Chapter 1 -

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In a woman's life, there are many unforgettable firsts: such as the first menstruation, the first time to embrace and kiss a lover of first love. For the first time in the bridal chamber of the newlyweds, I reluctantly sacrificed my first night to my husband in embarrassment. For the first time, I lay on the cold delivery bed and gave birth to a child in fear and pain. But for a woman in spiritual loneliness, it must be the most unforgettable for a woman to cheat on someone for the first time with her husband behind her back, and for the first time to reach the first sexual orgasm in her life.

I’m a girl who grew up in the mountainous countryside of Sichuan. It’s what a man said, she looks very beautiful at first glance. A few years ago, I knew My current husband is a full-time worker in a state-owned enterprise. It’s already a great thing for a rural girl to find a full-time worker in our place.

We love each other, and I am even more obedient to him. After a year of marriage, I gave birth to a boy. Because of the national policy, I put a contraceptive ring in my womb. Soon, my husband was transferred to a branch factory due to work needs, leaving us mother and son at home. The husband will come back to see our mother and son only once every ten and a half days.

The child grows up day by day, and I send the child back to my natal home for weaning. Since I didn't have a job and the child was sent back to my natal family, I felt very lonely because I had nothing to do all day and my husband was not there. It is not a taste to stay alone at night.

My friend came and told me to dance, and I happily went with her. While dancing, I was introduced to Chen Jun by a friend. Chen Jun is a cigarette business owner. Later, Chen Jun came to invite me to dance with him every night, and often invited me to eat hot pot. Chen Jun is a tall and sturdy man. Due to frequent contact, the image he gave me is very humorous. He Every word spoken makes people feel very happy, so being with him will never make people feel nervous. He speaks very well and does things very regularly, so I feel less wary of him and have a good impression on him. One day, he asked me to go to a tobacco company to play with him. The cash was paid, and boxes and boxes of cigarettes were moved to the car. Chen Jun said to me: "Fang, if you want, take you out to meet the world today!"

I nodded happily and agreed. When I arrived at the destination, I saw him put a box I handed over the box of cigarettes, and then put a lot of money into my pocket. I really don't envy it. After returning to the city, he asked me if I wanted to start a small business selling cigarettes. I said without hesitation: "I think it's a bad idea, but there is no capital!"

A Jun was very serious about it. I said: "You can rest assured about this. I can give you the matching cigarettes. The money you think is yours. You only need to give me the capital!"

I He happily asked him if it was true. He said, “I don’t have to lie to you, because every time I get cigarettes from a tobacco company, mid-to-high-end cigarettes must be matched with some low-end cigarettes, so these low-end cigarettes are given to you. Go ahead and do it, so you don’t have to worry about capital!"

Listening to him, I’m so upset, I said to him excitedly: "A Jun, after I make money, I must I will thank you very much!"

He looked at me humorously and said, "What will you use to thank me? First, I don’t need you to send money, and second, I don’t even need it. What gift you buy for me, I see what you are going to use to thank me."

I silently, unable to consider what to use to thank him, he smiled and said to me: "Don’t stay After thinking about it, let’s go to dinner first, and then dance."

I went with him with great joy. It was already around eleven o'clock in the evening. Although it was March in Yangchun, there were not many pedestrians on the street after 11 o'clock in the evening. He took me home. When we passed the tobacco company, he told me to wait. He said to check if the car door was closed. Okay, because I was a little scared standing outside the gate, so I went with him and walked into the gate of the tobacco company. I went to the car with him, and he pulled the car door left and right and said: It is closed. NS. "

At this moment, I saw him take out the car door key from his trouser pocket to open the car door, and said to me: "Fang, let's go up and sit down!" I'll take you home as soon as I draw the money, okay? "

As he said, he sat in the cab. I followed into the cab without thinking about it. He lit a cigarette and smoked casually. The girlfriend is looking for a housewife, because the housewife is the purest and most feminine. "

I asked him what he meant by saying that, and he said: "Women running all over the street had better not touch them, lest there would be an explosion, which would be troublesome!" "

I don't understand what he meant. He went on to say: "Afang, your skin is white and tender, and you look so beautiful. I really like you!" "

I said: "Ajun, don't say that, you know I have a husband." "

He said: "Okay, just assume that I didn't say what I just said, I'll take you home!" "

I turned around and was about to get out of the car. He suddenly caught me tightly from behind and pushed me down on the cushion. I struggled hard, and I said, "Ajun, don’t be like this. If My husband will kill me if he knows it. "

He covered my mouth with one hand and gently said next to my ear: "Don't scream. It's quiet at night. We'll be in trouble if we get caught and sent to the Public Security Bureau." "

I thought that if I yelled and was caught and sent to the Public Security Bureau, it would really be a big deal. Then he said to me softly: "A Fang! I really like you. Do not worry! I will definitely take you out to make a lot of money, don't move, I just want to kiss you and touch you! "

I pushed him hard, but he hugged me tightly and the car swayed, so I didn't dare to push him anymore. It would be too embarrassing to be caught by someone. He saw that I was no longer resisting, and it was on my face. There was a frantic kiss on his lips, and his hands went into my shirt and stroked my plump breasts.

