman on the floor and demanded her at this moment, but it seemed that something was blocking him, which is not difficult to guess. After all, this lady is a popular guest of this prestigious Paris hotel, and he is just an ordinary clerk. As long as Ou Lingya has a slight remark, this kind young man will have to obey.

However, if he can see through her mind, he will feel how inexplicable and absurd his fear is. She just wanted a little physical pleasure from him. Moreover, it is a pleasure to conquer such an assertive and attractive man. Besides, for such an energetic young man, there is no harm in subjecting him to the temptation of a woman.

Now the poor young man's eyes are round and his head is downcast. He dropped a hand to touch his lower body, but Ou Lingya shook her head severely and pushed away his hand.

"My dear, you are not allowed to do this! Understand? Wait a while, you are mine: I promise you, you will be extremely happy!"

Ou Lingya Leaning against the inner wall of the elevator, she slid the soft and dexterous fingertips of her other hand over her two protruding nipples, she stroked and kneaded, and couldn't help but get excited again. Through her wide eyes, she saw the man staring at her eagerly, like a dog. great! Maybe it's time!

"Young man, do you want me?" she smiled slyly. "Come and let me teach your tongue first."

The man accepted its teasing without hesitation. He rushed eagerly at her feet, his face pressed against hers. Between his legs, he felt warm and humid...It was already evening, and his face was determined and excited. His hard and straight penis finally pierced her body, and the slight discomfort made her shiver.

"Lover, be gentle."

But Ou Lingya is still immersed in every minute of love. She likes the man's a little rude caress. This young guy may think he knows how to make love to women, but the facts show that he is just a novice. It seems that no one has taught him how to slowly lead a woman to a better place before. He has no such skills.

Well, he has to be a student and receive special guidance from Ou Lingya.

Ou Lingya held his hand, guided it gently and powerfully, and taught it how to arouse her lust.

"Here—yes, it’s here. Touch this place, use your hand, gently, as if stroking the petals of a flower. Now, you put your finger in... Oh, right. Now! You bite my nipple again, gentle...ah...oh..."

Her students are so urgent, she is a little dizzy, her The orgasm came too suddenly and dissipated too quickly. It was a pity that she had hoped to last longer. However, this is nothing, there will be opportunities, in other places, with other men. Also, the man in front of her, she didn't want to let him go home without feeding herself.

Thinking about this, Ou Lingya was agitated again, and lust followed; waves of desire rolled in her body, surging... "Oh... yes! Come and conquer me..."< /p>

She stretched her legs as far as she could, squeezing her back against the inner wall of the elevator to meet his sliding tongue. The tip of his tongue vaguely rubs her labia back and forth... "Ah, Ginger!"

She grabbed his head, his lids buried deeper and deeper, pressing harder and harder. To her pussy; the pleasure continued. The wet fluid secreted from her body flows into his mouth. He sucked eagerly, like a greedy beast... Tiredness and excitement hit her, she couldn't help but slid down and lay down on the carpet floor, her knees open, charming The bottom of the body is unobtrusive. Her desire to make love has not yet been fully satisfied. She longs for the second or even the third time. Who can tell how many times it takes, because Ou Lingya is an unusual young woman: one who will live everything Betrayed to the erotic woman.

The floor is very hard and Ou Lingya feels uncomfortable. However, when her buttocks touch the sawdust on the floor, the floor is full of unstoppable temptation. Her pussy was stimulated again, and she stretched her arms towards Ginger, the young elevator attendant.

"Lover, take me, take me now!"

The young man put his arms around her waist and supported her before she yelled again. Until she lay her flat on the floor, her shirt was waist-length; his bare buttocks were squeezed heavily on the hard floor, he was by no means a fashionable sex person; but when he put her down and gave her the "blooming" When "Hua'er" attacked, it filled with primitive wild desire.

Ginger stab her eagerly, in and out constantly, she groaned pleasantly...He is charming, and she is very happy to make him look forward to it for so long. He couldn't last long, but she was about to die. Although this thought appeared, even a little contact would make her fascinated and shake her heart.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, responding to each of his powerful attacks in time. Her buttocks were scratched by the hard floor, but she liked the slight discomfort, which would only bring her new pleasure.

"I'm going to ejaculate, my goodness!" Ginger said in a low voice. Ou Lingya felt his penis become more and more straight in her body. After that, a warm white semen shot into her vagina, Ou Lingya reached an orgasm again, she grabbed him convulsively... Just as the orgasm was slowly dissipating, Ou Lingya considered how they would continue next. At that time, the lights in the elevator flickered with the sound of "click" and "jingle".

"The elevator is repaired, get up!" Ginger murmured, and jumped up to tidy up his clothes in a panic.

