Chapter 64 -

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Wang Liuer is a beautiful woman who grew up in a harsh environment, like a flower blooming in a pile of cow dung. Although it is very gorgeous, it has no style. When she was a child, she often had scenes of fathers and mothers fighting. Later, when her older brother Wang Tu grew up, he took over her father’s shift and went to work in the meat joint factory. Who knew that the meat joint factory was not profitable. After Wang Tu was laid off Looking for a career, he set up a case of Zhang Rou in the vegetable market and started a meat selling business. Wang Liuer was seven years younger than her older brother. She has been with her brother Wang Tu since she was a child. He has seen enough of the world's cold and warm, and deeply understands the hardships of life, so he cherishes the happiness he has obtained. In the past, whether she set traps or sugar daddy, she basically made money by betraying her body. Ever since she hooked up with Ximenqing, Wang Liuer felt that she was enlightened, and her mental realm suddenly reached a higher level. She wanted to try Now, use your brain to make money. The opportunity was almost given to the door for nothing. There is a neighbor in Wang Liuer's family. The head of the household is Le San. He is a big stock speculator. His wife Le San works in China Construction Bank. Wang Liuer has a hobby of indulging in rich people. When he meets such a person, he will give a three-point smile when he meets. He usually gets along well with these two people. But it's just a nodding acquaintance. Today's families live in concrete houses like pigeon cages, separated from each other. One day, in the evening, Wang Liuer heard someone knock on the door. At first he thought it was Ximen Qing who had come. When he opened the door, he found that Le San couple stood outside the door. As soon as she entered the door, Aunt Le San smiled and stroked Wang Liuer’s shoulders, hushing cold and asking warmth, and said for a while: “I saw a new style of clothes in the mall yesterday. Take you to see."

After a while, he caught Wang Liuer’s hand and said vividly: "The CCB jewelry store where I work has recently received a new jade bracelet, which seems to be specially for us. Liu'er designed it. Look at this wrist. It's white and tender like a new lotus root. It's a shame not to wear that jade bracelet. I'll help you buy that bracelet first when you go to work tomorrow."

When someone praised himself like this, Wang Liuer's face looked like rouge, and said: "I don't have the third aunt who said so well, please come to the house, please sit down."

Looking around, he entered the room and sat down on the sofa. Aunt Le San was still nagging, talking about Chen Zhizhi’s rotten grains, Le San gave her winks again and again, Aunt Le San finally stopped her topic, put his arms around Wang Liuer’s waist, and said affectionately: "No If things don’t go to the Three Treasure Hall, sister Liu’er, we want to ask you for something."

Wang Liu’er has been asking for help for half of his life, and there are very few opportunities for others to ask for himself. At this moment, I have experienced being a victim. The feeling of begging was very helpful, but she said: "San Auntie, just don't worry, as long as I can help, how can I not help?" Aunt Le San did not speak, and took it out of her arms. An envelope was stuffed into Wang Liuer's hand, and he said: "This is one thousand yuan, you take it first, and tomorrow you can buy some clothes to wear."

Wang Liuer seems to have picked up one. The hot potato, who wanted to eat it but was afraid of burning his mouth, pretended to say: "My Wang Liuer is ineffective, how can I receive such a heavy gift from the third aunt?"

Le San persuades Said: "Let's take it first. Auntie 3 will have something to say later."

Wang Liuer stuffed the envelope under his butt, resting his cheek in his hand, and quietly listened to Aunt Le's words. Aunt Le San didn’t say anything directly. As the topic changed, she asked about Wang Liuer’s personal privacy: "Sister Liu’er, I heard that you have a good personal relationship with Chairman Xi?"

Wang Liuer Blushing, she glanced at Aunt Le San, not knowing what medicine was in her gourd. Aunt Le San quickly explained: "Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean anything else, I know Chairman Xi treats you well, what Liuer said, he is always obedient. We came to you to ask you to ask Chairman Xi for help. "

Wang Liu'er understood a little now, nodded, and said with carelessness: "I can't say that he is obedient to me, but when I say something, he always listens. "

Aunt Le San said: "That's fine. Chairman Xi is a celebrity in society, and he has a lot of relationships in all aspects. As long as he can come forward, this will be done."