"Afang, you are so beautiful, I like you so much! Afang, marry me! I will definitely take you to make a lot of money. "He said incoherently. He unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my bra up again. As soon as a pair of plump breasts popped out, he lowered his head and kissed my breast with nipple in it. Sucking, he said to himself: "Your grandma is so big and fat! "

His hand slid under me, trying to reach into my pants, I immediately took his hand and said to him: "Ajun, please don’t do this, I’m already For the first time, let's stop here! I am going home. "

He didn't listen to me at all, he insisted on stretching his hand into my pants, and I said: "Ajun, I am not the kind of woman you imagined. If you don't listen, I will shout People. "

He still said nonchalantly: "I am not afraid of you calling someone, and I am not a local. I will come out after two or three days of arrest, and you, how can you explain to your husband? ? If you are not afraid, then shout! "

His trick is very profitable. Yes, I don’t dare to shout loudly, alas! Up to now, things have only progressed, but I think again, it’s not the same thing between men and women. Anyway, it’s not the first time. What are you afraid of? I already have a contraceptive ring. If this is the first and last time, my husband probably won’t know.

Thinking about it, I don't resist anymore, "Oh! Let it be natural, let me also try what it is like to cheat! "As soon as I was thinking about it, he unknowingly took my pants off his knees, and his hand touched my small mound all at once, and after a few touches, he said to me in surprise: "Wow! You are a stunner, a rare stunner! "

At that time, I asked him inexplicably what the stunner meant, and he kissed me and said, "I really didn't expect you to be a hairless man. If you don't have pubic hair, you are a white tiger!" You don’t know that ten women have nine hairs. Like your model, it’s rare to find one out of ten women! I'm so lucky! "

His hand kept squeezing back and forth on my unbridled genitalia, his mouth kept kissing my face, lips, ears, etc., and his hand moved to He touched my plump breasts like he was kneading a balloon, his tongue stuck into my mouth, his tongue and mine were tangled together, and his hands were slippery. Toward my yin caruncle, gently kneading in my bare place, muttering to himself: "Baihu's meat buns are so fat! "(Read the wonderful adult novel:

At this moment, he couldn’t wait to get up and take off his pants. After taking off his pants, he took advantage of the situation and pressed on me, in the dark. , I felt something like a copper bar hitting my lower abdomen, hot, I can’t see what his penis looks like, whether it’s thick or small, whether it’s long or short, I don’t know, alas! It doesn’t matter whether it’s length or size. I just hope that he will be like my husband. He will finish it earlier so that he can leave this terrible ghost place earlier. If it takes a long time, it will be finished if someone finds it out. He doesn’t panic. Busily holding his cock on my genitals. The inner thighs rushed back and forth. Because the cab is very narrow, my legs can’t be spread too much. He pointed the glans at my fleshy hole and gently After pushing it a few times, I couldn’t get in.

At this time, I noticed that his glans was against the mouth of my meat hole, as if it was stuck. There was no way to get into my body. I don’t know if it’s because there is no water under me or because his glans is too big to get in. But I wonder if my legs are not wide enough to affect his invasion?

However, due to the limitations of the environment here, my legs can no longer be separated, so I reached out to poke away the two pieces of fat under me, trying to open the hole underneath as much as possible. He wanted to take the cock to mine. Going into the meat hole, he gently said in my ear: "Thank you! You can rest assured that I will bring you a surprise! "

I ignored him. At this time, his penis was halfway in gently. Suddenly, his butt was pushed forward and the whole cock was pushed in. His cock was unknown. How thick, I feel his penis fills my cave, but I don’t need to think about it so much. Now, I just hope he can ejaculate and leave this place sooner. However, Ah Jun did. Casually, while slowly thrusting his cock, he rubbed his hands on my two breasts. After a while, I squeezed my nipples.

I Lying underneath motionless, in the darkness, we can't see each other's expressions, I just feel his lips kissing back and forth on my face and breasts, his hands keep kneading my pair of flesh With ball-like breasts, in order to let him ejaculate as soon as possible, I closed my legs and clamped his cock hard. His thrusting movements were gentle, rhythmic, and not irritable at all. He gently pulled out the cock. Then he pushed it straight into the bottom slowly and forcefully. His mouth slowly slid from my face to my breast, and he kneaded the breast with his hands to make the nipple bulge. Then he stretched out his tongue and licked around my nipple. I came and licked, and then sucked gently with my nipples.

After he sucked and licked so much, my whole body was itchy and crispy. At the same time, the cock he stuck in the cave below me was still unhappy. Don't push slowly.

Pull out, insert, withdraw, and insert. Each touch is so gentle and powerful to touch the deepest part, and at the same time, his tongue sticks into my mouth Entangled with my tongue, a faint sensation of comfort passed into my brain from the depths of my vagina and cave. My cave was also a lot damp and there was a small amount of secretion flowing out, and he seemed to feel it. As if my secretion was flowing out, he touched his hand from behind my ass and touched my perineum, and then panted humorously, as if talking to himself, "It's really hard work. Finally water came out! "

I asked: "What are you talking about?" "

He gasped slightly and said, "I said your meat buns are so fat!" Your two pieces of meat are so flexible, look at me inserting them, your two pieces of meat will bounce my brother out! "

At this moment, I understand very well in my heart, who I am doing things with, the so-called guilty conscience, this is not false, I am quite scared in my heart, how can I have the intention to listen to his slick tone, I really hope He can ejaculate right away. I dare not want to stay any longer, and for him, he still uses his tongue to lick around my nipples, his penis is thrusting unhurriedly, that stick is in my cave. Inside for a while left, a while right, a while up, and a while down, it made my whole body warm. Slowly, I felt his cock every time he was deeply inserted. The glans seems to touch something in the deepest part of my cave. It seems like an electric shock. I will shake and feel very comfortable. After that, I gradually feel more and more comfortable and my breathing changes. I had to get up quickly, the water in the cave seemed to be getting more and more, and people felt light and light. Only then did I feel that he was indeed different from my husband.