Ou Lingya was very calm. She stood up from the floor, waved the dust, put down the shirt that was turned up, and took off the shorts from the elevator door handle, and dexterously stuffed it into her Handbag. Ou Lingya tied her golden hair into a pony tail at a very fast speed. There is no doubt that she looks decent and generous. Only her flushed cheeks revealed a secret: just now, in this elevator, something happened between the elevator attendant and this eye-catching British lady.

The elevator was descending to the first floor, and Ginger became more and more panicked. Ou Lingya blew a kiss to his genitals, and swiftly stuffed it into his trousers, and zipped and buttoned him up, just like treating a child.

"Just stand here, don't move!" she smiled. "No one will know, boy, if you don't want them to know."

At this moment, the elevator descended to the ground floor with a squeak, and the elevator door opened. Without turning her head back, Ou Lingya walked to the hotel lounge by herself. The passengers crowded towards the elevator, with vague questions in their hearts: How could there be wet white spots on the wine-red carpet in the elevator? what is that? It was this little question that Ou Lingya left to everyone. The elevator attendant followed Ou Lingya.

"Ah, dear lady! Everything is fine. Regarding the elevator, I apologize-something like this has never happened before! Oh, yes, are you satisfied with your room? It's me I personally selected it for you. Through the window, you will enjoy a lot of beautiful views of Paris."

The male waiter's face is a little red. Ou Lingya thinks he is very interesting, and she is immersed in it. Ordering a morning paper, she is wondering if she is not a sexy girl with blond hair and blue eyes, she is not sure if she will satisfy him. Will he smell the elevator? This is an intriguing thought, and a faint smile can't help but sweep across her face. Maybe in the future..."Oh, yes, thank you. The room is really good, but there is something wrong with the shower nozzle. Can you ask someone to fix it as soon as possible?"

"Of course, miss. I do I’m very sorry for this. Perhaps, I can also change a room for you."

"No, thank you; it is not necessary. Now I want to go back to my room and rest. See you later, sir."


She stood up and stepped into the elevator again, believing that her swaying hips caught the boy's attention again. If he is also tempted by her, the nozzle will be repaired more quickly, which she is undoubtedly convinced.

Her room number is 618, on the sixth floor. The scenery is really good—a row of fashionable villas outside the window, and the Poysde Bridge in the distance—but Ou Lingya did not come to Paris to appreciate the scenery. She took off her clothes and lay on the bed. She remembered the problem that entangled her all the time, and she immediately made a decision... She will succeed-no matter how much energy she spends, she will succeed.

Although Ou Lingya has a foreign name, she grew up in England. His father is French and his mother is English. Her mother died when she was very young, and she grew up with her father. His father, Oliver, was a great banker. In the UK, he is known as a well-trained philanthropist, but later, his financial acumen was replaced by another unusual technique: because Oliver is also a very attractive adventurer, so Everywhere, he became the target of those noble ladies and lustful women. Oliver is addicted to this chasing game. He is admired and complimented by the social world. He is no longer the banker of the year.

In his seemingly successful life, he has a hidden sorrow: that is his negligence towards a person-his daughter, Ou Lingya.

Oliver was once an arrogant young man, he was confident that he could do everything. When he heard about the mysterious "Big Love Magic" organization, he knew that he had to join its ranks at any cost. No one had ever publicly stated that he would become a member of the "Big Love Magic" organization. ──Because all the activities it engages in are extremely confidential──but it is said that its members are the most experienced and stimulating sex lovers in the world. They are not tired of it, and even if it is necessary, they would rather go through fire and water for it.

Oliver's life was completely changed as soon as he discovered this mysterious "big love magic" organization. Immediately, he had a new life goal. In any case, he must pursue that mysterious organization and prepare to accept its arduous test until he becomes a member of it.

He pursued it for ten years, and finally, his dream became a reality. One night in North Africa, a man in a tuxedo met him. He asked Oliver if he was still willing to join the "Big Love Magic" organization and gave Oliver seven tasks for him to complete.

He accomplished the first six tasks, but he failed to complete the seventh task. They dumped him all at once, and he has since lost news of the organization. Because in their organization, there is no second chance.

Oliver never recovered. Some people say that he later died of grief.

One day, young Ou Lingya sat next to her father, listening to him talk about his glorious past and how he almost became a member of that organization.

"Dad, one day, I will join the "Big Love Magic" organization." Ou Lingya declared loudly. "I will be a member of it, and on that day, you will be proud of me."

But Oliver shook his head.

"Child, you are brave, but you must dispel this stupid idea. No woman has ever joined this organization."

Ou Lingya opened her eyes as bright as emeralds, Watching her father.

"Then I will be the first." she declared.

So, ten years later, Ou Lingya came to this very luxurious Paris hotel, and she was looking forward to the opportunity she had longed for. Legend has it that the headquarters of the "Big Love Magic" organization is located in Paris. Maybe she will be lucky to find it after so many attempts, maybe this time she will succeed.