Wang Liuer asked: "What is it that made Aunt San be so difficult?"

Aunt Le San only then talked about the whole story: It turned out to be with Le San. There was also a man who was speculating in stocks, named Miao Qing, the deputy chief of the Credit Section of China Construction Bank. The stock market was in good condition a few days ago. Miao Qing was greedy and transferred 2 million public funds to his account, thinking like a gambler. Take a gamble. Who knows the risk of the stock market is unpredictable, Miao Qing followed the wrong dealer, and the stock he bought was locked up at a high position. In less than a month, the 2 million yuan on the account became more than 1.2 million yuan. The above came to check the accounts, and this check dug up Miao Qing. Wang Liuer thought, 2 million yuan is an astronomical figure for her. These people are so brave, so the country's money is so easy to get? Millions of miles at every turn! Then I thought about it, this Miao Qing who misappropriated public funds to speculate in stocks, could it be that Tong Le San had anything to do with it? Otherwise, why are the Lesan couples so enthusiastic? I thought to myself, and said from my mouth: "The man named Miao Qing committed the crime, is it implicated in the third brother Tongle?"

This question, the Lesan couple were both asked After looking at each other for a while, Aunt Le San said, "It has nothing to do with our Jia Le San, but after all we are trading stocks together, the things on the account are not so clear. There is also a move between them. Yes, the more important thing is that everyone is a friend. Now that he is in trouble, he can help if he can."

Although Wang Liuer doesn’t know how to trade stocks, she can still follow Aunt Le San's words were related. However, this is not in the scope of her worries. As the saying goes, using people’s money to help people eliminate disasters, sitting underneath his ass with a thousand dollars given by Aunt Le San, Wang Liuer is now considering how to help that unknown seedling. Qing avoided the disaster. Seeing Lesan and his wife staring at themselves, Wang Liu'er awe-inspiring a sense of sacred mission, licked some dry lips, and said: "I will tell Chairman Xi about this matter. Please rest assured, I Although Wang Liuer did not dare to pack the votes, I believe that Chairman Xi has a way to solve this problem. It is not my boast. Based on what I know about Chairman Xi, he has almost universal skills."

Le San took over and said: "As long as Chairman Xi is willing to go, this is not a big problem."

Aunt Le San also helped out: "Sister Liuer, please be so beautiful in front of Chairman Xi Just a few words, these five thousand yuan is a part of our heart to Chairman Xi."

As he said, he took out a bulging envelope from his arms and stuffed it to Wang Liu. Child's hand. Wang Liuer was extremely happy when he sent Le San couple away. Sitting in the room, the sky fell into the sky! She opened the envelope and looked at the colorful bills back and forth, as if in a dream. When she went to bed at night, she told Korea about this matter and couldn't help but sigh: "It's really easy to look at Chairman Xi to make money. Just say a few words, and someone will send you money."

< p>I don’t know why Korean Daoguo is in a bad mood this day, so he said bitterly: “Ma Wuyecao is not fat, and no one is rich. He Ximenqing does not make black money. How can there be so much money to play with women?”

Wang Liuer didn't speculate when he saw something, and didn't say any more, turned over, turned his butt towards Korea, meditated on her own thoughts, and only waited for Ximenqing to arrive earlier. In the afternoon of the next day, Ximenqing really came. Wang Liuer threw himself into his arms and rolled around and acted like a baby, and said: "I look forward to you every day, I almost look through my eyes. I will come only now."

Ximen Qing said: "It's really fucking busy at work."

Wang Liuer said: "If it's busy at work, I have nothing to say, I'm afraid Brother Qing is busy picking up girls."< /p>

Ximen Qing leaned down and kissed Wang Liu'er on the cheek, and said with a smile: "There are Liu'er pretending to be in his heart, is there any other woman in Qinghe who can enter my Dharma Eye?"

Wang Liuer said: "I really want to be like Brother Qing said, you only pretend to be me. My Wang Liuer is worth it in this life."

The two said. Yes, Wang Liuer changed the topic and said: "Brother Qing, you keep saying good to me, now I have something to ask you, I don’t know what to do?"

Ximen Qing said: "Liu’er’s I will go through fire and water, and I will do it."

Wang Liuer smiled: "Don’t you go through fire and water, as long as you move your mouth and say a few words."

