Chapter 10 -

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One night, I worked overtime in the factory until nine o'clock. After get off work, I went back to Suhan. Amei said, "Fang, what's the matter with you?"

Amei’s first love, Amei is ashamed I have to cover my eyes with my hands. But between his fingers, he looked straight at the words.

Jin Hu suddenly pulled Amei, and she fell into his arms. She did it on purpose and raised her breasts a little bit higher. Jin Hu kissed her lips down. Although Amei needed it in her heart, she didn't dare to be too obvious for the first time. She tilted her head and turned to one side. Jin Hu only kissed her on the cheek.

Amei looked at Jinhu with a longing look. Jin Hu didn't kiss her lips, so he continued to kiss. Amei half-pushed and half-placed and accepted his teasing. In her heart, she thought of the scene of her mother and stepfather again. In the little peach field below her, she couldn't help but feel a little itchy.

Amei is worried that water will flow out. Because I wear too little clothes and are too revealing. If the yin water comes out first, the underwear underneath will be wet. She now wants to use toilet paper to plug the hole first. But facing Jin Xu, she couldn't say it. She tried her best without thinking about it. But Jinhu's offensive became more and more fierce. Amei was dazed and felt very comfortable in her heart. She finally put on scented lips naturally. Jin Hu sucked the tip of her tongue in one bite. Amei half-opened her mouth, letting him suck. The taste of sucking the tip of the tongue seemed to be energized. Amei's whole body was numb, and she was also drunk. Even an instinctive struggle is lost at this time. Not only did she lose the struggle, but she also hugged Jinhu with her hands. She felt that she was holding the ground and her whole body felt safe.

It was also the first time that Jin Hu hugged a woman. He was also very nervous and felt a kind of excitement in his heart. A Mei's unique fragrance of a girl, bursts into his nostrils. Jin Hu's breathing also hurried.

Golden Tiger’s words were like a viper, with his head raised and his tongue still jumping. When Amei saw it, she remembered the stepfather's cock, his stepfather's cock was a bit darker than Jinhu's. At the same time, the golden tiger's meat stick is relatively red, and the glans is still bigger than the golden tiger's. It seems that Golden Tiger’s stick is much thicker.

Amei can't help but drool. She finally stretched out her hand and grasped it and said: "You really hate it, how can I show this thing?" Jin Hu smiled: "Don't you like it?"

Amei also smiled:" What do I like this thing for? It's so hard to be afraid of others!"

Jin Hu said: "Let me see yours too?"

Ameiling hurriedly avoided. She smiled at the same time: "What are you looking at? I don't have one."

Jin Hu saw her avoiding, so he took off his pants and threw them on the ground. He walked over and hugged Amei and said: "Everyone has this thing."

Amei said: "There are some, but it's different from you."

Jin Hu smiled and said, "I know, mine is a penis, and yours is a vagina. Show me your vagina!"

Jinhu said, he went to take off her underwear. In this situation, Amei couldn't control it anymore. Ameiling struggled a bit, and no longer refused, Jin Hu pulled her underwear down. Amei was so embarrassed that her neck flushed. Jin Hu yanked her panties down. Her underwear was taken off.

Jin Hu opened her skirt and saw that Amei’s snow-white buttocks appeared. Jinhu bent down and wanted to see her virgin cunt. Amei was so ashamed that she couldn't help it, so she covered her tender acupuncture points with her hands.

She turned around and pointed her buttocks at Jinhu. Jin Hu saw that her buttocks and thighs were very white and tender. Amei can't escape anymore. She fell onto the bed and lay down on the bed.

Jin Hu saw her leaning down, so he couldn't see the small holes, and even the pair of breasts could not be touched. So he sat on the side of the bed and pushed Amei with his hands. Amei's heart jumped wildly and her face flushed. This situation is a must-have phenomenon for girls. At the same time she thought that the pants had also been taken off. He will definitely make love with her. The scene where the mother and stepfather made love again appeared before her eyes. Now it's my turn. Amei thought that she was still a virgin and had no experience in making love. If Jinhu’s meat stick is inserted, will it be enough?

Thinking of this, Amei was nervous and frightened. But then she thought about it. She had thought about it for a long time, and at the same time she needed it very much. If Golden Tiger wants to enter, just give it to him.

She felt a little more relaxed when she thought about it. Jin Hu saw that she had been on the bed without turning over. He touched her back lightly. Jinhu pushed the meat stick on her ass. A glans head is sticking to and fro, and it is sticky water on Amei's buttocks. Amei was itchy all over by the golden tiger. She turned over and turned over.

