Chapter 5 -

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The new job didn't go well. The girlfriend felt unhappy when she mentioned going to work. Finally, after three weeks of insisting on it, her girlfriend chose to resign. This time, I was under even more pressure, because suddenly I had to support two people.

After a month has passed, the boss suddenly took on a new job, and people became busy all of a sudden. They had to work overtime every day, often until ten o'clock at night. Every time I work overtime, I will call to report my position and tell my girlfriend what time I will be back. Because my girlfriend doesn't work, she stays at home all day long, she doesn't pay for her mobile phone, and she owes her charges every time she calls her, so when she calls her, she can only call home. What makes me gratified is that every time my girlfriend answers the phone, it seems that the phone has been tied to her.

My home is far away from the company, and it's more than 8 when I get home from get off work, so my girlfriend and I ate separately. When I get home from get off work, I usually ask my girlfriend what snacks I want to eat, and then bring them back to her. I bought dim sum after working overtime and it was already past 12 o'clock when I arrived home, so I went to bed after eating hastily.

Time flies so fast. We have passed this way for many days in a hurry, and because of this, we haven't had sex for many days. I found out that my girlfriend didn't ask for it, which makes me very strange. My girlfriend had a lot of requirements in this regard, but it calmed down, which always felt a little weird.

The days of overtime work are finally over, and my girlfriend has also found a new job, to be a Budweiser beer girl, and work the night shift from 6pm to midnight. I don't like her job very much, because her working hours are staggered with mine, so I can't see her every day.

What makes me even more annoyed is that my sex life at work is no more. Occasionally, when I have time on weekends, it is when she is busiest. Instead, work hours are longer and I want to wait at night. She can't do it. My girlfriend seems to like this job very much. Every day I watch her go to work in a miniskirt and no bras. I don’t know what it means to wear a short skirt. I really don’t know what it means without a bra! She told me that a colleague told her that she can sell more without bras. What kind of world is this! However, for the sake of life, I had to bear it.

My girlfriend goes to work every day, and the day on weekends is the only time we can get together, so there is only this time to get in touch with her. But on weekends, things are the most, such as paying water, electricity, and telephone bills. You have to line up to pay, and a row is a few hours, hey, office workers! For a long time, my girlfriend paid the phone bill at home, so I didn't pay much attention to it, so I was relieved.

One weekend night, my girlfriend went to work. I was really bored at home by myself, so I rummaged through the boxes and wanted to find a DVD to watch. Some time ago, I went shopping with my girlfriend and sold a lot of pornographic discs back. The content is said to be very exciting, but I haven't had time to watch it. Today is just right, review it, and practice it at night.

I don’t know how my girlfriend let it go. I couldn’t find it after looking for it for a long time, so I called my girlfriend to ask.

My girlfriend answered the phone, it was very noisy, it seems it was Di, but it’s strange that my girlfriend’s voice was very panting, talking intermittently, and the background music over there was very loud, so I asked She hung up the position in a hurry.

I just said goodbye, and before I hung up the phone, another sentence came from my girlfriend: "Don't be like this, my husband is still answering the phone!" Then it was "both...both... …" the voice was over. My heart rolled up all at once, what do you mean by this? It's just that the phone has hung up, and I don't know how to ask if I call again, and my mood is suddenly depressed.

According to the place my girlfriend told me, I found the DVD all at once. As soon as I picked it up, a piece of paper was taken out and fluttered to the ground. I picked it up and looked at it. It was the phone list from last month. I glanced casually, and wanted to throw it away, but suddenly found that there was a strange charge on the phone bill: "Phone transfer package 100" was written there.

When did I start this business, why didn't I even know it? No wonder his girlfriend can receive calls every day. But strangely, she didn't pay for her mobile phone, how to transfer? Suddenly, there was a panic in my heart, so I immediately went to the drawer and found a mobile phone card in the bottom of the drawer, as well as the bills from the previous months. The time displayed on the bills indicated that the call forwarding business was the second best for my girlfriend. It was opened nine days after the resignation. My head suddenly got bored: What did my girlfriend do for a while?

It was night, I was lying in bed tossing about and couldn’t fall asleep. I kept thinking about what my girlfriend did during that time. When I think of my girlfriend’s time to go out and mess with herself on his back, I feel uncomfortable. , But apart from being uncomfortable, there was another stimulus in my heart. When I imagined that my girlfriend might be fucked by someone, she got an erection unconsciously, so she fired a pistol twice under both uncomfortable and irritating conditions. In the end, I still couldn't sleep, so I got up to pick up my girlfriend, and wanted to see if I could poke out something.

The place where my girlfriend works is a Diba on Chongqing East Road. The location is very good, so the business is also very good. Naturally, there are many people who teach and teach. I really don’t know why my girlfriend chose to come here. Isn’t she afraid of being eaten?

Enter the Di, and there is a burst of colorful lights shining randomly, which makes people dazzled all of a sudden. Accompanied by the ear-splitting DJ, many people danced among the demons. In the corner of Di Bar, there are many men and women hugging each other, the movements are obvious, and the lower body is twitching all the time. Young people now!

I circled the disco for several times, but I didn’t find a girlfriend. I wanted to make a call, but it was too noisy. I guess I couldn’t hear it. So I found a place to sit down slowly. observe. There are a lot of people here, very lively, a lot of golden, silver, and blue hairs. A group of little Taibaos use the lights to bring alcohol and touch the girls dancing around. Those girls don’t seem to mind, they just care about the chaos. shake.