Then Wang Liuer told Ximenqing what the Lesan couple asked for. After Ximenqing heard it, he didn't say anything. Laughing Mimi looked at Wang Liuer, and Wang Liuer looked at him. Jin Gang couldn't figure it out, and asked suspiciously: "Brother Qing looked at me this way, did I say something wrong?"

Ximen Qing asked: "How much money did you charge him?"

Wang Liuer argued: "The neighbors next door, get along well on weekdays, and help each other with something, where can I collect money from others?"

Ximenqing smiled and said: "The money is confiscated, this is even more important. I can't do it anymore."

Wang Liu'er held Ximen Qing's arm, blushing, and said softly: "I can't hide anything from Brother Qing."

In the bedroom, I took out an envelope from the closet and placed it on the coffee table: "The money is here, a total of five thousand yuan, it's all at the disposal of Brother Qing."

Ximenqing hugged the king. Liu'er's neck said: "Silly Liu'er, what do you want him to do with this money? You don't know how big a figure is 2 million, it is enough to be decapitated."

Wang Liu'er said: "Look at what Qing brother said, no matter how much Liu'er is, I still know how big 2 million is. I don't believe that Qing brother has the ability to do this and can help this."

Ximen Qing shook his head. With a wry smile, "I'm too lazy to tell you, since they have sent it, let's accept it."

Wang Liuer kissed Ximen Qing's cheek and said, "Brother Qing promised to help this?"

Ximenqing asked, "Who said that?"

Wang Liuer said: "If you don't help, what do you do to collect money?"

Ximenqing He smiled and said: "You said you were a silly Liuer, and you still screamed. You can spend the five thousand dollars at ease, just say that the money has been handed over to me."

Wang Liuer almost didn't. Jumped up from the sofa, glared at Ximen Qing for a long time, and said, "How can it be done? If you want to collect money and not help others, why? No—"

Ximen Qing said: "Is it a liar, right? Liuer, don't hesitate to hold this money, I will take care of it. "

After a while, he said: "The three of his Le and Miao Qing embezzled public funds of 2 million to speculate in stocks. Now that something has happened, he is willing to spend five thousand yuan to eliminate the disaster, thinking that he will be a beggar. "

Only then did Wang Liuer understand Ximen Qing's thoughts, and asked: "Brother Qing doesn't like the money, you can tell them, so I can tell them." "

Ximenqing stretched out two fingers and shook them in the air. Wang Liuer asked, "Twenty thousand? "

Ximen Qing shook his head and said, "Ten times. "

Wang Liuer took a breath of fright and asked in disbelief: "Does it have to be 200,000? "

Ximenqing replied affirmatively: "It is exactly this number. A penny is not less than a penny. To do this, you don't know how many people you need to manage. You can ask them if they are willing to take 200,000. Yuan Qian is still willing to sentence to 20 years in prison. "

In Wang Liuer's heart, half of the surprise is hidden and half of the worry. What is pleasantly surprised is that Ximen Qing's lion opened his mouth. If he can earn 200,000 yuan as he wishes, then Wang Liuer will naturally be indispensable; Yes, if Le San is not willing to take 200,000, or can’t take 200,000, wouldn’t it be the case that I can’t get any good? Absent-minded, Ximen Qing seemed to be aware of it, and asked what she was thinking about. Wang Liuer said a few words, and hurriedly cooperated with Ximen Qing and actively started bed exercises. After Ximen Qing left, Wang Liuer flew to Le San’s house. By the way, like this, I talked about the situation one by one, Le Sanyi heard it, his face turned into a dusty gray, and he lowered his head and sat there silently. Aunt Le San approached her husband and muttered After a while, he came over with a smile on his face and said to Wang Liuer: "200,000 is a big number. We have to discuss it with Miao Qing. I don't know if he will take the money? I will trouble my sister Liu'er again and beg Chairman Xi for a few days of grace. "

When Wang Liuer listened to Le San Aunt’s words, it seemed that he meant to take 200,000 yuan. He was as happy as drinking honey, sweet in his heart, and said: "Is there any trouble here, as long as I can No matter how much trouble you have to get things done. "

