Chapter 1 -

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I met my girlfriend in 2003, and it has been more than four years now. The relationship is getting better, but the sexual interest is getting lower and lower. I have used almost all the moves for more than four years, but I can't lift my energy anyhow, and many times it is hastily.

Actually, his girlfriend is very beautiful, and everyone I have met only uses one word to evaluate it: demon. This kind of demon is very similar to Fan Bingbing's kind of demon, both are the kind of demon that seduce people.

In terms of beauty, his girlfriend and Fan Bingbing are the same, but when it comes to coquettish, they are better than this actress. Many of my friends have said to me that they want to fall in love with her, but from their looks, I know that they have never got a single one.

For this, I am still very satisfied, at least my girlfriend loves me very much.

My girlfriend likes to wear two kinds of pants, one is hot pants, which are denim shorts that are short to show a small part of the buttocks; the other is short skirts. I have only seen these two things in her wardrobe, I have never seen the others. Even in the winter, she also wears a short skirt with a thick pantyhose, and never wears pants.

Although I like her to wear this way, I am also very annoyed that many men ate her tofu with eyesight after she and I went out. However, after several years of continued sex, I found myself very excited about her being eaten tofu.

For this kind of mentality, I always feel scared and excited. Many times I want to stop but I don’t because I always want to see my girlfriend being bullied by others. It’s really exciting!

Actually, my girlfriend is very clever. Many times my sixth sense tells me that my girlfriend has discovered that I like to see her being abused, but after a closer look, she feels that she didn’t find it. .

I remember one time when I had sex with my girlfriend in the dense forest of the park. Halfway through, I found two people next to me peeking, so I went to buy a condom and ran away on the excuse that I didn’t bring a condom. I want to see what happens to my girlfriend.

At that time, I had been giving oral sex to my girlfriend for a long time, and my girlfriend almost couldn't wait to let me in, but I ran away.

After running away for a few minutes, I turned back to see how my girlfriend was doing. At first glance, he found that his girlfriend was gone, even the two peeking people were gone! I was surprised, and hurriedly called her cell phone, only to find that her cell phone had been turned off. (Read a wonderful adult novel:

I thought about it carefully, and suddenly remembered that when the two people were peeking just now, the female friendly image also noticed. Could it be... that day, my girlfriend's cell phone was turned off for an afternoon.

When I went to see her at night, I found out that she was already resting at home. I asked her how did she leave this afternoon?

Why did you turn your hands off? She hesitated and said that after I left, she received a call from a friend who said that her friend was broken in love, and asked her to comfort her, but the phone just ran out of power at that time.

I was very skeptical, but I didn't delve into it. I hugged her and wanted to do something that I didn't finish in the afternoon. After my girlfriend shuddered for a long time, I just took off my clothes if I couldn't make it through. When I leaned down to give her oral sex, I found that her vagina was actually red and swollen. Suddenly, there was a burst of irritation in my heart and it came out.

When my girlfriend saw me like that, she immediately laughed and said: "I couldn't help but masturbate myself when I was in the shower."

I was even more suspicious, but There was no evidence, and lust came up again all of a sudden, and rushed up to do her a big job.

The figure of my girlfriend is very hot, especially the legs, very slender, many times I asked her to give me leg sex. I didn't directly insert into her little sister, but closed her legs, clamped my little brother to the depths of her thighs and helped me to grind it out. That feeling is really cool! However, she is always upset this way, often complaining of sore legs.

I really like her to play sex games with me when she wears high heels, so I can always be easily dealt with by her. However, as soon as I saw her high heels after the ejaculation, I immediately got an erection again. In this way, due to too frequent sex, my erection gradually became less and my staying power was not as good as before.

Once upon a time, I saw an insulting novel online, so I fell in love with the plot of my girlfriend being fucked out of nowhere, and from then on I embarked on the journey of betraying my girlfriend.