Amei turned face up. The first thing that caught Jinhu's eyes was Amei's pussy. Jinhu took a closer look, what a delicate pussy! The lower abdomen is also so smooth. Above the vulva, there are short and thin pubic hair.

Amei said: "What are you doing, there is water on people's buttocks."

Jin Hu said: "I'm sorry, I will wipe it for you."

Amei said: "What else is wiped, I got it on the bed!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she wanted to turn her body over again. When Jin Hu saw her move, he quickly held her down.

Jinhu smiled and said: "Amei, don't you turn over!"

Amei said: "You are good or bad!"

Jinhu Said: "I only saw Mao just now, but didn't I see the small holes?"

Amei said: "Don't look at it, okay?"

Jin Hu said:" See what you are afraid of?"

Amei said: "You will want it after you read it, I haven't opened the package yet!"

Tsai came across an inexperienced. The ground said sincerely: "Amei, I am also inexperienced. Shall we try?"

Amei smiled and said: "I don't believe it."

Jin Hu earnestly said: "It's true. This is my first time for this kind of thing!"

Seeing that he is serious, Amei believes in her heart. Jinhu stroked her pussy with his hands. At the same time, he kissed Amei’s face and said, "Spread your legs apart and show me, please?"

Amei said, "It's okay to show you, but there is water under me. , You can’t laugh at me."

Jin Hu said: "Amei, I like you so much, how can I make fun of you?"

Amei is very considerate and happy to see him He put his arms around his neck.

She sent the tip of her tongue to her mouth on the ground. At the same time, separate your legs slightly. While Jinhu kissed her, he touched her tender leg with his hand.

Amei's small fleshy seam is already watery. She finally took the initiative to spread her thighs apart. Jin Hu's hand touched her labia, and the door was wet. Her pussy is curious, ruddy. The two labia are turned outside. There is a small fleshy seam in the middle, and the watery fleshy hole is very small. Jinhu used a finger to probe into the hole.

Amei yelled: "Oh! No, it hurts!"

Seeing that she was nervous and scared, Jin Xu said to her: "I will open the package for you. Is it?"

Amei said: "Opening the package will kill you!"

Jin Hu said: "But you always have to move it once, let's try it!"

Amei smiled and said: "I'm so scared!"

Jinhu put the meat stick on her lap. Pointed to the end of her thighs. Amei reached out and grasped the cock. She smiled and said: "I want to see you too."

Jin Hu said: "It's okay for me to see and touch."

Amei Squeeze his big cock hard. Jin Hu exclaimed: "Oh! It will be broken!"

Amei smiled and said: "You are also afraid of the pain, and it hurts if you dig me just now!"

Jin Hu said: "Then I will use a meat stick to pierce you!"

Amei pinched Jin Hu's meat stick with her hand. She was shocked, this meat stick is so big! Use it to insert it into the vagina, it will definitely hurt people. Amei became scared. She asked: "How can such a big cock be inserted?"

Jin Hu said: "Slowly top it, you will always get in."

Ah. Mei said: "Can your cock stay soft?"

Jin Hu said: "How can it be done now! And making love must be hard to be fun!"

A Meiyi I think so. She gently wrung Jinhu's meat stick with her hands. With this move, Jin Hu couldn't help but lift his big cock so high. The meat stick has also grown a lot.

Jin Hu took off the clothes on his upper body, and at the same time peeled off Amei's top and skirt, taking them off completely. A sensual and sexy beauty lying on the bed.

Jinghu was anxious, and did not ask Amei’s disagreement, so he rode on her stomach. Amei's heartbeat was very violent when he came like this, and she was also extremely impulsive. Jinhu fell down. Their stomachs are facing their stomachs. Jinhu's meat stick was just under Amei's lower abdomen. Amei felt a very painful opening in her vagina. When she was afraid, her buttocks crooked. Jinhu's meat stick was inserted into the seam of her thigh. Amei said: "It hurts!"

Jinhu said: "Don't move! I will take it slowly!"

Just a moment, I’m scared!"

Jin Hu said: "Let’s study and play slowly! You take my glans to your vagina first, okay?"

Amei gently squeezed Jinhu's hard object with her hand and scratched the seam between her flesh, and Jinhu immediately pushed the glans into her moisturizing hole.

Amei exclaimed: "Oh! You pull it out first, I am sorely painful!"

Jin Hu thought to himself, he finally pushed it in. If he pulls it out, she Must never let me in again. At the same time, there was a tight and hot feeling of the big meat.