"Wait, observe, listen." Her father told her a few weeks before his death, "Be patient, if you are prepared, he will call you. Even if Without summoning, you must also wait quietly."

It's easier said than done, Ou Lingya meditated. And she is not good at waiting. As long as she sees what she wants, even if she goes into the sea, she will get it right away, especially sex-related things. She admires sex. Since men admire her, she can firmly follow her hobbies. In the past few years, she has been an agent of an international businessman. This kind of business dealings has provided her with a lot of time for her enjoyment. She faintly felt that she might have to accept a challenge "given" to her by an organization. Why, oh, why, they haven't contacted her yet? This is her third visit to Paris in the past few months, but there is still no news.

Fortunately, she has always had a job to do. Tomorrow she will work in a small private art museum again, where she has been auctioned by unknown painters. But what should she do in the future?

She touched her body and couldn't help but think of the handsome elevator attendant and his fascinating body. He is attractive, and she wished he was by her now, wishing to see his refreshing muscles and the outline of his erect genitals in his pants. His sexual abilities are great, she really wants to bite him again and relive the scene in the elevator... She instinctively puts her hand between her legs and relaxes them. She was happy again, remembering the joy of being in the elevator in the afternoon. She stretched her right hand to the breast and began to knead the nipple. Her nipples are extremely sensitive, human and full. They need to be touched and kissed, even if the summer breeze blows, they will be excited.

Ou Lingya rubbed her fingers between the labia for a while, and the inside became moist again...Her fingers touched the tiny clitoris again, it became hard and excited, ready to accept caress . She didn't know what it would be like if her genitals were worn out, so she pushed a small silver ring to the most sensitive part of her genitals. Her friend had done this before and told her that it felt great. Oh, it was still an adventure she had never experienced before. Maybe she can give it a try when she returns to England.

Immediately, pleasure hit her whole body and mind, overflowing her whole body. She was breathing fast, and her fingertips instinctively rubbed her genitals back and forth.

How she longs for an endless night, a night of endless love, if her lover is cruel, she will still beg for his mercy, she is a horse, let her master "control ", no night, no day.

"Can you come in? Miss!"

Ou Lingya suddenly opened her eyes, turned her head, and saw a person standing outside the door. A dark and sturdy man in his thirties. He was about to enter before entering. He held the door handle with one hand and a canvas tool bag with the other. In such a hot July, he was naked to the top and still wearing a pair of blue jeans.

So, this man is the nozzle repairman! She also looked at him from head to toe with slanted eyes. Hmm...Yes, strong hips, broad shoulders, muscular arms. He is not too tall, but the bulge on the front of his jeans shows that he is completely a real man. Perhaps, her enjoyment is not over yet.

"Oh, miss, I'm sorry, if you are resting, I will leave──"

"No, no! It's nothing, come in. I'll show you that the nozzle is coming out What's the problem."

She got out of bed slowly, and she believed that this young and handsome French man had ample opportunity to enjoy her naked body-something she had never seen before. She wanted to know how long he had been standing there and if she had seen her entertain herself. She picked up a bathrobe from the chair and put it on her body. But the bathrobe does not have a belt. Every time she takes a step forward, the bathrobe floats up, showing the curve of her chest, slender and smooth thighs and briefs with golden and red curled edges.

Ou Lingya smiled secretly at the repairman. He was swallowing saliva nervously, holding the toolbox tightly with both hands, so that the knuckles came out. Ou Lingya couldn't help thinking, if he stretched out her powerful hand to her thigh, she didn't know how it would feel.

"Here, sir." She led him into the single bathroom, which had no windows and was a bit dim. When they passed the bathroom door, her buttocks in silk bathrobes quickly squeezed against the front of the young man in jeans. She was not mistaken. His thing was hot, hard, and trembling. NS.

But he was a little restrained, she could feel his fear. Oh, if she wants him, she has to find a way to break the deadlock.

She slipped into the bathroom door, reached out to twist the shower head, and the silk bathrobe opened immediately, revealing her golden-brown well-proportioned breast, which she left after often sunbathing.

She unscrewed the nozzle, but there was nothing.

"Did you see it? There is no water, and the sprinkler is broken, can you think of a way?"

"I want...I will try."

He squatted down, with a toolbox in his hand, checking the pipes. Ou Lingya trembled in excitement. She lowered her head and saw a brown curly hair curled up on his brown neck. His shoulders are broad and powerful, and his figure is well-defined. She really wanted to touch him, kiss him, caress him... She couldn't restrain this impulse, so she stretched out her hand and slid gently on the back of his head. His skin is hot, dry, and full of vitality, just like a person who has not been under the sun for a day returning to a cool night and starting to find happiness.

