Chapter 1 -

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Wu Song has stayed abroad for eight years and will return to his hometown recently. This news has become the number one news in Qinghe City in recent days. Everyone is racing to say that Wu Jiro was published in the United States. TV and newspapers described the United States as a paradise. Wu Song lived in that paradise. When the judge thought about it, he was walking on the street with ease. Suddenly, his heart moved. If you have money, bend down, and you can really pick up money! Living in such a society, aren’t people who don’t send idiots? The folks said that Wu Song came back to his hometown to make investment. He made money from the Yankees, and he also thought about supporting the construction of his hometown. Such patriots would be 100% warmly welcomed by the people of his hometown. Therefore, as soon as he heard the news that Wu Song was living in Heqing Hotel, the secretary of the municipal party committee hurriedly arrived. "Comrade Wu Song, welcome--"

A long distance away, the municipal party committee secretary Wen Dahua stretched out his enthusiastic hand and greeted him with a smile. Wu Song wears a suit and leather shoes, his shoes are polished brightly, he combs his head with a big back, and wears suspenders, like a doll in a Western movie. "Secretary Lao Wen came here, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

Wu Song rubbed his hands, pretending to be a fool. The secretary of the municipal party committee said: "Where is it, Comrade Wu Song, in order to support the socialist construction of the motherland, not far from hundreds of thousands of miles, returned from the United States to China, returned to his hometown to engage in investment, this official has only taken a few steps?"

Wu Song listened to the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and sighed secretly in his heart: "Oops, Wen Dahua did not listen to the rumors and really treat me Wu Song as a large sum of money to invest in my hometown? No, I have to explain it in advance. Avoid making jokes."

Who knows that before Wu Song could speak, the secretary of the text spoke again, and went straight to the subject: "Comrade Wu Song, how many tens of thousands are you going to invest in your hometown this time?"


The way Wen Dahua, the secretary of the municipal party committee, pinched two fingers, clearly imitated the posture of the ancient people's banknotes. Wu Song was anxious at first sight and hurriedly replied: "This, this...Thanks to the party and the government for training, Wu Song Only then was able to study abroad. But Wu Song just immersed himself in studying and had no ability to make money. He was very ashamed to think about it, ashamed of organization training, and ashamed of his love for his hometown."

In that case, the secretary of the municipal party committee felt a little uncomfortable. "No money? You didn't come back for investment?"

Wu Song blushed like red silk and screamed, "Students serve the country, only a sincere heart and lungs."

The secretary of the text thought to himself, it seems that Wu Erlang has been in the United States for several years, so he has been in vain. He was about to shake his head, thinking about his identity, then stopped shaking his head. As an official to the secretary of the municipal party committee, after all, he has experienced many vicissitudes of life, and he has a great ability to know people. Any thoughts in his heart will never be easily revealed on his face. He looked at his watch and said to Wu Song: "There is another one who will be waiting for me to speak at the scene tonight. The time is almost here. I will leave for now." As Wen Dahua said, he arched his hands and got up to leave. The female secretary next to him is very good at seeing the wind and steering the rudder. Seeing that the secretary of the municipal party committee is about to leave, she hurriedly went to the front and said to Wu Song: "Our secretary of the literary has everything he can do, and there are not many cases where we take the initiative to visit guests like today. "

Wu Song had to accompany the smiling face and said: "I knew this, I should save enough money to make more Yankee money, and then come back to invest."

The secretary of the municipal party committee. I have already reached the door of the room. Hearing Wu Song's words, he stopped and said back: "Comrade Wu Song can have such words, and he has not failed the country's training, and his consciousness is not low... But, having said that, I didn't make a profit. Yankee's money, Yankee's knowledge and technology, came back to support the construction of the hometown, the same, the same."

Secretary Wen Dahua said, he fought for a while, haha, and walked away with a smile. Seeing the background of the disappearance of the secretary of the text, Wu Song seemed to drink a bowl of Chinese medicine for no reason. From the throat to the bottom of his heart, there was a bitter taste.