Jin Hu didn’t want to pull it out, so he comforted: "Amei, bear with me, wait a while!"

Amei is anxious and painful, her pussy seems to use a knife Cut like. She yelled: "Oh! It hurts me!"

When Amei called, Jinhu was also nervous. He felt his cock trapped in something. The whole big meat stick was tightly clamped by Mei's vagina. There is a sense of slippery heat.

When Jin Hu heard Amei yelling, he must have entered. When I was happy, I dared not move.

Amei gasped and said, "You are so cruel, I must have been broken by you?"

Jin Hu kissed her and started, gently The ass is raised a bit. Throwing and thrusting. Mei felt a little pain. But after more than ten strokes, the pain gradually disappeared. In exchange, it was a while of comfort! This kind of comfort is something she has never experienced before.

So she understood that it turns out that sexual intercourse is to be pumped. Otherwise, the acupuncture point will be itchy. It turns out there is such a good taste in it! But fortunately, it was good. When he was pumped, the person seemed to be out of breath. Although it was a bit comfortable, it still smelled of tingling.

Amei said: "Brother Tiger, you can do it faster."

Jinhu flashed his fart shots, making comparisons.

Amei’s newly opened vagina was severely pained by him. She cried, “Oh! It’s too heavy! It hurts! It’s going to break, please! Killed!"

Amei was out of breath, screaming and catching again. When Jinhu saw it, he stopped moving. At this time, he felt more comfortable with the meat stick, especially the glans, which was deeply inserted into the soft body of the woman, which was really enjoyable.

They let the big guy soak in it for ten minutes without moving. Amei relaxed her pussy a little. She also relaxed the tense muscles in her ears a bit, and her vagina was no longer so full.

Amei thought: This is pretty good! She clamped her vagina lightly, and water came out of her acupuncture point. Jin Hu vigorously thrust the big guy into the moisturizing meat hole for a while. There was so much numbness in Amei's vagina, and she had no strength. At the same time, the pores of the whole body and the genitals were opened.

At the same time, Jinhu felt that his back was crunching. In the butt ditch, it is also numb. The big hard guy, slammed hard. Hot on the glans. The thick semen shot in at Amei's acupoint heart. It was so hot that Amei's ears trembled a few times, her mouth was opened and her eyes closed.

The two of them both shot yang essence and yin water at the same time. After the incident, Jin Hu asked: "Amei, what did you think? Do you like this game?"

< p>Amei gave him a white look and said: "If you don't like it, will you still open buds?"

Jin Hu said: "Don't go back today."

Ah Mei slapped the ground and said, "I'm so greedy, people just open buds, and I want to make them again!"

Jin Hu said: "I will miss you as soon as you go back."< /p>

Ameiling smiled and said: "I can't go back! The family will look for me. If we let the family know about our affairs, we can't come out again. If you wait for me at home tomorrow, I will come. "(Read a wonderful adult novel:

Jin Hu hugged Amei's naked body for a while, and finally let her put on her clothes and leave.

As far as Amei’s story goes, there is no longer it.

I asked: "What happened afterwards?"

Amei sighed and said: "Later, I often went to him, and we had a lot of fun together. Time. It’s a pity that good times don’t last very often. Ahu died unexpectedly in a car accident, and I found that I was pregnant with his flesh and blood. I had to tell my family that I would go to the special zone with my female partner to find a job. After I came to Shenzhen, I had an abortion. And then I was looking for a job. Although it experienced a lot of twists and turns, I finally settled down for the time being.

I said, "May, I’m so sorry, it brought back your sad past. "

Amei said: "It doesn't matter. I have been in Shenzhen for almost two years. The past has faded. Now I will try my best to make money as long as I have a chance. If I tell you, don't call me cheap. Actually I occasionally accompany a man to sleep and trade my flesh for some price. It's just that I still hope that I can marry and have children like ordinary women. So my actions were accidental and very secret. Now, apart from the man who has been on my body, only Afang sister you know! "

I hugged Amei and said with a sigh: "Amei, we are all women. I understand your feelings. I don't think you are lewd, you are the same as a woman, but everyone's experience It is different. Some people can simply accompany her husband through his life, but some people have to sleep with some men they like or dislike. You and I are such women. "

Amei asked: "Sister Afang, have you ever sold yourself out?" "

I said: "Yes, although I am not for money, but that is also a kind of transaction. When I first set foot on the land of Shenzhen, I needed to exchange my body for the conditions of residence. "

I told Amei about what happened with the police last time. Amei told me that she betrayed herself for the first time in exchange for a residence permit.