I glanced, and suddenly my eyes were attracted by a girl. The girl was wearing a short skirt with very long legs. With the light turning on and off, I felt her thighs were white and dazzling, and her two huge breasts were flying everywhere under the light. It may be that she shook so much, I vaguely found that her skirt seemed to be empty. Several boys around her have been wiping oil around her. One of the boys has reached under her skirt, but the girl shook too hard, and the boy’s hand failed to grasp the point for too long.

The lights flickered, so that the eyesight came down and I couldn’t observe too clearly, but vaguely felt that the girl’s figure was very familiar, because the girl was facing away from me, so I couldn’t take this The familiar figure is connected with the person I know.

Maybe the girl has been dancing for a long time, and the girl's speed has gradually slowed down, but because of the slowdown, the boys around have also slowly started to grow. I was so funny, a group of perverts! But think about it, who would not have the opportunity to wipe the oil of such a beautiful girl?

Looking at the intertwined people, I found that many hands slipped away on the girl, and they all went to the key position; the girl did not stop, just touched by others, she still just danced . I vaguely saw that a hand had entered under the girl’s skirt. That hand seemed to be experienced. It didn’t take long for the girl’s swaying body to become unnatural. The girl obviously wanted to shake that hand away by shaking her body. But the hand followed very tightly, and the girl didn't shake it off for too long.

Looking at it, I felt irritated and my lower body became erect. Look at the watch, it's already past one o'clock, where did the girlfriend go? So I stood up and walked around Di Bar a few more times. Unfortunately, I still didn't see my girlfriend.

When I returned to the place where I was sitting, the girl who was dancing just now was gone. I turned my head and looked for it, and found that the girl was being hugged by a man walking towards a corner of the disco, while walking, the man’s hand was still groping under the girl’s skirt, the girl just symbolically refused. There was no response. There was a secret joy in my heart. It must be great to see such a beautiful girl having sex, so I followed them and wanted to follow them.

The two people walked around the corner of Diba for a while, reached a small door, and then pushed the door to go out. I followed out after a short while. It turned out that the small door was the back door of the disco bar. Outside was a pile of empty beer crates. The beer crates were piled high and messy. If you hide inside, you can’t find it if you are not serious.

The man hugged the woman and walked a dozen steps in the dark. He suddenly lifted the girl up against the wall, and then freed a hand to untie his pants. It was neat, and the pants were loosened and fell to the ground without a click. There was no underwear in the pants, and the erection of the thick cock was very dazzling in the moonlight.

In a blink of an eye, with a "poof!" he has already got into the woman's crotch. It seems that it has been inserted, the girl snorted, it seems that she is very happy. The two people hugged each other tightly, their lower bodies twitching all the time, and the mouths of the two people above were joined together and kissed. (Read the wonderful adult novel:

The corner is very dark, I cannot see the girl’s face clearly, but from her moans, I can feel that the girl is very Satisfied, it seems that she is also a lascivious woman! It's just that the man is terrible. It may be too irritating. After only a few minutes, I felt the man's rough nasal sound, which seemed to be about to shoot.

Sure enough, just after a while, the man let out a soft roar, and his hand holding the girl gradually loosened. The girl seemed unsatisfied. She took a picture of the man and said, "Why is it so useless?" The voice was very soft, but she could still hear it, but the voice was very familiar, and she couldn't think of where she had heard it before.

The man laughed and said, "I'm not satisfied, are you? Don't worry, I'll get up soon. Just now it was because you, a slut, stimulated me for too long, so I couldn't hold it back. Come on. , Lick it for me, and you will be satisfied soon.” The woman hesitated for a moment, and actually squatted down and gave the man oral sex.

God! That guy's cock just finished shooting! The woman was actually willing to lick. You know, my girlfriend is willing to do everything, but she doesn't want to lick the cock I just finished ejaculating. Girls who want my girlfriend to be so daring don't like this. You can imagine how difficult it is. I cursed secretly in my heart: "This is really a fucking slut!" But I was very envious of that man, and unexpectedly met such a nasty woman.

The girl pressed her head under the man’s crotch, one in and out, one in and out... She was sucking the man’s dick with her mouth, as if the more she ate, the more flavorful she was, and her mouth was drooling. The frequency of the sound of rubbing her dick has also risen quickly, and occasionally she will make a few moans. It seems that she herself is also emotional.

After a while, the girl freed a hand to touch her own pussy, and that hand was thrusting hard under the skirt, and the man’s hand was not idle, holding both hands. The girl's breasts, one in each hand, were pinched very comfortably. Suddenly, the girl yelled and cursed: "Take it lightly!" The man laughed again, but pinched it harder.

It seems too painful. The girl raised a hand and wanted to pat the man’s hand. Suddenly, the man’s two hands hugged the girl’s head and held the girl’s head firmly. It was firmly fixed under the crotch. The girl suddenly lost direction with her hands and danced wildly in the air. Vaguely I heard the girl swallowing sounds of drinking water. I immediately understood that the man was peeing in the girl's mouth!

The girl reacted very strongly, but it was a woman, she didn't have much strength, and she was forced to drink the liquid from the man's urine. I was wondering how could I pee when I got an erection? Could it be that after a long time of oral sex, the man didn't get an erection? Seeing that the girl has good oral sex skills, she can't even get an erection. It seems that this man is also a master of sex!

Finally, the man urinated, his body shook, and his hands were released. The girl felt less pressure on her body, and immediately bounced, slapped her slap on the man’s face with a "pop!" Face. The man showed no mercy, and slapped his backhand, and the girl was hit against the wall. It seemed to be painful, the girl leaned her face against the wall and whimpered.

The man’s mouth was still cursing: "Damn! I dare to beat, believe it or not I will find a dozen people to gang-rap you? Tell you, if you don’t serve me well at night, I Just scratch your face so that you don’t even have the money to be a prostitute!"