Wang Liu'er didn't expect that such a complicated matter would be easy in Ximenqing's hands. Half a month later, Ximenqing came to Wang Liu'er's house, took out a stack of banknotes, and put them on the table. As soon as he let it go, he said, "Miao Qing is okay, and Le San is okay. This ten thousand yuan is the bonus you deserve. "

Wang Liuer was overjoyed. Looking at the colorful banknotes on the table, as if in a dream, he said, "Brother Qing, I’m so easy, how could it be so easy?" "

Ximenqing kissed Wang Liuer's face, hugged her into the bedroom, sat on the edge of the bed, undressed and undressed, and said, "It's not easy to say, I don't know how to find everything." How many people have just finished this matter. "

Wang Liuer leaned on Ximen Qing’s chest, like a well-behaved puppy. He kept licking him with his tongue, erected his ears, and listened to what Ximen Qing said. Ximen Qing said, he went to find him first. After meeting Mr. Jia, I don’t know that when I meet, Mr. Jia can’t stop complaining. Recently, Mr. Jia has been classified as a retired cadre. He has no rights and no one listens to his words. He is complaining angrily. The president of the court Hao Xiaoli, Hao Xiaoli refused to say that the case had not yet been transferred to the court, and she was helpless; in the end, it was Wu Dianen who took the economic handle of the president of CCB to be regarded as pressing the matter, and the president expressed his opinion. Said that the 2 million that Miao Qing embezzled was the one who helped Corey speculate in stocks. In the future, regardless of losses or losses, the accounts will be counted on CCB’s credit department. Wang Liuer listened attentively, although she didn’t understand those ways. , But still admired Ximen Qing in my heart, and said: "Brother Qing, don't move, I want you to play comfortably today. "

Speaking of getting up, riding on Ximen Qing, wanting to play a high position with him. Ximen Qing stopped her and said: "Wait, I received a Hong Kong drug dealer yesterday, and he gave me some packets of Viagra. , Let me try the effect. "

Ximen Qing was about to turn over and get out of bed. Wang Liuer took the first step and took the white suit. He took a Viagra from his pocket and sent it to Ximen Qing's mouth for him to swallow it. After a while, the effect of the medicine started. Ximenqing swelled red underneath. He hugged Wang Liuer tightly, and forced him under him to do that. Wang Liuer refused to follow him and climbed onto Ximen Qing again, and said : "I said, this time I want Brother Qing to have a good time. "

Preparing to do violent bed exercises, when he heard someone knock on the door, Ximenqing shook his body and asked, "Did Korea go home?" "

Wang Liuer said: "Follow him, we play ours, he has the key, and if I see it later, he will go by himself." "(Watching a wonderful adult novel:

While talking, he went crazy on Ximenqing. Who knew that the knock on the door didn’t stop, but became louder and louder. Wang Liuer had no choice but to climb down from Ximen Qing angrily, and babbled: "If you fall down and die, you won't open the door? I'm tired of knocking my old lady, and I can't spare you anything to say today. "

Opening the door, I was about to get angry, and found that standing outside the door was the Le San couple and a man who she did not know. Wang Liuer hurriedly buttoned his clothes, bowed his head and smiled. He guarded the door and said, "It turns out that it is you who are negligent. "

Aunt Le San said: "Sister Liu’er, I’m sorry to bother you. This is Miao Qing. I was playing at my house just now and I saw Chairman Xi’s car. He must come over and say hello to Chairman Xi. . "

Wang Liu'er flushed with embarrassment, looked around for a while, and said, "Where is Chairman Xi's car parked here?" Why don't I know. "

Seeing Wang Liuer's appearance, Le San and others have already understood the matter and said: "Since Chairman Xi is not here, we will leave. Sister Liuer met Chairman Xi, so please tell me. Our thanks. "

Wang Liuer returned to bed, and her interest has been reduced by more than half. Ximenqing asked who she was. Wang Liuer told the truth. Ximenqing thought for a while and said, "These people will still be It is better to deal with less. "

Wang Liuer asked puzzledly: "Why?" "

Ximenqing said: "There was a hunter hunting. Once, he shot a tiger on the mountain. The next day, he wanted to go there and beat another tiger. As a result, the hunter was killed by another tiger. The tiger ate it. "

Wang Liuer seemed to understand but nodded and replied: "I must listen to Brother Qing. "

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