Under her gentle touch, he stunned, raised his head, and looked at her suspiciously. Ou Lingya smiled, a strange little flame gleaming in his dark brown eyes, she knew he understood her meaning.

The repairman lowered his head again, as if nothing happened, and continued to check the pipeline. Ou Lingya fell into depression. She wanted to tease him, she wanted to pull off his clothes and force him to have sex with her. But everything is messed up. Maybe he is a restrained person, but she instinctively feels that this young man knows the game about making love very well.

He explained to Ou Lingya: "The faucet... how do you say it in English?... "Blocked"?"

"Yes, blocked, is the faucet blocked?"

"Yes, so you don’t have water."

"Can you fix it?"

"Maybe...I’ll try it."

He stood up and moved to the sprinkler. Ou Lingya watched him eagerly. His movements are poetic, his muscles are strong and powerful, and with such a beautiful and strong back, he must have irresistible temptation. .

After a while, he stepped back and stretched out his arms triumphantly.


"You fixed it! Oh, thank you so much!"

Ou Lingya kissed his cheek gratefully, She slid her right hand down his body and took the opportunity to touch his sturdy buttocks.

The repairman got rid of her stroking, stretched out his hand to unscrew the nozzle, and the hot water sprayed down and ran to the ground. The weather is very hot, Ou Lingya thought, cold showers might be better, especially when she is hot and unstoppable. Moreover, she really wanted to take a bath, and it was a pity that so much water was wasted.

She took off her bathrobe briskly, and the bathrobe slid to the ground. The repairman was speechless by her actions, and her brown eyes were wide and round. He is probably more than twenty-five years old, but he looks like a consciously guilty middle school student. It seems that he saw a woman's naked body for the first time, but he was afraid of being caught by the headmistress.

"I have to try it myself." She explained.

She walked into the bathtub, and the repairman stood there staring at her motionlessly. He didn't know whether to stay or leave after apologizing to her. He had never seen a woman like her before.

No one guessed that this was not a coincidence. When she reached out to the sprinkler, she was trembling with excitement. She almost thought that she didn't intend to do it on purpose. As she expected, the young repairman took the bait.


He stood behind her with his hands around her waist, and he was shaking. She responded to his touch and guided his hands.

He whispered in her ear and began to kiss the back of her head and stroke her golden-brown breast. They entangled with each other and went to the deep part of the bath. He stretched out his hand to unscrew the nozzle to the maximum, and the water flowed over them like rain from a tropical rain forest.

Ou Lingya pressed her back against his chest, and she felt him. She turned to face him again, rubbing him repeatedly with her fingertips, he was immersed in pleasure...she was too.

Her nipples are hard and bulge, and mucus is secreted from her vagina, mixed with the dripping water... She moaned eagerly: "Take off your clothes!"

He Reluctantly let go of her, and walked out of the bath. Immediately, she was full of desire again... She didn't turn around, she didn't want to disappoint. She turned her face to the jet of water, closed her eyes, and let the water flow over her face and chest.

He came over in a few seconds, and he eagerly and tenderly pulled her over. (See wonderful adult novels:

"I want you." He said hastily.

"Give it to me..."

He opened her hips. She was expecting his penetration, but he didn't. A bar of soap slid between her legs and rubbed it back and forth expertly. This feeling made her heart shake, and the flames of desire covered her whole body... "Oh, yes! Give it to me, hurry up. Give it to me..."

He touched her ably, with one hand stroking her breasts, and the other reaching into her pussy, rubbing just right, time and time again. Take her to the pinnacle of joy.

She reached an orgasm again. She was convulsed, a puddle of mucus came out of her lower body, and the soap in her body slid out and fell into the drain.

She fell against him exhausted, moaning. But he still has enough energy to deal with her, and her passion inspires him. He quickly entered her body again... Ou Lingya groaned happily, allowing the pleasure to spread and spread in every cell of the body... After all, today is a very ecstasy day.

This evening, Maid Ou Lingya lay lazily on the woods of the hotel, watching TV indifferently. The TV shows are full of costume dramas, game shows, and endless meetings botched in Spanish. Since her last visit, French TV shows have not improved. The elevator manager and repairman gave her a lot of happiness, but that was also a few hours ago. Ou Lingya was so boring, she longed for a man by her side.

At this time, a show caught her attention. It is a program about a kind of local magazine. She turned up the volume and listened carefully.

"Tonight, at the De La Tambore Theater, the controversial hypnosis expert Mel will perform on stage. His performance has caused a strong response in major European cities. The performance starts at 11 o'clock. At the beginning, there are still more votes, one hundred and five francs..."

Ou Lingya thought happily, that was for me. She turned off the TV, got up and got out of the bed, preparing to head straight to the De La Tambore Theater.